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Dreams About Coworkers – Different Scenarios and Reflective Questions

Dreams About Coworkers – Different Scenarios and Reflective Questions

Updated on Aug 17, 2022 | Published on Nov 29, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about Coworkers - 28 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dream about coworker is a common dream among numerous working people. We spend a lot of time at work, in the company of our co-workers, and hence it is very natural for them to appear in our dreams as well. 

Dreams about coworkers also are a sign that your work life is taking over your subconscious mind as well.

Introspection and asking the key questions will help you interpret your dream in a concise and interesting manner. 

Dream about Coworker - 28 Scenarios and Their Meanings
Dream about Coworker – 28 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dream of Coworker – General Interpretation

Dreams about coworkers signify the emotions you feel at work as well as the desires you have about your workspace. The interpretations include a deeper look at your relationships with your coworkers and other people in your personal life. 

We all have struggles at work, which are sometimes caused because of our co-workers. Our struggles outside work, too, are often a result of the kind of personalities that we have around us. Dreams about coworkers represent such struggles in our life. 

Just like struggles, we also have ambitions. We have certain career milestones that we aim to reach or some goals that we are working towards.

These ambitions from our waking life can be represented in our dreams about our coworkers. 

Our ambitions, or even desires, indicate that we may have a competitive nature. We may be trying to show that we are better than the others in our team.

However, when we are very preoccupied with these thoughts, we may see our team members in our dreams.

Whether the dream is positive or negative depends on the actions within the dream. For example- a dream where you see your co-workers gossiping about you is very clearly not positive. 

Dreams about co-workers can also mean positive things, such as you realized the personality type you are most attracted to, or the interpretation indicating the career goals that you want to focus on. 

Hence, dreams about co-workers can actually symbolize any of the following. 

1. Symbol of stress

Dreams about co-workers can in the most obvious way be a sign of work stress. If you see your colleagues in your dreams telling you that you have missed a deadline or telling you that you missed a promotion; the simple meaning is that you are stressed. 

Stress does not always have to be extremely bad, either. Eustress- or good stress- is a sign of stress that helps you perform better.

It means that you should not be bothered by the stress to a point that your mood and health are affected. 

Hence, dreams about coworkers that actually help you perform better can be a positive dream. In all other cases, it can be a negative sign of stress.

It can even be interpreted as a sign that your work life is following you everywhere. 

2. Symbol of contentment 

It is also possible to dream about coworkers if you have a positive relationship with them.

Dreams, where you are enjoying downtime with your workers, suggest that you actually like being around them and would like to see them outside of work. 

It is a sign of contentment when your dream makes you excited or happy to see your coworkers. If you see them guiding you in your dream, it shows that you have developed a level of trust with them. 

Lastly, dreams, where you are involved with your coworkers, can even mean that you actually have developed a fondness for your coworkers that you seek in other new relationships of your life as well. 

3. Symbol of personality types 

Dreams about coworkers can reveal a lot about personality types; including your own, what you are attracted to, and what kind of personality type you want to be away from. 

Dreams about coworkers are often not about the actual coworkers themselves. More often, they are just a representation of the inner personalities that you come across in your real life. 

4. Symbol of nature of relationships 

In the dream world, we see the true nature of the relationships around us that we don’t pay attention to in the real world.

Our work environment actually impacts our life and mental health very seriously. Hence, good relationships at work can make our lives a lot easier. 

Dreams about coworkers can help us understand the true nature of our relationship with these people.

For example, dreaming about bosses being naked can be interpreted as us wanting them to be more honest or transparent with us. 

Similarly, romantic dreams about coworkers can be interpreted as us wanting to be closer to them or their personality types. 

Dream about Coworkers: 32 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Read on to understand the various scenarios from dreams about coworkers and the ways to interpret such dreams. 

1. Conflicting with coworkers dream meaning 

Dreams, where you see yourself in a state of conflict with your coworker, are a sign of responsibilities. It is possible that your boss may be considering promoting you or giving you new responsibilities. 

It is also a sign for you to let your creativity shine. If you are interacting with a new coworker, it means that you have done creatively well, either at work or in another area of your life, and you are being rewarded.

2. Dream about noticing a coworker

If you happen to notice a coworker in your dream, in a setting where you are not at work, it is an indication that you need to pay attention to your work relationships.

Perhaps you are not putting in a good amount of effort into developing good relationships at work. 

It could also be an indication of neglecting your work. Your coworker in the dream acts as a reminder that you do have to return to work after your personal or social life commitments are done. 

