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Colors In Dream: 48 Plots And Their Meanings

Colors In Dream: 48 Plots And Their Meanings

Updated on Mar 01, 2023 | Published on Dec 24, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Colors In Dream - 48 Different Plots And Their Meanings

Just as nothing is colorless in reality, the same happens in the world of dreams too. But we, the dreamers, often pay no attention to the colors in dreams, intentionally or otherwise?

But do you know that the colors are as important as the events themselves? 

In this article, we will explore the meanings of different colors in dream scenarios. By the end of the web post, we bet you will look at the correlation between colors and dreams interpretations from a completely new light. 

Colors In Dream - 48 Different Plots And Their Meanings
Colors In Dream – 48 Different Plots And Their Meanings

What Does Dreaming In Color Mean?

Just as it happens in reality, even in the dream world too, colors play a vital role as they stimulate emotions. However, most of the time, we perceive dreams, events, and objects to be colorless, when in truth, they are essential to provide accurate meanings to dream plots.

According to Robert Hoss, people often dream in colors. But since we fail to recall the exact colors most of the time, we pay no importance to them. 

However, just as different colors stimulate different emotions in reality, the same happens in the dream world too.

Not only do they indicate the emotional states of the dreamer but they also reflect the personality traits and behaviors the dreamer is or is not aware of. 

Hoss further added that only 25% of dreamers recall colors present in their dreams because people remember only the emotionally stimulating parts and tend to forget the rest.

Before we explore the meanings of each color, it is important to note that colors in dreams can have various different meanings and no two colors will carry the same message for two different people, though they can also be.

Dream In Color Meaning: Different Colors

1. The color beige in dreams

Beige is a subtle color because of which it symbolizes neutrality. It is possible to dream of the color if you have taken an unbiased stand in a matter. 

When are you likely to dream of beige:

If you are caught in the middle of a conflict between two parties and have decided to stay neutral, you may dream of the color. 

2. The color black in dreams

In reality, the color black is associated with death and mourning. 

Similarly, even in the dream world black stands for the unconscious and the negativity such as loneliness, emptiness, depression, misfortunes, mourning, hatred, fear, anger, darkness, the unknown, and the mysterious. 

If the color is present predominantly in a dream your subconscious may be advising you to probe deep into your unconscious to have a better understanding of yourself and what you desire. 

Positively, black color in a dream scenario denotes your ability to do great things in life. 

Nonetheless, let’s not forget the fact that the color black is often perceived as sophistication and elegance in the fashion industry.

From that point of view, dreaming about wearing black colored clothes denote that you are prepared to take your life goals more seriously. 

Shiny and luxurious black in a dream scenario may be a message from your higher self asking you to think of what your soul genuinely wants, shed off the unwanted, and make room for the new. 

Dreaming about moving into the darkness from a bright area means you are undergoing changes in your waking life. Such a scenario may also surface if someone or something makes you feel threatened. 

When are you likely to dream of black:

Black appears often if you are going through hard times and misfortune – can even be the passing away of someone. The color may also pop up if someone is making things difficult for you. 

3. Color black and white in dreams

To dream of black and white colors may denote a lack of balance between fun and work. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Chances are, you have been a Jack for most parts of your life and now you may be on the verge of falling apart. 

If that describes your situation, the scenario advises you to take breaks as and when needed. Otherwise, you will most probably drive yourself into depression. 

On the other hand, black and white in a dream show you need to think more objectively. Learn to strike a perfect balance between the good and the bad, the pros and the cons, not just one or the other. 

Since black and white have their own meanings and yet have influences on other colors as well, they are considered to be extremely important.

While white symbolizes purity, hope, faith, confidence, and enlightenment, black stands for adulteration, hopelessness, depression, anger, and fear. 

When are you likely to dream of black and white:

More often than not, dreaming of black and white denotes your life lacks balance and harmony. 

4. The color blue in dreams

“We all have one idea of what the color blue is, but pressed to describe it specifically, there are so many ways: the ocean, lapis lazuli, the sky, someone’s eyes. Our definitions are as different as we are ourselves.”

