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Do Dreams About Rape Foretell Sexual Assault And Harassment?

Do Dreams About Rape Foretell Sexual Assault And Harassment?

Updated on Jan 05, 2023 | Published on Jun 28, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreams about Rape 82 Scenarios & Their Meanings

You screamed, cried for help, and pleaded for mercy, but in vain! Alas, you got raped by the creepy-looking stranger in a deserted barn, somewhere in the suburbs! The mere mention of the spectacle probably sends chills down your spine. It’s terrifying to imagine the heinous scene.

However, do not let the spectacle convince you into believing that something as such might happen in reality. Dreams about rape are common themes and anyone can dream of it at any point in his or her life.

But what could they mean, and how are they related to your life? Do they foretell similarly unpleasant encounters that would soon happen? No. Dreaming of rape doesn’t mean you’d fall victim to such an incident.

To help you interpret your rape dreams accurately, we’re going to dig into many of dream scenes related to molesting and raping. But before that, let’s see what such dreams signify in a broad sense.

Dreams about Rape - 82 Scenarios & Their Meanings
Dreams about Rape – 82 Scenarios & Their Meanings

Rape Dream Meaning : General Interpretation

Often, rape and assault dreams are associated with power and control. Either you want to exercise your influence over a person or thing, or someone controls you, and you wish to break free. They may even stand for repressed emotions, potential threats, disgrace, or sexual problems.

As per Freud’s study, dreams symbolize unconscious or repressed thoughts, desires, and longings, and his concept is well-supported by the Dream Rebound Effect or Repressed Memory. 

And accordingly, psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud said rape dreams reflect the repressed sexual desires of the dreamer in the waking world. Through dream images, the dreamer fulfills his secret and forbidden longings harmlessly. So, your rape dreams could stand for the desires that nag your subconscious from time to time.

Such dreams also have a lot to do with power play. According to the context and real-life circumstances, the plot may mean another person dominates and has full control over you. The interpretations may flip if you were the aggressor in the dream.

Rape dreams could also happen if you have problems in your waking life that needs immediate resolution. Are you too meek and submissive to others in reality? Or are you relying on someone who’s seemingly using you while pretending to help you in other ways?

Such dreams may also mean some people in your waking life are an absolute hindrance to you. Sometimes, rape dreams are a harbinger of impending trouble. Perhaps your haters teamed up to destroy you. 

Though rare, dreams of someone raping you or sexually assaulting you could mean a person you know acts inappropriately with you. The scenario doesn’t foretell anything as terrifying as the dream scene but just for your own safety and peace of mind, stay away from such people, if there are any in your life. 

According to the dream book of Nostrodamus, rape dreams are a warning to stay from immoral or suspicious people. If matters get worse, you could even fall victim to financial fraud.

Rape Dream Symbolism

1. Success

Interestingly, rape dreams sometimes foretell success. Chances are, your life goals that seem too bleak once are working out exactly how you want them to. 

2. Loss of Control

According to the dream books of Gordon Miller, dreams that include scenes of rape and assault can be a reflection of you losing control in various spheres of your life. 

For example, you may encounter dream scenarios wherein you wished to be raped or assaulted. Such dream images are an indication that you feel overwhelmed and unable to keep things under control. And you desperately want someone to help you out. 

3. Lack of Empathy

Had aggressors shown a little empathy towards the victims; assaults, and rapes would never have happened. When you dream of such heinous scenes, it implies either you or others in your life have no sense of empathy and regard for the other party.

4. Repressed Emotions and Feelings

In the dream books of Vanga, dream imagery of raping symbolizes resentment and vengeful feelings towards someone. Are you in conflict with a close one?

Perhaps he or she messed up big time, but you held back your rage. However hard you ignore your resentment, your subconscious couldn’t deny the fact that he or she dragged you into trouble. 

Such repressed anger and frustration are likely to take form in your dream as you raping or assaulting someone.

5. Threats and Pride

Is anyone forcing you to indulge in sexual activities? That could also be a reason behind the creepy dreams. 

During Queen Victoria’s era, rape was associated with pride. From that perspective, “If a woman dreams of being raped, it indicates that somebody close to her will threaten her pride“, stated Dr. Gregory.

6. Desires To Be Conquered

It may also mean you secretly wish someone to overpower you. Perhaps you find controlling partners attractive!

