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Are You Experiencing Dreams about Murder? Here’s What It Means! [87 Types]

Are You Experiencing Dreams about Murder? Here’s What It Means! [87 Types]

Updated on Sep 15, 2022 | Published on Apr 03, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

87 Types of Dreams about Murder & its Interpretation

Are you having dreams about murder? Well, I had a dream about murder a few weeks ago and I can understand your condition after you nervously opened your eyes from this horrifying dream.

Dreams about murder are sure to leave you in tears, sweat, and a lot of tension about what the future holds. Many people take murder dreams in the wrong direction by thinking the incident is going to repeat itself in the reality.

If you haven’t slept after watching a crime-oriented web series, then you should work upon knowing the hidden meaning of your murder dream to find out what’s it is trying to tell you.

87 Types of Dreams about Murder & its Interpretation
87 Types of Dreams about Murder & its Interpretation

5 Murder Dream Meaning (What does murder mean in a dream)

Dreams about murder can represent the suppressed anger within you, failures, insecurities, and even new beginnings.

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Had a dream about murder and thought now you are going to witness a murder on your way to the office? That is not going to be true. But yeah, dreams about murder have a lot to do about what’s going on in your waking life. Your unconscious mind takes up the pieces from your waking life and joins them to form the mental images that you see in the dream.

Apart from that, your dreams also depend on your dominant, submissive, and suppressed thoughts and feelings. A dream can also be a message or a warning from your higher self. Let’s know what it really means when you witness a murder in a dream.

1. You have suppressed anger within you

Usually, dreams about murder occur due to the suppressed anger people hold in their hearts in their waking life. Life can be hard sometimes and it makes us really mad at certain people and situations.

If we don’t know how to deal with the anger positively and repress it in order to avoid feuds, it takes a toss on us and affects us in a negative way. Your dreams about murder are a result of that. I advise you to take professional help under such situations.

2. You are aggressive in your real life

I know some people who engage in verbal and physical fights just to prove a point. They can start from ruthlessly abusing people and can reach the extent of hitting them?

Are you one of those?

People who see dreams about murder are often those who are extremely aggressive in their waking life. Everything upsets them and they are seen engaging in fights and abusing weak people more than others. This is especially true when they are the ones who were murdering someone in their dreams.

3. You are going to experience new things

Now we are coming to the positive side of dreams about murder. Our subconscious mind has weird rules of symbols and interpretations. Death is also associated with the ending of old things and the beginning of new things.

So, if you murdered someone in a dream, it signifies that you put an end to an old aspect of your life, like an old job, relationship, toxic behavior, or shifted house. Now, new beginnings are waiting for you!

4. You think you have failed

Failure in achieving your goals and dreams feels similar to murdering your aspirations and a life you always wanted for yourself. People who think they have successfully failed in some important aspect of their life have high chances of having this dream.

This dream is the result of the hopelessness and disappointment they feel for the future. This dream comes as a message that you need to change your way of approaching things as soon as you can as accepting failure and having thoughts of hopelessness is not an option.

5. You are jealous of someone/something

Dreams about killing someone are one of the common dreams if you are jealous of someone in your waking life. The person you are jealous of can be a family member, friend, co-workers, and others. Such dreams are the result of dream-seated jealousy in your heart.

The case just gets worse if you actually enjoy the dream. In such cases, it’s time to think about the good things they have done for you and be grateful for their existence in your life.

87 Types of Dreams about Murder & its Interpretations

Our minds are diverse and so are our dreams. A murder dream has the capacity to threaten you in a lot of ways. Sometimes, it shows you strangled in a deserted house. On the others, it shows you as the murderer killing innocent beings.

What do these different dreams about murder are trying to tell you? I’ve listed the meanings of 8 types of different murder dreams to help you find the correct interpretation.

1. What does it mean when you dream about murdering someone?

When you dream about killing people, it can have a negative and a positive interpretation depending on your situation.

Firstly, it means you are ending the old habits, toxic behavior and leaving things that were not helping you.

