Dreams about murder are sure to leave you in tears, sweat, and a lot of tension about what the future holds. It can represent the suppressed anger within you, failures, insecurities, and even new beginnings.

Dreams about Murder - Are You Planning to Kill Someone?
Various Types of Dreams about Murder & its Interpretation

What Does Murder Mean in a Dream?

Had a dream about murder and thought now you are going to witness a murder on your way to the office? That is not going to be true. 

Let’s know what it really means when you witness a murder in a dream.

  • You have lots of suppressed anger within you: Usually, dreams about murder occur due to the suppressed anger people hold in their hearts in their waking life. Life can be hard sometimes and it makes us really mad at certain people and situations.
  • You are aggressive in your real life: People who see dreams about murder are often those who are extremely aggressive in their waking life. Everything upsets them and they are seen engaging in fights and abusing weak people more than others. 
  • You are going to experience new things: If you murdered someone in a dream, it signifies that you put an end to an old aspect of your life, like an old job, relationship, toxic behavior, or shifted house. Now, new beginnings are waiting for you!
  • You think you have failed: Failure in achieving your goals and dreams feels similar to murdering your aspirations and a life you always wanted for yourself.
  • You are jealous of someone/something: Dreams about killing someone are one of the common dreams if you are jealous of someone in your waking life. The person you are jealous of can be a family member, friend, co-workers, and others. Such dreams are the result of dream-seated jealousy in your heart.

Spiritual Meaning of Murder in Dreams

The spiritual meaning of this dream means you are trying hard to put a stop to an existing habit, job, relationship, or situation. It’s difficult for you to end it and you are struggling to find a way out of the situation. 

Biblical Interpretation

According to the Bible, dreams about murdering someone are the representation of satanic powers motivating you to do a sin for which you will regret for the rest of your life. 

Different Types of Murder Dreams

A murder dream has the capacity to threaten you in a lot of ways. Sometimes, it shows you strangled in a deserted house. On the others, it shows you as the murderer killing innocent beings.

What do these different dreams about murder are trying to tell you? Let’s find out

What does it mean when you dream about murdering someone?

This dream means you are ending the old habits, toxic behavior and leaving things that were not helping you.

Contrarily, it may also mean that you are immensely hostile and aggressive in waking life. Vent these emotions if you want to avoid something miserable in the future.

Dream about murdering your friends or relatives

It says you are not fond of them and want to hurt them with your words or actions. There are chances that you may have fights with them in the near future.

Murdering your own family members

Dreaming about being a murderer who kills their own family members is representative of your toxic behavior.

Family being murdered

It’s a warning that there’s going to be serious conflicts and misunderstanding between you and your partner. In the worst cases, even the future children can get involved.

Dream of a murderer

According to this dream, you are in dire need of peace. 

You murder yourself

The dream brings good luck and happiness. It says that you are going to experience lots of joy and peace in the near future.

Committing mass murder

This says that you are hiding your aggressive nature from the entire world but can’t hide it from yourself. It is a warning to deal with your issues positively

Murdering an innocent person

This means you are going to face difficult situations in your life.Further, the dream meaning stands the same if the person you murdered was defenseless or unarmed.

Dream about murdering your wife

This dream means that you have lost control over some aspect of your life – a situation or a person.

Your enemy being murdered

The dream means you are going to achieve a lot of success in life and your career. If the blood of the murdered enemy splashes all over your face, it means you are going to be blessed with extravagant wealth from surprising sources.

Murdering people using superpowers

If you see yourself having a superpower in a dream, it means you have worked and mastered a skill in waking life.

However, killing innocent people using these superpowers means you are consumed by ego due to the superpower. Your ego emerged due to your skills makes you treat people rudely and turn them down.

Dream of murdering someone because of love

Murdering someone because of love determines your blind faith, trust, and love for a certain person or a community.

Dreams of Murder in different places

Murdering people in the desert – This means you are unhappy and unsatisfied in some area of your life.

Murdering people at a hospital – The dream interpretation suggests that you are not totally aware of your partner’s life or personality.

Someone being murdered inside a church – A murder inside the church in a dream means you are worried about some people’s betrayal in waking life and you seek guidance and protection from God.

Murder Dreams with different Weapons

Gun – It means you need to have control over your life by having some free time on your schedule.

Knife – The dreams mean that your sexual craving for your partner is increasing.

Explosion – It means your subconscious mind is already aware of an upcoming danger.

Poison – If you are trying to achieve spiritual enlightenment in waking life, then having dreams about murder from a poison means you are getting distracted from your spiritual journey.

Blunt Object – Dreaming of murdering someone with a blunt object like a stone or hammer means your goals are hard to achieve.

Injection – Getting murdered by lethal injection in a dream means you are not flourishing in the presence of some people in waking life.

Strangled – Getting murdered in a dream by strangulation suggests you need to take a proper review of your success.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Remember, dreams don’t define your course of life. Have faith in yourself and be cautious if it has some negative interpretations attached to it.

Rest everything will fall in place.

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