7. Violation and Powerlessness

Is someone too friendly with you? Perhaps he or she is using you. And though you are aware of the whole thing but you are unable to speak out. 

Someone might even have forced you to do something against your will. Perhaps your superior compelled you, a non-drinker, to drink in front of the executives. The situation probably left you feeling vulnerable, exploited, humiliated, and ashamed of yourself.

Because you went against your principles, you feel pathetic. And the inability to do anything enrages you.

Sometimes dreams related to assault could reflect exasperation as those supposed to support you violate and rob you of your freedom in real life.

8. Disclosure

Since an aggressor forcibly exposes the victim’s body during a rape, such dreams may also stand for a revelation. A secret you wish nobody to know may have come out in the open recently. 

9. Exploitation 

There are times when we know someone is exploiting us but choose to remain quiet about it. 

For instance, exploitation at work is a common scenario in present-day workplaces, but most keep silent about it, afraid of losing their jobs. 

Likewise, if you think someone is exploiting and mishandling you, you will probably dream of a rape scene. And in this case, you will usually dream of yourself as the spectator because you keep mum despite the unfair actions in real life. 

10. Vulnerability 

Rape dreams are common if you are in a defenseless state in your waking life. By the end of the article, we have included an example of how a woman in a vulnerable situation encountered one of the most horrifying dreams associated with abuse and assault. 

11. Risky Situations

You may dream of rape and assault if you are in real-life circumstances that pose a risk to you. It could be anything – from something sexual to otherwise. For the details, you need to probe into the supporting images present in the scenario.

12. Humiliation and Fear

Let’s assume you are a woman. Has anyone, particularly a man, called you ‘Bitch’ or something of that nature? How did you feel?

Possibly enraged, humiliated, and perhaps fearful. The word might have left you wondering if that’s how men see you. Those could be some reasons behind a man raping you in your dreams.

If a group of ladies screams out the word to you, you would likely dream of yourself as a victim of gang rape. Does that mean every gang rape carries the above interpretation? No. You can dream of the same if your haters are ganging up on you for whatever reason.

Moreover, it is possible to dream of abuse and assault if you fear such experiences in reality.

13. Loss of Reputation

Several cultures embraced the ‘sex after marriage’ concept, which encouraged people to stay a virgin until marriage. Those who violate such norms are usually detested and tagged as impure. So, under such cultural norms, even rape “victims” are categorized as immoral.

Considering such cultural associations, dreaming of a rape scene could mean your reputation will dwindle and suffer a setback. Regardless of who did the damage, you will suffer the aftermath.

14. Force

To have his or her way with the victim, a rapist uses force. If you dream of such scenarios, it means either you or someone around is going against the socially and legally accepted norms to get something. Often, it is after failing to accomplish your desires via the proper channel. 

For example: Bribing your teacher for an A after you have repeatedly failed the Math test.

You may also dream of a rape scene if you feel tempted to commit anything socially shunned.

15. Crossing Boundaries

Someone around you disregards your boundaries and is crossing lines. On the flip side, it could be you doing the same to someone.

16. Betrayal

In all likelihood, someone you trust and have opened up to will stab you in the back. It is especially true if you were the rape victim and not the other way around. 

17. Reflection of Your Thoughts

Rape dreams also reflect your thought process. Do you desire to indulge in intimate activities with someone you know in real life? Then, probably, you would see yourself raping that person in your dreams. 

18. Repressed Sexual Desires

Have you been repressing desires in your waking life? On several occasions, rape dreams represent such urges finding a way out through dream images.

19. Resentment Towards The Opposite Sex

In your dream, if someone raped you or was about to, the dream scenario highlights your vengeful feelings towards the opposing gender.

Are you unintentionally attracting the attention of the other sex? Has it led you to look upon them as intrusive? Are you despising them for wanting you because that is the least you want in your life? If most of your answers to the questions above are yes, those resentful feelings are the reason behind your rape dream.

20. Taken Advantage Of

If you feel someone is using you to fulfill his sexual desires, you’re likely to have a rape dream. Perhaps your partner has an ulterior motive in asking you out. Do you think he or she genuinely loves you? You know better!

21. Revenge

A woman dreamt of her rapist repairing a car. In the dreamscape, she pulled out a gun and shot him several times.

What can you make of the dreamscape? Revenge! The woman here is a rape survivor. When the incident happened, it wasn’t her but her friend’s brother who reported the rape case to the police. 