Secondly, it means you are immensely hostile and aggressive in waking life. Vent these emotions if you want to avoid something miserable in the future.

2. What does it mean when you see dreams about being murdered?

Having dreams about being murdered is a result of feeling disconnected from your true self. You may be making drastic changes in your life and in your personality, which is not at all like the previous one.

These things may take a toll on your mind which makes it create images where you are being murdered.

3. What does it mean when you see dreams about someone you know being murdered?

When you dream about someone you know being murdered, there are two possibilities. Firstly, you really hate this person and don’t want them to be a part of your life.

Secondly, you don’t have hatred for this person but there’s a quality that you don’t like about them. You share a similar quality and by killing them in a dream you are trying to eliminate the quality within yourself. 

4. Dream about someone murdering someone else (Dreams about witnessing a murder)

Dreaming about someone murdering someone else represents your inner thoughts and opinions. The person who is being murdered represents your hidden talents and the murderer represents you.

Your subconscious mind is aware of your qualities and stresses over the fact that you are not using your capabilities.

It also means you have low levels of self-confidence and you are not happy with your sense of individuality.

5. What does it mean when you see dreams about family being murdered?

A dream where you see your family being murdered is a sign that your life after the wedding is not going to be peaceful.

It’s a warning that there’s going to be serious conflicts and misunderstanding between the two partners. In the worst cases, even the future children can get involved.

6. What does it mean when you see dreams about murdering strangers?

The dream of murdering strangers seems out of the blue. But this dream is common for those who struggle with their own personality.

They find it difficult to deal with some parts of themselves. In their attempt to appear perfect, they put pressure on themselves to eliminate parts of their personality and lose their sense of individuality.

7. What does it mean when you see dreams about killing people?

People who dream about killing other people find it difficult to get along with others in waking life. This makes them introverted and leaves them excluded from groups that further agitate their anger.

They are hostile in their waking life and their aggression is the reason for most of the problems in their life.

8. What does it mean when you dream about being killed violently?

Dreams about violence are never a good dream to have. The dream about being killed violently means you are tremendously scared in your waking hours.

The source of your fear can be a situation or a person. Whatever it is, this dream suggests that fear is taking away a big part of your waking life.

9. What does it mean when you dream of a murderer?

The hidden meaning of dreaming about a murderer suggests an important aspect of your life has been snatched away from you. This sudden change has caused you to be restless and in stress.

According to the dream, you are in dire need of peace. The murderer in your dream represents the fear you hold that everything is going to go wrong. 

10. What does it mean when you dream of a murder of a child?

This dream represents your way to adulthood and finally becoming mature. You may have aged well but it’s common to keep the immaturity of childhood in some aspect of your life.

The dream suggests that the childhood aspect of your life has ended. Now, you have accepted life with maturity and with the viewpoint of an adult.

11. What does it mean when you dream of a serial murderer? 

Dreaming about a serial murderer is a sign that there are people in your waking life who are planning your downfall.

Your success hurts them even if they chose not to show it. Thus, they are engaged in plotting to resist you from achieving success. In some cases, your wrong attitude is the reason for your own downfall.

12. What does it mean when you dream of being a serial murderer yourself?

This dream represents the dark side of your personality. Being a serial murderer in a dream means you are not happy with other people’s success and want to see them as miserable as you are.

It also means that you are not happy with your own life. Thus, watching other people succeed hurt you and you wish for them to be unhappy.

13. What does it mean when you dream of murdering someone while defending yourself?

This dream is a positive sign which states you are capable of dealing with obstacles in your life. You are ready to deal with haters, bullies, and hard times.

Killing someone while defending yourself means you are ready to give a good fight instead of giving up when things seem to fall apart in your waking life.

14. What does it mean when you dream of committing mass murder?

When your aggression can’t find a way out of your mind, it shows up in your dreams. You may be hiding your aggressive nature from the entire world but can’t hide it from yourself.

You are unhappy and upset in your waking life. This dream is a warning to deal positively with issues.

15. What does it mean when you dream about hearing a news about someone’s arranged murder?

This sad dream about hearing a news about someone’s arranged murder means things are not going according to the way you arranged in real life.

