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Praying Mantis in Dream – Check Out These 48 Scenarios

Praying Mantis in Dream – Check Out These 48 Scenarios

Updated on Aug 25, 2022 | Published on May 03, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Praying Mantis in Dream - 48 Scenarios with Detailed Interpretations

A praying mantis in dream means that you do not bother about other people’s feelings. You intentionally do not support others in achieving their goals. 

This ensures that you can focus on your set of goals to make the best use of the opportunity that comes your way.

We will first talk about the symbolic meaning of this dream and then discuss its various scenarios and their interpretations.

Praying Mantis in Dream - 48 Scenarios with Detailed Interpretations
Praying Mantis in Dream – 48 Scenarios with Detailed Interpretations

Praying Mantis in Dream – General Interpretations (Symbolic Meaning)

The praying mantis in a dream refers to all those opportunities that remain hidden inside you, but you have not yet realized this fact. It can also mean that you are aware of their existence but running away from them.

This dream comes up as a good omen. It comes up as a sign of awareness, spirituality, calmness, and mindfulness in your life.

The various dream scenarios also carry several ominous interpretations. 

They symbolize threats from the external elements, unwanted and unknown changes, overwhelming situations, and the excess burden of responsibilities.

Let us now discuss what praying mantis dream symbolism has in store for you-

1. Sign of a Thinking Personality

If a praying mantis appears in your dreams, it can symbolize that you have a thinking personality. 

You take a cautious approach and think over your decisions rather than act on them in an abrupt manner.

As a praying mantis contains contemplative and meditative skills, when it appears in your dream, it signifies that you are a meticulous person. 

You possess a high level of analytical and critical thinking skills.

2. Tread Slowly in Life

When you need to move at a slower pace in life, you will likely come across this dream. You are too caught up in your work and hence do not find time to take care of your health.

There is a whole lot of physical and emotional exhaustion that you are experiencing from not having sufficient rest. 

This dream comes up as a reminder to make you understand the need to balance your personal and professional commitments.

3. Lookout for Opportunities

This dream is a symbol of your ability to take full toll of the opportunities that become available to you. 

It denotes that you possess the skills to become fully aware of your surroundings and use your intuition for judging things well in advance.

You have the expertise in grabbing your chances and taking utmost advantage of them. Whatever circumstances you face in your life, you manage to make the best use of those situations and make them beneficial.

4. You Feel Relaxed

A praying mantis always waits patiently for its prey to get into the trap. When you see it in your dream, it means you carry a relaxed personality.

You can methodically deal with any situation, without suffering any major damage. 

Just like a praying mantis, you also mean to tempt your enemies to come forward and strike them when their vulnerability is at its peak.

5. Sign of External Threats

When upcoming dangers and external threats are waiting to take place in your life, you can see a praying mantis in your dream. It acts as the lull before the storm.

Someone might try to plot their revenge against you. You could also find yourself in the middle of unforeseen circumstances.

Keep a close watch on people in your surrounding and become cautious of their actions. Do what you feel is right and not let any individual influence your actions.

6. Power and Determination

Praying mantises possess the strength and determination to kill creatures larger than themselves and consume them. 

Hence, your subconscious mind makes you see this creature to ensure that you trust your inner strength.

Moreover, you must back your abilities to accomplish whatever you set out to do. 

Even though a few things might seem quite impossible, still, you must not have doubts about whether you are on the right track.

7. Maintain Secrecy

This dream makes you understand how important it is to maintain secrecy in life. You should keep certain moves of yours, totally secret.

Every individual around you does not deserve to know what you are up to. Some people always have evil intentions and cannot stand others’ success. 

Even if you cannot see the jealousy upfront, it can become evident from their actions. Hence, you should always avoid exposing your plans and secrets to others. 

Only if you are genuinely aware that someone thinks good of you and wishes well for your life, can you give him a hint.