The fact that she did nothing to the man who ruined her life nags at her constantly. The feelings of helplessness, wanting to seek revenge but not knowing how to keep her chained to the disturbing experience. So, the dream was a manifestation of her seeking revenge on her rapist.

22. Sexual Problems

Dreams associated with sexual assault are possible if you presently face problems related to intimacy in your daily life. Perhaps lack of bedroom activities and gratification is stressing you out. Rape dreams are also possible if you have a fear of STDs.

23. Pregnancy

According to some interpreters, a rape-associated dream stands for pregnancy. Perhaps you are in the middle of unwanted pregnancy and have no desire to raise a child.

24. OCD

Some people reported dreaming of disgusting scenes including rape and assault. A careful analysis of their dreams revealed that they have chronic OCD. In their case, the absolute detest for filth, and anything dirty invokes the ugly scenes.

It’s crucial to be clear of your role in the dream. The reason behind your dream scenes may lie there. Let’s have a quick look into what experts say about each role.

Dreams about Rape : What Does Your Role Say About Your Life?


When you dream of yourself as a victim of a rape incident, the scenario reflects how people treat you. Or how they humiliate, torment, and exploit you. 

Recall if the aggressor showed his or her face/ identity to you. In case he or she did not, it is a sign that those individuals messing around with you, in reality, make it look like they have a normal relationship with you.

A quick observation of how they speak to you will never reveal their exploitative sides. But how they treat you when no one else is around, shows their genuine personality. Or it could also mean they misuse you without making it evident, even to you. 

Now, you must be thinking, “Why on earth did you dream of that scene?”. The reality of others manipulating you to their advantage bothers you, though you may deny it. And your subconscious state yearns to reclaim back the power you had thrown away.


“The worst dream I ever had was when I had sex with someone against their will. I can’t remember who it was — the face kept changing — but I woke up feeling ashamed.”

You could dream of raping someone if you are furious at a particular person. Often, the individual you rape in the dream represents the concerned person. But in almost every case, the face of the victim wouldn’t be discernible. 

In case you have recurring dreams of assaulting another person, you must probe into your existing relationships. Find out who you are resentful towards and talk it out with him or her. You could also dream of the same if a recent incident still has you distressed or shocked. In that case, the dream may mean you are trying to come to terms with it. 

Being the aggressor in a dream is also about power. You are tired of abiding by the rules and laws of others and want to set some of your own. You desire to be more assertive and take charge rather than letting others control you.

Spectator/ Passers-by/ Witness

Sometimes I dream that I’ve witnessed a sexual assault, and I don’t do anything about it. It’s horrible.”

It may reflect your conscious mind trying to bridge a gap between the past traumatizing experiences and the present. You could also dream of yourself as a witness of a rape scene if you encountered someone manipulating another person lately.

Dreams about Rape : 82 Scenarios & Their Meanings

1. Dreams about being raped/ dreams about getting raped

You cater to the needs of anyone and everyone around. Not because they seek your help, but because you want gratification and return of favors. So, according to the dream, you help others not out of genuine affection but for your benefit.

It may also be an indication that misunderstandings will brew up between you and someone. But, it’s nothing to worry about because the problem won’t persist for long.

2. Witnessing a rape scene in a dream

The two people involved here represent your two opposing personality traits. The spectacle of raping or forced sex means one of your traits forcing itself on the other to adapt to real-life circumstances. 

For example: Assume that you are always a chatty person, regardless of the company. Would you let that aspect of yours surface in a boardroom amongst the higher authorities at your workplace? Without a doubt, you would suppress your urge to chatter.

If you are on bad terms with someone you love due to a misunderstanding, that’s one possible reason behind the spectacle. If you recognize the victim then, there’s a high chance you want control over that person. 

For young adults, the scenario could have a different interpretation. Given your age, you certainly are curious and doubtful of everything and anything. You might even wonder why you were born in the first place. Such states of mind may also cause rape dreams. 

3. Dreaming of seeing a gang rape on the street

If you are in a team, especially related to your career, be cautious of how you talk and act to the other team members. The dream warns you of trouble brewing amongst teammates. And you surely don’t want to be a part of it because of your carelessness or inconsideration.

4. Dreaming of a pedophile raping someone

The dream highlights the need for you to help your near ones, especially those in trouble. 

5. Dreaming of someone assaulting a child sexually

You are going to lose a person you genuinely care about. It could be losing him/her to death or a breakup due to a misunderstanding.

