Did you see juicy tomatoes in dreams? Wondering what they suggest? Were the tomatoes in your dreams red, green, or white? Or, did you dream about some other part of the tomato?

Well, in dream lore, even the part of tomato or the plant implies something different. Your dreams can be even more unique depending on your subconscious vision.

If you’re curious about your dreams, congratulations! You reached the best spot online to find out your dream interpretations. In this think-piece, I’ll introduce all the possible tomato dreams to quench your curiosity.

So, if you’re ready, let’s go tomato picking together…

Tomatoes in Dreams – 80 Types of Dreams & Their Interpretations
Tomatoes in Dreams – 80 Types of Dreams & Their Interpretations

Tomatoes in Dreams – General Interpretations

Tomato dreams may have positive interpretations like you will live a happy life or will soon experience parenthood. It also suggests negative interpretations like people around you will be jealous of you or you’ll face challenges. Tomatoes in dreams may mean lots of things.

Tomatoes are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and unless you’re allergic to them or have uric acid issues, no doctor suggests you skip them.

However, unripe or rotten tomatoes aren’t nutritious. Similarly, in the dream world, though luscious red tomatoes are good luck, all of them aren’t.

So, if you’re curious about the possible meanings, let’s head right in…

1. Fortune is on your way

Seeing red tomatoes in your dream indicates that you will receive a piece of good news soon since good luck is on your side.

You may get to know you’ll be promoted or your old desire will finally take shape. So, get ready to hear the news you waited so long for.

2. You will live a good life

Tomato dreams may suggest that you will get the results of your hard work, so you will live a happy and prosperous life.

You’ll achieve success in all endeavors with determination. Things will naturally fall into place and you will have a smooth life.

3. A healthy body leads to a healthy life

Such a dream may suggest that you will follow a healthy diet and maintain your routine and lead a healthy life.

Even if you are sick, you will recover your good health within no time. Along with this, you will find peace to keep you mentally stable.

4. It is a symbol of fertility

When women dream of tomatoes, it is often a symbol of pregnancy. How does it feel to know that you will soon have a baby in your arms?

During these days, you must diligently care for yourself to keep the baby healthy.

5. You can maturely deal with situations

The dream of tomatoes reveals that you are more mature than others around you. You know how to deal with situations wisely.

You don’t take impromptu decisions but rationally analyze all the aspects of the situation. You try to know the consequences of your decision. It is why most people find you trustworthy and come to you to seek guidance.

6. You’ll meet new people and change your life

The dream signals that you will meet new people who will influence your life and stand with you through all your problems.

You never know who you will cross your paths with. But whoever this person is, they will only wish the best for you. During all your low phases, they will do everything possible to uplift you.

7. It is a symbol of a happy marriage

Such dreams may also indicate that you will have a smooth, happy married life and you will share great intimacy with your partner.

8. You love comfort

If you love your comfort zone, it’ll become difficult for you to accept changes. You love an easy-going life and believe that changes bring new challenges.

Therefore, this dream may suggest that you love comfort. You wish to stay hooked to that one corner or one person for your life.

9. People are jealous of you

When you succeed in something, you feel confident and happy in life. But other people aren’t always happy with your success and comfortable life.

So, people around you will be jealous of you and may try to befriend you. After gaining your confidence, they will use your weaknesses against you and harm you.

10. You will face challenges

Success will come your way, but you must face many challenges. You have the power to face every obstacle but it depends on how you deal with the situations.

Are you dealing with it emotionally or rationally? If needed, ask for others’ help but don’t give up in any situation.

Dream of Tomatoes – 80 Types & Their Interpretations

The meaning of the tomato dream differs on the basis of color, size, and other factors. In dreams, green tomato symbolism refers to an immature lifestyle.

Whereas small tomatoes imply you’ll make less than your expected profit. If you can describe your tomato dream a bit more, you might learn the message deeply.

So, if the details are ready in your noggin, let’s plunge in…

1. Dream of green tomatoes

Dreaming about green tomatoes indicates immaturity. So if you had a dream of green tomatoes, it’s a sign that your way of leading life isn’t the best, so you must improve your behavior.