8. Adopt a Balanced Approach

Life comes up with loads of options for you to make the right choices. You can look to give all options a chance and find what works out. Still, too many options can turn out to be a big headache.

Hence, the dream of a praying mantis helps you to maintain a proper balance in life. It tells you to analyze your situation and select the best set of options that can help serve your purpose.

Praying Mantis Dream – 48 Scenarios and Inferences

Dreaming of praying mantis points towards good luck in your life. This luck can come in different forms and it will soon bless your life.

The praying mantis is a sign of concentration, focus, and calmness. Hence, when the creature pops up in your dream, it means you never divert your attention from the goals you have to achieve in life.

Irrespective of the circumstances, your focus remains the same. It helps you pass through the troubled times in a calm and composed manner.

Let us take a look at the different dream scenarios and understand how their interpretations impact your real life:

1. Dream of a Big Praying Mantis

A big mantis can appear in your dream to indicate that you will soon argue with your loved one. It can arise from differences of opinions over any personal or professional matter.

This gives you a lesson that you must respect their opinion. You should also try to make him realize the importance of doing the same on his part.

2. Dream of Baby Praying Mantis

When you come across a praying mantis that to a baby in your dream, it predicts that a bright future is waiting for you. This plot says you are all set to bring out your inner power and capabilities.

A baby praying mantis takes small steps to move from one place to another. 

Therefore, dreaming of this creature denotes that you would go slow, take one step at a time, but will finally reach your destination.

3. Dream of Two Praying Mantises

This dream plot predicts your ability to attain peace in real life. Hence, it is not ideal for you to give up on what you want to achieve. 

The adverse circumstances you are facing right now will soon pass away.

Till then, treat it as part of the journey you are going through to achieve your objectives. Your conviction and persistence are the two key things that you should rely on while going through this phase.

4. Dream of Many Praying Mantises

If you see several praying mantises in your dream, it means you are introspecting your life from the angle of spirituality. 

Somehow, your life has become a bit monotonous. You need to spice up your life and add a bit of excitement.

There is suspicion revolving around you and your activities. This plot refers to the strength of character and your ability to keep going without losing motivation. 

You have the power to conquer your hurdles.

5. Dream of Being a Praying Mantis

Have you dreamed about being a praying mantis? It is a sign that you are using people for your benefit in life. You are resorting to pressure tactics for making them do what you want.

As part of the tactics, you can infuse fear into their mind by reminding them of the repercussions if they do not follow your directions.

You might even appear unbearable to make people feel uncomfortable.

6. Dream of Being Friends with a Praying Mantis

When you dream that you are friends with a praying mantis, it shows you have a deep connection with your gut feelings.

You have the confidence in your abilities to make fruitful decisions.

It allows you to successfully handle challenging situations in life. This dream denotes that you have sharp analytical and intuitive skills. 

They help in the effective implementation of your plans, hence enabling you to reap the right results.

7. Dream of a Dead Praying Mantis

Dreaming of a dead praying mantis is a symbol of all those things that are preventing you from leading a good life. 

They could be a trauma that you had suffered in the past or some of your apprehensions that exist in your mind.

Past burdens prevent you from indulging yourself in a romantic relationship. You fear people leaving you alone. Hence, you do not wish to make emotional bonding with people around you.

You are bound to see various activities linked with this creature in your dream. They may or may not directly involve you but each of them carries a hidden meaning with it.

They help you unlock secrets of life that you were not paying attention to earlier. 

It is also possible that you get a clear idea of what is going wrong in your life and the things you need to do to set things straight.

Let us go through the scenarios below:

8. Dream of Staring at the Praying Mantis for a Long Period of Time

If you come across a dream scenario in which you keep gazing at the praying mantis for a length of time, it reflects your dependency on some other individual.  This is a clear sign of your lack of confidence.

This approach will hit you hard. A time would come in your life when that person asks you for some favor, and in that process, he will make use of you for his own benefit.

