A dream about getting arrested can be disturbing. Besides, if you take dreams seriously, the image will leave you perplexed for days. 

However, this dream is not as bad as it looks on the surface. Conversely, many of those scenarios happened to bring you back on the right path. 

We’ll find the answers to those questions soon but first get acquainted with a general interpretation!

Dream About Getting Arrested - Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings
Dream About Getting Arrested – Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Being Arrested?

A dream about getting arrested signifies your powerlessness and loss of freedom. It may also mean someone in your circle wants to exercise his or her power over you or vice-versa. 

Generally, dreams about being arrested symbolize your helplessness in a situation or changes in the foreseeable future – changes you would be coerced to comply with. 

  • Guilty Feelings – You feel guilty about something you did in the past. Alternatively, such dreams could also be warning you to take precautions because the evil deed you performed is likely to resurface soon. Rather, some dreamers see the image of themselves getting arrested after the revelation of the truth.
  • Changes – If you are one such person who considers changes ‘despicable’, your dream of getting arrested may be reminding you that transformations are inevitable and even advisable at some points in life. 
  • Lack of freedom – With hands cuffed together and a policeman beside, that person is denied the freedom to move as he or she pleased. From that perspective, arrest dreams stand for a lack of freedom. 
  • You feel restrained – Arrest dreams may mean the environment, society, or law restraints you from being your genuine self. Sometimes it may be related to your feelings, sexuality, etc. 
  • Stuck in a situation – When a person is arrested, their pleas for release goes unheard until someone bails them out. Until their innocence is proven, that person is stuck, for days together. Considering that, such a scenario surfacing in your dream may indicate you are stuck in a particular situation. 
  • Injustice – These are also related to injustice and if you believe someone is being unfair to you, you will likely dream of it. 
  • Rebellion – These dreams are also associated with feelings of rebellion where you don’t want to submit to in your waking life. 
  • Restoration of order – When an offender gets caught and kept in custody, they have no power to create trouble until they break free. From that scenario, such a dreamscape is also related to the restoration of order and peace.
  • Good luck and wish fulfillment – Interestingly, these dreams are also connected with a stroke of increased luck because some scenarios foretell promising times between you and the person you like. 

Spiritual Meaning of Arrest Dreams

From the spiritual perspective, these dreams indicate you are in an environment that does not support you. In fact, those around want to want to control you and decide each of your steps. Such dreams also foretell changes you have no desire to accept.

Various Dream Scenarios Of Getting Arrested 

Let’s explore some common dream scenarios and see what they are hinting towards in waking life.

Dreaming of getting arrested but escaping

According to the plot, others have succeeded in their attempts to force you to accept something. Despite your hatred for the new changes, you stand facing it. But you still desire to abandon and run away from it.

One of your family members getting arrested in a dream

Though the person getting arrested is a family member, the interpretation shows you are the one in trouble. And you are seeking help or counting on that particular person to pull you out of your problems.  

Conversely, the dream also shows you are too caught up in your own world and affairs that you have neglected your family. 

Police arresting you

The scenario stands for your conflicting feelings regarding a matter. 

On another note, if you have unintentionally violated rules in the real world and the consequence forcibly laid on you. Besides, it is a common dream if you are in a struggle to break yourself free from intoxicants. 

Police trying to arrest you for a crime you didn’t commit

According to the plot, there is someone or a group of people around you that wants to prove their authority over you. 

Perhaps you are in conflict with your superior over a project and want you to submit to his or her opinion as if you are his or her subordinate. 

Positively, the dream indicates you will win against your enemies.

You got arrested and handcuffed

It means you feel restricted in the real world. The scenario also implies that you feel fidgety and restless about something. 

Alternatively, the scenario is associated with control and domination. You believe that someone around you is unfair by snatching away the power and authority you have over your life. 

Getting arrested and going to jail

According to the plot, you will likely get betrayed by a person you trust. On the other hand, it means you have submitted to the changes that are ‘forced’ on you and have succumbed to the consequences. 

Resisting an arrest

To interpret the dream, you must first recall the nature of the arrest. Did you resist it despite your guilt, or did you resist the arrest because you were innocent in the dream?

Generally, a dream of resisting arrest means you are fighting something in the real world.

Running away to avoid arrest

Based on the plot, you are trying your utmost not to accept the things and situations you don’t like.

On the other hand, the dream indicates your good luck, fortune, and ability to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. 

Lastly, the scenario also implies now is a good time to resolve conflicts with yourself or with others, if you have any. 

Turning yourself in

According to the scenario, you will take important measures regarding a matter for the best possible outcome. 

Witnessing someone get arrested

The scenario is a good omen. Regardless of who that person in your dream is, he or she symbolizes the person you like in the real world. And the scenario is a sign that you are closer to that person than earlier. 

You arresting someone 

It means you are considering exercising your power and authority over someone.

In this case, power and authority can have either a positive or negative connotation. 

On the flip side, such a dream is also possible if you have decided to use your authority to mistreat or exploit someone. Besides, arresting someone also means you are looking down on someone. 

A criminal getting arrested

The scenario calls your attention to how you have been behaving and treating others. There’s a strong likelihood you disrespect people and treat how you please according to your mood. The scenario is warning you to change your ways for the better if it gets too late. 

A police hunt that results in an arrest

In this scenario, the hunt symbolizes your fierce struggle against obstacles in your waking life. Here, the arrest has a positive connotation. Based on the plot, you will overcome the hindrances that stand on your path and will finally be able to arrest victory. 

Seeing the police station after you got arrested

The dream denotes the law that needs to be enforced on you to straighten your attitude, behavior, and ways of thinking.

On the flip side, it may also mean you think someone around you needs severe disciplinary action.

Getting Arrested for Various Crimes

You might encounter scenarios where you are arrested for committing various crimes. Let’s see what they indicate.

Getting arrested for robbery

According to the plot, you have succumbed to greed and gluttony. Alternatively, it also means you are taking advantage of others and those concerned have noticed your genuine intentions.  

Likely, the dream occurred to forewarn you that they will not let you go by. Instead, they will ask you to change, even forcibly, if the necessity arises. 

Getting arrested for a traffic offense – 

It symbolizes a conflict. You are on your path to accomplishing something, but your surroundings are not supportive. 

On another note, the dream urges you to look deeply into your life to analyze why they stand in your path. 

Getting arrested for drugs

Though the scenario looks terrible at face value, getting arrested for drugs is a good sign. 

It shows that you are putting in the effort to get rid of your bad habits. Without a doubt, staying away from tendencies that have been with you long will be a challenge. 

Nevertheless, the dream encourages you to keep on working because a single step each day will make a huge difference later.

Getting arrested for arson

In this scenario, the arson symbolizes setting fire to your stress, anxiety and extinguishing them. Furthermore, it implies your attempts to get rid of your frustration will fail.  

Getting arrested for assault

Since the dream concerns assault, ask yourself if you have an aggressive side to you. If that is so, someone will step in and intervene. 

Arrested for murdering someone

The dream denotes your hatred for someone in your waking life. Since that individual causes you extreme stress, you want to keep a distance from that person or eliminate him or her in some cases.

Psychological Meaning of Dreams About Arrest

Psychologically, arrest dreams indicate others have snatched away your freedom to make decisions and live life at your own will. 

Biblical Dream Meaning 

From the Bible perspective, the dream implies that the universe urges you to accept the changes that are expected of you. 

Though those changes look terrible at face value, they came to you and chose you for a reason. 


Most of the time, a dream about getting arrested is usually associated with power, authority, and dominance. But sometimes, they are also associated with your real-life association with the law and authorities.