A broken vase dream meaning portends that you are funny and a loner. Sometimes it means that you are about to give up your job to do community work.

At other times it means that you are good at making people feel comfortable. In order to find out what else it means, let’s dig in.  

What Does A Broken Vase Dream Meaning Imply?

A dream about a broken vase indicates that you are trustworthy and funny. Rather than indulging in small talk, you prefer to have conversations that are deep and meaningful.

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Rather than going to social gatherings, you feel more at ease when you are alone. You are a very private person and you don’t feel the need to share your life with others.

So, you don’t glue yourself to social media or any kind of drama and conflict.

You value your freedom and your peace more than anything else in the world. You only have a few close friends, so you might feel lonely sometimes, but you are at peace with it. 


You are going to witness an accident. But rather than being a bystander, you’ll jump in and try to save the situation. However, ensure your safety first, and then see if the victims are okay. 

Call the nearest emergency hospital. Witnessing an accident can be a traumatic experience, so make sure you get help. Last but not the least, remember that you need to stay calm in any emergency situation. 


It shows you have a great sense of humor and you make even the grumpiest of people laugh.

Rather than taking life too seriously, you try to find humor in the most challenging and stressful situations. 

Your sense of humor makes you charming, and people are often drawn to you. You are self-confident and you don’t shy away from making yourself the butt of all your jokes. 


This dream alludes to the fact that you always keep your promises. You never spread rumors and you avoid all sorts of gossip. 

People choose you when they need someone to confide in. You always try to be your authentic self, and you never put on a mask in order to fit in. 

Common Broken Vase Dream Scenarios & Meanings

In broken vase dreams, recollect the detail like material of the vase and the reason behind it being broken. Because each of them depicts different messages about your waking life. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Broken glass vase

You might give up your job in order to do community work. You are going to join a non-profit where you can spend your days caring for other people. Or, teach underprivileged children at a homeless shelter. 

You value kindness and altruism. So, you’ve realized that you can only find meaning in your life when you are working for an organization that aligns with your values. 

Broken ceramic vase

It warns you of physical danger like crimes or emotional ones like manipulation and emotional abuse. Keep an eye out for any kind of danger, and seek safety immediately. 

Dream of a broken porcelain vase

This says that bad luck is about to hit you. You may lose your job, face a breakup, or someone’s death

Whatever your luck brings you, remember that life does not go in a straight line and that your grief is going to stop one day. 

Broken crystal vase

This is a good omen. You are about to go through some positive changes in your relationships and your business. 

Whatever the changes are, try to receive them with open arms. Remember that you deserve this. 

Broken clay vase

This portends that you are good at making people feel comfortable around you. You have a genuine smile, and you usually wear your heart on your sleeve.

Further, it says that you charm them with your charisma, you talk gracefully, and you listen intently. 

Further, you make an effort to give them your undivided attention. Due to your empathetic nature, people trust you almost immediately. 

Broken vase that you banged out of anger

In reality, you are about to do something important and sensitive. You are extremely nervous, which is portrayed by the vision.

Broken vase that fell accidentally

In your waking hours, you may soon make grave mistakes. This vision asks you to focus on those and prevent the upcoming danger. 

Vase breaking after falling on its own

You will take a drastic step, leave your life – home, job, and friends – and lead the life of a recluse.

Broken vase after falling from your hands

You will be struck by misfortune in the next few days. 

Deliberately breaking a vase with flowers

You will express your romantic feelings unexpectedly that even you will be surprised. 

Someone else dropping and breaking a vase

In the coming days, your luck will be great and you might even win a lottery.

Dreams about gluing a broken vase

You will work hard and long but there will be no financial benefit or moral satisfaction.

Favorite vase broken 

You may have a fall out with some loved one.

Broken plastic vase

You will soon be disappointed.

Dreaming of a piece of broken vase

Your loved ones will nag you out of discontentment. Make sure you communicate and figure out how to proceed.

Seeing multiple pieces of broken vase

Your family life will become happier in the coming days. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of a Broken Vase mostly uncover your personality and desires to work for the greater cause. But it also lets you in on possible danger around you. 

But your exact dream message depends on what you saw exactly. So, meditate and recollect that and make sure you follow through with all warnings and suggestions.