2. Dream of red tomatoes

Dream of red tomatoes represents your spiritual thinking. It’s a certainty that you are on the right path in your life.

The red tomato in a dream is a good sign of happiness and financial stability which will be your next aim in life.

3. Dream of a tomato tree

The dream of tomato trees signifies your emotional status. It’s a sign that changes are coming your way and you must welcome them positively with open hands.

The more the fruits on the tree, the more will be your yield in life.

4. Dream of rotten tomatoes

Dreaming of rotten tomatoes is a sign of bad luck. It depicts the onset of the sickness in your real life.

If the smell of rotting tomatoes also disturbs you, it is a warning that you or your close one will suffer from the worst health issue.

5. Dream of picking tomatoes

If you have a dream in which you were picking tomatoes, it means you are willing to take risks even if you are unsure of your abilities.

The bigger the tomato plant, the more responsibility you’re willing to take on.

6. Dream of big tomatoes

The message of the dream of big tomatoes depends on what you saw. If you cooked big tomatoes in the dream it’s a sign of good health for you and your family.

But if you throw them, it means you will miss a big opportunity.

7. Dream of tomatoes & cucumbers

If you had a dream of cucumbers and tomatoes, it signifies a disparity between your mood and the maturity that is shown. It hints at how you act in public and communicate with others in person.

8. Dream of lots of tomatoes

The message of the dream of a lot of tomatoes also depends on what you saw.

If you saw a lot of fresh tomatoes, it’s a sign of a golden and rare opportunity, but if rotten, it’s a signal of problems knocking on your door.

9. Dream of cutting tomatoes

The dream meaning of cutting tomatoes also depends on what you did with them in your dream.

If you cut them to cook, it’s an indication of financial elevation but if you throw them, it’s a sign you’ll lose a big opportunity.

10. Dream of tomato sauce

If you had a dream of tomato sauce last night, it signifies you must be resourceful in order to solve life challenges.

If you have a dream about making tomato soup, it means you will be happy in the coming future.

11. Dream of throwing tomatoes on somebody

In your dream, if you are throwing tomatoes at somebody, it’s a sign that you are or will be highly disappointed in them in the coming days. You might not be able to show them your anger.

12. Dream of slicing tomatoes

If you had a dream of slicing tomatoes, it signifies you crave some unique experience but also shows you don’t want it to be too thrilling. It depicts that you prefer happiness over perfection in life.

13. Dream of a tomato plant

If you saw a whole tomato plant, it suggests that you desire to protect your true self from someone who wants to change you and pushes you towards doing something you don’t want.

14. Eating tomatoes in a dream

Dreaming of eating tomatoes depends on your life status. If you are a married person, it’s a sign of fortune coming your way.

But if you are unmarried, this dream predicts that you’ll get a loving spouse soon.

15. Buying tomatoes in the dream

In dreams, if you are buying tomatoes, it denotes a guest will visit your home soon.

16. Selling tomatoes in a dream

In your dream, if you were selling tomatoes, it’s a bad sign. This dream indicates that you will get humiliated or embarrassed in the coming days of your waking life, so be cautious.

17. Dream of growing tomatoes on balcony

In your dream, if the tomatoes grow on the balcony of your house, it’s not a positive sign. You must thoroughly check your life situations. This dream says that your health and social position is deteriorating.

18. Dream of a garden filled with tomato bushes

In your dream, if you find yourself surrounded by tomato bushes, it predicts a new addition to your family. If you took care of those plants, it’s an indication that your hard work will pay off soon.

19. Dream of watching a tomato grow

Dreaming of watching a tomato grow is a fortunate sign that you’ll succeed in your life soon. All your hard work and toil will be fruitful and take you a step closer to the goal you set for yourself.

20. Dream of receiving tomatoes from the opposite sex

If you have a dream of receiving red tomatoes from the opposite gender, you’ll strengthen your bond with your partner. But if you receive green tomatoes, there will be a distance between you two in real life.