6. Dreaming of someone raping a young girl

In real life, you want to have authority over others. But the dream indicates you aren’t in a position, elevated enough to exercise influence over others, and that irritates you.

7. Dreaming of a stranger getting raped

A distant relative is literally playing with his or her life, getting involved in risky matters. And you can’t help but worry about his or her well-being.

8. Someone raping your sister in a dream

The dream predicts quality time with your immediate family. In all likelihood, you’ll go on a family trip. 

9. Your friend getting raped in your dream

It symbolizes competition. Your rivals, determined to defeat you, would charge, armed with everything they possibly could find. 

On some occasions, it means a person close to you will soon fall victim to a fraud or an unfortunate event. The dream may also be warning you of your friend’s imminent danger. If that friend is similar to you in gender, age, and various other aspects, chances are, he/she symbolizes you. That means you are in danger. 

According to the dream context, the scenario could also reflect your failing relationship with a friend. Perhaps the two of you have been too busy to catch up with each other. Take the dream as an opportunity to rebuild and nurture the friendship before you completely lose him/her.

10. Someone raping your lover in a dream

The dream, in general, represents your feelings towards the opposite sex. It may also stand for resentment towards your partner as you sense your self-esteem getting challenged in the relationship.

11. Dreaming that your wife got raped

The dream indicates some changes. However, the spectacle does not specify the details. But most likely, those changes are going to ruin a good part of your life.

12. Someone raping your daughter in a dream

If you have a young daughter and dream of the same, it symbolizes your fears and insecurities. You cannot possibly take care of your child forever. You must let her go out into the world to fend for herself at some point in her life. And the dream indicates you are trying to do that, despite your fears.

However, not all experts have the same view. According to some, it symbolizes her forthcoming wedding.

13. A dream wherein your acquaintance assaulted someone

You will encounter a person soon, and he or she’ll likely help you get out of your complicated situations.

14. Your husband raping someone in a dream

The scenario symbolizes a misunderstanding between you and your partner. It is in no way, over a serious matter. According to the plot, if the two of you sit down for a heart-to-heart talk, you’ll resolve all the misunderstandings between you.

15. Dreaming of your husband raping a daughter’s friend

The victim in this scenario will likely get into trouble soon, and you may need to help him or her. But why did you dream of your husband raping him or her? Will he be the reason behind his or her trouble? No. 

The involvement of your husband means you have been questioning yourself about his recent behavior. And you can’t help but be skeptical. Perhaps he is hanging out with people you don’t and couldn’t trust. 

In some cases, it means the trust and understanding between the two of you are wearing off. 

16. A dream where you were afraid of getting raped

The dream brings your attention to your lack of strength and confidence in real life.

17. Someone threatening to rape you in your dream

According to the plot, you suffer from depression.

18. Kidnapped and raped in a dream

Getting kidnapped in a dream may mean you are overwhelmed by responsibilities you think are too much for you to handle. You desire to be free from such obligations.

On the other hand, ‘rape’ in dreams may symbolize a misfortune. So, connecting the dots, the dreamscape could be warning you to take care of your tasks in time to avoid getting into deep trouble. 

19. Getting drugged and raped in a dream

You’ll soon face some of the most challenging situations a person can ever encounter. Amidst the difficult times, you’d lose your confidence and the motivation to keep going.

Your feelings of hopelessness and despair will further aggravate the circumstances and make your life around this time much worse. 

20. Someone chasing and raping you in a dream

The dream is representative of the complexities you face in your everyday life. If someone chased and raped you in your dream, it means someone has control over you.

On the other hand, if you manage to escape, you will overcome the daily hurdles.

21. Dreams about being molested 

The dream of someone molesting you is generally associated with obstacles. However blocked you feel in your life and career pursuits, the dream scene advises you not to give up on your goals.

22. Getting raped by a same-sex person in your dream

Here again, it is about power and control. In any situation, if you feel you are being taken advantage of, do not hesitate to speak out.

23. A dream about getting rapped by a person you know in real 

In that case, either you or the other person is experiencing feelings of losing control.

24. A friend forcing you into sexual activities with him or her

That person will likely give you a special gift.

25. Someone touching you inappropriately in a dream

Clearly, someone is testing you by attempting to cross the boundaries. Someone in your life may be sharing matters and incidents that do not concern you. Or, to be specific, personal matters and stories only meant for his/her partner’s ears.