The person interfering with your plans can be a friend or a partner. You need to focus on the reason and find a way out.

16. What does it mean when you dream of your friend committing mass murder?

Dreaming of a friend committing a mass murder reflects the strange and dangerous personality of your friend which he/she has kept a secret from the world.

They are not what they appear to be. They have hidden agendas and motives. Your subconscious mind is successful in tracing their secret at some level due to which they appear in your dreams committing mass murder.

17. What does it mean when you dream of learning about planned murder?

When you dream of learning about planned murder, your unconscious mind is signaling that soon you are going to receive bad news from your friends or colleagues.

For women, this dream means they are going to receive unwanted propositions but they will deal successfully with them by gracefully brushing them off.

18. What does it mean when you dream of receiving a big reward for murdering someone?

This dream is a kind of warning and self-realization. The dream means you are facing a tough situation in life that is currently dealing with monetary loss.

You are planning to gain wealth by adopting dishonest and wrong ways to earn wealth. Your actions are questionable and immoral.

19. What does it mean when you dream of conspiring a murder?

Were you conspiring a murder in a dream? It means you are planning to do something wrong in real life which doesn’t come in good books.

Your actions are planned to hurt someone intentionally. Also, what you are doing or going to do is totally wrong and a punishable act.

20. What does it mean when you dream of murdering an innocent person?

If you dream about killing an innocent person, it means you are going to face difficult situations in your life.

The dream meaning stands the same if the person you murdered was defenseless or unarmed. The dream comes as bad luck and signifies misery and pain in your near future.

21. What does it mean when you dream about your friend being murdered?

When you dream about a friend being murdered, it means you are going to wait longer than it was required before making an important decision.

The dream is also an indication that problems and obstacles are going to appear in the midst of your journey. 

22. What does it mean when you dream of someone attempting to murder you?

Such a dream can give you nightmares and make you scared of every situation in waking life. But the dream interpretation of the dream is not so scary.

The dream means that you find your relationship with your partner extremely boring and dull. You can’t feel any fire and desperately want it to end.

23. What does it mean when you dream about murdering someone from suffocation?

Dreaming about suffocation is related to the suffocating feeling you feel in a stagnant or toxic relationship. The relationship is not going anywhere or is holding you from reaching your fullest potential.

You are feeling trapped in a relationship and can’t stand it any longer. Your unconscious mind takes the message and shows it in your dream.

24. What does it mean when you dream about murdering your friends or relatives?

Are you dreaming about murdering friends or relatives? Are you keeping any negative feelings for them in your heart?

This dream says you are not fond of them and want to hurt them with your words or actions. There are chances that you may have fights with them in the near future.

25. What does it mean when you dream about the murder of a military man?

If you see the murder of a military man or hear about the death of a military man in a dream, then the dream has two meanings.

Firstly, there is a military person in your life and you are concerned about their safety. Secondly, the military people of your country are going to be attacked and you are having this dream as a warning.

26. What does it mean when you dream about murdering your wife?

Well, if things are not going well between you and your wife then this dream may come as a form of wish fulfillment. In this case, it’s better to keep care of your mental health.

Otherwise, this dream also means you have lost control over some aspect of your life – a situation or a person.

27. What does it mean when you dream about murdering an armed villain?

Murdering an armed villain in a dream can leave you terrified and empowered at the same time. The feeling of victory after killing an armed villain as a form of self-defense is exciting.

The dream means you are powerful and you can defeat each kind of struggle that appears on your way.

28. What does it mean when you dream about witnessing a murder in progress?

If your death dreams involve you witnessing a murder in progress, then it means you are going crazy with your sexual fantasies.

You should realize that these fantasies are extremely violent and the person at the receiving end is not liking them. They find it offensive and cruel. You should keep a check on yourself and change your ways.

29. What does it mean when you dream about your enemy being murdered?

The hidden meaning of this dream is going to shock you. The dream means you are going to achieve a lot of success in life and your career.