Sarah Dessen

You are likely to dream of the color blue if you know what you are presently doing and are optimistic about the future. Then again, the color also symbolizes wisdom, truth, devotion, and loyalty. 

Stay true to your path and watch yourself soar heights. On the flip side, dreaming of the color may mean you need to seek wisdom and knowledge in a specific area of life. 

The limitless sky is blue in color, so is the boundless ocean. From that perspective, dreaming of the color blue may mean your potential will take you to heights that know no limits. 

Also, dreaming of the color blue means you are going through a period of self-introspection and self-realization. 

Negatively, the scenario may be indicating a period of dissatisfaction as you may soon “feel the blues”. Perhaps you went through a loss recently. 

When are you likely to dream of blue:

Because of its association with tranquility and peace, you may dream predominantly of the color blue if you are at peace with yourself and with your surroundings. 

On the flip side, heartaches, loss, and sadness can also trigger the appearance of the color. 

5. The color brown in dreams

Brown stands for groundedness. Have you been ignoring your parents and family for whatever reason? Has your work kept them away from you for too long?

If yes, let this scenario serve you as a reminder not to forget your roots and where you come from.

On the other hand, if brown appears predominantly in your dream, it may be a reflection of your materialistic sides that embrace comfort and domestic bliss.

The color is usually represented as you seeking comfort through food, sleep, and so on. 

Brown in dreams also stands for trustworthiness and friendliness. Negatively, it symbolizes hopelessness and a lack of adventure. 

Brown also symbolizes practicality. 

While wooden brown denotes concern for your family or even a search for your true self, dirty brown indicates illness and disease.

When are you likely to dream of brown:

Through the dream, your subconscious may be highlighting your realistic and good nature. Negatively, the color may stand for your obsession with worldly riches and comforts. 

6. The color burgundy in dreams

Usually, the color burgundy in the dream world is a symbol of success, profits, wealth, fortune, prosperity, and power. 

When are you likely to dream of burgundy:

Burgundy may appear predominantly in your dream scenario if most areas of your life are going smoothly. 

7. The color cream in dreams

In the dream world, cream color denotes recognition and acceptance. 

When are you likely to dream of cream color:

More often than not, people dream about the color cream if they have made peace and come to terms with something in their waking life. 

Perhaps you have finally accepted the fact that there’s nothing you can do to stop your parents from getting a divorce.

8. The color fawn in dreams

When you dream of fawn color, it is a reflection of your benevolent, empathetic and generous heart. 

When are you likely to dream of fawn:

The color usually appears in the dream scenario of people who are too generous for their own good. 

9. The color fuchsia in dreams

Fuchsia in dreams denotes a transformation in the waking world. Likely, you are letting go of your old reckless self and transitioning into a better human. 

Dreaming of the color fuchsia may also happen when you feel emotionally stable in reality. 

When are you likely to dream of fuchsia:

The appearance of the color in your dream indicates you are either well-settled in life or are trying to stabilize it by improving various aspects of yourself. 

10. The color gold in dreams

The golden color in dreams symbolizes richness, rewards, and luxury. 

In some cases, the golden color in dreams stands for spiritual healing. 

When are you likely to dream of gold:

Dreaming of the golden color can be a sign that you’ll soon be rewarded for something you have worked on. 

11. The color gray in dreams

The presence of the color in your dream shows that you are quite detached from some areas of your life. 

Perhaps you are not giving enough attention to things that you should be focusing on.

Nevertheless, the color may also appear if you deliberately strayed off from that path because of your disinterestedness.

If you think about it, gray is a mixture of white and black. From that perspective, the color may stand for confusion, dilemma, uncertainty, neither this nor that. 

Also, the color symbolizes fear, depression, and health issues.

When are you likely to dream of gray:

You’ll most likely dream of the color if you feel or have isolated yourself physically and emotionally from your surroundings.

Given the neutrality of the color, it may also mean you have gotten involved in a matter though you are not emotionally attached to it. 

You may also see the color in your dream scenario if you feel depressed about a particular situation. 

