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Dream about Buttons – 38 Scenarios and Meanings

Dream about Buttons – 38 Scenarios and Meanings

Updated on Jan 16, 2023 | Published on Sep 23, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about Buttons – 38 Scenarios and Meanings

We see buttons on shirts, T-Shirts, and coats in our daily lives. Buttoning these clothing items makes us look good and appealing to others. Does a dream about buttons carry some connection with it?

The following article will specify why you see this dream and discuss interpretations of various scenarios.

Dream about Buttons – General Interpretations

The dream about buttons states that you will finish your work and get your due reward on time. You have set your sights on your future and wish to attain all your objectives.

When you dream about buttons, it means that people are imposing their opinions on you in some way or the other. You are unable to take an active part in your own life. Your power to initiate and make necessary changes no longer lies with you.

It is now time to check out the symbolic meaning of this dream. You will get an idea about various reasons that lead to its occurrence –

1. Sign of losing control over life.

2. Completion of a project in the desired manner.

3. Time has come for you to express your thoughts clearly.

4. Symbolizes shame and guilt about what people think of you.

5. It Reminds you to save money for the future as you spend a lot these days.

6. You need to fill up the wounds that have gathered around your soul.

7. It symbolizes the confidence you possess in dealing with business matters.

8. You should not waste time gossiping as that can lead to your downfall.

9. Relieve yourself from stress and look for relaxation.

10. Stay prepared to tackle the troublesome matters that are on their way.

Dreaming about Buttons – 38 Scenarios and Meanings

The dream about buttons on your clothes signifies wealth and security in life. You need not worry about finances and stay safe from all threats.

It would be interesting to check out the inferences or interpretations of different scenarios and see what they mean for your waking life –

1. Dream about Large Buttons

When you dream of large buttons, it denotes that you need to put extra effort into fulfilling the needs of projects in the future. You will need to make some concrete plans and methodically implement them.

The most important thing is to identify the expertise of your workforce. Once you have done that, assign work according to skill and experience to get desired results.

2. Dream about Small Buttons

The dream of small buttons represents that you should gain more confidence in handling business matters.

Starting from fixing the rates of raw materials to commissions of brokers and several other minute details, you should act confidently.

It is necessary to keep the business moving and ensure its uninterrupted growth. Your confidence will also play a crucial role in negating competitors’ attempts to pull you down in the market.

3. Dream about Buttons on a Cloth

If you dream of buttons on a piece of clothing, it states that you will confront some difficult people soon in your life.

You must have the presence of mind to understand the tricks they might play to put you in tricky situations.

Try and develop the skill to read people’s thought processes. It will help you from falling into their trap and facing unnecessary problems.

4. Dream about Several Types of Buttons

Dreaming about different types of buttons states that you will build your career in the medical profession and become a doctor.

Right now, you are studying subjects relevant to the job you want. Still, there is a lack of confidence in fulfilling your ambitions.

You need to believe in yourself and keep studying sincerely. Your sincerity will make you sail through the entrance exam that you must clear for entry into the medical field.

5. Dream about Several Kinds of Buttons in a Row

When you see a wide variety of buttons in one row, it indicates that you must avoid doing activities out of superstition. You must use your scientific logic to differentiate between right and wrong.

This plot even states that you dislike going to high school. Any learning environment does not attract you at all.

6. Dream about Unattractive Buttons

Seeing unattractive buttons does not augur well for your future. It signifies that you will face losses, suffer from various health problems, and undergo the phase of disappointment. Nothing will work out in your favor.

You must act cautiously and take preventive measures across different spectrums of life.

If you avoid making risky investments, prevent yourself from having unhealthy food items and keep the level of expectations under check, things will gradually get back on track.

Dream Meaning of Buttons of Various Colors

Buttons can appear in different colors in your dream sequences. Each variety has a unique connotation for waking life.