3. Dream about former coworkers 

Dreaming of former coworkers, which are the people you worked with before your current job, is a very common dream. This dream represents things you missed out on or opportunities you regret passing on. 

Here, it is very important to pay attention to detail. Who do you see in the dream? If it is your boss- what are they saying to you? If it is your former team member- what are you two doing? 

These things will answer important questions about what you are missing in life. It is possible that you are missing a part of yourself.

You could also be trying to resolve a past conflict that is still bothering you. 

4. Dreaming about a particular coworker 

Dreams of a particular coworker suggest that you may be dissatisfied with a certain aspect of your work. Even if we love our jobs, it is possible that we are not satisfied with certain aspects of them. 

It is also possible that we are still striving to get better at some aspects of the job.

For example, dreams where you see a particular coworker from a particular area of the job, indicate that you may be trying to perform better at that yourself. 

However, dreams where you constantly see a coworker can also be an indication that you need a break from work. 

5. Dreams about your coworker getting fired

Dreaming about your coworker being fired by your boss has more to do with your relationship with yourself.

The coworker and the boss both represent two different parts of you; one which makes decisions and the other that follows. 

The dream interpretation suggests that you could be making an authoritative decision for yourself and hence you are feeling the weight of that decision.

It could even be a final decision, such as when you decide to quit a bad habit. 

6. Dreaming of a coworker dying 

Dreams where you see your coworker die or dead coworkers are interpreted as your fear of losing people.

It is possible that you may have lost friends or other relationships in your earlier years, and now you are afraid to lose any more. 

These dreams are a representation of your deep-rooted fears. It is possible that you have become used to your current life and the people in it, hence losing anything would really affect you badly. 

However, the best way to represent that routine or the constancy that you are enjoying is through your coworkers. Seeing them dead means you may fear a change of that routine as well. 

7. Dreaming about strangers as coworkers 

Dreams, where you see yourself working, in an actual work environment, with people that are not your real coworkers, is a sign that you want to switch jobs.

Perhaps you are not satisfied with your current colleagues. 

Sometimes, it is also just your need for change, whether it is long-term or short-term. 

8. Dreaming about training a new coworker 

Dreams about training someone else to take over the job you do represent the personal work you put in on yourself.

You could be dealing with some issues in your personal life and this dream is a reminder of all the work you have to do. 

It is also possible that you are leaving behind some things from your past life and you are preparing to move forward.

This means that someone else will now be responsible for the things you would do. 

9. Dreams about constantly being around a coworker 

While we do spend a lot of time at work, in the presence of our coworkers, sometimes it so happens that we spend a lot of our time with one coworker.

In such cases, because we are around them so much, it is natural for us to dream about them. 

However, it is also interpreted that we may be looking to collaborate with this coworker.

We could be relying on them for their skills, or we could be hoping to get their help to meet a deadline. We may even have guilt overtaking their time and effort. 

10. Dreams about cheating on your partner with a coworker 

Dreams, where you cheat on your partner, do not mean that you are actually cheating on your partner. This could also be a very harmless or innocent dream that does not hurt anyone’s feelings. 

The dream interpretation is that you may be attracted to the personality of your coworker and actually end up comparing it to your partner’s.

It could also be because you spend so much time with your coworker that you feel guilty about neglecting your partner. 

It is also possible that you look up to your coworker and wish that your partner could also have those traits or put in as much work as your coworker does.

The best way to interpret this is to assess how your relationship is actually going. 

11. Romantic dream about coworker 

Romantic dreams about coworkers similarly are not always a bad sign. It is okay to develop a workplace crush on a coworker, and especially if you are currently single and looking to date. 

Professional dream analyst Dr. Michael Lennox also writes that everyone in your dream is actually representing a part of you.

Hence, a romantic dream about your coworker could potentially just be a representation of you and what you are looking for. 

Romantic dreams also include what you are looking for in a relationship.

Perhaps your coworker helping you with a project or spending time with you makes you feel like this is what you need from a romantic relationship as well. 

Dreams are also sometimes a reflection of your real life. It is possible that you and your coworker flirt or occasionally talk of being romantically involved.

If this is something that makes work time more exciting, it is possible to dream about it as well. 

You could also have these dreams if you have a crush on your coworker but do not act on it due to practical reasons. Hence, in the dream world, you fulfill your desire to be with this person.

12. Dreaming about a coworker sexually

Lauri Loewenberg, a professional dream analyst, has written that intimacy is a lot about the psychological union you have with a person or need from that person.

Sexual dreams are often about the intimacy involved with the act of sex. 

