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Dream About Getting Arrested: 56 Dream Plots

Dream About Getting Arrested: 56 Dream Plots

Updated on Nov 10, 2022 | Published on Aug 31, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream About Getting Arrested 56 Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

A dream about getting arrested can be disturbing. If you take dreams seriously, the image will leave you perplexed for days. 

But contrary to general perception, such dreams are not as bad as it looks on the surface. Conversely, many of those scenarios happened to bring you back on the right path. 

We’ll find the answers to those questions soon. But only after we acquaint you with a general idea of what arrest dreams signify!

Dream About Getting Arrested - 56 Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings
Dream About Getting Arrested – 56 Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Being Arrested?

A dream about getting arrested signifies your powerlessness and loss of freedom. It may also mean someone in your circle wants to exercise his or her power over you or vice-versa. 

Generally, someone arresting you in a dream symbolizes your helplessness in a situation or changes in the foreseeable future – changes you would be coerced to comply with. 

Such dreams could also be warning you to take precautions because a disgraceful or evil deed you performed in the past is likely to resurface soon. Some dreamers see the image of themselves getting arrested after the revelation of the truth. 

From another point of view, such dreams are also closely associated with the injustice you feel in your waking life.

Dreams of arrest often occur in the sleeping state of people who wronged others or did something unethical in the past – not to scare them but to let them know that nothing goes unnoticed. And that most of the time, people get back what they gave once – good for good and evil for evil. 

Arrest dreams are also often related to your mental instability. 

If you have done anything wrong or immoral earlier, the dream may mean you are ready to take the fall of your actions. 

Sometimes such dreams are merely a reflection of the bad days you are going through. 

According to the dream books of Vanga, dreaming of an arrest means someone will entrust you with a huge secret.

Dream Meaning of Being Arrested: Dream Symbols

1. Guilty Feelings

You feel guilty about something you did in the past. 

Perhaps you intentionally broke your grandma’s glasses in a fit of rage, and now it pains you to see her struggling to read the paper. 

2. Changes

Many of us live by the saying, “Change is the only constant”, but the world is not without people who detest change. They resist with all their might to remain where they are.

If you are one such person who considers changes ‘despicable’, your dream of getting arrested may be reminding you that transformations are inevitable and even advisable at some points in life. 

3. Powerlessness

None of us in this universe can have everything we want. You know that better! 

Even the most powerful person has to live with longings. 

For example, let’s say you own everything money can buy. But that doesn’t mean you can buy the love of someone who has no feelings for you. 

Okay! Unless he or she is a gold digger, you would be powerless, despite your possessions.

4. Lack of freedom

If you watch movies and drama series often, you probably know what it means to get arrested. With hands cuffed together and a policeman beside, that person is denied the freedom to move as he or she pleased. 

From that perspective, arrest dreams stand for a lack of freedom. 

Do you feel your parents, partner, or close ones have stripped you of your independence?

5. You feel restrained

Arrest dreams may mean the environment, society, or law restraints you from being your genuine self. Sometimes it may be related to your feelings, sexuality, etc. 

6. Stuck in a situation

Let’s go back to the scenario above. 

When a person is arrested and dumped into a prison cell, his or her pleas for release will fall on deaf ears until someone bails him or her out. Till his or her innocence is proven, or someone comes for him or her, that person is stuck, for days, weeks, and even months. 

Considering that, such a scenario surfacing in your dream may indicate you are stuck in a particular situation. 

7. Injustice

Arrest dreams are also related to injustice. If you believe someone is being unfair to you, you will likely dream of yourself getting arrested. 

8. Rebellion

Arrest dreams are also associated with feelings of rebellion. 

Is there anything you don’t want to submit to in your waking life? 

Maybe you don’t want to give in to your partner who believes women must stay at home and look after the house? 

Or perhaps you are revolting against a century-old tradition you believe is logically and morally wrong?

9. Restoration of order

Before an offender gets caught by the concerned people, he or she causes trouble and chaotic situations once in a while. But once arrested and kept in custody, he or she has no power to create trouble until he breaks free. 

From that scenario, such a dreamscape is also related to the restoration of order and peace.

10. Good luck and wish fulfillment

Interestingly, dreams of arrest also signify a stroke of increased luck. If you dig deeper into the article, you will find that some scenarios foretell promising times between you and the person you like. 

Dream Of Being Arrested: Which Role Did You Play?

Most of the time, you will either be the arrested or the arrestee in your dream about the arrest. This should be the first thing you find before you start the interpretation as the meaning will hugely depend on this. 