Let us discuss the details below –

7. Dream about Silver Buttons

If you come across silver buttons in your subconscious mind, it emphasizes the importance of paying more attention to all your personal and professional affairs.

The plot also suggests you focus on improving your appearance.

8. Dream about Golden Buttons

The buttons of golden color in a dream tell that you will soon sign an extremely profitable deal. It can also mean you will have a short-lived but successful married life.

9. Dream about Black Buttons

When you dream of black buttons, it refers to boredom. You are in dire need of some change and excitement to spice up your life. Otherwise, your interest level in activities will reach an all-time low.

10. Dream about Colored Buttons

You can even see buttons carrying multiple colors. It is a good sign. The scenario predicts that you will soon become part of a joyous event. 

Probably, there will be a marriage function in your family or you might enjoy the first birthday of your newborn son.

Dream Meaning of Different Actions with Buttons

There are several kinds of actions you can notice with buttons in your dreams. Most of them are part of your daily life activities.

It is time to check out what these dreams are interpreting for your real life –

11. Dream of Buttoning Your Coat

When you are buttoning your coat in a dream, it indicates that you will never become a perfectly wealthy individual. No matter how much you earn, it will never be sufficient for you.

12. Dream of Unbuttoning Your Clothes

Opening the buttons of your clothes in a dream suggests that you should open and express your thoughts more. 

You sense a bit of disconnect between the things you need for yourself, the perception others have of you, and how people can get closer to who they genuinely feel you are.

13. Dream of Unbuttoning the Shirt of Your Partner

The dream that you are unbuttoning your partner’s shirt is a sign of regret. You feel bad for having sexual relations with an unknown person. Now, you wish to forget the phase as early as possible.

14. Dream of Sewing Buttons in an Item

You can dream about sewing buttons onto a particular item. It refers to the likelihood of losing a friend over a minor disagreement. Consider it as a warning and avoid discussing debatable topics with your friend.

15. Dream of Changing a Broken Button on the Outfit of Someone Else

This scenario signifies that you have a deep level of attachment with that individual. You feel that your mindset exactly matches up with that person.

Moreover, you share similar interests and likings on food items, places of visit, hobbies, and other aspects of life.

16. Dream of a Button Falling Off While Buttoning Your Dress

Button falling off while buttoning your outfit does not augur well for your future. The plot states that your plans will not succeed.

Perhaps, you should make some changes by adding or removing certain aspects from your plans to have the maximum impact.

17. Dream of a Button Falling Off from the Outfit of an Interlocutor

Have you dreamed of a button falling off from an interlocutor’s outfit? It refers to the problems you will face in signing an agreement.

There is a chance that you are working under the terms and conditions of a contract. You will not find it easy to seek its extension.

18. Dream of Counting the Buttons

When you are counting buttons in your subconscious mind, it signifies that you will deal with a lot of money in real life.

Probably, you will become a teller or a cashier in a bank. You need to concentrate and serve the customers with utmost politeness.

19. Dream of Purchasing Buttons

The scenario of purchasing buttons states that you are focused on your personality. You do not have time to see what others are doing.

Your sole objective in life is to keep track of your plans and execute them in the best possible manner.

20. Dream of Receiving Buttons as a Gift

Have you seen yourself receiving buttons in the form of a gift? The scenario seems a little strange. It denotes that you will land up in an awkward position, which would force you to blush.

21. Dream of Locating Buttons

If you are locating buttons in a dream, it signifies that you can soon win a lottery. The plot also implies that you will manage to prove your viewpoint to a powerful opponent.

It will help improve your image in front of that person and everyone else in the community.

22. Dream of Losing a Button

Did you dream about losing a button? This scenario is not a good sign for your personal life.

There is every chance that your financial situation will deteriorate. You will struggle to meet up the expenses even for your necessities.

23. Dream of Someone Losing their Button

Seeing an unknown person losing their button in a dream symbolizes the strife in your relationship with that individual.

Somehow you have never managed to strike the right chord with him. Neither your mindsets match nor your likes and preferences.

