A dream of seeing yourself can leave you dumbfounded. In some cases, it can get creepy! Disturbing as it is, you must remember that it made its way to your sleep state for a particular reason.

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Dreams Of Seeing Yourself - Various Scenarios And Their Meanings
Dreams Of Seeing Yourself – Various Scenarios And Their Meanings

What Does It Mean To Dream of Seeing Yourself?

 A dream about seeing yourself is often associated with your identity – how the world perceives you or how you have been portraying yourself. 

These types of dreams are quite common but they are often forgotten or ignored.

However, they are important to decipher as they give an insight into how you appear to the rest of the world.

If you dig deeper and study your dream minutely, you will see that it hints at various points you can work on to be a better person. 

  • A reflection of your waking life – The ‘you’ in the dream is nothing but a reflection of your attitude, behavior, lifestyle, etc., in the real world. 
  • You feel you are a spectator in your own life – It can happen if you feel you are nothing but a spectator of your own life and activities. So, your subconscious wants you to be the driver of your own life. 
  • Insecurities – It may also happen if you feel insecure and vulnerable in the waking world. 
  • Guilty Conscience – One of the most common reasons why your doppelganger surfaces in your dream is a guilty conscience. Chances are, you have wronged someone unjustly and your conscience weighs heavy on you. 
  • Fear of getting exposed – Perhaps you constantly worry that someone will see your true colors and find out who you really are. This can be the meaning of your dream if you have been putting on a façade pretending to be a person you really are not. 
  • A disconnection – It may also indicate a disconnection between your body and soul in the waking world. 
  • Harmonious life – Such a dream is also a symbol of a happy and harmonious life with your dear ones. 
  • You believe you are equal to others – It indicates you see yourself as an equal to those around you. Nothing less and nothing more – be it in terms of your financial status, social position, or physical appearance.  
  • You feel that you are alone – You are bound to encounter this dream if you believe you have nobody but yourself to rely on in the waking world. This can be the meaning of your dream if you saw yourself all alone. 

Various Dreams Of Seeing Yourself & Their Meanings

The only elements that can direct you to the exact meaning of your dream are the events in the plot, your real-life circumstances, past happenings, and the emotions felt within the dream. 

A dream about seeing and talking to yourself

Here, you, i.e., the dreamer represents your egoistic self and the other you present in the dream scenario stands for your higher self.

Therefore, you can interpret the dream as an interaction between your higher self and the egoistic self. 

On the other hand, the dream can be reminding you of a truth your conscious self has not yet acknowledged. 

A dream about fighting yourself

It signifies an internal conflict. Chances are, you are torn between two or more choices regarding a matter in your waking life and aren’t sure how to proceed. 

Another approach to the dream is that you have let yourself down in the waking world. Intentionally or unintentionally, you have done something you shouldn’t have.

Seeing yourself old

It indicates you are too rigid and inflexible in your views and opinions.

If you find the interpretation relatable, the dream can be a warning not to be too stubborn as it benefits neither you nor others. 

Also, it can mean you are well in control of your feelings and emotions.

Having said that, the dream indicates you need to loosen up a bit and be more expressive of your emotions – negative or positive.

On the other hand, if you look terrible or unhealthy, the scenario indicates the futility of your actions and decisions. Lastly, it also symbolizes health issues and exhaustion. 

Seeing yourself as a child

You can interpret this dream from various different perspectives. 

First, it can mean adult life and the responsibilities that come with it overwhelms you. 

Such dreams may also mean you still haven’t come to terms with something from your childhood.

Another approach to the scenario is that you are acting immaturely. In that case, the dream signifies the need for you to grow up and act your age. 

Negatively, dreams of such nature are associated with betrayal

Seeing yourself naked

First, it can be a reflection of your insecurities and weaknesses in the real world. 

The plot is also closely connected to exposure. Perhaps you are afraid that you would get busted about something you have tried so hard to conceal. 

The scenario may surface if you are constantly afraid of something that is not considered an object of ridicule. Another possibility is that you feel vulnerable in the real world. 

Positively, seeing yourself unclothed in a dream can symbolize a clear conscience. Maybe you have never done anything against your principles and morals.

You see yourself sleeping

The dream means a need for relaxation. It also denotes you are neglecting your duties and responsibilities. Additionally, you have let evil thoughts occupy your mind.

The interpretation varies depending on the position you saw yourself sleeping.

  • If you were sleeping with your head down, the plot stands for poverty and unemployment.
  • Sleeping on your back signifies financial independence. 
  • If a sickly person sees himself or herself sleeping in a grave, it can be a sign that his or her end is near.
  • However, if the scenario surfaces in the sleep state of a healthy person, he or she may lose his or her job
  • Sleeping under a tree signifies a large family. Perhaps your family will expand through marriage or childbirth. 

Seeing yourself fat

According to the plot, your living standards with regard to material possessions will significantly improve. 

Seeing yourself beautiful

It stands for your success both in the personal as well as professional sphere. 

Seeing yourself ugly

The scenario denotes the deterioration of your overall well-being. 

Seeing your younger self

It symbolizes health and happiness. Such dreams occur when you are content with everything around you. 

Seeing yourself looking at the mirror

It indicates you are in need of self-reflection. 

Seeing yourself bald

The dream hints at certain roadblocks that are preventing you from realizing your plans. 

Seeing yourself sick

It implies you will be condemned by your near and dear ones. 

Seeing yourself killing yourself

Contrary to general perception, killing yourself in a dream is a good sign, especially if you are trying to get over an addiction or toxic habits.

The plot says you will successfully break free from terrible habits and addictions. 

You saw yourself dead

It is a harbinger of success regarding matters you consider important. 

Seeing yourself in a coffin

The plot symbolizes various setbacks lying on your path to success. For those competing against rivals, the dream denotes failure. 

Seeing yourself crying

It shows you are undergoing a rough patch and are extremely sorrowful in the waking world.

Seeing yourself in a photograph

It is associated with your past. Perhaps your conscience still weighs heavy as you have greatly wronged someone.

Or maybe you still can’t get over an embarrassing situation that happened years back. 

Seeing yourself falling

It stands for your fear of insecurities and failure in reality. 

Seeing yourself drowned

Based on the plot, you are filled with discontentment and dissatisfaction in the waking world. 

However, the interpretation may differ depending on the type of water and the temperature.

In case the water was clean and of normal temperature, it stands for your spiritual cleansing.

Seeing yourself in third person

The dream plot indicates a need to reevaluate your life and assess your behavior/ attitude and overall ways of living. 

Seeing yourself with a twin

According to the dream, you will get involved in financial fraud. 

Wrap Up

Dream of seeing yourself may seem alarming and nerve-wracking. However, you need not worry much about it!

As mentioned, such types of dreams are usually a reflection of your life in the mortal world, though they can also happen when you have ignored your intuition for too long.

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