If the blood of the murdered enemy splashes all over your face, it means you are going to be blessed with extravagant wealth from surprising sources.

30. What does it mean when you wake up while dreaming about murder?

This dream about murder signifies that aspect of your emotions that is responsible for making you scared of unexpected situations.

Everything is going perfectly fine in your life, but still, you feel something bad is going to appear in your way. As you are always scared, you attract danger unknowingly. Meditation can help you to deal with the fear.

31. What does it mean when you dream about being murdered by your wife?

If the killer in your dream was your wife, then the dream is unlucky for you and some very hard times are on their way.

A situation can drastically change your lifestyle for the worse. The course of your life is going to be changed and you should be prepared for it.

32. What does it mean when you murder yourself?

When the person in your dream responsible for liking you was yourself, then you can rejoice as it’s a good sign.

The dream brings good luck and happiness along your way. It says that you are going to have a lot of joy and peace in the near future.

33. What does it mean when you dream about surviving attempted murder?

This is a common dream for those who are strong, fearless, and brave in their waking hours.

The dreams indicate that you have saved yourself from a range of difficulties in your life and you will continue to do so in the near future. You can also work to develop these emotions in order to protect yourself from possible enemies.

34. What does it mean when you dream about murdering people in the desert?

 If you dream about murdering people in the desert, it means you are unhappy and unsatisfied in some area of your life. You are feeling depressed due to the way things are not working out for you and you want to end them.

Mass murder in a deserted place like the desert signifies you want to end all your worries and stress which makes you feel deserted and separated from life’s joys.

35. What does it mean when you dream about someone getting murdered because of rejection?

Getting murdered because of rejection reflects on the deep-seated feelings of being rejected and neglected. The dream is just a wrapped-up image of your waking life where rejection can take every ounce of life from you.

You seek validation and affection from the people around you. You need to be valued and loved. This dream is a message that you need to work on self-love and adopt healthy habits.

36. What does it mean when you dream about pets and children remaining after a murder?

This dream has two meanings. If you are the one who saves or adopts the pets and the children remaining after a murder, it signifies your caring nature and love for every being.

If you are not the one to save them but witness them being saved, it means you have a habit of believing whatever you listen to.

37. What does it mean when you dream about a husband using wife for a terrorist attack?

The dream of being a husband and using one’s wife for terrorist attacks is indicative of your dominating nature in waking life. Not only that, but you are also perceived as someone who takes the advantage of others and even of those who love you and care for you.

It’s time to be more grateful and generous towards the people close to you. Respecting their emotions is appreciated.

38. What does it mean when you dream of a confrontation with a serial murderer?

If you dream about confronting a serial killer in your dream, it means you are trying to fight the force which is restricting you in waking life. If the serial killer is able to commit murder, it means you are feeling totally out of control. You can’t restrict the forces restricting you in real life.

If you are able to save yourself, it means you have what it takes to defeat anything or anyone who weighs you down.

39. What does it mean when you dream about murdering mafias who were stealing cars?

Dreaming about the mafia represents the uncertainty of your waking life. The killer dreams involving the mafia are mostly very chaotic in the beginning and lead to destruction. This determines the course of your current life and simultaneous events.

If you happen to take a gun and fight against the mafia, it represents you have control over your life and its circumstances.

40. What does it mean when you dream of a mother murdering herself, her husband, and her child?

The dream of a mother being the murderer and killing herself, her husband, and her child represents the guilt you are holding for something you did wrong.

You may have done a serious act of carelessness that might have affected others but you kept it a secret. Your conscience is telling you to reveal the secret and ask for an apology from those affected.

41. What does it mean when you dream about murdering and dismembering babies?

If you see yourself committing murder of babies and dismembering them then it’s a sign that you are trying wrong moves in order to be successful in life.

The way you have chosen to gain wealth, success, and comfort is not good and against your own morals. Your subconscious mind is guilty of hurting others for your own profit and hence plays out the dream as a result.

42. What does it mean when you dream of your dream family being murdered?

If you are dreaming of your “dream family” being murdered, then the future seems grim. It implicates disagreements between partners or even your children.