24. Dream of Purposely Pulling Buttons from Your Clothes

This dream plot states that you feel anxious while thinking of your future. You do not know how to achieve your goals.

The situation makes you think you are losing control of your emotions. You desire to get things back on track as early as possible.

25. Dream of Wearing a Cloth Without Buttons

If you wear a cloth with no buttons, it refers to your spoiled image. You do not have any confidence to face people or deal with any situation. There is a sense of insecurity working in your mind.

26. Dream of Button Hanging on a Thread

The sequence of a button hanging on a thread denotes an issue warning to a young girl in real life. She must not rest herself in the company of dubious people.

It will only invite trouble for her personal and professional life as they would hamper her progress.

27. Dream of Tearing Off Button with a Piece of Tissue

When you use a piece of tissue to tear off the button, it is a bad sign for your waking life.

It refers to the fact that you will have worries regarding the health of your loved ones. You will especially have concerns about the health of your children.

28. Dream of Looking Out for a Fallen Button

Looking out for a fallen button in your subconscious mind states that you have achieved a certain level of attachment with your partner. 

You have become mentally and emotionally dependent on him. You cannot think of leading your life with anyone other than this person.

29. Dream of Carefully Cutting Off Buttons

This plot denotes that you will soon lose the trust of your loved ones. They will always look at you with a sense of suspicion. You are desperate to get to the root of this issue.

30. Dream of Putting Buttons in Your Pocket

If you have a sequence in which you drop buttons inside your pocket, it states that relatives will condemn your actions.

Lack of support from their end will make you stop some actions on an immediate basis.

31. Dream of Putting Buttons Inside a Box

This plot denotes that you will make a successful investment and receive a lump sum return from the same. The profit will encourage you to make further investments in the future.

32. Dream of Teaching a Child to Sew Buttons

Teaching a child how to sew buttons in your subconscious mind symbolizes that you will experience a surprising and unwarranted replenishment in your family.

Even when you do not like it, you must accept the same and move on with life.

33. Dream of Helping Children to Button Their Shirts

When you see yourself helping children to button their shirts in your subconscious mind, it states that you feel proud of their accomplishments. You are encouraging them to do even better next time.

34. Dream of Buying Buttons of Multiple Colors

The sequence predicts that you will undergo a fascinating journey in your life. It will help create pleasant and long-lasting impressions in your mind. You will wish to revisit the phase once again.

35. Dream of Polishing Golden Buttons on a Uniform

Did you see a scenario of polishing golden buttons on a uniform? It signifies that you will soon receive a promotion for your sincerity and hard work.

36. Dream of Pressing a Button

Pressing a button appears as the dream sequence to make you realize the importance of living for the future. You cannot hang back and keep pondering over whatever had happened in the past.

37. Dream of Constantly Pressing Buttons

A sequence crops up in which you are pressing buttons constantly.

It says that even though you will face disappointments in your life, thankfully, they will not make any large-scale impact. You can deal with them quite well.

38. Dream of Dropping a Button

If you see yourself dropping a button in your subconscious mind, it is a sign that you will suffer injuries and undergo a lot of pain in the future.

Treat it as a warning sign, and remain cautious in whatever you do.

Spiritual Meanings of Dreams about Buttons 

The spiritual meaning of this dream refers to the potential to make the right choices and to have destiny under your locus of control.

It also states that you have the luxury to bring necessary changes in your life.

Psychological Perspective of Dreams of Buttons

When you consider this dream about buttons from the psychological perspective, it talks of your need to take the necessary steps to get out of an emotionally exhausting situation. You feel that the time has come for relaxation.

Please go through the following video to get a better perspective about various scenarios of this dream.

Wrap Up

We had a detailed discussion on the various aspects of dreaming about buttons. They tell you not to think of the past but focus on building the future.

In doing so, you should not hesitate to make much-needed alterations to your plans and programs.