26. Dream of being sexually assaulted meaning

If you dream of suffering sexual assault at the hands of someone in a dream, it reflects your anxiety and apprehension. Perhaps you found out that you are in an unplanned pregnancy. You can also get sexually assaulted in a dream plot if you fear getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease in real life.

It may also mean you find your sex life a bit too boring and structured. Do you want it to be a bit more fun than it is presently?

27. Dreaming that your family member sexually assaulted you

You seek help and protection from others in real life. It is imperative to analyze the relationship you share with the person in your dream for an accurate interpretation.

28. Your family member raping you in your dream

As per the plot, it seems like your family controls every aspect of your life. 

On the other hand,it may also mean you need and therefore must ask for their protection.

According to some dream books, family rape reflects such real-life horrendous events. It doesn’t necessarily mean actual incest going on in the family. But it may symbolize violence and abuses happening within your domestic sphere. 

Sometimes, interpretations of family rape have nothing to do with your family. In such cases, it means you want someone’s help to get you out of a difficult situation. And perhaps you think your family can do it for you.

29. Raped by a relative in a dream

Expect troubles, fights, and misunderstandings within the family. If you are a woman, you will likely get into trouble with your in-laws. 

30. Dreaming of your husband raping you

Just because it happened in a dream doesn’t mean it will take place in reality. In some instances, dreams mean the exact opposite, like the scenario here. Don’t get uneasy if you see your husband raping you in your dream. Instead, the interpretation is worth a celebration because it symbolizes harmony, trust, and understanding between you two. 

31. Your husband’s friend raping you in a dream

Perhaps one of your husband’s friends finds you attractive.

32. A past lover raping you in your dream

If you see your ex-lover sexually harassing and raping you in your dream, it symbolizes your repressed sexual desires. 

Other dream experts relate the image with your love life going crazy and directionless.

33. Your neighbor raping you in a dream

Perhaps your partner has failed to satisfy you.

34. Dreaming about your boss raping you

Contrary to the image in your dream, it means your boss has a deep respect for you.

35. An unknown person raping you in your dream

If you dream of an unknown person raping you, you need to pay closer attention to some particular aspects of your life because there is an indication that it is out of sync.

36. Dreaming of a maniac raping you

The dream predicts the entrance of an influential person into your life.

37. A dream of a demon raping you

A demon raping you in a dream stands for someone misbehaving with you or others. And you are looking for ways to convince that person to stay in his or her lane.

You may even dream of the same if you harbor fearful feelings about someone snatching away authority from you.

38. Dreaming of getting raped and then shot

The dream is an ill omen. A rival is trying to wreak havoc in your life. According to the dream plot, he or she would do all in his power to see you crumble.

You certainly cannot control his or her actions. But you can still be cautious and do everything you can to keep out of his or her evil sight.

39. Dreaming of your deceased mother protecting you from a rapist

A few problems prevent you from having a stress-free life. It could even be as severe as past experiences causing you trauma and haunting you every now and then. 

Here, your deceased mother stands for your need to seek wisdom and guidance from people you trust. It could also mean you are reminded of your mother who helped and guided you each time you were in a fix.

On the other hand, you may be trying to recall the life lessons your mother taught you. Perhaps you are trying to implement those past lessons to your present obstacles.

40. Dreaming that a man saved you from getting raped

Chances are, you have trusted the wrong person in your waking life. Moreover, you could also be letting that person lead you on concerning crucial life matters. 

41. Dreaming that you recognize the aggressor who raped you

If you dream of the above scenario, you would soon hear horrifying news concerning the predicament of your friend or friends.

42. Failing to see the face of your rapist in a dream

The people in your close-knit circle expect way too much from you. Their expectations have gotten to their head that they are even attempting to control you to see that you fulfill their wishes. As per the plot, it’s no longer your wish and your life, but what they want you to do and how they want you to live. 

Some experts relate the scenario to an unpleasant incident and warn you to be extra cautious.

43. Dreaming that you almost got raped but fought back and survived

The spectacle might have scared you out of your wits. But here’s good news. The dream means you have tackled and overcome some obstacles in your waking life. 

44. A dream wherein someone tried to rape you, but you managed to escape

In the foreseeable future, you would fall out with someone. If that does happen, it’s going to be pretty nasty and serious. But whatever complications you face along the way, the outcome would be favorable to you.