Further, the nature of the attackers can help you interpret this dream in a detailed manner.

43. What does it mean when you dream of murdering or shooting people at a hospital?

The dream comes as a negative sign and bad luck if you see a murderer killing or shooting people at a hospital while you are present at the venue with your significant other.

The dream interpretation suggests that you are not totally aware of your partner’s life or personality. Some aspect of their life can unleash itself which will change the entire course of your relationship.

44. What does it mean when you dream of feeling anxiety after a murder?

If you feel anxious after a murder in your dream, it means you are willing to put a full stop to your toxic and unhelpful behaviors, patterns, and habits.

On the other hand, having recurring dreams about the murder when you haven’t committed a crime means you are consuming too much toxic news and want the world to be at peace.

45. What does it mean when you dream of being locked in and chased by a murderer?

A dream where you are locked in a room/building and unable to find the key signifies your dissatisfaction and boredom from a job, relationship, or situation.

Meanwhile, the murderer chasing you is nothing but your own desire to break free. If cutting people or situations make you happy, do it.

46. What does it mean when you dream of your ex-boyfriend murdering his girlfriend and his mom?

Many can think of this dream as wish fulfillment, but this dream is actually the reflection of the mistreatment that goes around with you and other people in waking life.

You want to put a stop to it and thus it appears in your dreams.

47. What does it mean when you dream of a royal family murdered in the forest?

If the royal family was murdered by a sword, then it means you and your family are in some kind of danger.

In other cases, the murder of a family represents severe damage to the person’s life. The damages can be limited to the person having this dream and can affect their family as well.

48. What does it mean when you dream about men in monkey suits murdering others?

Dreaming about people disguised in monkey suits and killing others strikes a direct relationship with those people who try to deceive you.

The monkey suit is used as a mask to deceive in a similar way by which people hide their real intentions to hurt you with a kind face. Their motive is to give you an opportunity like never before and make a fool out of you.  

49. What does it mean when you dream of murdering people and animals by burning them in the oven?

Murdering people and animals by burning them in the oven is a sign of high ambition. You are an ambitious person whose thirst to achieve more is never satisfied.

In the pursuit of more success, you are ignoring the important relationships of your life. Don’t lose what you already have in pursuit of what you can have.

50. What does it mean when you dream of murdering someone and trying to escape?

The dream of murdering someone reflects your need to put an end to an ongoing struggle.

But the act of running away after the murder determines you lack the strength to face the aftermaths. The dream signifies that you need someone who can help you deal with the issue.

51. What does it mean when you dream about murdering your own family members?

Dreaming about being a murderer who kills their own family members is representative of your toxic emotions or need to break free.

Your family demands more of your time and attention than you can give them. They can also be controlling and dominating. You want to get rid of their presence and it’s apparent by your dream.

52. What does it mean when you dream about people being murdered at the top of a mountain?

Dreams about witnessing people being killed at the top of the mountain are the metaphorical moving image of your own desires in waking life. You are feeling overwhelmed by the high intensity of your problems and responsibilities.

You feel like these problems have reached their peak and can only be ended if you somehow kill them.

53. What does it mean when you dream about your brother’s murderer inside the house?

The dream is a trauma response to your brother’s death. If your brother was killed by a murderer whom he trusted then it’s surely going to leave a permanent stain in your mind.

Your house represents your safe place. The presence of the murderer in the house represents that your brother was killed by someone he considered safe and trusted.

54. What does it mean when you dream of helping a friend who murders people?

You might be included in a task that went wrong or an incident that affected others in a negative way. Though you were not the mastermind behind the act, you were a part of it.

Thus, the dream shows you helping a friend who murders people. As murder represents something horrible and wrong, you are surely feeling guilty about what you did.

55. What does it mean when you dream of murdering people inspired by a TV show?

If you inspire to do murder in your dream after watching a TV show, then the TV show definitely resonates with your personality and interests on some level.

It’s not necessary that you must have watched the TV show. Some friends might have discussed the events and it was enough for your subconscious mind to absorb.

