Just as it happens in reality, even in the dream world too, colors play a vital role. But what do colors in dreams signify? 

In this article, we will explore the meanings of different colors. By the end of the post, we bet you will look at the correlation between colors and dreams interpretations from a completely new light. 

Colors In Dream - Different Plots And Their Meanings
Colors In Dream – Different Plots And Their Meanings

What Does Colors in Dream Mean?

In the dream world, colors stimulate emotions. According to Robert Hoss, people often dream in colors. But since we fail to recall the exact colors most of the time, we pay no importance to them. 

Not only do they indicate the emotional states of the dreamer but they also reflect the personality traits and behaviors the dreamer is or is not aware of. 

Hoss further added that only 25% of dreamers recall colors present in their dreams because people remember only the emotionally stimulating parts and tend to forget the rest.

Dream Interpretation of Various Colors

Color black in dreams

In reality, the color black is associated with death and mourning. 

Similarly, even in the dream world black stands for the unconscious and the negativity such as loneliness, emptiness, depression, misfortunes, mourning, hatred, fear, anger, darkness, the unknown, and the mysterious. 

If the color is present predominantly in a dream your subconscious may be advising you to probe deep into your unconscious to have a better understanding of yourself and what you desire. 

Positively, black color in a dream scenario denotes your ability to do great things in life. 

Furthermore, shiny and luxurious black in a dream scenario may be a message from your higher self asking you to think of what your soul genuinely wants, shed off the unwanted, and make room for the new. 

When are you likely to dream of black:

Black appears often if you are going through hard times and misfortune – can even be the passing away of someone.

The color may also pop up if someone is making things difficult for you. 

Black and white in dreams

These colors may denote a lack of balance between fun and work. Also, the scenario advises you to take breaks as and when needed. Otherwise, you will most probably drive yourself into depression. 

On the other hand, it shows you need to think more objectively. Learn to strike a perfect balance between the good and the bad, the pros and the cons, not just one or the other. 

While white symbolizes purity, hope, faith, confidence, and enlightenment, black stands for adulteration, hopelessness, depression, anger, and fear. 

When are you likely to dream of black and white:

More often than not, dreaming of black and white denotes your life lacks balance and harmony. 


It may carry several different meanings depending on your state in real life.

Be it in reality or in the dream state, it is a controversial color and should not be taken lightly. 

In both the dream and waking worlds, red symbolizes energy, vigor, power, courage, love, and passion. Alternatively, it stands for aggression, anger, danger, violence, bloodshed, shame, lust, sexual desires, etc.

Having said that, most interpretations associate dark red with negativity such as anger and blood while pure red signifies passion. 

When are you likely to dream of red:

Because red also symbolizes transformation, dreaming of the color can be an indication that you are undergoing a major transformation in your life. 

While the color can be a sign of your lustful feelings towards someone in your waking life, it may also be warning you against an unfortunate event. 


White is a symbol of peace, purity, innocence, perfection, and dignity. Sometimes, it is also associated with fresh new beginnings. Alternatively, it may indicate a clean slate or concealing something by covering it up. 

Since various cultures associate the color white with death and mourning, dreaming of the color may also mean loneliness, sadness, and depression. 

When are you likely to dream of white:

Most likely, white surfaced in your dream if you recently experienced some sort of awakening in the real world.

On another note, it may also mean you have had a change, change of heart, change of mindset, etc., because of which you no longer see something as you did earlier. 

Negatively, the scenario may be your subconscious nagging at your conscience about a secret or something you have kept concealed from others. 


On a positive note, yellow is symbolic of positive energy, intellect, wisdom, sound health, creativity, hope, happiness, and harmony. It also denotes that you seek a solution to a certain matter or a problem. 

Negatively, it may be associated with betrayal, deceit, cowardice, indecisiveness, sickness, and even disgrace. Perhaps you are unable to make decisions on your own. It may also mean you refrain from doing something for fear of messing it up. 

If the yellow in your dream appears to be darker than usual, it represents clouded thinking and irrationality.

When are you likely to dream of yellow:

Perhaps you are unable to make decisions on your own. Positively, dreaming of yellow may mean you have a bright and lively disposition. 