Sex dream is also not necessarily a representation of actual sex. It could be just aspects of your own personality that you are trying to merge.

For example, if the coworker in your dream is someone spontaneous and you are trying to be like that. 

These two personalities that are part of you can only merge into one through some actions.

In the dream world, this union is represented through sex between you and your co-worker, even though you may not have any sexual feelings towards them at all. 

It is also possible that the person reminds you of someone you did engage with once. Perhaps an ex or a relationship from your past that you haven’t resolved.

If their personality matches with a co-worker, you may have sexual dreams about it. 

13. Hugging a coworker in your dream

On the other hand, a dream where you see yourself hugging a coworker is a reflection of your actual relationship with the coworker. It is possible that you have a pleasant bond with this person. 

A hug also represents collaboration. You may be working along closely with your coworker or hope to continue having this close bond with them. 

14. Dream about cuddling with a coworker 

Dreams where you find yourself cuddling with a coworker means that you are trying to open up to them. You may be sharing a deeper part of your life with them. This dream suggests that a new connection is being formed between you. 

However, it can also mean that someone is getting closer to you than you are comfortable. It could be a colleague or a superior. It is a sign to look closely at how we feel about a new work connection. 

15. Dream about your coworker sitting on you 

When your coworker sits on you in your dream, it means that you are burdened with responsibility. This is not good, as the pressure may sooner or later get to you. It is a sign to take time away from caring for these people.

16. Dream about marrying your coworker 

In order to interpret a dream about marrying a coworker, it is important to note that marriage is a symbol of union and collaboration.

The dream symbolization of marriage is about sharing a deep, often collaborative bond with someone. 

If you and your colleague are working very hard towards a shared goal, such as a project or campaign, and the product of it will also be your shared responsibility, you may have such dreams. 

17. Dream about being tired and talking to a coworker 

If you dream about being tired at work and talking to your coworker about it, it is not a great sign. It shows that you may be slacking at work or your efforts are coming up short.

It is not entirely negative, as it means you can still work hard to accomplish your goals. 

18. Coworkers spending the night dream meaning 

Dreaming of coworkers spending the night shows a lack of boundaries in your life. Perhaps your work and personal life get mixed up occasionally. It is also possible that you don’t set up limits for work hours and everything spills over. 

Another interpretation is that you are still trying to find your place at work. Without your coworkers’ support, you struggle even more to feel confident.

19. Dream about coworker crying at work 

As a person, you may feel empathy for your coworker. If he or she is going through a stressful time, you may understand that pain. You may even have seen them crying or struggling in the office in reality. 

Sometimes, we even think of our own sadness and have such a dream. This means that your work or office environment makes you feel upset. This sadness is projected on your coworker in your dream. 

20. Dream about connecting with your coworkers

If you dream about interacting and connecting with your coworkers, it suggests that you are constantly surrounded by your work environment.

This is probably due to work stress or an anxious period due to some big project. 

Constantly having this dream is not good, as it means you should take a break and enjoy some downtime, too. 

21. Dream about multiple coworkers surrounding you

When you see yourself being surrounded by a lot of coworkers in your dream, it means that you are trying to be considerate of a lot of people’s feelings. 

It could be part of your nature, but you are spending a lot of energy here trying to please everyone.

This can be good in a team setting, however not good if you have to stress yourself to accommodate others. 

22. Dream about a coworker in reality 

Dreaming of your real-life coworker that you closely work with, means that you are paying close attention to that person in real life as well. 

This person may be acting strange or doing things that puzzle you in the dream. This is a sign that you still have to work out the nature of your true relationship with this person in reality. 

23. Dream of a coworker supporting you 

We all get into stressful times at work. In these stressful times, we need a support system to escape in.

Sometimes, we go to the canteen to get something comforting, sometimes, we go talk to our colleagues. 

If we dream about one such coworker supporting us, it means we are developing that trust in them that when we need support, they will be around to help us. 

24.Dreaming about a coworker but not talking to them 

A dream where you are in a work environment, or see a coworker around you but still don’t talk to them means that you do not feel comfortable around them.

Often, this is a sign that you feel you don’t belong in the space. 

25. Dreaming about work without coworkers

Similarly, if you dream about being at work without any of your other coworkers, it means that you may be feeling uncomfortable or judged around them.

It is a sign that you would rather not be seen and just do your work and leave. 

However, in reality, this can rarely happen. Hence it is a better idea to further analyze this and understand what makes you uncomfortable. 

You can look for clues as to what was absent, what was still around and how did you feel about being there without your coworkers. 

