If you wish to decode your tongue dream meaning, this think-piece has a lot to reveal! Dreams about tongue are extremely rare, but you’ll be surprised to know the kind of messages it holds about your waking life.

Do you always struggle making an impression on others? Do you fear negative judgments? Are your words always misinterpreted by others? In all these circumstances, you may dream of the tongue.

But how would you know what exactly this dream is trying to communicate? Keep reading to find out!

Tongue Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dream of a tongue symbolizes wisdom, self-control, communication skills, childish behavior, and gossip.

A lot of times, we find ourselves trapped in scandals because of wrong statements or judgments made by us. This is what the dream is asking you to avoid.

Don’t poke your nose into others’ matters. Besides, you must prevent speaking negatively and ill about others. That’s a sign of immaturity.

Apart from this, here are a few more points suggested by the dream of a tongue…

1. Your reputation is at stake.

2. You may invite arguments.

3. Think before you speak or do anything.

4. People will turn their backs on you.

5. Perform deeds that showcase a mature personality.

6. Avoid speaking too much or too little.

7. Do not leave a misunderstanding unresolved.

8. Open up about your emotions and feelings.

9. Take care of your food habits.

10. Do not get affected by others’ comments.

Dreams about Tongue – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Different types of dreams about tongue have different messages to unfold about your waking life. While the dream of holding your tongue talks about your greatest strength, the dream about an injured tongue reveals your conversational habits.

Continue reading 35 more types of dreams about tongue and their interpretations right here!

1. Dreaming of seeing your tongue

The dream points towards your way of expression. You should change the way of expressing your thoughts and ideas or it will lead to misunderstandings.

Feel free to initiate conversations about topics bothering you and clear things out.

2. Dreaming of an injured tongue

Dreaming of an injured tongue is a sign that you must improve your speaking skills.

Introspect and be vigilant about your words as people around you get hurt because of your statements.

3. Dreaming of holding your tongue

The dream is a good sign. It shows that you have great self-control.

Sometimes it happens that you lose your cool and start shouting, but mostly you hold back your emotions. Keep it up. And always try to keep yourself from overly expressing yourself.

4. Dreaming of seeing your tongue in your sleep

The dream denotes that you’re a short-tempered person. You react very easily to trivial provocations. Change this attitude.

Practice tolerance, it will help you in the long run. Do not speak harsh words.

5. Dreaming of folding your tongue

The dream of folding your tongue denotes that you will win against your opponent.

You’re a positive person, you don’t back bitch about people even though you know they hate you. Don’t get offended by anyone. Be calm and focus on your goals.

6. Dreaming of others cutting your tongue

The dream is a warning that you should not mess with your enemy right now.

You might lose as they have the upper hand, and if you try to confront them, you will be in great trouble. Try to ignore and concentrate on yourself.

7. Dreaming of a black tongue

The dream of a black tongue indicates that you talk too much when there is no need, but you fail to speak in places where you should actually voice your opinion.

Don’t engage in conversations that are not your concern. Don’t be afraid of rejection, and voice your opinion wherever needed.

8. Dreaming of a forked tongue

Dreaming of a forked tongue suggests you’re becoming a hypocrite. In order to act smart, you change your statements often.

The dream also speaks of betrayal. So, be careful as someone close to you may betray you.

9. Dreaming of other people showing their tongue

The dream is an indication of your sexual desire. You’re attracted to someone sexually but feeling shy to express your fascination towards them.

Don’t be shy, be open and clear about your feelings. Maybe the person also feels the same but is not able to express it.

10. Dreaming of you cutting someone else’s tongue

Dreaming of cutting someone else’s tongue is an indication that you are being hurt by that person’s words. However, the person’s intention was not to hurt you.

11. Dreaming of hair growing in your tongue

The dream is again a warning to talk less, especially in places where you are not directly involved. Think twice before you speak anything.

12. Dreaming of sticking your tongue with someone else in your sleep

The dream symbolizes that you’re going to be involved in a fight, where you will not intend to. You will also not be able to recognize your mistakes and, therefore, not be able to prove your point clearly.

13. Dreaming of a sore or swollen tongue

The dream of a sore or swollen tongue represents your jealousy towards someone. You say false and evil things about them that you should not.

Buddy, don’t spread false rumors about anyone… trust me, it does good to no one.

14. Dreaming of biting your tongue

The dream is a bad omen. It implies that you might lose a close friend or a family member. Don’t feel sad, as no one can stop what’s written in stars. Face your problems heads-on.

15. Dreaming of sticking your tongue out

The dream of sticking your tongue out is a good sign as you will overcome all your problems.

You are working hard, but still you need to prove yourself at every step of your life. This frustrates you. Don’t worry, things will fall into place.

Don’t let others’ comments affect you. Focus on your work, and you will reach great heights.

16. Dreaming of others sticking their tongue towards you

This dream symbolizes your lack of confidence. You possess great skills, but due to a lack of faith in yourself, you’re not able to showcase them.

17. Dreaming of not having a tongue

Dream of not having a tongue denotes that something is bothering you.

Someone has insulted you or spoken against you, but you haven’t stood up for it. You’ve decided to forget and forgive the person, but the memory still haunts you. You try to avoid conflicts, but you must speak up for yourself.

