The desert dream meaning is a curious scene to interpret. Desert in real life is arid and is a difficult place to be. Therefore, whoever sees this dream may find it intriguing to know its meaning and may correlate it with its real-life characteristics. 

However, there’s more to this dream. So, read on to know the symbolic meaning along with its several interpretations. 

Desert Dream Meaning - Intriguing Plots and Their Interpretations
Desert Dream Meaning – Intriguing Plots and Their Interpretations

Desert Dream Meaning – Symbolic Interpretations

The desert dream meaning denotes loneliness and lack of purpose in your life. Despite these sentiments, you have the strength of character to make things favorable.

The dream of a desert is a positive one. It gives you the ability to develop courage, face tough situations and change them around in your favor.

Let us now discuss the following symbolic meanings –

  • Dreaming of a desert denotes that you love keeping your distance from others. Socializing with people is not something you like. 
  • You can come across a desert in your subconscious mind when you feel that things will not turn out the way you want in life. There is also apprehension in your mind that something will go wrong soon.
  • It is turning out to be difficult for you to gain a firm footing in your present state of life. You feel as if you have got stuck in a situation, and have not been able to make any move.
  • There is a phase of changes and transformation in your life. They would be quite turbulent. There are instances when you will not have anyone to fall back on for getting support during tough times.
  • If you are taking some calculated risks in your life, you are more than likely to dream of a desert. It denotes that, to achieve something substantial in your lifetime, you cannot always play safe.

Desert Dream – Sequences and Interpretations

Desert dreams are common for all those individuals who have gone through periods of tough trials and temptations. Interpretations vary as per the concept

Dream about a Beautiful Desert

The plot provides you with the necessary encouragement to use your potential and skills to change things around. It is an indication that no matter how precarious a situation becomes, you can always make it good. 

You have the resilience, courage to focus on what’s best for you and act accordingly to achieve appropriate results. 

Small Desert

This sequence represents that you are worried about something in your life and it is causing you a lot of distress. 

Understand the fact that it is not easy to keep everything under your control. Hence, it tells you to keep doing your job and not lose sleep thinking of the future.

Otherwise, it would unnecessarily make you shift your focus from the responsibilities at hand and soon become a burden. 

Dark Desert

The scenario refers to loss that can arise out of riots, occurring either from political or social problems. It also warns you to avoid getting into situations, which might make your life even more complicated and not let you stay at peace. 

Getting Lost in the Desert

This plot represents feelings related to a problem. You are trying your best to get rid of the same, as no other person is offering any kind of help.

It tells you to explore different options that considerably increase your chance of finding the appropriate solution and get relief.

Living in the Desert

It signifies that you are facing troubles in your waking life. There is a lack of enjoyment in your present phase and hence, looking forward to the days ahead with anticipation. 

The scenario tells you to keep your spirits high and always hope things will unfold as per your expectations. This will help to keep things going in life.

Various Activities Inside a Desert

The activities you are a part of can make you feel either happy or scared.

Following are their interpretations –

Crossing an Empty Desert

This plot refers to an upcoming phase of hardship and deprivation. It reflects that you must look within and find out the bigger picture.

Refrain from spending time on minute details, which would ultimately not lead to favorable results in the future. 

Thus, it tells you to look at the bigger picture and focus all your time and effort toward attaining the same. You must not settle for less than what you deserve. 

Trying to Survive in a Desert

The sequence suggests that you are facing serious problems in your real life. Probably, you feel lonely and feel as if no one loves you. You are not enjoying the company of people around you.

It is making you wait eagerly for the time that can enable you to move forward in your life. Your patience is getting tested.

A Man Walking Through the Desert

It reflects the person’s exact feelings about the current job. Hence, he is considering leaving it and looking for a better opportunity somewhere else. 

His main intention is to seek professional growth, invest time into learning new stuff and hence upgrade his skills.

A Teenager Inside the Desert

It showcases that in real life, he or she is trying their heart out to study for upcoming exams, but still they would not pass. In this scenario, the desert depicts the bleak academic future of the student. 

A Woman Walking in the Desert

This scenario denotes that she believes her boyfriend does not love her in the waking life. It makes her feel as if she is simply wasting her precious time. 

Hence, she is not willing to continue with the relationship, but concentrate on improving her own personality.

Different Objects Inside a Desert

It will be interesting to check out the types of objects that can come up and the messages they convey.

Desert Storm

It predicts that you will face remarkable changes along with some ups and downs in your relationship – probably a separation from your partner. It can happen due to a lack of love, respect, and understanding between the two individuals.

River Inside the Desert

It inspires you to look for changes even when the conditions are not ideal. This sequence tells you not to press the panic button when the going gets tough. 

Desert Quicksand

The sequence states that you would go through a phase of volatility, despite staying in isolation. Besides, you always feel as if you are sinking with each step you take. Therefore, discussing your concerns with a professional can come to great help. 

Tree Inside the Desert

You will manage to find a proper solution to your problems, even if your friend is not by your side. In life, it is a harsh reality that you will not always find your close ones beside you during your time of need. 

Therefore, this sequence tells you to develop skills along with the inner strength for handling tricky situations and come out of them in style. 

Scorpions in the Desert

The plot denotes that you are going through a period of grief and disappointment. You are having this feeling because someone close to your heart has betrayed you.

Desert Mountain

You will face hard times in your professional life. Your mental and emotional strength will be put to a severe test. It would be nothing but a part of the growth process and you will reap its rewards in the future. 

Therefore, this scenario tells you to focus on undertaking your responsibilities with precision. The rest will take care of themselves.

Sand in the Desert

The sequence says that you are putting hard work to get an entry into a new business. It has come over here to offer much-needed encouragement and hope.

Even if you make less effort, it is always better than sitting back and waiting for things to happen. 

Oasis in the Desert

This scenario denotes relief from the long period of sadness that you had to go through in life. It also signifies there is a way out of all your problems. 

Different Colors of Desert

When colors get combined with the desert in your dream, they might refer to your feelings, sentiments, emotions, or could also come up as warnings or guidance for real life.

Let us go through these unique sequences to find out their exact interpretations –

  • White Desert

The sequence projects towards a point of spiritual purification and getting clarity over your thoughts and emotions. The scenario tells you to meditate. It would help you isolate all sorts of thoughts that are going inside your mind.

  • Red Desert

This scenario foretells you will encounter a situation, which would require you to make a tough choice. Be courageous enough to make mistakes and learn from them. It will help develop confidence to face and overcome tougher challenges. 

Psychological Interpretation of Desert in a Dream

When we take a look at this dream from the psychological point of view, it symbolizes that something is there in your life, which is meaningless and unenjoyable. 

Negative energies are filling your life. It also depicts the reality that not every individual has the same level of confidence to face and overcome obstacles in life. If you have it, treat it as a treasure and preserve the same.


Desert in your dream refers to the problems you are set to face in life. It is telling you to remain cautious and take necessary steps for countering them.

This also comes as a reminder about the gossip or slander that keeps happening at your back and the importance of not paying attention to them.