The dreams about coal symbolize unexpected profits, progress, or problems. Alternatively, it asks you to explore your inner self.

Dreaming about Coal – Does That Signify Unexpected Profits
Dreaming about Coal – Does That Signify Unexpected Profits

Dream about Coal – General Interpretations

Coal is one of the most important fuels in our world. Coal dreams also have important meanings behind them.

But which are the most common ones? Let’s see what dream books have to say here…

  • You will experience progress
  • It indicates enthusiasm
  • It asks you to delve deeper
  • It symbolizes profits
  • It indicates your problems

Dreaming about Coal – Various Types & Their Interpretations

Coal dreams are a sign of your subconscious talking to you. For instance, brightly burning coal in dreams predicts a prosperous future, and fanning the coal foretells quarrels.

Hence, these dreams spread awareness and suggest suitable precautions for you. So, if you remember your dreams, let’s find out the hidden meanings.

Dream about coal burning brightly

Coal is a valuable fuel. Therefore, according to Miller’s Dream Book, the dream of burning coal brightly interprets a prosperous and promising future.

Dream about buying anthracite coal

The dream about buying anthracite coal for heating the home warns you to be careful. It says that someone wants to harm you. Don’t blindly trust people around you.

Dream about raking coal that is still burning

If you dream about raking coal that is still burning, you will get a huge amount of money soon. Perhaps, you’ll get a raise or a big bonus.

Fanning the coals

In your dream, if you were fanning the coal, it predicted an argument. The dream advises that if you value any relationship in your life, you must mind your word.

Filling the stove with coal

A dream about filling the stove with coal anticipates prosperity and fortune.

Working in a coal mine

Dreaming about working in a coal mine and mining the coal signifies that you’ll soon solve an issue that plagued you for a while. It will be the result of your effort.

Being near an abandoned coal mine

This predicts a tough and risky situation. Be mindful of your surroundings if you wish to escape that.

Pouring coal or coke into a blast furnace

This predicts lengthy and tedious tasks coming your way. However, this work will bring utter satisfaction and a huge benefit. So, overall it’s a good omen.

Walking on hot coals

If you dream of walking on hot coal, it foretells you about the first stage risk you will face when starting a business venture.

It alerts you not to rush while investing your money as you might fail.

Holding hot coal in your hands

This represents a tough situation coming your way. However, it also says you will overcome this situation with dignity and integrity.

Seeing a coal mine

The dream about a coal mine is an alert sign for you to be really mindful of your spares and how you spend your financial resources.

Strive to adjust your habits and build a backup because it may be a sign of upcoming financial difficulties.


It suggests you react too quickly. Conversely, it may imply you hold back your feelings and act cautiously. Or, you hold onto your past life incidents.

Coal and fire

Coal and fire in your dream indicate your past relationship, which might be both romantic and professional.

This relationship greatly impacted your life, and the person still exists in your memories. 

Burned charcoal

It is a message for you to work hard with even more focus on your project if you desire to gain success.

It says that discipline is the root of success, so be disciplined while committing yourself to work or someone else. 

Coal pot

A dream about a coal pot signifies an abrupt end to something in your life. You are willing to make changes in your present life to progress.

Coal stove

It represents memories. Additionally, it implies that as you wait for something to happen, you attempt to escape from the responsibilities of your daily life. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Coal dreams may seem uncanny, especially if you don’t deal with them directly in your everyday life. However, they bring deep and important messages about your life.

So, don’t run away or ignore these dreams but try to know the meanings our subconscious tries to convey through them.