12. The color green in dreams

Green, in reality as well as in the dream world, symbolizes harmony with nature, peace, serenity, and tranquility. 

It also denotes positive change, spiritual growth, good health, youthfulness, fertility, hope, healing, vigor, and vitality. 

The color may also signify new beginnings and renewal. It also denotes a need to establish yourself and to stabilize your career and life. 

Negatively, green indicates a lack of experience and jealousy.  

Dark green in dreams indicates money, wealth, and prosperity.

When are you likely to dream of green:

The appearance of the color in your dream may be your subconscious’s way of encouraging you to proceed with what you have been working on. (Remember the traffic lights)

Last but not least, green in dreams may mean you are environmentally conscious. 

13. The color hot pink in dreams

Hot pink in the dream world is closely associated with lust, desire, and longings. 

When are you likely to dream of hot pink:

If you see this particular color in your dream, there is a possibility that you wish to get into an intimate relationship with someone.

On the other hand, the appearance of the color may also mean you are indulging in lecherous activities. 

14. The color indigo in dreams

Though indigo signifies spirituality and divine protection, it may also symbolize deceit. As usual, have clarity about your real-life circumstances before you proceed to decode any dream scenario. 

When are you likely to dream of indigo:

Indigo is likely to surface in your sleep state if you are about to fall victim to a scam or a lie. However, it may also mean you are the one trying to deceive someone and not the other way around. 

15. The color ivory in dreams

In the world of dreams, the color ivory stands for tainted purity. 

From another perspective, it signifies your superiority over others in the waking world. 

When are you likely to dream of ivory:

The color may appear anytime in your sleep state if someone or something in your life is not as pure and perfect as you think and believe.

Maybe your partner is not as loyal to you as you think he or she is or perhaps your job is not as decent as you perceived it to be. 

16. The color lilac in dreams

In general, lilac color signifies duties and responsibilities. 

When are you likely to dream of lilac:

If you dream primarily of the lilac color, it may mean you are running away from responsibilities in the waking world.

However, it may also denote how you have taken up a certain task or responsibility upon yourself. 

17. The color magenta in dreams

Magenta in a dream scenario represents kindness and compassion. 

When are you likely to dream of magenta:

According to experts, magenta in the dream world indicates you are undergoing a process of realization.

Perhaps you came to know recently how unthoughtful, selfish and self-centered you have been. Consequently, you might be working on a change of heart. 

18. The color maroon in dreams

Maroon is symbolic of courage, strength, and brevity.  

When are you likely to dream of maroon:

There is a possibility of you facing hard times if you dream of a maroon.

However, the good thing about the dream is, you have not let your courage and strength get faltered by the hard times and are not likely to do so. 

19. The color mauve in dreams

To see the color mauve in your dream indicates that you need to clear your mind of negative thoughts and think more positively.

On the other hand, mauve also symbolizes endurance in the dream world. 

When are you likely to dream of mauve:

The color mauve usually tends to surface in the sleep state of a pessimist. Could it be that your higher self is advising you to try looking at things from the brighter side? 

20. The color navy blue in dreams

Navy blue in dreams represents compliance and a lack of individuality

When are you likely to dream of navy blue:

Do you often give in to people’s wishes despite secretly disapproving them? Chances are you do! 

If that is how you have been living your life, your subconscious wants you to get back to your senses. You need to stop living for other people. Your opinions and wishes matter as much as theirs’.

Also, your subconscious encourages you not to comply with others’ wishes if your heart’s against them. 

21. The color olive green in dreams

In the dream world, the olive green color symbolizes wisdom.  

When are you likely to dream of olive green:

Seeing the color in your dream may mean you need to make wise decisions to have peace in your life. 

22. The color orange in dreams

Orange is associated with both positive and negative but mostly with the former. It symbolizes courtesy, generosity, sociability, liveliness, hope, desire, and yearning for more.

Orange also represents growth, nourishment, and creativity. 

When are you likely to dream of orange:

The appearance of orange in your dream indicates you feel vibrant and are full of life in the waking world. 

