A dream of dirt is certainly not a pleasing sight, especially if you have OCD in the waking world. 

However, dreams are mysterious and it would be wrong to judge a dirt dream as repulsive or disgusting without delving deep into its meaning. 

So, in this article, we have put together everything you would need to know to get to the bottom of your dream. 

Dream about Dirt - Plots And Their Interpretations
Dream about Dirt – Plots And Their Interpretations

What Does Dream of Dirt Symbolize?

These dreams generally stand for trouble, blockages, and disease. But there are also instances when such a dream emphasizes the need to cleanse your mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.

Though quite rare, these dreams may also stand for wealth and fortune. 

In the real world, anything dirty is repulsive and unhygienic. But some types of dirt such as mud or soil are vital to maintaining the ecological balance. 

Therefore, sometimes these dreams may carry positive or negative connotations depending on the dream details, the type of person you are, and your present real-life circumstances.

Some of the most commonly associated dream symbols of dirt are – 

  • A need for balance

These dreams denote a need to maintain a perfect balance in your life and relationships. Despite your success, you may not be happy and content as you should be. 

Perhaps something from the past still disturbs your mental peace. 

  • A return to nature

These visions are often symbolic of a return to nature. Here, we do not necessarily mean moving to the countryside or the suburbs though it can for some people. 

Most of the time, returning back to the roots means your present focus is on the very basics. 

  • The need to take charge of your life

In a dream, dirt can indicate the need to listen to your inner voice. Chances are, you have been repressing your own wishes and desires for others’ for quite a while. 

If this resonates, your higher self advises you to muster up the courage and stand up for yourself. 

  • Betrayal

Dirt is also closely related to betrayal. Either someone you trust with your life betrayed you or vice versa. 

Dream about Dirt – Various Plots And Their Interpretations

The dream scenarios listed below may help you give clarity to your particular dream. 

Dreaming of dirt

It shows you are not acting under your own principles, values, and ideas but someone else’s. 

Dreaming of a pile of dirt

This is a sign of serious trouble, most probably regarding money and finance. 

Seeing lots of dirt on the road

This scenario can be interpreted from several different perspectives. To begin with, it may be a warning from your subconscious not to trust people easily.

Even your so-called friends may be waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of you.

Another approach to the dream says you’ll soon get to know a dark secret. 

Getting yourself dirty 

The scenario shows you are acting under the guidance of someone else’s moral values. 

Surrounded by dirt on all sides 

Whatever happens around you, your dream advises you not to stray away from your life’s purpose, ideas, and thoughts. 

Let no external factor influence how you direct your life. 

You were covered in dirt

The plot highlights underlying sickness. It is also associated with a fear of poverty

Walking on dirt

It portends problems in your domestic household. Also, the scenario may be a symbol of illness. 

Walking barefoot in the dirt

This implies your lack of confidence and limiting beliefs are stopping you from achieving success. 

Falling on dirt

This means the trust and faith between you and your loved ones will soon disappear into thin air.

You are also likely to dream of the above if you believe things are working out against you. 

Alternatively, the dream may signify a change of residence. 

Drowning in dirt

This foretells unnecessary expenses.

Being buried in the dirt

It shows you are losing control in a particular real-life situation. It can be regarding work, family, or love and relationships. 

Getting buried in dirt may also symbolize your inferiority complex. Perhaps you think you won’t be good enough however hard you try. 

Jumping on dirt

As per the plot, you are smart enough to overcome huge problems, often shrinking a mountain into a molehill. 

Rolling over in the dirt

This is often interpreted as a deterioration of your physical wellbeing. 

Dirt was thrown on your face

The scenario shows you are being forced to dwell on a disgusting thought or idea.

From another approach, the dream shows you are constantly reminded that you are not perfect. It may be either by people or a turn of events happening in your surrounding. 

Someone throwing dirt at you

This denotes there are wicked people around you. Undoubtedly, they are looking for an opportunity to tarnish your reputation. 

To be on the safe side, your subconscious advises you to be careful of everyone around you including your friends and close relatives.

Dirt on your clothes

According to the plot, one of your friends or acquaintances is trying to turn others against you.

Wearing dirty clothes

This may mean you have contracted a contagious disease. And the appearance of the plot all of a sudden is a sign that the symptoms have started to show. 

Cleaning dirty clothes

It means you do not let gossip and malicious rumors affect your mental peace. 

Shoveling dirt

This reflects your wishes to make improvements in your life. This applies if you willingly shoveled the dirt or enjoyed the process.

On the contrary, if it was some form of punishment, the dream reflects your fear and insecurity.

Most probably, you believe you’ll never be able to live the life you had imagined. 

Getting stuck in the dirt

As per the plot, the health of a person close to you is deteriorating fast. 

Dirt in your house

This dream means you wish to secure and make your relationships more stable. It may also stand for your own habits and behaviors you do not approve of.

At other times, dirt in your house is your subconscious encouraging you to go through thorough cleansing. 

These types of dreams may also occur if you are intentionally trying to cover up something disagreeable about yourself. 

Dumping dirt

This scenario is a reflection of your hatred towards someone. The plot probably means you are intentionally making life difficult for someone. 

A Dream Of Dirt According To The Western Tradition

According to the beliefs of the Western tradition, this dream is considered to be an ill omen foreshadowing unpleasant situations, conflicts, and disease. 

Why Did You Encounter Dirt In Your Dreams?

As for why you dream of dirt, there are tens of reasons why the dream showed up. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • You are a clean freak in the real world. 
  • It may also mean you are trying to get to the bottom of something. Perhaps a bygone event that still lingers somewhere at the back of your mind. 
  • Dirt can also be a symbol of deterioration and disease. 
  • You are trying to cleanse yourself from toxicity and negativity around you. 
  • It can also stand for conflicts within the family. 
  • You are compelled to accept something you think is disagreeable. 
  • Not everybody who acts sweet wishes you well. You need to be cautious of people and refrain from sharing everything about yourself. 
  • Unfortunate events may cause you to lose the trust you had in your near ones. 

Wrapping up

Undeniably, this type of dream will disgust and make you feel repulsive. 

However, you need to remember that every dream happens for a reason. And often the reasons are to make us aware of something we have overlooked or have refused to accept.