1. The person arrested in the dream

If you were the person arrested in the dream, the most widely accepted interpretation is that you lack freedom in your life. It also indicates someone around, possibly an influential person is forcing you to submit to him or her.

2. You arrested someone in the dream

Most scenarios wherein you arrest others reflect your negative traits. 

Perhaps you are taking unfair advantage of someone. 

Are you mooching off the resources of others?

Are you unloading all of your tedious responsibilities to that person?

The dream may also mean you are more possessive than necessary and give a hard time to your people trying to fit into your wants. 

Dream About Getting Arrested: 56 Dream Scenarios & Their Meanings

1. A dream of getting arrested

It is crucial to recall your feelings within the dream. 

Were you okay, though not happy when whoever it is arrested you in your dream? Did you comply with that person because you admit to your wrongdoing? 

Or did you resist because you believed you were wrongly accused of something you didn’t even do?

In the first instance, the scenario may mean you admit your misdeeds in the waking world and are ready to face the consequences. 

On the flip side, resisting an arrest means someone or something has forced you to do something you detest.

Maybe your partner enrolled you in a fitness class 3 times a week when all you want to do is lay on the couch and watch movies all day long. 

Someone arresting you in a dream also means you believe someone is unfair to you.  

Has your superior overlooked your skills and promoted your colleague you think is not qualified for the post? 

2. Arrested for self-reliance in a dream

According to the plot, you have a secret mentally weighing you down. You desire to share it with someone and free yourself of the burden. 

3. Getting arrested for robbery in a dream

According to the plot, you have succumbed to greed and gluttony. Around the time you have this dream, observe your eating habits and see if you are gorging on food most times of the day. 

If the above interpretation fits into your real-life situations, find out the reason behind your abnormal habits. Chances are, your constant munching is an adverse effect of stress. 

Getting arrested for stealing also means you are taking advantage of others. And those concerned have noticed your genuine intentions. 

Likely, the dream occurred to forewarn you that they will not let you go by. Instead, they will ask you to change, even forcibly, if the necessity arises. 

4. A dream of getting arrested for a traffic offense

Have you ever dreamt of getting arrested for speeding or driving a car without a license?

Then, it symbolizes a conflict. You are on your path to accomplishing something, but your surroundings are not supportive. Be it regarding work, relationships, or personal affairs, you don’t receive the motivation and support you seek. 

On another note, the dream urges you to look deeply into your life. Why do you think they stand in your path? 

5. Getting arrested for drugs in a dream

Though the scenario looks terrible at face value, getting arrested for drugs is a good sign. 

It shows that you are putting in the effort to get rid of your bad habits. Without a doubt, staying away from tendencies that have been with you long will be a challenge. 

Nevertheless, the dream encourages you to keep on working. A single step each day will make a huge difference later.

6. Dreaming of getting arrested for arson

In this scenario, the arson symbolizes setting fire to your stress, anxiety and extinguishing them. In the dream, as you were arrested for committing arson, it implies your attempts to get rid of your frustration will fail.  

7. A dream of getting arrested for assault

Since the dream concerns assault, ask yourself if you have an aggressive side to you. If that is so, someone will step in and intervene. 

8. Arrested for murdering someone a dream

The dream denotes your hatred for someone in your waking life. Since that individual causes you extreme stress, you want to keep a distance from that person or eliminate him or her in some cases.

9. Police arresting you in a dream

The scenario stands for your conflicting feelings regarding a matter. 

Let’s say, you want to leave your current job as you see no scope for growth there. 

On the other hand, another voice in your mind may be telling you to stay, considering the dearth of jobs in the market. In the end, you may give in to the voice and cling on to the job though that is the last thing you want. 

On another note, police may arrest you in your dream if you have unintentionally violated rules in the real world and the consequence forcibly laid on you. 

It is common to dream of police arresting you if you are in a struggle to break yourself free from intoxicants. 

10. Dreaming of police trying to arrest you for a crime you didn’t commit

According to the plot, there is someone or a group of people around you that wants to prove their authority over you. 

Perhaps you are in conflict with your superior over a project and want you to submit to his or her opinion as you are his or her subordinate. 

Positively, the dream indicates you will win against your enemies.

11. A policeman arresting you unjustly in a dream

The scenario indicates the rejection of your loved ones, who should support you when you land in trouble.

12. A dream of getting arrested at a crowded place

According to the scenario, you will successfully break free from your fears. 

