Whenever you see a dead body in dream, you wonder “Why?”

Well, these dreams bring news about change, ailments, or even the end of bad times. There are many other reasons behind your dreams.

So, keep reading to find what these dreams imply.

40 Types of Dead Body in dream & its Interpretations
Various Types of Dead Body in dream & its Interpretations

Common Meanings of Seeing Dead Body in Dreams

Dead bodies in dreams hint at transformation in waking life. It can also be a manifestation of fear or failure in your real life. 

Most people assume that the dream vision of a dead body is always ominous. However, they often carry important messages about your waking life like health, phase of your life, or even your emotions. So, let’s understand them in detail here…

  • Transition – Such dreams occur when your real life is in a phase of transition like changing your home, marriage, or a change in your family bonding.
  • Serious illness – It’s your mind’s way to show you you are going through some medical issues or might face some in the future. Or, it is about a close one’s poor health.
  • Fear – This might be a fear of death itself for some. For others, it might be a fear of change, or people, or even a new job.
  • Failure – If you fail to finish a task or achieve a goal, this dream shows your grief. It is an outlet for you to let go and start afresh.
  • Ending of bad times – It often shows your efforts to say goodbyes to the bad past and start a new beginning.

Spiritual Meaning of Dead body in Dreams

The dead people you dream about are often dream symbols of your grief and reality. If you lost someone from an unnatural death, your subconscious mind is simply trying to seek closure via such dreams. 

Often it is also said that your close ones come by in your dreams to say their last goodbyes.

Common Dead Body Dream Types & its Interpretations

A dead body dream can bring along advice, reassurance, and warnings for your life. From change to fear, from business to relationships, let’s see how these dreams show different sides of a coin.

Coffin with dead body

This dream holds different messages depending on the dead body in the coffin. So,

  • dreaming of your own dead body in the coffin predicts stress, frustration with wrongdoers, or even that you’ll attend a funeral.
  • dreams about a familiar person’s dead body in the coffin symbolizes great fortune and good news for that person.
  • a dream of an unknown person’s dead body in a coffin asks you to move on from a relationship with a close friend or partner that died.

Dreaming of loved one’s dead body

These dreams are bound to make you feel devastated. But it may not always imply that they are in danger. For instance, if you see the dead body of:

  • Brother/relative that’s alive in reality: You miss the kind of connection you once had with this person. You miss their presence and want to rekindle the love you once shared.
  • Your partner: It means you feel empty and insecure in the relationship because your partner doesn’t keep their promises.
  • Your mom: It means that you are going through a time of illness and abuse. A bad marriage or a bad day at work could be the reasons behind the dream.
  • Your dad: The dream warns you to be careful. You might be taking unjustified risks in life.
  • Your husband: This dream shows an issue in your finances. Often, husbands are symbols of family wealth and well-being. If you lost your job or took out a loan recently, the dream shows your anxiety.
  • Your wife: It may mean your relationship with your wife is deteriorating. She is no longer the woman she used to be. Or, it means your wealth will increase by leaps and bounds.
  • Your son/daughter: It shows the fear of letting down your children.If your real life is going through a really tough phase, you can have such nightmares
  • Your friend: Your friendship is going through a bumpy ride.
  • Your girlfriend: Your relationship lacks understanding and bonding.

Hiding a dead body

If you are trying to hide your true feelings in real life, this dream may occur. It shows your fear or your need to think clearly.

You or someone else burying a dead body

If you are digging a grave in your dream, don’t let it worry you as it has a positive meaning. It shows how you are looking for a new start in life. 

But if someone else buries the dead body, this shows a sign of goodbye. Your mind is finally ready to part ways with a relative or a friend. This might be their death in your real life or maybe their departure from your personal space.

Position of dead body 

Your dream interpretation can vary based on them sometimes like these…

  • Seeing a dead body floating in water: Water is a sign of rejuvenation and calmness. This dream asks you to find peace, take a break from work or go on a vacation.
  • Seeing dead bodies in crime scene or streets: It’s time to end something like a job or a bad relationship. But in your dream, if you saw multiple dead bodies on the street, it predicts betrayal from close ones. 
  • Seeing a dead body in a suitcase: This dream means that you must get rid of old baggage, find time for new beginnings, and maybe take a break from life.

Dreaming of Animal corpses

It shows a spiritual transformation in your life. Or, how your mind is focusing on the immediate future. You need to not worry much and focus on long-term success.

Multiple dead bodies

It is a sign of negativity in your life. You probably feel cheated in your relationships. Moreover, you might want to befriend trustworthy people.

Dream of Your own dead body

This dream only means the chance of transformation. It is good news about your mind accepting the changes in your life.

Unknown dead body

When you lose out on your confidence in life, the chances of this dream are high. It shows your desire to find your lost self-confidence.

Dream of Dead baby

Usually, people see a dead baby in their dream when they’re assigned a new task. The dream is a bad omen that the failure of your assignment and immense pain along with it.

Dreams of Autopsy on Dead Body with Various Scenarios

Another type of dead body dream revolves mainly on autopsy, i.e., the medical investigation on a dead body to find out the reason behind death. Now, let’s find out what different details about the autopsy dreams mean.

Seeing Autopsy 

The dream of a corpse autopsy shows you must dive into reality rather than living in your imaginations.

Carrying out an autopsy yourself

It means that you are or might have to face a past failure or grief. You need to start tackling your problems instead of hiding.

Seeing other people having an autopsy

This says you need to support someone in life and bring them back to the ground in real life.

You being cut open in an autopsy

This dream shows your desperation for someone or something that is of the past. Your current life might not be all happy-go-lucky and is the trigger behind this dream.

Dead Body Based on It’s Condition

Depending on the condition of the dead body, your dream also brings you different messages. So, let’s have a look at some scenarios.

Murdered dead body

Your dream hints at letting go of your bad habits to succeed. It’s a good sign for you that promises positive change.

Mutilated corpse

These dreams mean that you feel threatened so you can’t speak the truth. It is a sign for you to fight harder.

Decaying body

It means you are going to recover a big secret in your waking life. If the smell in the dream doesn’t bother you, your financial condition will become better than ever.

Burnt dead body 

Seeing a burnt dead body in a dream not only shows your desire to get rid of your current responsibilities and commitments.

Dead body wrapped in black or white cloth

If you dream about a dead body wrapped in 

  • black cloth: you must listen to your instincts as you are surrounded by ill-wishers. Don’t let them decide on your behalf and never doubt your choices.
  • white cloth: it symbolizes financial and mental progress and confidence in everything you do. 

Bloody dead body

Your dream is a harbinger of troubles or disagreements at home. Your partner might be unfaithful to you. Or, your friend might leave you for good. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of dead bodies are only the manifestation of your subconscious mind. So, never get intimidated by the gruesome images. Listen to your guts, follow everything necessary to make things work and your life will take the best turns!

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