You are likely to encounter this dream if you know what you are presently doing and are optimistic about the future. Then again, the color also symbolizes wisdom, truth, devotion, and loyalty. 

On the flip side, dreaming of the color may mean you need to seek wisdom and knowledge in a specific area of life. 

Besides, it may also mean your potential will take you to heights that know no limits. Also, the color blue means you are going through a period of self-introspection and self-realization. 

Negatively, the scenario may be indicating a period of dissatisfaction as you may soon “feel the blues”. Perhaps you went through a loss recently. 

When are you likely to dream of blue:

Because of its association with tranquility and peace, you may dream predominantly of the color blue if you are at peace with yourself and with your surroundings. 

On the flip side, heartaches, loss, and sadness can also trigger the appearance of the color. 


Brown stands for groundedness. Besides, this scenario serves you as a reminder not to forget your roots and where you come from.

On the other hand, if brown appears predominantly in your dream, it may be a reflection of your materialistic sides that embrace comfort and domestic bliss.

The color is usually represented as you seeking comfort through food, sleep, and so on. Also, it stands for trustworthiness and friendliness. Negatively, it symbolizes hopelessness and a lack of adventure. Alternatively, brown also symbolizes practicality. 

While wooden brown denotes concern for your family or even a search for your true self, dirty brown indicates illness and disease.

When are you likely to dream of brown:

Through the dream, your subconscious may be highlighting your realistic and good nature. Negatively, the color may stand for your obsession with worldly riches and comforts. 


It shows that you are quite detached from some areas of your life. Perhaps you are not giving enough attention to things that you should be focusing on.

Nevertheless, the color may also appear if you deliberately strayed off from that path because of your disinterestedness.

If you think about it, gray is a mixture of white and black. From that perspective, the color may stand for confusion, dilemma, uncertainty, neither this nor that. Also, the color symbolizes fear, depression, and health issues.

When are you likely to dream of gray:

You’ll most likely dream of the color if you feel or have isolated yourself physically and emotionally from your surroundings.

Given the neutrality of the color, it may also mean you have gotten involved in a matter though you are not emotionally attached to it. 

You may also see the color in your dream scenario if you feel depressed about a particular situation. 


Green, in reality as well as in the dream world, symbolizes harmony with nature, peace, serenity, and tranquility. 

It also denotes positive change, spiritual growth, good health, youthfulness, fertility, hope, healing, vigor, and vitality. 

The color may also signify new beginnings and renewal. It also denotes a need to establish yourself and to stabilize your career and life. 

Negatively, it indicates a lack of experience and jealousy. Furthermore, dark green indicates money, wealth, and prosperity.

When are you likely to dream of green:

The appearance of the color in your dream may be your subconscious’s way of encouraging you to proceed with what you have been working on.

Last but not least, it may mean you are environmentally conscious. 


Orange is associated with both positive and negative but mostly with the former. It symbolizes courtesy, generosity, sociability, liveliness, hope, desire, and yearning for more.

It also represents growth, nourishment, and creativity. 

When are you likely to dream of orange:

It indicates you feel vibrant and are full of life in the waking world. It may also mean you want to go beyond your comfort zone in pursuit of more knowledge, freedom, etc.

On the other hand, you may see the color in your sleep if your life is well balanced. 


It represents sharing, caring, generosity, affection, protection, joy, happiness, a desire for unconditional love and romance. 

Alternatively, it stands for immaturity, especially with regards to love and relationship

Having said that, you also need to consider your feelings towards the color in the real world. 

If you dream of it when you utterly detest it, it may stand for an existing issue between you and someone. 

When are you likely to dream of pink:

The color may appear anytime in your dream if you are in love. Here, you need to know that the color does not in any way represent selfish and obsessive love but genuine affection for someone. 

Also, if someone’s love is helping you heal from a trauma or heartache, the color may surface in your dream scenario.


It symbolizes love, kindness, compassion, and devotion. It is also closely associated with aristocracy, royalty, and dignity. 

When are you likely to dream of purple:

To dream predominantly of it may mean you are receiving the love and care of generous people in your waking life.

However, if you yourself are a philanthropist and empathetic of others, your scenario may be encouraging you to continue on that path. 


It symbolizes richness, rewards, and luxury. In some cases, it stands for spiritual healing. 