13. Dreaming that you got arrested and handcuffed

To dream of getting arrested and handcuffed means you feel restricted in the real world. 

The scenario also implies that you feel fidgety and restless about something. 

Likely you did something bad earlier, got away with it, and buried the whole matter. Though times have passed, the event still weighs on your conscience because you are apprehensive that people have found out about it, though they say nothing to you. 

Each of their words sounds like an indirect accusation to you.

The scenario is associated with control and domination. You believe that someone around you is unfair by snatching away the power and authority you have over your life. 

14. A police officer arresting and handcuffing you in a dream

The scenario is related to your lack of freedom. The police officer in your dreamscape symbolizes an authoritative person who has complete control over you. There’s a strong possibility that he or she decides every single thing for you. 

Figure out if anyone is acting similarly to you in your waking life. Whoever that person is and whatever his or her intentions are, you should stop yourself from playing puppet at the hands of others, especially if you are mature enough to be accountable for your life and decisions. 

15. To dream of a civilian arresting and handcuffing you

According to the plot, you have committed a few mistakes in the past. Though times have passed, you are unable to move on from it because someone around you reminds you of those misdeeds again and again. 

If the dream interpretation holds for you, you can help yourself by maintaining a distance from the past. 

Past and the actions that happened earlier are important. They can be your stepping stone to a wiser self. But they shouldn’t be dug into again and again. 

16. Dreaming that you were arrested and handcuffed to something in a dream 

The scenario reflects your love and loyalty for your loved ones. Further, the dreamscape indicates you would not hesitate to give up something you love if it goes against the wishes of your loved ones.

For instance, if your parents disapprove of the girl or the boy you have been dating for years, you will ultimately break up with him or her to please your loving parents. 

17. Dreaming that you were struggling to remove the handcuffs from your hands after getting arrested. 

Something binds you from being yourself in one sphere of life, and the dream reflects you are battling to break free from it. 

18. Dreaming of getting arrested and going to jail

According to the plot, you will likely get betrayed by a person you trust. 

On the other hand, it means you have submitted to the changes that are ‘forced’ on you and have succumbed to the consequences. 

19. Resisting arrest in a dream

To interpret the dream, you must first recall the nature of the arrest. Did you resist it despite your guilt, or did you resist the arrest because you were innocent in the dream?

Generally, a dream of resisting arrest means you are fighting something in the real world.

20. Dreaming of running away to avoid arrest

Based on the plot, you are trying your utmost not to accept the things and situations you don’t like.

On the other hand, the dream indicates your good luck, fortune, and ability to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. 

The scenario also implies now is a good time to resolve conflicts with yourself or with others, if you have any. 

21. Dreaming of getting arrested but escaping

According to the plot, others have succeeded in their attempts to force you to accept something. Despite your hatred for the new changes, you stand facing it. But you still desire to abandon and run away from it.

22. Dreaming of turning yourself in

According to the scenario, you will take important measures regarding a matter for the best possible outcome. 

23. Dreaming of an arrest warrant

The scenario can be taken as a warning if the interpretation fits into your circumstances. 

Are you toying with an idea to do something you shouldn’t, knowing fully well that you will suffer consequences? 

If yes, the dream is again reminding you of what you will go through if you do something not expected of you. 

24. Accepting an arrest warrant in a dream

Accepting an arrest warrant in a dream indicates you have made an extremely important decision concerning a matter. 

25. A dream of someone getting arrested/Dream of police arresting someone

Seeing someone get arrested in a dream means you consider yourself to be above others at all times. You believe yourself to be right most of the time. Because of that, you hardly give others’ opinions and thoughts a chance.

26. Dreaming of witnessing someone get arrested

The scenario is a good omen. Regardless of who that person in your dream is, he or she symbolizes the person you like in the real world. And the scenario is a sign that you are closer to that person than earlier. 

27. Someone else getting arrested and handcuffed in a dream

The scenario occurred to let you know that you should learn to be self-reliant. 

Perhaps you counted on someone to help you out of a situation to see them back off dumping the whole matter on you at the last moment. 

28. Witnessing police arrest someone in your dream 

In this scenario, the ‘someone’ symbolizes you, the police stands for ill-wishers who will sabotage you in the foreseeable future, and ‘you’ who witnessed the scene stands for a third party. 

According to the plot, your enemies will be successful in their attempt to cause you harm. But in the end, the third party who witnessed the arrest in the dream will step in and help you. 

29. A person you know getting arrested in a dream 

Based on the plot, you will receive help and support from your close ones.