26. Killing a coworker in your dream 

A dream about killing your coworker symbolizes negative feelings that you may have about your coworkers.

It means that you have a lot of anger, hostility, or other negative emotions such as resentment towards this person. 

It is important to understand that coworkers are often also the reason we are stressed, yelled at by our bosses, or upset. They can also be the cause of our work-related anxiety. 

If too many of these feelings bottle up over time, it is possible to have dreams about killing that coworker.

Dreams About Former Coworkers – A Brief Understanding 

We saw that dreaming about former coworkers is common and is related to our past.

However, there are multiple detailed scenarios that you can see in your dream about former coworkers. Read on to understand more. 

27. Dream about arguing with a former coworker 

This means that new opportunities may actually open up in your field and you may have a chance to take them on.

This can be a good sign, as in terms of work, new can also mean bigger and better than before. 

28. Dream about a former coworker dying 

While it is not comfortable to see a former coworker die in your dream, the dream interpretation is not negative.

The dying coworker represents an area of your life or personality that you are leaving behind. 

Pay attention to who the coworker was and what was his most defining personality trait.

For example, if you dream of the office late comer dying, it means you are going to clean up your habits and become a more punctual person yourself. 

Dream about your boss favoring your coworker over you 

This dream is particularly reflective of a time in your life that someone chose other people or a person over you. 

Being or feeling neglected is very unpleasant and hence you may have some unresolved issues with feeling like the second choice.

You may have suppressed your emotions then, but through this dream, they are coming up again. 

29. Dreaming of former coworkers gossiping about you

Dreams, where former coworkers are gossiping about you, is not a good sign, it means that you have unresolved issues from your past that you are running away from. 

The dream acts as a reminder that no matter what you escape from, till you don’t resolve the issue, the conflict, or the scandal, at least personally; things will follow you around. 

30. Dream about being angry at a former coworker 

Similar to the previous dream, this is a sign that you have unresolved issues from your past that you are not adequately addressing.

It is important to note why you are angry at the former coworker. 

It is possible that someone in your past really upset you but you did not deal with your emotions then and now you are feeling that anger come up again. 

31. A former coworker killing you in your dream 

A dream where a former coworker actually kills you is visually scary; however, it does not mean that you should feel threatened. 

This is a sign of some confidence issues you may have or a reminder of something that really affected your self-esteem. 

You may feel like you can easily be replaced by someone else, or a coworker can do your job better than you. This is not the truth, just how your confidence issues make you feel. 

32. A former coworker stealing your job in your dream 

Similar to the previous dream, this dream also reflects your confidence issues. You may have siblings or close friends that you constantly compare yourself with. 

You may feel like others are doing far better in their lives and hence often feel smaller in comparison.

It is also possible that the people who should be reassuring you of your place in the family or group have failed to do so. 

Spiritual Understanding of Dream About Coworkers 

Spiritually, dreams about coworkers can be related to a lot more than just your work or work environment. They have a deeper psychological interpretation that helps you understand your personality, desires, and nature of relationships. 

It is important to deal with unresolved issues if we want to move forward. We can only stop living in our former life after we properly let go of it. 

It is also important to understand our desires and what we want from the people around us.

We spend so much time with our coworkers that our desires are manifested through them. They are merely the face of what we are internally seeking. 

Dreams about coworkers can also reveal the true nature of our existing self and partners. We can also see our deeper bond with ourselves and them through the medium of coworkers sometimes.

When it happens, it is important to take notes and ask more. 

Should I Be Worried About My Dream of Coworker

Often we look at dreams such as cheating on our partners with our coworkers or being sexually involved with them. These are not bad dreams and we must not consider them as actually cheating or anything wrong. 

We can ask ourselves the following question to gain better insights. 

  • Do I really like my coworker? 
  • What is it about the coworker that attracts me to them?
  • Am I attracted to them or a part of their personality? 
  • Am I looking for signs of my partner in my coworker? 
  • Do I wish my partner was more like my coworker? 
  • Am I trying to be more like my coworker myself? 
  • Is it possible that I have internal conflicts that I am trying to resolve? 

More often, these answers will give you an understanding of why you are having dreams about coworkers. Cheating, dying or killing are mainly representations of other psychological aspects of your life and personality. 


Dreams about coworkers represent our goals, relationships, needs, and desires. They are a reflection of deeper psychological unions within us that we are trying to navigate.

Our coworkers also signify past experiences that we cannot express in words. 

Hence, dreams about co-workers should not be interpreted at merely their face value. They usually represent a deeper part of us. Understanding that will help you understand yourself better!