Does a window dream meaning points towards taking a sneak-peek of the outside world? Usually, a window helps us to explore the picturesque nature and set our mood with ventilation and light.

However, it would be interesting to see whether this sight in the dream world adds the same positive element.

Without any delay, let’s explore the various types of window dreams.

Window Dreams - A Way To Take a Sneak-Peek of Reality!
Window Dreams – A Way To Take a Sneak-Peek of Reality!

Window Dream Meaning – General Symbolism 

Window dreams represent our mindset, warn us about upcoming difficulties that may come ahead, allow us to introspect and reflect on our life and help us to visualize our future goals.

Dreams of windows are a good way to reflect on our life and what we see happening, as well as certain aspects that we refuse to see clearly in our waking life. Besides, the meaning of window dream is also associated with various symbols. 


Such dreams represent light coming in; which makes us pay attention to things we may have initially looked over or refused to accept. 


Dream windows are a symbol of future troubles and difficulties, which we may come across on our path to success. This dream acts as a warning sign to not give up and prepare for difficulties, if we want to reach our goal. 

Future aspirations 

The dream of window shows future goals & aspirations that the dreamer wants to achieve. 

The future aspirations may come with obstacles, but a dreamer will only work towards something they really want, and hence, a window dream acts as a reminder of the opportunities as well as obstacles that still lie ahead. 

Outside world

Dream windows are a representation of the world that the dreamer lives in. It acts as a safe way to look at what’s happening outside, without being directly involved in the situation. It shows the dreamer what is happening around him. 


Such dreams are often a way to introspect about our own life, decisions, choices and how our decisions come across to other people. These dreams remind us that our thoughts are often about our own life and what we have done with it. 


Lastly, window dreams are a symbol of reflection, not just about the outside world, but also our own point of view and outlook towards it.

Some dreams make us realize that we often act in secret or irrational ways because we may not fully trust our surroundings. 

Similarly, some dreams make us reflect on our future and what we see, and these help us realize what it is exactly that we are working towards.

In cases where it is unclear, window dreams even make us pay attention to what needs our attention and clarity. 

What Are the Various Dreams Related to Windows?

Let’s discuss the various types of windows you may see in your dream and then understand what they mean for you when you are awake. 

Dream of clean window 

A clean dream window suggests a need to look at our life clearly. It means that either in terms of our future or in terms of our current outlook, we may be missing some important points. 

It may also be an indication of seeing the world clearly and having it reflected back to us in our dreams. 

Dream of dirty window 

It represents our judgment which may be clouded by certain things. It is not an accurate vision of our world, thus reminding us that we should check our judgment and look at our surroundings clearly. 

Besides, it could be a warning sign that some aspects of our life are not as clear as we consider them to be. We may need to get a closer look at what we see in the dream to understand which areas of our life we may need to get more clarity on. 

Closed window  

This dream represents a reduced or low motivation within us. We may be feeling shut off from everyone, or may be experiencing hurt or betrayal of trust that translates into a closed window in our dreams. 

Dreaming of broken windows 

This dream represents the feelings of distrust we may have towards someone, especially a partner.

Besides, it also acts as a reminder of our behavior towards our partner, indicating the rocky nature of the relationship at that point in time. 

Dream of open window

The dream is a positive sign that you may be letting in light, air and hence are even open to new experiences coming in. More importantly, it can be a sign that a particular phase or chapter of your life is over. Now, the world of new opportunities awaits.  

Spiritual Meaning of Windows in Dreams

Window dreams can be spiritually interpreted as a way to reflect on our inner beings. Spiritually, a window dream can guide us with a channel to think about our outlook on certain things and how it affects us. 

Besides, they provide a picture of how we visualize our future and our life, but from a safe distance. By doing this, we can also reflect on aspects of our life that need our attention, but we may have been careless about them. 

Positively, window dreams also show our thoughts and efforts come into fruition. Seeing something that hasn’t happened yet, but we still deeply desire, can be very healing for our inner selves. 

Various types of windows

It may happen that you might come across various types of windows. Let’s explore more about them.

Dream of glass window 

Such dreams represent a barrier between you and the world you are dreaming about. A big glass window which gives you a clear view of the world outside represents something you want, but still, you are a step away from achieving it. 

A window without a glass similarly signifies an absence of a barrier. In such dreams, the dreamer is present in the situation, but may be within a shell of their own which is not outwardly visible. 

Dream of broken glass windows

It is a symbol of some internal fears or anxious feelings. Dreamers often try to help other people in distress, but it may end up causing them stress, which can be felt in a dream of a broken glass window. 

It literally shows a crack in your own health and well-being, due to worry over someone else. The cracks or the broken glass signify the anxiety you may be feeling. It can also be interpreted that helping someone makes you feel good. 

Jail window

This dream reflects the feelings of hopelessness and no positive thoughts about the future. Also, it suggests that you may be feeling trapped in a situation, without seeing a way out.

This dream can only be interpreted based on what the person is doing or feeling in real life. The hopeless feeling may even come from an internal space or headspace that the dreamer is in.

Window frame

This dream represents the dreamer’s mentality or the future opportunities that await them. 

The larger the window frame or window in your dream, the bigger the opportunities or changes that lie ahead. A particularly small window signifies that the dreamer may have a narrow-minded outlook about something. 