21. Dream of eating salty or sour tomatoes

Dream of you eating salty/sour tomatoes denotes a very close person in your life who will betray you. It’s an attentive symbol for you to be more self-dependent.

22. Dream of fresh tomato

If you dreamed about a red, fresh tomato, it implies you’ll be in good health and won’t have any health issues. This dream also represents good, optimistic energy and a desire to exercise more.

23. Dream of making a tomato dish

Dreaming about making tomato dishes expresses that your suppressed provocations for independence and adventure will soon surface. Now is a terrific moment for you to try new things and experiment.

24. Dream of a field of tomatoes

Dreaming of a field of tomatoes indicates that you will receive a great opportunity in the near future.

You must take advantage of the situation and make the best out of it. Also, the tomato field denotes gain and fortune, so perhaps you’ll make a lot of money this year.

25. Dream of sharing a tomato with someone

Dream of sharing tomatoes with someone when you don’t give them willingly reflects your selfish nature.

You don’t like to share your possessions with anyone. True that giving something you earned is hard, but sometimes giving is the best reward.

26. Dream of picking red tomatoes from the garden

If you were picking red tomatoes in your dream, it’s a sign of your morals, ethics, and maturity. Happiness and wealth are about to knock on your door. It’s also a sign of financial stability in your upcoming life days.

27. Dream of picking green tomatoes

In the dream, if you are picking green tomatoes, it means that you aren’t ready to undertake new opportunities.

Strive to become a more confident and capable person now. Think about the greater responsibilities later

28. Dream of planting a tomato

Dream of planting tomatoes denotes that you planned a great idea and must work to realize it.

You are taking things slowly and it’s tough for you to stay dedicated because even a minor mistake can cause you big damage.

29. Dream of cutting a tomato

Dream of cutting a tomato might reflect your emotional baggage. Cutting a tomato is an indication of harmful behavior and must be avoided. You must be there for yourself and get up, no matter how difficult life may be.

30. Dream of tomato juice

Dream of tomato juice gives job-related speculation. You may have to change workplaces or even jobs, but this will be beneficial to you.

You’ll find a new job that suits you better and be happy with it.

31. Dream of drinking tomato juice

Dream of tomato juice represents good health and a bright outlook. You will feel encouraged to try new things and improve your professional skills.

Also, tomato juice represents demolishing something old to create something new and fresh.

32. Dream of eating a rotten tomato

The dream of eating a rotten tomato doesn’t envisage anything good. It says that you’ll have a very bad experience whose imprint will remain with you for quite some time.

You will face difficulty in moving on from your past as you can’t easily forget the past.

33. Dream of other people eating tomatoes

If you witnessed a dream of other people eating a tomato, it conveys you might accidentally uncover someone’s deep secret.

You may find yourself in the wrong spot at the wrong time. It will surprise you, but you will keep it to yourself.

34. Dream of other people picking tomatoes

If you saw a dream about someone else picking tomatoes, it signifies you will support a loved one to overcome an emotional, moral, or financial dilemma.

You’ll help them get through that hard time in their lives.

35. Dream of other people planting tomatoes

This dream is a reflection of your laziness. Your subconscious tells you to acquire something and use your time with your interests. With practice, you’ll improve at it and your drive to work will grow.

36. Dream of cultivating tomatoes

In a dream, if you are cultivating tomatoes on your balcony, it prompts you to stop worrying about others’ issues and devote more time to yourself. For far too long, you prioritized someone over you.

37. Dream of other people cutting tomatoes

If you dreamed of other people cutting tomatoes, it reflects that you’re concerned about a loved one.

A family member or friend suffers alone and you can’t help them because they don’t discuss their problem with you.

38. Dream of cooking tomatoes

Dream of cooking tomatoes indicates that you will have a great business opportunity soon in your waking life.

When you’ll get it, you will not be unsure whether to embrace it or not because you are dissatisfied with your current job.