56. What does it mean when you dream about murdering people using superpowers?

If you see yourself having a superpower in a dream, it means you have worked and mastered a skill in waking life.

However, killing innocent people using these superpowers means you are consumed by ego due to the superpower. Your ego emerged due to your skills makes you treat people rudely and turn them down.

57. What does it mean when you dream of murdering someone because of love?

Murdering someone because of love determines your blind faith, trust, and love for a certain person or a community.

You love them so much that you discard your judgment while doing the things they suggest you do. You are also ignoring all the red flags and just going with the flow.

58. What does it mean when you dream about witnessing the murder of your family members?

Dreaming about the murder of your family members is an indication of your anger towards them. You feel they are hampering your success, they are toxic to you or you can be mad at them for an ongoing issue.

You don’t want to be associated with them in any manner. This is the reason you see a dream about their murder.

59. What does it mean when you dream of getting murdered after being in a fight with your husband?

Women who are unsatisfied and unhappy with their husbands and married life are reported to have this dream more than anyone else. Their husbands are unfaithful which makes space for quarrels.

This can affect their own health and their husband’s health as well. Seeking professional help can mend the issue.

60. What does it mean when you dream of a man torturing and murdering your sister?

Dreaming about a man torturing your sister is dangerous and enough to shake every inch of you. The dream is the result of the concern that you feel for your sister.

There can be a presence of a person who is trying to harm your sister in several ways. If you hear gunshots, then the gunshots are the symbol of the incident that can change your sister’s life for the worse.

61. What does it mean when you dream about a harmless serial murderer?

Having a dream about a harmless serial murderer reflects on your own harmful habits and behaviors.

There are areas of your life where you want to succeed but fail as the toxic behaviors keep holding you back. The serial murderer in your dream is the symbol of your unhealthy traits that aren’t harming you but aren’t taking you anywhere either.

62. What does it mean when you dream of witnessing torture and murder?

Witnessing a torture and murder in a dream means you feel unsafe in daily life. The people around you may not try to hurt you physically, but they engage in bullying and spreading rumors about you to break your mental health.

This dream also occurs when you are vulnerable with your well-being and safety.

63. What does it mean when you dream about brutally murdering a school principal?

A school principal represents authority and rules. Murdering a school principal in your dreams is the reflection of your innermost thoughts that are ready to take a flight.

Your conscious and subconscious mind is ready to break barriers and live life on their own terms. Thus this dream is a positive sign which states you are one step closer to attaining absolute freedom.

64. What does it mean when you dream of keeping the murder of a child, secret?

When you cover a child’s murder in a dream, it denotes something bad is going to happen to the people close to you. These people can be someone from your family members, friends, or partner.

It’s a message from your higher self to prepare for everything and to take care of your close ones by caring for their well-being.

65. What does it mean when you dream of cleaning up after a murder at school?

Cleaning up after a murder at school represents your anxiety. Obviously, you must be in a “fight or flight” mode while cleaning up.

Try to compare the feeling with your waking life and find out which part of your real-life makes you feel like that. Once you find out, it’s time to mend the concern.

66. What does it mean when you dream of murdering someone and burying in the backyard?

Murdering someone and burying them in the backyard doesn’t make you a bad person in real life if you aren’t planning to do something like that in your waking hours. Instead, it means you are ready to end your problems and bury them so they never trouble you again.

But if you keep coming back to the grave in your dreams, it means you fail to enjoy the good things in your life due to your pessimistic nature.

67. What does it mean when you dream of a murderer in a boyfriend’s house?

Your boyfriend’s house in a dream is associated more with his parents than with him. The dream means his parents are not very fond of you.

To gain their validation, you are bringing new changes in yourself to a great extent. Spending time with them and respecting them may change their perception of you.

68. What does it mean when you dream of a friend brainwashed by a murderer?

Dreaming about a friend being brainwashed by a murderer means there is someone in your friend’s life who is affecting their decisions and changing them.