The color may also mean you want to go beyond your comfort zone in pursuit of more knowledge, freedom, etc.

Perhaps you feel a strong desire to achieve more than what you have accomplished already. 

On the other hand, you may see the color in your sleep if your life is well balanced. 

23. The color peach in dreams

Peach in a dream scenario can be a symbol of your generous, empathetic, and caring nature. 

When are you likely to dream of peach:

Considering the term ‘peachy’, seeing peach color in a dream could mean your life and situations are proceeding wonderfully. 

24. The color pink in dreams

The color pink comes close but is not as vibrant as red. Therefore, it represents sharing, caring, generosity, affection, protection, joy, happiness, a desire for unconditional love and romance. 

Alternatively, it stands for immaturity, especially with regards to love and relationship. 

Having said that, you also need to consider your feelings towards the color pink in the real world. 

Do you hate it or is it your favorite color? If you dream of it when you utterly detest it, it may stand for an existing issue between you and someone. 

When are you likely to dream of pink:

The color may appear anytime in your dream if you are in love. Here, you need to know that the color does not in any way represent selfish and obsessive love but genuine affection for someone. 

Also, if someone’s love is helping you heal from a trauma or heartache, the color may surface in your dream scenario.

25. The color purple in dreams

Purple symbolizes love, kindness, compassion, and devotion. 

It is also closely associated with aristocracy, royalty, and dignity. 

When are you likely to dream of purple:

To dream predominantly of purple may mean you are receiving the love and care of generous people in your waking life.

However, if you yourself are a philanthropist and empathetic of others, your scenario may be encouraging you to continue on that path. 

26. The color red in dreams

When the color red appears in your dream, it may carry several different meanings depending on your state in real life.

Even, in reality, red is often associated with passion. However, let’s not forget the fact that red is also a sign of danger. 

Be it in reality or in the dream state, it is a controversial color and should not be taken lightly. 

In both the dream and waking worlds, red symbolizes energy, vigor, power, courage, love, and passion.

Alternatively, it stands for aggression, anger, danger, violence, bloodshed, shame, lust, sexual desires, etc.

Having said that, most interpretations associate dark red with negativity such as anger and blood while pure red signifies passion. 

Also, you need to ensure how your culture perceives the color red. For instance, various nations believe it brings good luck.

Therefore, in places like India, brides wear red wedding gowns to make sure they have a blessed life. 

On the other hand, several cultures believe it to be a disgrace to wed in a red gown. 

When are you likely to dream of red:

Because red also symbolizes transformation, dreaming of the color can be an indication that you are undergoing a major transformation in your life. 

However, as we mentioned above, it would be wise to be open to various interpretations.

While the color can be a sign of your lustful feelings towards someone in your waking life, it may also be warning you against an unfortunate event. 

To have a clear understanding of the dream, consider your circumstances, your state of mind around the time you have this dream, and also your personal association with the color. 

Also, make sure to recall what exactly you dream or – did you see a red car, a red dress, a red flag or did you see the red signal in the traffic lights? 

Your dream meaning will entirely depend on your answer. 

27. The color scarlet in dreams

Scarlet is a symbol of lust in the dream world. 

When are you likely to dream of scarlet:

Needless to say, the color may show up in your dream if you harbor immoral thoughts for someone. 

28. The color silver in dreams

Silver symbolizes justice and purity. The color also denotes intuition. 

When are you likely to dream of silver:

The appearance of the color may be highlighting your uprightness and how you are striving to be fair and do justice to everyone around you. 

29. The color teal in dreams

Teal in the dream world stands for trustworthiness. It may also be a symbol of spiritual guidance. 

When are you likely to dream of teal:

Are you in a dilemma whether to or not to trust the person you recently met and strike up a friendship with?

If the universe is in your favor, that particular person may be the one who can guide you through life. 

30. The color turquoise in dreams

Turquoise color signifies healing power, natural energy, and karma.  

The color also represents male power, fire, and the sun. 

When are you likely to dream of turquoise:

Before you decode the scenario or even try to, you need to know what and how you feel about this particular color.