39. Dream of other people cooking tomatoes

If you dream about other people cooking tomatoes, it implies that you will be proud of your loved one. Someone close will meet a huge success soon and you will most probably throw them a party.

40. Dream of someone throwing tomatoes at you

Dream of someone throwing tomatoes at you indicates that you offended or disappointed a loved one, either accidentally or purposely.

Probably, one of your dear ones had high expectations for you, but you didn’t live up to them.

41. Dream of receiving tomatoes as a gift

If you dreamed last night that someone gifted you tomatoes, it’s a sign that your communication level with them will improve. You might get into an argument with them but soon realize that it’s pointless to argue.

42. Dream of bestowing tomatoes to someone

A dream in which you bestow tomatoes on someone indicates that you have feelings for someone who is currently unavailable.

The ‘someone’ refers to your friend’s partner, for whom you mustn’t have such strong feelings.

43. Dream of stealing tomatoes

Unfortunately, stealing tomatoes in a dream is not a positive indication. Such dreams are indicative of financial difficulties.

You may wind up in a bad financial situation as a result of your excessive spending. Also, someone you care about, will lose a job or face a problem.

44. Dream of other people stealing tomatoes

If you saw someone stealing a tomato in your dreams, you will soon discover someone’s poor financial condition.

You must help that person as much as you can. Another probability is that you’ll join some volunteering in a regional kitchen or a charity.

45. Seeing ripe tomatoes in a dream

Dream of seeing ripe tomatoes is a message of positive circumstances or scenes. It’s a sign that you will start a new love relationship soon. Sometimes this dream also indicates temptation.

46. Dream of tomatoes and onions

A dream of tomatoes and onions foreshadows a goal you want to achieve. You’re forming a new self-identity but got caught in the middle of a battle between good and evil.

The dream depicts the power of love and creativity coming together.

47. Dream of caring for a tomato plant

To care for a tomato plant in a dream foretells that you will get the rewards of your hard work. All your efforts will be paid for.

It is now time that you will accomplish your goals.  For example, if you were preparing for a desirable job, get ready to receive that interview call.

48. Dream of a bright-colored tomato

When you see a bright-colored tomato in your dream, it suggests you’ll go on a long journey soon.

49. Dream of watching myself eat a green tomato

Oops! This dream is not as positive as other dreams. It predicts that you will face betrayal from your best friend or closest family member. So, this dream warns you to be careful with who you share your secrets with.

50. Dream of tossing a fresh tomato

Tossing a fresh tomato shows that you feel helpless because people want to hurt you. Look for ways to avoid this pain.

Moreover, the dream also suggests that you will feel embarrassed in front of others due to someone’s conspiracy.

51. Dream of throwing away rotten tomatoes

If the tomatoes rotted and you were throwing them away in your dream, it implies the death of your relative in the near future.

If someone in your family is ill for a long time, you may receive devastating news about them.

52. Dream of a hurt tomato

When you dream of a hurt tomato, it represents negative things that may happen in your life. You will face problems related to your eyes or need spectacles.

53. Dream of pruning a tomato plant

The dream of pruning a tomato plant again indicates a negative connotation. Your close ones will become your enemies, so be watchful of everyone’s activities.

If you do not follow this, you will reveal all your secrets to your enemies yourself and they may harm you in the future.

54. Dream of tomatoes for a girl

As a girl, if you see tomatoes in the dream, you’ll soon meet your love and lead a pleasant family life. This man will be your perfect match as you always imagined. You may even claim him to be the best husband one can have.

55. Dream of chopping a tomato with a knife

Dream of chopping a tomato with a knife signals that you may experience a breakup or your salary will get deducted. You may try to save your relationship.

For this, it is necessary to clear the misunderstandings between the two of you.

56. Dream of collecting tomatoes of many colors

To collect tomatoes of many colors in a dream represents you will ruin your business. You must protect it from evil people. But how do you do it? How do you prevent it from your enemies?

These are a few questions that you must soon answer. A great approach to do this will be to mislead them.