18. Dreaming of swallowing your tongue

The dream indicates your opinionated nature.

Someone close to you has trusted you completely and shared things with you. But you are unable to keep the secret. Besides, you’re judgemental about it. 

Don’t break their trust, as it can end up spoiling your relationship with that person.

19. Dreaming of others swallowing their tongue

Dreaming of others swallowing their tongue denotes your actions and reactions have become the talk of the town.

Don’t react or comment on things that you may overhear from different conversations, as it will increase people’s curiosity towards you. Just ignore and focus on your work.

20. Dreaming of your tongue being numb

This dream is an indication that you should have an open conversation with your partner, especially about things you have doubts about.

You people may be completely honest with each other, but due to some misunderstandings happening lately, you’ve developed a distance from them. And the only way to solve this is to face it.

21. Dreaming of having a large tongue

The dream of having a large tongue symbolizes that you’re a blabbermouth. You always like to share gossip about others, but you don’t even verify if the news is true or not before spreading it. Be empathetic towards others.

22. Dreaming of having a small tongue

The dream symbolizes confusion and an unstable mind.

You need to spend some time alone and introspect about things. Take some time off from all the things that are bothering you and go on a small vacation to freshen up.

23. Dreaming of piercing your tongue

The dream of piercing your tongue portends that you easily get affected by others’ judgments.

Instead of following your own heart, you instantly listen to other suggestions. This habit won’t bring you progress.

24. Dreaming of having a white tongue

Dreaming of a white tongue shows that you’re always engaged in back bitching. If you have a problem, confront them, but don’t talk behind their back.

25. Dreaming of having a blue tongue

Dream of having a blue tongue says that you’re a fully grown-up person, but childish. You will face problems because of immature behavior.

26. Dreaming of a hairy tongue

Dreaming of a hairy tongue is an indication that you will soon end up making a mistake.

You might end up hurting someone with your harsh words. Or, you might also end up discussing some secrets about someone else. You will regret it later. 

27.  Dreaming of a woman’s tongue falling off

If you dream of a woman’s tongue falling off, then stay away from being too frank with others. You may face an unpleasant situation in the near future.

28. Dreaming of a man kissing with his tongue

This dream shows that the man is not very pleasant. He can spread false rumors about you, and therefore he’s not trustworthy.

Be careful, and don’t share your secrets with someone you don’t know very well.

29. Dreaming of a woman kissing with her tongue

Dreaming of a woman kissing with her tongue shows her loyalty towards her partner. But it’s a warning as the male partner lacks good intentions.

He just wants to use the lady to fulfill his purpose without any commitment of love or marriage.

30. Dreaming of tongue being pulled out from the root

The dream denotes that you’re not in a good condition; something is bothering you and it makes you worried. It may be due to monetary problems.

Don’t feel shy and discuss your problems with someone trustworthy. Also, don’t feel hesitant to reach out for monetary help.

31. Dreaming of an animal tongue

To dream of an animal tongue is a good sign. It foretells that you will be in the spotlight and gain authority on things you have always wanted.

You will gain a lot of profit if you’re thinking of investing in a business, so go ahead and do it.

32. Dreaming of a split tongue

The literal meaning of a split tongue is having two tongues. And the dream exactly means the same. It denotes that there are people around you who are big-time hypocrites.

They talk to you very nicely when you are around, but as soon as you are not around, they start bitching behind your back.

33. Dreaming of licking and kissing one’s tongue

Dreaming of licking and kissing one’s tongue is an omen for a troublesome situation. But don’t worry as someone will help you out. Try to be good friends with him/her and spend good times together.

34. Dreaming of someone having more than one tongue

If you dream of someone who has more than one tongue, it means that the person is willing to help people in need.

35. Dreaming of an oddly colored unusual looking tongue

This dream indicates that you want to discuss and express your feelings to someone, but you are not able to convey this because you fear rejection.

Spiritual meaning of tongue dreams

Tongue symbolizes words and speech. It is also a part of your digestive system. So, spiritually this dream asks you to introspect your communication skills, and eating habits in your waking life. It also asks you to stop behaving like a child.

Your naive speaking skills often put you in a trap where people misunderstand you. If you want to stop this, you must improve your speech.

Often people speak what they think, so in order to purify your speech, you must consider purifying your soul.

Biblical meaning of tongue dreams

Biblically, the dream of a tongue implies that the dreamer needs to introduce themselves to the Holy Spirit. Focus on God’s message in your life. It will guide you through several miseries and save you from drowning.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret tongue dreams correctly

The dream details play a very crucial role in interpreting its message. It allows you to connect the dots and derive the overall message of your dream. Therefore, you may take the help of the quiz below and decode the tongue dream meaning correctly.

1. How did the tongue in your dream appear?

2. What was the context of your dream?

3. What did you do to the tongue?

4. What did someone else do in the dream?

5. Are you dealing with certain problems in your waking life? What is it?

6. Are you a gossip lover?

7. Do you think people are spreading rumors against you?

8. Do you fear negative comments and judgments?

9. How are your communication skills affecting your relationship with others?

10. How did you feel after waking up?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of a tongue remind you of some important social habits and ask you to develop gravity in your speech.

So, follow all the suggestions of your dream interpretation. It may not terminate the problem, but it will definitely help you minimize the negative consequences.

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