When are you likely to dream of gold:

It can be a sign that you’ll soon be rewarded for something you have worked on. 


It symbolizes justice and purity. The color also denotes intuition. 

When are you likely to dream of silver:

The appearance of the color may be highlighting your uprightness and how you are striving to be fair and do justice to everyone around you. 

Navy blue

It represents compliance and a lack of individuality

When are you likely to dream of navy blue:

Your subconscious wants you to get back to your senses. You need to stop living for other people. Your opinions and wishes matter as much as theirs’.

Also, your subconscious encourages you not to comply with others’ wishes if your heart’s against them. 

Bright colors

In a nutshell, it denotes your foreseeable future would be as bright as what appeared in your dream.

Perhaps your career, job, or venture will work out in your favor thereby earning you the recognition you deserve.

Gloomy colors

Contrary to the above, dull, gloomy colors may foretell failure, inaction, and hopelessness. 

Biblical and Spiritual Meaning Of Colors 

  • Black – It symbolizes sinfulness, darkness, and death. 
  • Blue – It is a symbol of spirituality, the healing power of God. It also indicates your thoughts are focused on spiritual concerns. Negatively, blue indicates depression, sorrow, or anxiety.
  • Brown – From the Biblical perspective, it shows how humble and compassionate you are. 
  • Golden – The Bible relates golden or amber color with purity, holiness, and glory. On the contrary, it may also be a symbol of corruption and profanity.
  • Green – It represents growth, progress, and prosperity. Negatively, it denotes negative emotions like envy and pride.
  • Orange – It is a sign that you need to persevere. 
  • Pink – It represents God’s love. It is an amalgamation of red, which is Jesus’ blood, and white, which symbolizes purity. 
  • Purple – It signifies royalty and authority. 
  • Red – It is a symbol of wisdom. However, it may also mean anger, war, and bloodshed.
  • White – It stands for righteousness according to the Bible. 
  • Yellow – It indicates fear and cowardice. Also, yellow is associated with fire or the purification process.

Prophetic Meanings Of Colors

  • Blue – You are an upright person. However, you will come across several toxic people who will try to ruin your image and confidence. 
  • Light blue – Chances are, you will receive knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. Thanks to the newly acquired wisdom, you would challenge your potential to successfully accomplish the things you never even dreamed of doing, let alone succeeding. There’s a possibility that even you would be swept off your feet by your newly found capabilities. 
  • Dark/ navy blue – It symbolizes wisdom, enlightenment, and hence immense power over your rivals. 
  • Brown – The appearance of the color may mean you need to get realistic. Perhaps you have been too carried away by your materialistic or worldly comforts and longings. 
  • Gold – It symbolizes compassion, generosity, empathy, patience, and so on. Also, your subconscious advises you to be more patient, forgiving, and generous with yourself as well as with others. 
  • Green – It stands for forgiveness, peace, harmony, and consequently, spiritual growth. Furthermore, it shows that you still have vengeful feelings against someone in the waking world.
  • Orange – It stands for uprightness, forgiveness, and mercy. It is also associated with having high principles and striving to do the right, ethical and lawful things even though those actions may bring you down in some way. 
  • Pink – It symbolizes a rebirth, awakening through changes. Also, there is a possibility that you will undergo some major transformation in your life. Ultimately, those will be instrumental in guiding you towards the right life path and purposes.
  • Purple – The color is a harbinger of fortunate events. Maybe you will have a chance encounter with a person who will play a crucial role in your life. Perhaps you will meet your soulmate around this time. Also, it stands for love, unity, and the positive influence it has on your life.
  • Red – You would soon be able to move on from past heartaches and pain.
  • Silver – It symbolizes self-confidence, self-appreciation, and perfection. 
  • White – It is closely connected to purity, innocence, righteousness, holiness. 
  • Yellow – It is symbolic of kindness, warmth, and compassion in the dream world. 

Sigmund Freud on Color Dreams

According to Freud, color dreams are directly related to your moods in the real world. 


Colors play a crucial role in our lives, both in reality as well as in the dream world.

However, most of the time, we fail to notice or recall the colors present in our dreams, when in truth, they can be instrumental in interpreting dream scenarios accurately. 

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