The spiritual meaning of vomiting in a dream indicates that you know something unexpected and unfavorable is coming. You must prepare for a future that might negatively impact your daily life. 

It is sometimes also suggestive that you have someone in your life who does not have your best intentions in their heart. So, be more aware of your family and proactively remove the problematic elements.

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Vomiting?

Spiritually, the common meaning of dreaming about vomiting is that you are slowly losing control of your life. This might be personal and your professional life, so it needs immediate attention.

But that’s not all, so let’s know more about them.


This indicates guilt towards other people in your life. In most cases, it is because of your attitude and does not necessarily have a reason. 

Usually, if you are vomiting fruit pits, it indicates that you have long-standing feelings of guilt. It might be the ideal time to contemplate why you feel like this and what might have upset you.

Overcoming negativity 

It might be a sign that you are getting past the negativities in your life and embracing the good. The vomit is a symbol that the bad feeling is out of your system.

Caught in illegal things

Such recurring vomiting visions portend that you may get caught while doing something illegal. Sometimes, it is a sign of your inner fear. Just be aware of the consequences before doing anything to safeguard yourself. 


This says that you are surrounded by many people who will betray you. Their behavior is so sweet that you do not understand their underlying intentions. These people might be from your family, friends, or workplace.

You are worried about the future of your family

Another spiritual meaning suggests you are extremely worried about your family’s health. It usually happens when you see a child in your dreams, which arises from your inner anxiety about the future. 

You might also feel helpless while vomiting, indicating your feelings when you think your entire family is at risk.

Losing out on passion

Often, it means that you have started to lose interest in your passion. You have lost the excitement to pursue it. However, at some point, it was everything you ever wanted. This also makes you feel depressed.

Disgusted from within

The spiritual meaning of such visions is that something makes you feel disgusted from within, and it sickens you. 

It might also come from a momentary pleasure that you wanted to pursue. But after you did, there was a lot of regret due to the same; hence, you feel irritated and self-disgusted.


It might mean that you are about to be blessed with a lot of good fortune and blessings in your upcoming life. This also symbolizes that you have finally won, and only good things will happen to you.

A word from ThePleasantDream

From the spiritual viewpoint, dreams about vomiting might mean you need to work on yourself or help someone else. It generally brings the worst messages in your life. So, never ignore this spiritual symbol.

However, its true meaning can only be interpreted after connecting it with your life circumstances. So, analyze your life and match the meanings of your dreams. You never know; you might even land with a rare positive message!