Dreams about cannibalism are scary, confusing, and bizarre. Have you ever witnessed a cannibal in your night vision?  You must be wondering why you have visualized such a scene. 

After all, the horrific image was hard to comprehend and you may find yourself in astonishment and fear. Let’s find out more about it in this discourse…..

Dream about Cannibalism - Deciphering Various Scenarios & their Meanings
Dream about Cannibalism – Deciphering Various Scenarios & their Meanings

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Cannibalism?

The dream symbol carries the burden of negative emotions like anger, power, regrets, and resentments.

Feeding the energy of others can make you feel like a cannibal in real life as if you are enjoying the destructive habits that you have developed over time.

As cannibalism means consumption of flesh, the dream means you’re trying to apply some kind of force on others. Maybe, you are trying to sustain something that belongs to others. Thus, it also symbolizes power imbalance.

The specific dream scenarios of cannibalism also reveal your dark emotions such as anger and hostility. The eating of flesh is symbolic of feeding on others’ energies. 

Symbolically, dreaming about cannibalism means the following things in dream dictionaries.

  • Sign of being in control – If you see yourself as a cannibal and feeding on the flesh of another human, it represents your need to control the various events of real life. 
  • Lack of individuality – Some dreams about cannibalism suggest that you are lacking your individuality in waking life. Maybe you are trying to feed on someone else’s resources. 
  • Personal issues and relationship problems – You are trying to overpower and control someone. 
  • Symbol of being overburdened with responsibilities – Maybe your resources are getting depleted and resentments are building up slowly in your unconscious mind. 
  • Sign of financial and material losses – symbolizes monetary loss and loss of personal property in waking life. 

Dream about Cannibalism – A Spiritual Perspective

Dreaming about cannibalism signifies destructive attitudes, nasty habits, and negative energy that are surrounding you in waking life. Spiritually, dreaming about cannibalism symbolizes the dark secrets of the soul. You are harboring a lot of anger and frustration in waking life. 

Your conscience is awakened and you are trying to resolve everyday problems that are pressing and giving rise to negativity and pessimism.

Different Dream Scenarios about Cannibalism

As we have already discussed the symbolic meanings of dreams about cannibalism, it became evident that the act of cannibalism is like using someone else’s resources for the benefit of one. 

However, the dream interpretation may vary according to the specific scenarios.

Dream about being a cannibal

If you dream about being a cannibal, it means you have a hidden urge to utilize others’ resources. It could be using someone else’s creative ideas, or money for the sake of one’s benefit. Being a cannibal means you have lost your inner powers to create something new. 

You are just feeding on others. Maybe, you have lost your self-sufficiency and ability to provide for yourself and the dream shows just what’s going on in your waking life.

Witnessing cannibalism

It could mean something that is restricting your growth in waking life. This dream signifies a loss of identity and individuality.

You have become too dependent on others to meet your everyday needs and thus see this vision in the sleep state.

Dream about a cannibal attack

It means you are full of problems in waking life. Maybe, you are exaggerating the problem and inviting more issues in return.

Somehow you are unable to control the situation and it’s growing bigger day by day. The dream also highlights your vulnerable and insecure ‘self’.


It shows your hot temperament that is restricting and self-limiting. Dreaming of eating oneself is a disturbing image according to dream symbolism.

In dream dictionaries, this dream refers to your animal instincts, a revengeful mindset that is destroying your inner peace.

Cannibal eating you alive

This dream symbolizes your vulnerability to live your life the way you want. You are not comfortable with the way things are taking shape in reality.

Cannibal eating different body parts

It represents passion, purity, and hard work. The dream reminds you to put your energy into nurturing your innate qualities. If the cannibal is eating the human head, it means someone is trying to sabotage your intellectual qualities.

In some dream scenarios, you may also see a cannibal eating the human heart. Then, the dream symbolizes emotional suffering, past wounds that still suck you from within.

A cannibal eating the different body organs suggests new problems and emotional imbalance in waking life.

A cannibal eating a baby

A baby in dreams symbolizes a new beginning, hope, and goodness surrounding you in waking life. If you dream about a cannibal eating a baby, it represents hardships and obstacles in your path towards goal accomplishment.

Dream about someone you know living the life of a cannibal

The dream indicates your apprehensions about the relationship. It represents your confused feelings about the person.

Maybe the person you are dealing with in reality is not honest and you are in double minds about whether to continue your connection with him/her.

Eating the flesh of your close relative

When you dream of eating the human flesh of your close relatives, it means you will soon have issues with that relative in the near future.

This dream is a warning sign that represents conflicts, and differences of opinion with the dreamt person. 

drinking someone’s blood in a dream 

This dream symbolizes profitable business, growth in income, and more money flowing inside your pocket. It represents success and overcoming all those old problems in waking life that was cumbersome at one point in time.

Dream of being a part of a cannibalistic ritual

When you see yourself engaged in a cannibalistic ritual, it means you are under stress and emotional pressure in waking life. The dream symbolizes your need to attain emotional balance and stability. 

Cannibalism by a man

It suggests prosperity and success. It symbolizes feeding off the energy of others and using their resources.

This dream represents a dependent mindset where the man has already given up on his individual identity and is living the life at someone else’s mercy.

Dream about cannibalism by a woman

If a woman dreams of eating human meat, it symbolizes the loss of a job, disregard for social status, etc. The dream represents bad luck where you may lose your social recognition because of your aggressive and arrogant nature. 

Escaping from a cannibal

It means you have overcome your fears and insecurities in waking life. Your conscience is awakened and you are at peace with yourself.

Hearing a scary story about a cannibal

If you dream about hearing a frightening story about a meat-eating human, it represents betrayal and cheating from someone in waking life. Maybe you will soon confront or face your enemy in waking life.

Many cannibals trying to eat you

It means enemies in real life if you dream about many cannibals chasing you and trying to consume you. There are people in your real-world who are trying to harm you in a covert manner.

chasing a cannibal

A dream scenario of this type is indeed confusing. Your dream about eating human flesh is revealing your deepest secrets, destructive attitudes, hostility, and aggression towards someone in waking life. 

Fighting with a cannibal

Your dream represents your courage and independent mindset. Though you know that certain decisions in life can put you in distress in waking life, you are not scared.

Catching cannibal

Catching a cannibal in dreams is a sign of success. You have overcome the hardships in waking life that were blocking your progress. 

Killing a cannibal

It means you will fight your inner adequacies successfully. You will overcome the current issues bothering you in reality. This dream symbolizes triumph over evil.

Dream about Cannibalism – psychological interpretation

Dreaming about human flesh symbolizes anger and hostility toward certain areas or people in your waking life. This dream signifies a lack of harmony in and around you. This is leading to building up negative energy that is all-consuming by nature.

The dream also speaks about your unconscious and forbidden conflicts that are trying to get healed through some means. Your dream indicates your striving to resolve issues that are heavy on your heart.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’ 

Simply speaking, the appearance of a cannibal in dreams is a symbol of power. Either you are trying to overpower someone in reality or someone else is overriding you.

The dream symbolizes power imbalance, revenge, aggression, and the need to control others in waking life. Sometimes, the exact dream interpretation varies according to its relevance to the life of the dreamer.