If you find it detestable, there’s a possibility that you are repressing your genuine emotions and feelings. 

Probably you have put up a shield to keep your emotions concealed while showing something that is nothing near to the real you. 

31. The color violet in dreams

Violet stands for gentleness, peacefulness, religiousness, spirituality, and purification. 

It may also denote a strange union with someone or something in the real world. 

When are you likely to dream of violet color:

The appearance of violet in your dream could be your subconscious mind highlighting your intuition. 

32. The color white in dreams

White is a symbol of peace, purity, innocence, perfection, and dignity. Sometimes, it is also associated with fresh new beginnings. 

Alternatively, white may indicate a clean slate or concealing something by covering it up. 

Since various cultures associate the color white with death and mourning, dreaming of the color may also mean loneliness, sadness, and depression. 

When are you likely to dream of white:

Most likely, white surfaced in your dream if you recently experienced some sort of awakening in the real world.

On another note, it may also mean you have had a change, change of heart, change of mindset, etc., because of which you no longer see something as you did earlier. 

Negatively, the scenario maybe your subconscious nagging at your conscience about a secret or something you have kept concealed from others. 

33. The color yellow in dreams

Dreaming of the color yellow may mean either positive or negative depending on the dream details as well as your real-life circumstances. 

On a positive note, yellow is symbolic of positive energy, intellect, wisdom, sound health, creativity, hope, happiness, and harmony. Yellow also denotes that you seek a solution to a certain matter or a problem. 

Negatively, it may be associated with betrayal, deceit, cowardice, indecisiveness, sickness, and even disgrace.

Perhaps you are unable to make decisions on your own. It may also mean you refrain from doing something for fear of messing it up. 

If the yellow in your dream appears to be darker than usual, it represents clouded thinking and irrationality.

When are you likely to dream of yellow:

Perhaps you are unable to make decisions on your own. 

Positively, dreaming of yellow may mean you have a bright and lively disposition. 

34. Bright yellow in dreams

According to the dream book of Sheremenskaya, bright yellow is associated with financial success, wealth, and power. 

That is to say, if you have always dreamed about taking up a leadership position, now might be the right time to take up the necessary steps. 

35. Dreaming of noble or golden yellow

If you are wondering what type of yellow is considered noble or golden, you can refer to the wrap-around Buddhist monk’s wear. 

Based on their beliefs, such a color in the dream world denotes the dreamer will live in harmony.  

36. Seeing poisonous yellow shades in dreams

Dreaming of flashy, bright, and poisonous yellow is associated with negative emotions and qualities such as jealousy and anger. 

37. Dreaming about wearing shimmery yellow clothes

If you dream about wearing shimmery yellow dresses, the scenario is, unquestionably a harbinger of misfortune or failure. 

38. Dreaming of a yellow flower

Seeing yellow flowers in dreams is a negative sign. Chances are, a close one will be disloyal to you and the situation may compel you to part ways from him or her. 

39. Seeing yellow leaves in dreams

Yellow or golden leaves in a dream may signify either positive or negative meaning depending upon your real-life circumstances and the dream details. 

They are often interpreted as a symbol of hopelessness. 

Yellow leaves in a dream may also mean you will muster courage and determination to restart a failed or pending task from the very beginning. 

40. Seeing someone with a yellowish face in a dream

If you dream about seeing a person with a slightly yellowish face, the first thing you need to recall is the identity of that individual.

Was he or she one of your colleagues or acquaintances? If so, your subconscious clearly warns you not to trust that person. 

On the other hand, if the person that appeared in your dream is one of your family members or relatives, the scenario foretells he or she will likely get a disease. 

However, other people in dream scenarios may also be a representation of our own selves.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, you must take precautions and take better care of your health so you do not fall sick.

41. A dream about wearing light blue clothes

To dream about yourself wearing light blue outfits is a projection of your creativity. 

42. Recurring dreams of blue

Recurring dreams of blue is closely related to a longing for some sort of transformation – it may be related to the personal or professional sphere. 

Another reason why blue appears more often than usual in your dream is that you need to give yourself a break. 