57. Dream of collecting ripe tomatoes

When you see yourself collecting ripe tomatoes in your dream, it denotes that your life will be filled with love and abundance.

If you were in a financial crunch, everything will get better now and money will flow into your accounts. Additionally, you will have a happy family life.

58. Dream of making tomato juice

To make tomato juice in your dream suggests that you feel emotionally connected with somebody because you are in love with them.

But, we cannot predict if your love for them will be successful. Since you’re prone to emotional steps, learn to rationalize your actions.

59. Dream of growing tomatoes on the bed

If you see that tomatoes are growing on the bed, it predicts a fun life. You enjoy the fun moments in your life and add fun to others’ lives too. In a nutshell, your outgoing and cheerful nature can infect others.

60. Dream of killing a tomato

To hit the tomato on an intellectual person in your dream has a negative dream interpretation. This dream suggests that your relationship with them will soon get destroyed.

Probably there’s a lot of dissatisfaction between you two. Figure out what it is if you want to save the bond. And, if you don’t want to solve the problem, stay away from them.

61. Dream of giving bad tomatoes to animals

The dream of giving bad tomatoes to animals is a positive dream. You may participate in the upcoming religious formalities or be a helping hand to someone. In short, you’ll conduct many virtuous tasks.

62. Dream of bad taste tomatoes

Eating a bad-tasting tomato in your dream tells you that you must reanalyze your thoughts before you decide. Stop doing whatever comes to your mind.

Eating an unripe tomato asks you to be patient. If you keep hurrying, you will not get the result you deserve. But if you eat red tomatoes that don’t taste good, it symbolizes that your partner is cheating on you.

63. Dream of seeing the rain of tomatoes

Fresh and red tomato rain in your dream means happiness will rain on your house and your household will prosper. Moreover, you will have enough money to enjoy your life. You’ll soon solve all your problems.

But, in your dream, if you see rotten tomatoes raining, it suggests economic loss. Think about how you can recover from this loss.

64. Dream of black tomatoes

Black tomatoes in the dream don’t bring a positive message. This dream suggests financial loss or loss of reputation.

If you purchase these black tomatoes in your dream, it indicates you will use your money in unnecessary activities. Stop doing that and save some money.

65. Dream of seeing rotten tomatoes at home

Such a dream denotes that soon you’ll make wrong decisions in your life and lose money due to it. Analyze your decisions by thinking about the benefits and downsides of every situation.

66. Dream of fighting for tomatoes

Don’t feel strange, but yes, many people fight for tomatoes in their dreams. If you are such a person, the dream tells you that you may face a conflict in the near future.

To avoid such conflicts, use your wisdom and maintain distance from petty issues.

67. Dream of packing tomatoes

Dream of packing tomatoes foretells that you’ll earn huge profits. More people will join your business and gain big.

Moreover, it may also suggest that you will give something to your beloved in the upcoming days.

68. Dream of small tomatoes

Seeing small tomatoes in your dream is a negative dream. First, the dream implies that you will achieve less success than you desired in the near future.

Moreover, it may also mean that you will earn fewer profits in projects you expected a lot from. Small tomatoes in this dream suggest low hope.

69. Dream of watering tomato plants

Watering tomato plants through a pipe or a vessel in your dream symbolizes that you will meet somebody and they’ll turn out to be a great friend within no time.

They’ll be with you in every phase of your life. In other words, you will build a strong bond with someone.

70. Dream of growing tomatoes indoors

If you grow tomatoes indoors in your dreams, it indicates that someone envies you and will try to cause you pain. They may manipulate your beloved successfully and destroy your relationship.

71. Dream of drinking tomato juice

Dream of drinking tomato juice is a symbol of good luck. This dream implies good mental health. You will be open to trying new things in your life.

Happiness is on your way as you are all set to build deep relations with your family.

72. Dream of kissing tomato

Dream of kissing tomatoes shows that it is a romantic dream. You are about to make some unforgettable memories with your beloved that you can cherish lifelong.

73. Dream of tomato soup

Tomato soup in a dream means you want to stay in a comfortable situation. You don’t like to bring frequent changes in real life. You are already content and happy with your present journey.