It may also stand for your ability to stay out of trouble.

45. Dreaming that you want to be raped

You are battling with an issue presently. According to the image, you can no longer handle it and wish someone would take the load off you.

46. Dreaming that you got raped and liked it

Psychologists connect the scenario to the ‘Dead Bedroom Syndrome’, which means a partner’s lack of interest in physical intimacy leaves the other feeling frustrated and unappreciated. 

If you see the above scenario in your dream, chances are, your partner’s response isn’t giving you enough gratification. Such visions are also possible if you feel you aren’t getting enough love and affection from your people. 

47. Getting raped while your friend watches and finding insects on the bed later in the dream

It is a complicated plot and should be analyzed in parts. According to Sigmund Freud, the scenario symbolizes your journey towards dark times. 

The act of getting raped stands for the misfortunes you would need to undergo soon. Your friend watching you get raped without doing anything symbolizes your beliefs that no one would step forward to help even when you desperately need it. Also, the insects are a sign that you will refrain from sharing your trouble with anyone.

Your beliefs will compel you to carry your burden all alone, without seeking help from anyone. The lack of support will make you bitter about life and people. As such negative thoughts persist in your mind, you would start losing faith in yourself and others. 

48. Dreaming of getting raped while you were sleeping

Soon, you’d go on a trip, possibly related to business, and you’d encounter several obstacles along the way.

49. Someone assaulting you in a car in your dream

The dream scenario symbolizes your insecurities regarding your future.

50. Dreaming of someone raping you at a party

Someone in your waking life is resisting your advice and guidance. Now, that could prove troublesome if the person not heeding your words is your teenage daughter or son. In that case, the dream indicates you do something to crush their defiance.

51. Raped during a war in a dream

In your dream, if someone raped you amid war, it is associated with your inner desires.

52. Dreaming of going to the police station after a rape incident 

The scenario symbolizes the release of your psychic power and strength in your waking world.

53. Dreaming of being a rape victim

If you were a rape victim in your dream, the messages could be either unpleasant or too good to be true.

The dream may be warning you of haters disguised as friends. Do you think you are getting much attention lately? Does someone seem too curious about your daily happenings? If the above questions remind you of someone, stay away from him or her for your wellbeing.

On a positive note, all the efforts, time, and energy you have invested in are likely to pay off soon. In short, your long-cherished dreams would come true.

54. Witnessing a gang rape in a dream

It symbolizes helplessness. In real life, if we encounter such a happening, we usually seek help or prevent it ourselves. But since you took no such initiative in the dream, it means you are helpless concerning a situation. 

In all likelihood, you are aware of a matter taking the wrong turn, but you have decided to be silent about it. It may be because you have neither the resources nor the power to end the whole affair.

The dream may also stand for the humiliation either you or a close one underwent lately. 

55. Dreaming of trying to rescue a person who was about to be assaulted 

The spectacle mirrors your generous personality. But on the other hand, it may be warning you of holding yourself accountable for too many people and their affairs.

56. Rescuing a rape victim in a dream

It is a good omen. Expect positive happenings going forward.

It may also represent your protective nature. Despite the risk you might get into, you don’t hesitate to help others.

57. Rescuing a person from getting raped by attacking the aggressor in a dream

The dream foretells luck. Everything will go according to your wishes and plans. 

58. Dreaming that you were unable to rescue someone from getting raped

The dream reflects your inability to help those who seek your assistance. Sometimes it may symbolize your impotence.

59. Unable to prevent your friend from getting raped in a dream

For some reason, you are apprehensive about your friend. But since you failed to help him or her in your dream, it indicates you aren’t able to do anything for him or her, despite your constant agitation concerning his or her matters.

60. Recurring dreams of your friend getting raped

Your friend probably needs you because the dream plot says she has relationship problems with someone. It could be with one of her family members, superior, colleague, or even her lover.

61. Dreaming that the rape victim ran away

If the victim ran away instead of reporting the case and seeking help, the dream symbolizes disappointment.

62. Raping someone in a dream

You may dream of the spectacle if you have sexual fantasies about someone in your real life. 

However, don’t settle for the interpretation without a thorough analysis. Sometimes, it may mean you are harming someone in the real world. If that is the case, the dream is a warning. Chances are, you are still not aware of the harm you are incurring on that person. 

In some cases, dreaming of yourself as the aggressor means you have repressed anger towards someone, possibly a close person. The dream may also be reflecting your unforgiving personality. 