Their effect on your friend is so prominent that you can’t relate to them anymore. If the friend comes to murder you in the dream, it means the friend wants to change you in the same way they have changed by the dominating personality in their life.

69. What does it mean when you dream of hiding from a gunman under a crib?

Hiding under a crib in your dream means you are scared of someone making a negative influence on your waking life. This person can be a partner, friend, relative, or boss.

This person is hurting you intentionally or unintentionally in your waking life. Your position in the dream (under the crib and close to the floor) also denotes your degraded level of well-being in real life.

70. What does it mean when you dream of being followed by a murderer?

Being followed by a murderer in dreams is related to feeling lost and not having a proper sense of your own identity.

Sometimes people tend to conceal their real self and behave like someone else to fit in a workplace or new group of people. They suppress their real self and emotions which may make them feel like they have no connection with their identity.

71. What does it mean when you dream of murdering strangers after having sex with them?

Murdering someone in a dream can be related to ending old patterns and behavior. The strangers in your dream are none but the different aspects of your own personality.

Having sex with these strangers implies that you are mindful in checking the pros and cons of your qualities before eliminating them. 

72. What does it mean when you dream of keeping a murder a secret?

You dream about keeping a murder a secret when you don’t feel good about something wrong that you have done in your past.

You are engulfed by guilt and consider the mistake to be a big one. But you are afraid to share the secret to anyone as you are scared of their reaction and if they are going to judge you.

73. What does it mean when you dream of a murder scene without a body?

The absence of a body on a murder scene in your dreams means you are highly ambitious and you don’t need any other person to help you achieve what you have aimed to achieve.

You have strong self-confidence and belief in your dreams. Depending on your situation, the dream also means that you are engaged in a fight with someone for no reason at all.

74. What does it mean when you dream of men talking about possible murders?

The dream where you hear men talking about possible murders means you focus the majority of your attention on the smallest details of trivial things that don’t matter to you at all.

Your attention is captured by everyday news and filthy gossip. This is coming in your way to living a happy and peaceful life.

75. What does it mean when you dream of someone being murdered inside a church?

Being inside a church in a dream is a good omen. The dream symbols of the church are related to spiritual awakening and development. It means you are seeking spirituality in waking life or need to seek it.

A murder inside the church in a dream means you are worried about some people’s betrayal in waking life and you seek guidance and protection from God.

76. What does it mean when you dream of playing dead during the murder?

Playing dead during murder means you are in survival mode in your waking life. There is a possible threat that is going to affect you and your family.

You are experiencing the evil signs of witnessing something bad in real life but you are ignoring the sign as you are too scared.

Murder Dreams with different Weapons

Most of the dreams about murders include specific weapons. If you are the one using the weapon, it means you are trying to protect yourself in real life. In lucid dreaming, people can even protect themselves from a murderer by using these weapons.

This indicates you have a sense of control over your reality. Different weapons determine different meanings of a murder dream. Go through the list of the weapons to find the exact hidden meaning of your dream.

77. Gun Murder Dream

In psychological terms, Gun is the representation of a phallic symbol. It is connected to our own inner power and control. Dreaming about someone murdering you with a gun means you need to have control over your life by having some free time on your schedule.

If the gun is in your own hands and you are unable to pull the trigger then it means you are terribly exhausted in waking life.

78. Knife Murder Dream

If you see someone murdering a person with a knife, then the meaning is sure to give you a sigh of relief if your relationship was suffering from stagnancy.

The dreams mean that your sexual craving for your partner is increasing. You are finding them more attractive than before and the feeling is mutual from both sides.

79. Explosion murder dream

If there is an explosion in your dream and you see a huge number of people dying as a result, it means your subconscious mind is already aware of an upcoming danger.

Your subconscious mind can pick up tiny impulses. It’s just making you aware that there are huge blocks of problems in your upcoming days.

80. Poison Murder Dream

If you are trying to achieve spiritual enlightenment in waking life, then having dreams about murder from a poison means you are restricted on your spiritual journey due to distractions.

These distractions are your love for material things and other desires. It also means you are lacking emotional stability and strength.