You must stay strong and develop the courage to say no if you do not wish to do something.

9. Dream of Catching a Praying Mantis

Catching a praying mantis in your dream is a good omen. It symbolizes that your efforts and hard work will soon get their due recognition. 

You will receive great rewards in due course of time.

This scenario emphasizes your need to have the required consistency and determination in the work for getting the desired results. 

You cannot afford to become impatient or leave your work halfway through.

10. Dream of Catching and Putting a Praying Mantis in the Jar

In this plot, you can see that you are putting a praying mantis in the jar after catching it. It is a good sign that predicts you will get a substantial reward for your hard work.

This reward can either come in monetary terms or in the form of recognition and popularity. You can become the talking point among people in your surroundings.

11. Dream of a Praying Mantis Sitting in a Glass Jar

When you dream of praying mantis sitting in a glass jar, it gives a positive indication. Your good behavior and knowledge will help you get through difficult situations.

You have a fair understanding of what to say and how to act as per the demands of different situations in your life. It shows your strength of character and courage to call spade a spade.

12. Dream of a Praying Mantis Eating

Have you witnessed a praying mantis eating something in your dream? It can have two different connotations. On one hand, you can feel as if someone is eating you alive.

On the other hand, it means that you are absorbing all the blessings from the Divine. You are ready to reach the next level of your life.

13. Dream of a Praying Mantis Eating a Dead Praying Mantis

A scenario can arise in your dream, where you see that a praying mantis is gobbling up its dead counterpart. It is a sign that suggests you will soon become pregnant.

You will give birth to your child and start a new life. The new phase will allow you to embrace motherhood, and also strengthen your relationship with your husband.

14. Dream of a Praying Mantis Attack

If a praying mantis attacks you in your dream, it denotes you will soon experience problems in your professional field. 

Your work-related matters are about to face disruption because of your thoughtless decisions.

It comes to warn and make you realize the importance of concluding only after considering all possible factors. 

Make sure to follow your gut feeling, rather than going by impulse before deciding to invest.

15. Dream of a Praying Mantis Attacking Your Partner

The dream in which you see that praying mantis is attacking your partner signifies that you are facing some problems in your relationship.

You are not developing a proper connection with your partner. It is now for you to try and solve this issue and improve your rapport. 

Look to have clear-cut communication with one another, so that there is no room for misunderstanding.

16. Dream of Killing a Praying Mantis

You are someone who creates a path of your own and does not believe in what destiny has in store. 

In the process of doing so, you are missing some crucial signs that the Universe is sending from time to time.

This dream of killing a praying mantis tells you all your efforts will be of use, as they will not give you your desired results. 

They will be a complete waste. Still, you are moving on that path without realizing the consequences that you have to face in time to come.

17. Dream of a Praying Mantis Bite

When you need to solve a problem on an urgent basis, your subconscious mind reminds you of the same through this dream.

It is an indication that you cannot afford to waste time but should get down to business. You can prevent this problem from getting worse and making things far more complicated to tackle.

18. Dream of a Praying Mantis Sitting on Your Shoulder

It is not an ideal dream to come across when you see that a praying mantis is sitting on your shoulder. There is a possibility that a close friend will betray you.

He might do something unexpected on his part and leave you in complete shock. Keep this in mind and maintain a close watch over his actions. Guard yourself against falling into his trap.

19. Dream of a Praying Mantis Jumping at its Prey

Have you seen a praying mantis jumping at its prey in your dream? The scenario states that you will grab all your opportunities in no time.

In this respect, it also reminds you about the importance of not waiting for things to happen. Otherwise, you will miss out on lucrative options and others will take advantage of them.

20. Dream of a Praying Mantis Tackling Its Preys

You can have a dream where you see a praying mantis attempting to tackle its prey without causing harm. 

It foretells that you will find yourself in the middle of an unbearable confusion of inevitability.