You tend to seek revenge on those who wronged you, intentionally or not. However, your subconscious does not encourage this part of you as it can potentially cause you stress and mental affliction if the grudges persist for long.

The dream could also be a reflection of your aggressive nature. Rape dreams are primarily associated with power. If you were the rapist in your dream plot, it points to the power and influence you exercise over others. That may sound good but also note that the same power and influence have the potential to destroy your family and dear ones.

63. Raping your lover in a dream

You want to have control over your lover in the waking world.

64. Raping your fiancee in a dream

It reflects your lack of will and patience.

65. Failing to rape someone in your dream

It symbolizes strengthening yourself and your skills to achieve the life goals you have set for yourself.

66. Someone accusing you of a rape case in a dream

If you dream of someone accusing you of rape, it may symbolize your insecurities regarding the future. 

Also, it may be an indication that your close ones will get into trouble. If that does happen, the dream encourages you to help them in every possible way.

If you are being wronged and accused of something you didn’t do, it is because you have failed to convince people in reality. People are ignoring whatever you say and do. Perhaps you need help and someone to guide you.

You can look at it from another perspective too. You are a straightforward person and do not think twice before saying something. That may sometimes cause others to misunderstand you, although you mean no harm. 

In some extreme cases, your words may cause people to leave your side. So, ultimately, you would begin to loathe socializing with others as you think all would ditch you in due time. 

Different Types of Rape Dreams

67. Dreaming of heterosexual rape

Did you just have a dream of heterosexual rape? To put it in other words, did you see a woman raping you (considering you are a man) or a man doing the same to you (given you are a female). 

It might have left you disgusted and horrified in the dreamscape. Such dreams focus on power and influence. You have the potential to take charge of the people and events around you.

68. Homosexual rape in a dream

The dream indicates you are not in control of your sexuality. If you are a man and dreamt of raping another man, you have lost control of your masculinity. The interpretation unfolds in the same manner if a woman dreams of raping another female.

Such dreams could also happen if you are having trouble accepting your sexuality. Or, in the words of psychologist Asiphe Ndlela, you need to be “relaxed” about your sexuality.

For instance, you realized that you think differently from the rest of the men but try to repress it. 

So, does that mean you are not straight if you dream of same-sex rape? Yes, for some, that may be true. But not for all. Rather, the scenario could be a reflection of your deep masculinity, in case you are a man and femininity, for a woman.

69. Dreaming of a gang rape

Do you think someone in your life is way too bossy or high-handed? The dream may be a representation of that person. 

However, there can be a twist too. The spectacle could be highlighting your fragile character, will, and determination. Perhaps you wish to be more unyielding than you are currently. 

70. A dream of experiencing marital rape

According to the plot, a situation in your waking world has gone wrong and is out of control.

71. Dreams of incest

As indicated from the word ‘incest’, the dream signifies trust issues. Possibly, you couldn’t trust someone in your life, although you know you should.

Attempted Rape in Dreams

72. A woman dreaming of attempting rape

If you are a woman and dream of the same, it is a forewarning. Because of a reason not specified in the dream plot, you are likely to lose your partner. 

If you are already married, you will get divorced sooner than you expected.

73. Dreaming of witnessing someone attempting to rape another

As per the plot, you have the potential to influence others, and people listen to you. However, you misuse it and influence others negatively, often encouraging them to take the wrong path. 

74. Someone attempting to rape an influential woman in a dream

If you are a woman of power and influence, dreaming of someone attempting to rape you is an auspicious dream. Is there anything you long to achieve? Because the scenario indicates something you have been wishing for a long time would come true.

Dream About Rape: Different Dreamers

75. A man dreaming of a rape scene

According to Freudian theory, a man dreaming of a rape scene reflects his sexual urges in the waking world. Or it may stand for his desire to achieve power. 

If you are a man and dream of someone raping you, it could mean you feel you have been crushed and controlled by others in waking life. Perhaps people are using you. It could be your partner, friend, or business acquaintance. Here again, the role of the dreamer is crucial to get the interpretation right.

76. A man dreaming of being raped by another man

If you are a man and saw a dream vision of another man raping you, it symbolizes your steadfastness. You have a strong will and a determined mind, and you should thank these traits of yourself for letting you handle situations well in life.

