Dream about candle burning means that the negativity in your life is finally giving way, and there is a time that you can see the end of something which has drained you emotionally. It is a sign that a friend with whom you have lost all connections in the past will get back to you.

It also denotes that you will get a lot of success and happiness from your professional and personal life. To know more, dig in!

Dream about Candle Burning – General Interpretations

Burning candle dreams are a sign that you have some inhibition inside your heart that you cannot eliminate. You are trying hard, but something stops you from moving past it. 

But is that all? Let’s read on to know for sure!


If you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time, this might be a sign from heaven that you will have a baby.

Material gains

This means that you will be able to get a lot of financial gains, which can come from any unexpected ancestral property.

The material gain will be significant, and it can change your life completely in the long run.

Death and sorrow

It is a sign that there will be death, and someone from your near and dear ones will face the same.

This engulfs you in sorrow and can be of someone extremely close to you. Even someone from your close friend circle might be at the receiving end.

Unexpected marriage proposal

This represents an unexpected marriage proposal that will be sent to you or your parents. You will be shocked about your prospective partner’s identity.

Someone will not show up

This means that you have waited for a date for a long time now, but your partner will not show up.

It may be the first date with that person, so you are highly disappointed too.


It indicates that you are extremely self-dependent and do not want to trust anyone. You constantly fear that people will betray you.

Give in to someone’s will

It often indicates that you must give into someone else’s will. You might not be interested in their idea, but the situation demands it.

Wasted efforts 

You will understand that you have been putting effort and extra care into something that will not result in change.

All your efforts will be baseless, and you will not be convinced to rely on them.

Serious illness

Burning candles are a sign of serious illness. This illness will surface in simple symptoms, but you must not avoid them.

Otherwise, the illness can get worse than you might imagine.

Common Candle Burning Dreams & Interpretations

The most common candle-burning dreams mean that you are making an active effort to change the way of your life and see it with positivity. But let’s take a look as the meaning behind each of these scenarios!

Dream of blowing out a candle

It represents feelings like sadness, disappointment, or even a sudden end. You might not have anticipated these feelings, so it is a shock.

Burning flickering candle

This represents that you are unstable as a person and there is no certainty in your life. It might be in your personal as well as professional life.

Dream of multiple candles burning

It is a sign of harmony and peace. It means you will finally be able to gain the solitude you have wanted for a long time.

Burning a candle in a spiritual spot like a temple or church

The vision means you are finally on the way to spiritual enlightenment or awakening.

It is a sign that you want to move past the material world and take up other things in your life, like peace and harmony, more seriously.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming about a burning candle signifies that your guardian angel is trying to reach you or that they are making you aware of upcoming situations in your life. 

This can be a good or a bad omen, and the only way to find that out is to journal all the details and jot them down until you find your complete picture!

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