74. Dream of tomato seeds

To see tomato seeds in your dream reflects stressful situations in your waking life. You keep going back to your childhood. Perhaps, there is a lesson from the past that you need to recall.

Alternatively, this dream is also a sign of love and happiness. It also asks you to make big changes in some aspects of your real life.

75. Dream of white tomato

Get ready for all the celebrations because this dream hints you will definitely succeed. You want to figure out how a real family works.

Alternatively, it implies you love working on new projects, so you are taking steps towards new beginnings.

Further, it may predict scary situations in your life that will also fascinate you.

76. Dream of looking for tomato

Such a dream suggests that you stay in your comfort zone, which ultimately harms you. You don’t step forward so you can’t accept the changes in your life and progress.

Dream of looking for a tomato also signals that you must communicate all the feelings you repressed for so long.

77. Dream of drinking tomato soup

When you drink tomato soup in your dream, it stands as a symbol of unity and warmth. You feel complete and focused.

It indicates that you will achieve everything you desire because you have the ability to stand against your obstacles and face the challenges.

Moreover, the dream is a sign of calmness. So, it may either symbolize you’re a calm person or need to be calmer.

78. Dream of eating tomato sauce

Dream of eating tomato sauce shows you set unrealistic goals for yourself. It reveals that you are extremely ambitious. But if it’s out of your abilities, you mustn’t push yourself.

It also shows you love looking at life from newer perspectives. You love adventurous and thrilling activities. However, you may lack self-esteem.

79. Dream of eating pickled tomatoes

To dream of pickled tomatoes reflects that you will soon hear a piece of good news. Or, your wait is about to get over and something you desired will turn into reality.

80. Dream of eating tomatoes with fried potatoes

This dream shows you will love spending time with people close to you. Moreover, if you also had alcohol in this dream, it means you’ll enjoy your time at a big party.

Spiritual meaning of tomatoes in dream

Spiritually, tomatoes in dreams symbolize everything positive that will happen to you. You will experience happiness and comfort in your professional or personal life. Get ready for new beginnings.

The spiritual meaning of tomatoes in a dream has a positive interpretation. Happiness and comfort will be on your way.

Your relationship with your close ones will improve. Hence, you will feel content with your life and have positive thoughts.

Moreover, the dream also suggests the beginning of a new career or a project that will lead you to success. Positive things that you had not expected are waiting for you.

Biblical meaning of tomatoes in dream

Biblically, tomatoes in dreams suggest success and emotional stability. Your life is set on an improvement journey. It may also signify health, vitality, and energy.

The biblical meaning of tomatoes in a dream indicates your personal growth. You will develop yourself beyond your boundaries. You set new goals and will certainly achieve them with proper planning.

In real life, you will finally be able to experience emotional stability. Now, you will have a clear vision. In the Bible, tomatoes are a sign of energy, health, and vitality.

So, you will soon experience changes in these areas of your life.

Questions to ask to interpret tomato dreams correctly

Dream interpretations are hard and it’s harder when there are lots to remember from your dream.

Further, it’s next to impossible to remember every small piece of info. But let’s not feel disheartened even if you forgot a few elements. 

Let’s try to build an average dream interpretation with these questions…

1. Were the tomatoes ripe, unripe, or rotten?

2. What was the color of the tomatoes?

3. What did you do with the tomatoes?

4. In what form did you see the tomatoes?

5. How were you feeling in the dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams highlight many events of your waking life. They’re a message full of blessings from the spiritual realm. Through your dreams, Gods and Goddesses try to convey to you clues about what will happen next. If you catch these clues, you can prevent major suffering in your life.

So, even if you find devastating news, even if it’s not immediately, don’t forget to appreciate them. These dreams allow you to cherish the last good moments and prepare yourself to fight grave issues beforehand.

The divine powers know about your capabilities and potential. That’s why they want you to fight all challenges better.

However, if you get good news, don’t forget to pour efforts to protect it.

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