Dreams about bricks imply a longstanding blockage in your life, or predict abundance. Alternatively, it also means that you will do some work that will end up in vain or that you’re toiling away without gaining anything.

Dream about Bricks - Various Themes & Meanings
Dream about Bricks – Various Themes & Meanings

Dream about Bricks – General Interpretations

Bricks form the backbone of any construction. Without them, no house can stand tall. Maybe your inner mind tells you something that can form the backbone of your life?

To know more, learn all about the general interpretations here.

  • You are facing obstacles
  • You are working hard without receiving any benefits
  • You will receive a fortune
  • You will work hard but ultimately fail
  • A new business or relationship is on your way!

Dreaming about Bricks – Various Types and Interpretations

Dreaming of red bricks can be a symbol of good luck and successful projects, while white bricks indicate rash acts and carelessness. If only the color of bricks can tell you so much, then imagine what other small details can tell you!

Well, you don’t have to stay in the dark anymore because this think piece will help you uncover some amazing things!

Dream about split or crushed brick

This dream is not a good sign because it symbolizes a lack of understanding between family members. Or it can also signify your tense relationship with your soulmate.

Dream about a pile of bricks

It indicates that you’re planning a large number of things that are not feasible. You plan to do impossible things, so your mind tells you to rethink your actions.

A single brick in your dreams indicates you must look for more options and make the right choice.

Dream about a brick taken out of the wall

If you dream that a brick was taken out of the wall of a familiar house, it means that the number of residents of that house will reduce significantly. It may not always indicate death; just a prolonged absence of the residents.

Making bricks yourself

This is a negative dream interpretation because it tells you that even though you might think of increasing your fortunes and wealth, you will not achieve the desired result.

If the bricks you were making are red, it means that your work will not fetch you the satisfaction you want.

Constructing a brick wall

It might mean that you will face hurdles that will delay the implementation of your plans, or that you must save some money to purchase expensive and necessary things in the future.

Counting bricks

It indicates prosperity and wealth. You’ll soon be blessed with a lot of riches, but remember to spend them wisely. You’ll be financially and mentally enriched and understand your true purpose.

Collecting bricks in a pile

It symbolizes that you wish to understand your place in other people’s lives.

If you throw away the bricks after counting, it means that you are constantly plagued with insecurities and anxiety.

Bricks falling

If you see bricks falling in your dreams, irrespective of where they fall from, it signifies a huge change in your life.

Perhaps you’ll move to another country or find a new job. It can also indicate that you will suffer from a breakup or divorce.

Finding a brick

It means something good will happen to you soon. You’ll be blessed with material abundance and wealth and won’t have to worry anymore about your financial situation.

Climbing a brick wall

Climbing a brick wall is no easy feat in real life. However, if you do this in your dreams, it means that you need power and faith to do what your heart desires.

Brick road

It suggests that you will soon become wealthy and successful. You will easily walk over all your obstacles and accumulate a good amount of money for your business projects.


It symbolizes the arrival of new times. These times will be happy and you will be in the company of people who will make you feel positive.

Gold brick

Gold is said to signify wealth and abundance in the dream realm, so naturally, dreaming of gold bricks is a good omen.

You will be blessed with a lot of riches but unfortunately, you won’t understand how to spend it properly.

A brick building falling

A building or house made of brick falling in your dreams is a surprisingly good sign. It means that you have enough faith in yourself and this gives you a lot of mental power.

Black bricks

Black is regarded as a sign of misfortune in most dream interpretations and this dream is no different. You might suffer from financial shortcomings in the next few months and encounter troubling times.

A bricklayer

It indicates that you will finally earn praise and respect for all your hard work.

Spiritual Interpretation of Dreaming about Bricks

In the spiritual realm, bricks represent strength and structure. Just like bricks need to be molded for the desired shape, you must also conform to your spiritual senses to experience the world properly.

Even something as simple as dreaming of a single brick can awaken a sense of profound spirituality within you. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Bricks can represent a list of different things in the dream realm… they can bring news of immense happiness or sorrow.

So dear reader, your dreams have the power to improve your life. It’s all up to how you react to the message and take control!