43. Dreaming of hair colors

Dreaming about hair dyes of rich colors portends a piece of extremely good news is on the way. 

44. Bright colors in dreams

In a nutshell, seeing bright colors in a dream denotes your foreseeable future would be as bright as what appeared in your dream.

Perhaps your career, job, or venture will work out in your favor thereby earning you the recognition you deserve.

45. Bright colors on dull background in a dream

Seeing a patch of bright color or a bright object on a rather dull backdrop stands for failing to keep promises. 

For instance, let’s say you promise the moon and stars to your child but are unable to provide even the bare necessity, you may dream of the above spectacle. 

The bright object or the patch symbolizes your promises and the dull background represents your present circumstance, which is the reality. 

46. Dreaming about gloomy colors

Contrary to the above, dull, gloomy colors may foretell failure, inaction, and hopelessness. 

47. Dreaming about bright-colored objects

Seeing bright-colored objects or even landscapes in a dream is a positive sign. They are a harbinger of achievements, wish-fulfillment, and long-term success. 

48. Dreaming of different colors simultaneously or multicolor dreams 

Often, it is a reflection of your creative mindset and imaginative thinking. 

The Difference In Meaning Between Vivid And Dull Colors

According to interpreters, you must also pay attention to how the colors appear in your dream.

While clear, vivid colors are associated with positivity, those present in a weak or vague manner denote negativity.

Dreaming In Color: Different Dreamers

A young woman seeing blue in her dream

If a young woman sees blue in her dream, she will most likely be in pain on account of a man.

Nevertheless, note that the interpretations may alter depending on the object that appeared in the dream. 

Meaning Of Colors In Dreams Biblical/ Spiritual Meaning Of Colors In Dreams

According to Christians and Jews, dreams are a medium through which God reaches out and conveys messages to dreamers.

1. Black

Black symbolizes sinfulness, darkness, and death. 

2. Blue

The sky, which is believed to be close to heaven, is blue in color. Therefore, blue is considered a symbol of spirituality, the healing power of God. 

According to Christianity, the Theotokos (Virgin Mary) is closely related to blue and white, which symbolizes spirituality and purity.

Ultimately, the appearance of blue in dream scenarios indicates your thoughts are focused on spiritual concerns. 

Negatively, blue indicates depression, sorrow, or anxiety.

3. Brown

From the Biblical perspective, dreaming of the color brown shows how humble and compassionate you are. 

4. Golden

The Bible relates golden or amber color with purity, holiness, and glory. On the contrary, it may also be a symbol of corruption and profanity.

5. Green

In Eastern Orthodox Christian iconography, green symbolizes Christ’s Nativity. It is also related to Pentecost, which is when the apostles first encountered the Holy Spirit.

Green represents growth, progress, and prosperity. Negatively, it denotes negative emotions like envy and pride.

6. Orange

From the biblical perspective, orange in a dream is a sign that you need to persevere. 

7. Pink

Pink represents God’s love. It is an amalgamation of red, which is Jesus’ blood, and white, which symbolizes purity. 

8. Purple

Purple, in the Bible, signifies royalty and authority. 

9. Red

According to the Bible, red is a symbol of wisdom. However, it may also mean anger, war, and bloodshed. 

In Christianity, red symbolizes the blood of Jesus.

10. White

White stands for righteousness according to the Bible. 

11. Yellow

The Bible associates the color yellow with fear and cowardice. 

“That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perishes, though it is tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearance of Jesus Christ.” 

~ 1 Peter 1:7

Also, yellow is associated with fire or the purification process.

Prophetic Meanings Of Colors

1. The prophetic meaning of blue

You are an upright person if you see blue in your dream. However, you will come across several toxic people who will try to ruin your image and confidence. 

Whenever you get caught in such a situation, you need to remind yourself to remain true to your principles, your people, and society.

Because according to the universe, none will succeed in tarnishing your name and your clean image. 

Even if they do momentarily, the truth will always come out in due time and everything will work in your favor. 

2. The prophetic meaning of light blue

Chances are, you will receive knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment if you see a light blue shade in your dream.