Dark tinted window in dream 

Such dreams suggest that the dreamer is looking for privacy in real life. It could be interpreted as some secrets that the dreamer doesn’t want to put in the open. 

Window Dreams Based on Your Actions 

Window dreams can also be interpreted based on what you are doing with or around the window in your dream. 

Opening a window

Such dreams are a good sign. They indicate you are bringing in new light, and opening up to new personal and professional opportunities. New opportunities may even come with a chance of you heading your own business. 

Closing a window

This dream is a comforting sign that you may be protecting your own self and your home from external harm. It suggests that you are making a defensive decision. Furthermore, it also that you are not letting harmful objects or people be a part of your personal environment. 

Some interpretations may even suggest that this could be an emotionally defensive dream. Because, the dreamer may be showing physical detachment from the surroundings, or the people in their surroundings, like family members. 

Looking out the window in the dream 

This dream represents your frame of mind and life attitudes at the moment. The key for interpretation depends on what you see outside the window. 

A beautiful view outside the window implies a positive or bright outlook you may have in your life currently.

Besides, a rainy or gloomy day may suggest a low mood or phase. Thus details like weather, what you see and how you feel about it are important.

Fixing a broken window in the dream 

Such dreams mean that you are also fixing the problem or working to overcome a difficult situation. It may even lead to a sense of renewed confidence, like taking charge of things. 

This can also be interpreted as you trying to change the way you look at things. If in waking life you are trying to alter your thoughts by learning new information, you may see yourself dreaming about it. 

Looking in the window 

Interestingly, this dream represents introspection. It means you are looking within yourself or your life to get a clear look at how you feel and what you may need to work on. 

The part of the house or room you look in will be an indication of what needs your attention. Like, looking in your bedroom from outside suggests that your romantic or love life needs your attention. 

On the contrary, if you see someone looking through your window then it means that someone is invading your personal life. Such dreams make us aware that someone could possibly be spying on us or invading our privacy. 

Dream of moving through a window 

Window dreams where the dreamer is moving through a window, either to enter or to leave a room, suggests that the dreamer is trying to act in secret.

Even in real life, windows are used instead of doors when the person doesn’t wish to be visible. 

It also suggests that the dreamer has an ongoing project, something like a venture, and even though the dreamer is working on it, they are not yet ready to tell everyone about it.

Hence, even in their dreams, they move from one room to another through a window. 

It is however also interpreted that the dreamer may be achieving his goals through deceitful means or dishonest work, and hence is acting in secret. 

Falling from a window 

This dream represents difficulties or difficult situations you may have to face because of people. Falling or being pushed out of a window means being involved with something you were not ready for, either by your own action or due to someone else’s influence. 

Often, dreamers even get themselves involved in situations that are not good for them. Such times also lead to window dreams where the dreamer sees himself or herself falling, and having to face the difficult situation as a consequence. 

Breaking a window dream 

This dream represents interpersonal conflicts. We all have fights with our near and dear friends and family members, however, being in a state of conflict with someone means it is more serious. 

If you are smashing someone else’s, it shows your frustration. This frustration or anger can stem from having a completely different opinion or vision from the other person.

Washing a window in the dream

This dream has a very short and simple interpretation. Like a clean window means a clear vision and a dirty window points towards a need for more clarity, actually washing a window means you are in further need for such clarity. 

The situation may have reached a point where you need to get involved and clean things up yourself so that you can see it more clearly. 

Escaping through a window 

This dream signifies difficulties and upcoming troubles. You may have some difficult workload or assignments coming, or a life situation that you wish you could escape.

These dreams are considered a bad sign, as they show you being in an unpleasant situation.  

Peeping through a window in the dream 

This dream of peeping is again not a good sign as it shows difficulties in your future. This dream suggests you may experience failure or your superiors may neglect you in spite of your work. 

Hence, this dream can also be a sign to make some changes in your work ethic, so that you can see success. 

Throwing something from the window 

This dream means that you may have become so frustrated with your work not being appreciated that you decide to toss something valuable out of the window in your dream.

It is a sign of losing something good, because of negative feelings or a careless attitude. 

Jumping out a window dream 

It is a sign that economic troubles may arise. This is a very negative interpretation of the dream; however, it is also a warning sign that you may have to prepare for such a day. 

Biblical Meaning of Windows in Dreams 

The biblical meaning of window dreams suggests that they are a way to engage with what is happening outside, while changing nothing on the inside.

Besides, window dreams provide the dreamer with security, that no matter what they see through the window, they are still removed from that situation and are still inside their house. 

Window dreams also allow the dreamer to visualize their future and get a clear look at what is happening in their life.

Similarly, these dreams are considered prophetic because the dreamer can see what would happen in their future, based on their current and future choices. 

Negatively, window dreams can be interpreted as negative signs that a fear or anxiety you have may actually happen. Such dreams can give a picture of the difficulties that lie ahead, and may confirm a deep-rooted fear you already may have. 


Not all dreams symbolize negativity. Even in the case of dreams about windows, they reflect about our future and our own outlook towards it.

However, we must know one thing that dreams show us a way to be aware of ourselves, our decisions, our outlooks and our surroundings. It is on us how we move forward and prepare!

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