The situation will force you to face your fears. If you face your fear, it will slowly make you comfortable in facing critical situations in your life.

21. Dream of a Praying Mantis Hunting

When a praying mantis appears in your dream while it hunts its prey, it means that lucrative opportunities will come your way. 

You have to remain in complete control and make the best use of those opportunities.

Patience is the key in this situation and keeps your focus on attaining the reward. Do not pay attention to your negative thoughts and ignore people’s comments. 

You must only bother about achieving your purpose.

22. Dream of a Praying Mantis Hunting Its Prey in an Unknown Garden

You can have a dream in which a praying mantis is hunting its prey in an unknown garden. 

It tells you to avoid giving opinions in front of an individual, whose behavior seems quite doubtful.

He or she can use your opinion against you sometime in the future and put you in a tricky situation. Hence, it is better to keep quiet and just observe things from the outside.

23. Dream of Running Away from a Praying Mantis

This plot in which you dream of running away from this creature, gives a good signal. It shows that you have sufficient power to lead a life on your terms and not come under anyone else’s influence.

24. Dream of a Praying Mantis Jumping

This dream sequence happens to be a good omen for your life. You can soon expect certain events going as per your requirements.

They would help solve a lot of your problems and make you free from fear and tension. Keep your eyes open to recognize the indications.

Dream Meaning of People Seeing Praying Mantis

We will discuss what meaning this dream holds for men, women, and young girls. Like other scenarios, these are also expected to carry guidance or warning signs for their lives.

25. Dream of a Woman about the Praying Mantis

If, as a woman, you dream about this insect, it predicts that the secret of an individual will get you in trouble. 

Maybe you will take the responsibility of keeping the secret in your safe custody, but unfortunately, others will eventually get to know of it.

The person will not tolerate this careless approach from your end and make you pay for it. You can receive threats or he could leak some of your important information lying to him.

26. Dream of a Married Woman about the Praying Mantis

You are a woman, who has just got married and is now dreaming of a praying mantis. In your dream, you see that a huge mantis is sitting by her bed, the night before her wedding.

It is a good sign. This sequence shows that you are finally set to leave the house of your parents and build a family with your husband.

27. Dream of a Young Girl about Praying Mantis

When a young girl dreams of a praying mantis, expect to receive unpleasant news. Therefore, prepare yourself accordingly and become mentally strong.

It will help you in resisting the adverse effects in your life. Thus, you will keep up your spirits and hold your head high.

28. Dream of a Man about Praying Mantis

Whether you are a young or a married man, you can also see this creature in your dream. 

It foretells that you will face serious troubles and danger in your life. Pay attention and think closely about everything that goes in and around your surroundings.

Probably, you will find out something that you have neglected so far. It might be a weak point in your personality. 

Take immediate measures to iron out the flaws, so that they do not expose you to severe problems.

29. Dream of a Man about Fighting with a Praying Mantis

A man dreams of fighting with a praying mantis and it stings him. It reflects his feelings about risking a breakup with his girlfriend if he leaves her behind and goes on a trip.

In this situation, it is always better to have an open discussion with your partner. You can check her emotions and how she might react if he went ahead with his plan.

30. Dream of a Farmer about Fat Praying Mantis

If you are a farmer and you happen to dream of a fat female praying mantis, it augurs well for your harvesting season. There is going to be good harvesting of crops.

31. Dream of a Farmer about Slim Praying Mantis

You can even notice a slim male praying mantis in your dream. It is a sign of bad luck. The plot denotes that the upcoming season of harvesting will be an unfavorable one.

This might happen due to the unavailability of materials or because of a shortage of rainfall. 

In life, you cannot always have everything under your control. Hence, you should hold your head high and hope for the best.

Dream Meaning of Different Types of Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis can appear in different forms and colors in your dream

Both these aspects have their significance and when they team up with the praying mantis, their combined effect gives out unique meanings to your life.