However, the dream interpretation doesn’t end here. Thanks to the newly acquired wisdom, you would challenge your potential to successfully accomplish the things you never even dreamed of doing, let alone succeeding. 

There’s a possibility that even you would be swept off your feet by your newly found capabilities. 

3. The prophetic meaning of dark/ navy blue

Dark shades of blue or navy blue symbolize wisdom, enlightenment, and hence immense power over your rivals. 

4. The prophetic meaning of brown

The appearance of the color may mean you need to get realistic. Perhaps you have been too carried away by your materialistic or worldly comforts and longings. 

If the situation resonates, the scenario indicates you need to snap back to the real world and start looking at everything from a realistic point of view. 

5. The prophetic meaning of gold

The golden color in dreams symbolizes compassion, generosity, empathy, patience, and so on. 

Dreaming of the color may be your subconscious advising you to be more patient, forgiving, and generous with yourself as well as with others. 

6. The prophetic meaning of green

Green stands for forgiveness, peace, harmony, and consequently, spiritual growth. 

Most likely, the appearance of the color shows that you still have vengeful feelings against someone in the waking world.

Of course, for you to harbor such negative emotions, you must have been deeply hurt. 

However, the universe wants to know what you will benefit from by hating that person, thing, event, or whatever that causes you pain. 

Rather, you must learn to forgive and forget about the whole thing. Only then, you will be able to find peace. 

7. The prophetic meaning of orange

Orange in dreams stands for uprightness, forgiveness, and mercy.

It is also associated with having high principles and striving to do the right, ethical and lawful things even though those actions may bring you down in some way. 

For example, if you find a bundle of cash on a street, you may choose to hand it over to the police and the rightful owners despite knowing the fact that the money will help you lead a much better life. 

If you believe you are one such person, great!!! 

On the flip side, if you are not, the scenario may be advising you to change your mindset, beliefs, and principles. 

8. The prophetic meaning of pink

Pink symbolizes a rebirth, awakening through changes. If you dream of pink, there is a possibility that you will undergo some major transformation in your life.

Ultimately, those will be instrumental in guiding you towards the right life path and purposes.

9. The prophetic meaning of purple

The color is a harbinger of fortunate events. Maybe you will have a chance encounter with a person who will play a crucial role in your life. Perhaps you will meet your soulmate around this time. 

Purple stands for love, unity, and the positive influence it has on your life.

10. The prophetic meaning of red

If you dream of the color red, you would soon be able to move on from past heartaches and pain.

The hatred that was once inside you for whoever hurt you will die down and you will finally find peace once again. 

11. The prophetic meaning of silver

Silver symbolizes self-confidence, self-appreciation, and perfection. 

12. The prophetic meaning of white

White in dreams is closely connected to purity, innocence, righteousness, holiness. 

13. The prophetic meaning of yellow

Yellow, the color of the blazing sun is symbolic of kindness, warmth, and compassion in the dream world. 

Nonetheless, you need to remember that too much sunlight can also scorch you. That is to say, you must be a good human with a generous heart but you need to stay within your limits.

You should never allow anyone to take unfair advantage of your kindness and benevolent nature. 

Sigmund Freud on Color Dreams

According to Freud, color dreams are directly related to your moods in the real world. 

What Can You Infer From Your Color Dream?

Colors are extremely personal and subjective. Just as your favorite color differs from that of your sister, brother, or your best friend, the meaning a particular color carries in the dream world would also be different. 

The first thing you must do when you see a particular color in your dream is to ask yourself what that color reminds you of. 

Say, you saw lavender color in your dream. Then, ask yourself what it means to you.

Does it remind you of a person, a flower, a shirt you had once back in your childhood, or a scented candle you didn’t get during your last visit to the convenience store? 

Now, does that mean the color lavender stands for a candle or a shirt or even a flower?


The same color in the dreams of your sister may remind her of the sweet smell of lavender, satisfaction, contentment, etc. 

Therefore, you need to be very clear about what that color means to you in your waking life. Only then will you be able to take your dream interpretation forward. 