On another note, it means you don’t allow yourself to be easily influenced by others. 

Ask yourself who that person is and how you see him or her. Sometimes, that person may symbolize you. 

According to other dream analysts, dreaming of someone you know getting arrested means you disapprove of one of their qualities or habits. In case, he or she symbolizes you, it means you possess a negative trait you dislike. 

Also, try to recall the reason why he or she got arrested. That will give a hint to the trait you dislike (in case that person symbolizes you). 

30. One of your family members getting arrested in a dream

Dreams and their interpretations are complex and confusing. And the scenario here is an example. 

Though the person getting arrested is a family member, the interpretation shows you are the one in trouble. And you are seeking help or counting on that particular person to pull you out of your problems.  

For instance, if you dream of your mother getting arrested, it may be because you need her help around the house as it’s getting too much for you. 

Conversely, the dream also shows you are too caught up in your own world and affairs that you have neglected your family. 

31. Dreaming of your boyfriend getting arrested

Though the interpretation can go any direction depending on the elements and other details present in the scenario, it generally means a break up in the works. There’s a strong likelihood it’s because of something your boyfriend did in the past. 

The dream further indicates dishonesty and secrecy between the two of you. 

It may also reflect your apprehension about some of his activities, which could be something base or something you do not simply approve of. 

However, the interpretation of the scenario isn’t always bad or unpleasant. Sometimes, it simply implies you are concerned about him.  

32. Dreaming that your husband got arrested 

The scenario implies you are suspicious of his activities. 

Such dreams are common for women who share unhealthy relationships with their husbands. The scenario is a reflection of anxious feelings about their partnership in this case. 

33. A friend getting arrested in a dreamscape

The scenario can be interpreted from various perspectives. 

In the first case, it implies you do not trust your friend. On the other hand, it may mean you will receive some help from him or her. 

34. Dreaming of your acquaintance getting arrested

If you dream of an acquaintance in real life getting arrested in a dream, it means that person has done something terrible, and the scenario reflects your disgust over the matter. 

35. Someone you hate getting arrested in a dream

The scenario reflects the hatred you have for that person. It also hints at an evil desire to exert authority and snatch away that person’s freedom.

36. A dream of a stranger getting arrested

According to the dream books of Miller, dreaming of a stranger getting arrested symbolizes failure due to wrong decisions.

37. Dreaming of a refined-looking stranger getting arrested

As per the plot, you long for a transformation in your life. The change could be associated with your personal or professional life. 

However, instead of going ahead with your plans, the fear of failure will hinder you from executing them. 

On the flip side, if that person fought back and resisted the arrest, you will proceed with your plans, despite the insecurities. 

38. Dreaming of a criminal getting arrested

The scenario calls your attention to how you have been behaving and treating others.

There’s a strong likelihood you disrespect people and treat how you please according to your mood. The scenario is warning you to change your ways for the better if it gets too late. 

39. Dreaming of others resisting arrest

The scenario of seeing others resist arrest in a dream brings good luck for you. 

If there’s anything you want to do in your life, you should start it now as the chances of it succeeding are high. 

40. Dreaming that someone got released after he or she was arrested 

If you dream of the above scenario, chances are, you are not faring well in your waking life. 

But the dream brings good news. You are optimistic and have managed to remain so, despite your circumstances. And the dream indicates you will find a way out of your present troubles like how you have done in the past.

41. You arresting someone in a dream

To see a scenario of yourself arresting someone in a dream means you are considering exercising your power and authority over someone.

In this case, power and authority can have either a positive or negative connotation. 

Let’s say you are a teacher who likes to treat your students as your equal. You hate to impose punishments and prefer to teach them their due moral lessons in a more gentle manner. But if you notice they are getting out of hand, you may start to think of playing by the rules. 

On the flip side, such a dream is also possible if you have decided to use your authority to mistreat or exploit someone.

Arresting someone also means you are looking down on someone. 

Have you deliberately made someone feel inferior and unworthy?

42. To dream of yourself as a police officer and arresting someone in a dream

Due to laziness or inability, you are dumping your roles and responsibilities to others. 

43. Dreaming of arresting your family

In your dream, if you arrest a family member, it means the two of you will have a common opinion about a matter. 

44. Dreaming of arresting your favorite celebrity

To dream of arresting your favorite celebrity reflects your desire to be with that person. 

45. Dreaming of arresting someone and putting handcuffs on him or her

The scenario highlights one of your negative personality traits. 