Let us take a look at the scenarios and their interpretations-

32. Dream of a Bright Green Praying Mantis

You can see a praying mantis of bright green color in your dream. It is a sign of a danger coming your way.

The scenario of this green insect denotes that you will receive unfavorable news and confront precarious situations. 

Tackling those situations would need your confidence, conviction, and courage.

33. Dream of Praying Mantis of Dark Color

When you dream of a dark-colored praying mantis, it means you will face serious troubles, but they would be lesser in number. Thus, you will have the chance to tackle problems in a planned manner.

These tricky situations will not manage to catch you off-guard. Whatever comes your way, you will handle them quite well.

34. Dream of Black Praying Mantis

This scenario focuses on your tendency to cry over spilled milk and become emotional. You need to get rid of these habits and start working hard. 

There is someone who does not allow you to do what you wish.

He also makes you conceal your true personality. It is a sign that you are feeling guilty about something in your life. You must not look to bring forth significant changes and go with the flow.

35. Dream of White Praying Mantis

A white praying mantis comes up to make you realize the importance of getting rid of old ways in life. 

It can help renew yourself, hence enabling you to adapt to the changing circumstances.

36. Dream of Gray Praying Mantis

Seeing a gray praying mantis in your dream gives the assurance that you are completely safe in your hometown. You need not worry about anything in your life.

This comes as a relief, particularly if you have been apprehensive thinking about whether you are on the right path. 

This dream makes you believe that you are in the right place at the right time.

37. Dream of Golden Praying Mantis

A golden praying mantis tells you that you must move fearlessly towards fulfilling your desires. You should hesitate to bite more than what you can chew.

This dream scenario helps to convince yourself that you have everything within you to succeed in life. You must do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

38. Dream of a Multi-Colored Praying Mantis

When you come across a colorful praying mantis in your dream, it symbolizes that you need to be yourself and not pretend to be someone else.

You can easily make yourself accustomed to the changing trends and patterns of life. It enables you to accept whatever life throws at your end.

39. Dream of Flying Praying Mantis

You can see a form of a mantis, where it is flying around in your dream. This plot tells you to make the best use of resources and get the right results.

When you combine your talent with the resources at your disposal, it can help create magic in life. Nothing will seem like impossible for you to achieve.

Dream Meaning of a Praying Mantis in Different Places

Praying mantises do not have any fixed spots. They can roam around from one place to another and feed on various kinds of insects, including, crickets, moths, flies, and grasshoppers.

When you dream about this creature across places, what do they mean?

Let’s find out –

40. Dream of Praying Mantis in Your House

When you dream of a praying mantis inside your house, it is a sign that your ancestors are present in some form or the other.

They are keeping a close watch over your actions and the way you are leading your life. You are constantly receiving their guidance while undertaking different responsibilities.

41. Dream of a Praying Mantis in the Window

If you dream of a praying mantis sitting by the window of your house, it is a sign of divine intervention coming your way.

This particular sequence tells you to become grateful for everything that the Universe presents you in the journey of your life.

42. Dream of a Praying Mantis on the Bed

You can come across a praying mantis on the bed in your dream. It means that you are looking for some advice on how to moderate your behavior while dealing with a close person.

This is also indicative of temporary loss when you try to control your actions, but it will be profitable in the long run.

43. Dream of a Praying Mantis at the Front Door

Have you dreamed of a praying mantis sitting at the front door? This sequence comes as a blessing to your life and carries a very strong message from the Divine.

It tells you to introspect and analyze your feelings. Life will soon make you indulge in some uncomfortable activities.

The situation will force you to bring forth necessary changes and hence lead to your overall improvement.

44. Dream of a Praying Mantis on the Car

You can even dream of a situation in which this insect falls on top of your car. It is a sign that you need to be cautious in your journey in life.

When you drive a car, it is necessary to maintain a decent speed to avoid the occurrence of any mishap on the road. 