81. Drowning Murder Dream

Getting murdered by being drowned is one of the most horrific experiences even if you experience it in a dream. Though, the meaning of the dream sends you a message.

The message is to go with the flow of life instead of trying to control everything and everyone. For once, live life as it comes and goes with the flow.

82. Blunt Object Murder Dream

Dreaming of murdering someone with a blunt object like a stone or hammer means your goals are hard to achieve. You need to go through a lot of trials and errors before reaching the top.

Murdering someone by hitting the blunt object means you are revisiting the past in order to move on in your life.

83. Injection Murder Dream

Getting murdered by lethal injection in a dream means you are not flourishing in the presence of some people in waking life. You feel like they are repressing you.

Depending on your situation, the drug also means you are on your way to self-discovery.

84. Fire Murder Dream

If someone sets you on fire in a dream, it means there are forces in your life that are preventing you from moving ahead in your journey to success.

The person who is trying to hinder your progress can be another person or your own self. Fire also suggests there is confusion in moving ahead in life.

85. Hanging murder dream

Dreaming of getting murdered in a dream by getting hanged means there is confusion in you with your relationship with someone else. If you are hanging upside down in a dream, it means your wishes are incomplete and you desperately want to see them coming true.

86. Strangled murder dream

Getting murdered in a dream by strangulation suggests you need to take a proper review of your success. You need to analyze your growth. Find out which factors are adding to your growth and which factors are hindering it.

The dream also means that you are trying to keep your dreams, opinions, and plans as a secret from other people’s knowledge.

87. Sabre murder dream

Murdering someone by a sabre or getting murdered by a sabre in a dream is the symbol of your unconstructive thoughts.

It means negative feelings are empowering you. This makes you miserable in real life where you are not able to enjoy the true joy.

Spiritual Meaning of Murder in Dreams

The spiritual meaning of this dream means you are trying hard to put a stop to an existing habit, job, relationship, or situation. It’s difficult for you to end it and you are struggling to find a way out of the situation. Your subconscious mind takes the message and shows you a set of moving images in the form of dreams to access the events of your daily life.

The current situation may also be a result of anger, guilt, frustration, and resentment. The best way to deal with this situation is to adopt a graceful way to deal with the negative energy in you. If you have wronged someone, accept it and ask for their apology. Try Mediation and see the positive way out of every situation. 

Biblical Meaning of Murder in Dreams

According to the Bible, dreams about murdering someone are the representation of satanic powers motivating you to do a sin for which you will regret for the rest of your life. If possible, you can recount some cases in your real life where you are knowingly engaging in activities that are condemned by God. These activities can put you in real trouble in the near future.

Murder represents death. Hence, be very cautious after you see this dream. This dream is a sign that the people around you can face death anytime soon. There are high chances that these people will die in your presence. The best way to deal with this situation is to stop yourself from cultivating any evil imagination about anyone and pray to God.

Questions to Ask Yourself to interpret Murder Dreams Correctly

As discussed, there are many interpretations of a murder dream. To interpret your murder dream correctly, ask yourself the following questions –

  1. What was the purpose behind murdering someone in your dream?
  2. What was the purpose of the murderer behind murdering you in the dream?
  3. Did you try to save yourself from the murderer or you didn’t try saving yourself at all?
  4. Did the person you were trying to kill tried to save themself?
  5. What were you feeling after waking up from the murder dream? Were you sweating and nervous? Were you angry and horrified? Were you peaceful and calm? Were you feeling nothing at all?
  6. Were you feeling guilty for killing the person in the dream or were you happy for what you did?
  7. Who was the person whom you killed? Was this a family member, friend, partner, colleague, or stranger?
  8. What was that backdrop of the dream?
  9. In which place the murder was committed? Was the place familiar to you?

By answering honestly to these questions, you will be able to find the correct meaning of the murder dream.

…and whether it is negative or positive.

Remember, dreams don’t define your course of life. Have faith in yourself and be cautious if it has some negative interpretations attached to it.

Rest everything will fall in place.

If you get dreams about dead body then check its meaning here.