You judge a book by its cover. You always take the easy route and believe everything you hear instead of giving time and listening to both sides of the story.

And because of that you often fall prey to manipulative people. 

46. Dreaming of handcuffing a person to someone or something

The interpretation of this dream isn’t positive. The scenario reflects your over possessiveness. 

Likely that arises from receiving little love and attention in the past. You hate to see your people – parents, siblings, friends, and partners, hanging out with other people. You want them all to yourself, and the sight of them chatting, laughing, and having a good time with others annoy you. 

47. A dream of a police hunt that results in an arrest

In this scenario, the hunt symbolizes your fierce struggle against obstacles in your waking life. Here, the arrest has a positive connotation. Based on the plot, you will overcome the hindrances that stand on your path and will finally be able to arrest victory. 

48. Dreaming of seeing the police station after you got arrested

The dream denotes the law that needs to be enforced on you to straighten your attitude, behavior, and ways of thinking.

On the flip side, it may also mean you think someone around you needs severe disciplinary action.

49. A dream of coming to prison after getting arrested

The dream denotes joining hands with others for something – business partnership, team project, or even marriage. 

50. Dreaming of a false arrest

The dream signifies someone’s unfair treatment of you. 

51. Dreaming of a mass arrest

The dream signifies unresolved issues and conflicts. 

52. Dream of house arrest

According to the plot, fear of messing up and not achieving something is stopping you from taking a particular plan into action. 

Sometimes, it can also be other people stopping you due to a lack of trust in your abilities.

53. Dreaming of a cardiac arrest

The scenario foretells an unpleasant event that will likely leave you heartbroken. Perhaps an unforeseen break-up or the death of a loved one. 

Dream About Getting Arrested: Different Dreamers

54. A man dreaming of himself as a policeman and arresting a thief

You will be able to win someone’s heart in waking life. 

Perhaps the woman you have been wooing for years will reciprocate your feelings.

55. A woman dreaming of her partner getting arrested

Based on the plot, dream books hinted at the presence of a third party, possibly a mistress of the partner in question, if a woman sees the above scenario in her dream.

56. A woman dreaming of the police arresting and taking away a stranger

Likely, the dreamer will receive a marriage proposal in the foreseeable future. 

Psychological Meaning of Dreams About Arrest

Psychologically, arrest dreams indicate others have snatched away your freedom to make decisions and live life at your own will. 

Spiritual Meaning of Arrest Dreams

From the spiritual perspective, arrest dreams indicate you are in an environment that does not support you. In fact, those around want to want to control you and decide each of your steps. 

Such dreams also foretell changes you have no desire to accept.

Biblical Meaning Of Dreaming Of Being Arrested

From the Bible perspective, to dream of getting arrested implies the universe urges you to accept the changes that are expected of you. 

Though those changes look terrible at face value, they came to you and chose you for a reason. 

Dream About Getting Arrested: Dream Examples

1. A person had recurring dreams of being falsely detained by the police.

In waking life, the dreamer, an African-American, was always fearful of the police. Time and again, he was stopped, searched, and detained without reason. 

In this case, the dream is a projection of the dreamer’s fear. He feels that a lot like him suffers unjustly at the hands of cops. He also believed that many men like him behind bars were falsely accused. 

Possible Reasons Why You Dream Of Getting Arrested

Though the possibilities are endless, these are some of the most common reasons why you dreamt of an arrest.

  1. You have violated the law in real life.
  2. Soon, something will happen to hinder your progress. 
  3. Someone is pushing you around, forcing you to do things you detest. 
  4. You are exercising excessive power over others. 
  5. You have done something – morally and ethically wrong. 
  6. Others do not take you seriously. 
  7. You have an aversion for the law and police.
  8. Someone ditched you at the last moment. 
  9. You are having relationship problems at the moment. 
  10. It may also mean you are about to be victorious. 
  11. You take unfair advantage of others. 

Ask These Few Questions If You Dream About Getting Arrested

Before decoding any dream, it is crucial to ask yourself several questions regarding the particular dream. Having a clear answer to the questions will help you narrow down the possibilities of why you had the dream. 

  1. Which one were you, the arrested or the arrestee?
  2. Where did the arrest happen? At your home, on the street, etc.
  3. Did you comply with the request, or did you try resisting?
  4. If you dream of someone getting arrested, who was it? Was it someone you know in the waking world? 
  5. How did the event make you feel within the dream?


Most of the time, a dream about getting arrested is usually associated with power, authority, and dominance. But sometimes, they are also associated with your real-life association with the law and authorities.