Similarly, you need to take one step at a time and move forward in the journey of life.

45. Dream of a Praying Mantis on Your Hand

Dreaming about a praying mantis that sits in your hand denotes that someone is directing you in the right direction. 

The backing of this person has made you confident to face any situation in your life.

You can come across this dream when you feel the fear of getting lost, with nowhere to go. The plot appears to restore your self-confidence.

46. Dream of a Praying Mantis on Your Head

Did you see a praying mantis landing on your head in a dream? It is a very positive sign. The sequence denotes that you will be conferred with great honor. 

It will help you become popular and become a household name in the time to come. You must express gratitude towards God for the respect that you will get.

Miscellaneous Dream Meaning of a Praying Mantis

Have you seen a praying mantis that gives you a different level of power, or you come across a plot where you had got its tattoo? 

These dream scenarios might look odd, but they do come in people’s dreams from time to time.

Let us see, how you should interpret them if you happen to experience these dreams-

47. Dream of Praying Mantis as a Tattoo

When your subconscious wants to make you realize that you have made a good decision in your life, a praying mantis tattoo can come up in a dream. 

This tattoo can carry a hidden spiritual meaning.

Seeing the praying mantis in the form of a tattoo shows that you will receive the requisite guidance during your tough times. It will enable you to cross hurdles and reach your destination smoothly.

48. Dream of Praying Mantis as a Power Animal

If you feel a different level of energy within your mind and body after dreaming about a praying mantis, it indicates that this creature is your power animal.

It shifts your focus to understand the importance of remaining calm under all circumstances and being open to spiritual enlightenment. 

You can easily expect that the praying mantis would help you remain still for a longer period of time and hence increase your focus.

Praying Mantis in Dream – Biblical Meaning

In Christianity, people always look up to the Bible for interpreting any event in their lives. The same for dreams. Hence, the Biblical interpretation of the praying mantis in the dream points toward prayer.

Christians feel that the dream of a praying mantis becomes a symbol of their devotion to the Almighty. It tells you to keep your focus on God in times of difficulty.

People of this religion earlier used to believe that the praying mantis had divine power, but this belief no longer exists in the modern era.

Dream of Praying Mantis – Spiritual Interpretation

When we look into the dream of a praying mantis from the spiritual point of view, it signifies that the upcoming phase of your life will be very good. 

As a spirit animal, the praying mantis tells you that you must pay attention to your gut feelings.

It is necessary that you have trust in your instincts and have faith. You can soon hope to experience fortuitous times across different spheres of life. 

The appearance of a praying mantis symbolizes focus, concentration, and peace in life.

The praying mantis, as an animal totem, tells you to look deep within. It asks you to introspect, resort to meditation and accept the rewards that life has in store for you.

Praying Mantis Dream Meaning – Cultural Perspective

A praying mantis in your dream carries different meanings in different religions and cultures.

For instance, In Buddhism, this dream becomes a symbol of a great amount of patience along with determination. They treat it as a signal from the

In Christianity, it predicts one’s ability to overcome the fear of death and lead life peacefully.

The Native Americans believe that seeing this dream is a sign of good luck and accumulation of wealth. They even stand for large families and achieve success in life.

Islamic Interpretation of Praying Mantis in Dream

The Islamic interpretation of this dream suggests that you do not share harmonious relationships with people close to you.

There are a whole lot of differences in opinions and that results in misunderstandings. No one wants to back off. Hence the situation does not improve at any point in time.

The following video will give you a better insight into dream interpretations of a praying mantis and their impact on your waking life.

Closing Comments

Dreaming of a praying mantis carries significant connotations. The insect has both positive and negative implications depending on the scenarios.

In a positive sense, this dream symbolizes your calm and composed personality. These dreams signify the analytical and critical skills that help you make effective and strategic decisions.

Thus, they enable you to make the best use of resources and time. Hence, you can achieve just the kind of results you want in your life.