Things You Need To Remember If You Dream About Color

Colors are an important aspect that must be considered while decoding a dream.

As you are probably aware by now, two similar dream themes with different primary colors present in them certainly do not mean the same. 

For example, let’s say you dream about buying yourself a shirt. However, buying a white shirt and a red shirt will not carry the same meaning. 

While a white shirt probably stands for righteousness and new beginnings, a redshirt may stand for desire and lecherous feelings towards someone. 

If you see color in a dream scenario, it carries a message which is probably more important than you think it is. 

In our day-to-day life, we come across tens of people, who wear different dresses, shoes and carry different bags. Also, we eat, drink, and come across hundreds of items in a day.

But do we remember the color of every single thing?

No, we do not. We do notice but give no importance to them. However, we sure remember the color of everything that had an impact on us. 

For instance, the beige handbag your colleague carried might have left you longing for the same. Or perhaps you long for the golden-brownish fish cake you had for lunch. 

Likewise, if you remember the appearance of a particular color in a dream vision, it indicates something important. It could be something related to your personal or professional life. 

Regardless of which, you need to know that it’s a message from the universe. Probably something more crucial for your life than you think. 

More than two colors may appear in a dream scenario

At times, you may dream of not just one but two, three, or even four colors. 

For instance, you may dream of a multi-colored flower. Remember anything is possible in the dream world. 

In that case, you need to understand the symbolism of each of the colors separately – their universal symbolism, cultural associations, personal relation, etc.

After which you should put two and two together and see where in your waking life the dream meaning fits best.

Your personal relationship or association with the color matters

Needless to say, seeing your favorite color in a dream is not the same as dreaming of your least favorite color. 

Let’s say your favorite color is light blue. Seeing it time and time again in dreams maybe because you favor that particular color.

But what might be the meaning if you have recurring dreams about grey, the color you detest. 

Perhaps someone or something you dislike is trying to take unfair advantage of you. 

Similarly, you need to analyze how you perceive that color in the real world. 

Note the universal symbol of the color

We possibly cannot ignore the universal symbolism of color, regardless of how we feel about them. 

For example, let’s say you like olive green. It’s crucial to decode your dream according to how you feel about that particular color.

Nonetheless, you cannot altogether ignore what the whole universe associates the color with. 

You have to analyze your dream from tens of perspectives if you can, and see which area of your life resonates with the interpretation. 

The context plays an important role

While trying to interpret the meaning of the color in your dream, you must not forget the overall context.

Since the two are interrelated, you must pay equal importance to them and not ignore one for the other. 

For instance, assume that you saw yellow in your dream. You need to dig more into your plot and figure out what exactly was it that appeared yellow in your dream. 

Was it a human, a house, a vehicle, a flower, etc? Without the exact answer, your interpretation may be incomplete. What’s worse than that is it may entirely go wrong!

Note your emotions

As mentioned, colors stimulate emotions – in reality, and in the dream world too. Because of this, it is of utmost importance to note your emotional state. 

We say this in every article but here, you cannot possibly go ahead with the interpretation without having clarity about your emotions. 

A Few Questions You MUST Ask Yourself If You See A Color(s)In Your Dream

Make sure you start with these questions. The answers to these will take you miles closer to your dream meaning.

  1. What is the exact color you dream of? If more than one color has appeared, make it a point to note each of them before you forget.
  2. What object did you see in the dream? 
  3. Analyze the universal dream symbolism of that particular color? 
  4. Also, make sure you have clarity about your personal associations with that color? Whether you like, detest or have no extreme emotions for that color, you have to be brutally honest. 
  5. How does your culture and beliefs perceive that particular color?
  6. How did you feel during the dream and when you woke up? 

List each of the answers and try to find the common point. And figure out which aspect of your life resonates with the meaning. 


That brings us to the end of the colors in the dream article. As mentioned above, colors play a crucial role in our lives, both in reality as well as in the dream world.

However, most of the time, we fail to notice or recall the colors present in our dreams, when in truth, they can be instrumental in interpreting dream scenarios accurately. 

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