77. An unmarried man raping a woman in his dream

The image is disgusting, but the interpretation is not. If you are a man, unmarried, and saw the scenario in your dream, it reflects your frustration for failing to land a decent job.

78. A young woman getting raped in a dream

If you are a young woman and dream of the spectacle, you have good and bad news, as well. Possibly the man you are presently in a relationship with sees you as a mere toy- for the fulfillment of his own needs. That is bad, but it’s a good thing the dream happened. You deserve better!

79. A woman dreaming of rape

According to the plot, you are in disagreement with a person you care about. But it could also signify your insecurities related to sexuality and phobias.

It may also mean someone has hurt or threatened your pride.

80. A married woman dreaming of rape or attempted rape

Let’s assume that you’re a married woman. Here, the dream scene is related to the marital relationship between you and your husband. The dream shows signs of distress and uneasiness. 

Could it be that your husband has some character traits you aren’t happy with, such as aggressiveness or lack of compassion?

81. A student raping someone in his dream

In case you are a student, the dream is a good omen. As per the scene, you’d get through your exams with flying colors.

82. Rape associated with animals in a dream

The dream indicates the need for you to take charge and be accountable for your destiny.

Why Do You Have Recurring Dreams About Rape

You are likely to be haunted by dreams of sexual assault and rape if you feel violated in some areas of your life. It could be associated with incidents related to your domestic or professional lives. 

Such scenarios are also likely to haunt you again and again if you are constantly under pressure. 

Let’s take an example: 

A man had recurring dreams about other men raping him. 

When interpreted, the dream series unfolds this way: The man turned out to be gay. However, since society is harsh on homosexual people, he kept it hidden. So, constantly, he was under pressure and had to act straight to be socially accepted when he was not. 

In his case, it was the overbearing pressure that takes shape in the form of other men raping him in his dreams.

Such dreams are also possible if you feel helpless and trapped in a situation in real life. Perhaps someone has snatched all of your power and authority. If you find the circumstances relatable, your subconscious urges you to stand up for yourself. Take back what is originally yours!

If a man dreams repetitively of rape, it could also mean he has a fetish for aggressive sexual acts. And it symbolizes a loss of power and control for women dreamers.

Spiritual Meaning of a Dream About Rape

From the spiritual perspective, rape dreams symbolize control and influence. 

Let’s assume someone raped you in a dreamscape. It indicates that someone has snatched away your power, leaving you vulnerable. Besides warning you of the negatives happening around, the spectacle surfaced to encourage you to stand up for yourself and take back what is rightfully yours.

Biblical Meaning of Rape in Dreams

Rape in the Holy Bible indicates the importance of helping another person. 

Rape Dream Interpretation in Hinduism

When you see a rape victim, in reality, you empathize with him and feel his pain. However, there’s isn’t much you can do more than comfort him and report the incident. The scar left by the deed will be borne only by the victim, and you can do nothing about it. 

Likewise, the Hindus believed that if you see a rape victim in your dream, it means you will get into dark times. But unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to do much to stay away from the trouble. If you were the victim, you will be stressed and anxious over a matter but nothing much can be done about it.

Islamic Interpretation of Rape Dream

Muslims believe that rape dreams are associated with losing control over your life. If you dream of yourself as the victim, it means you have lost an opportunity to upgrade to a better life in reality.

Rape Dream Meaning: Dream Examples

Analyze how experts unfold these real-life dream examples to have an idea of how to interpret your dream.

  1. ‘A man is trying to make love, and at the last moment, I repel him as I know it will cause a pregnancy’.

In this case, the dream is rerunning memories. The dreamer was raped during her childhood. Ever since then, she developed a fear and aversion for man, in general.

  1. A woman dreamt of being raped by a weird guy at a gas station.

In her waking life, she works at a similar gas station. The day before she had the dream, a creepy guy had his way with her leaving the woman humiliated and vulnerable.

  1. A woman dreamed of getting raped. 

In reality, she just gave birth to a baby. And she was distressed as her husband was not being supportive in caring for the child. Here, the rape scene symbolizes the feelings of powerlessness she undergoes around that time. She wants her partner to help her out but couldn’t do much about it as he was never short of excuses.

  1. ‘I tried to turn, but my legs were like lead. The man caught me, and I fought. He tried to rape me but couldn’t do it. As I talked to him, I began to feel sorry for him and not frightened. I realized that inside he was a nice person. In the end, I found I liked him so much I began to kiss him myself.’, said Mrs. Anonymous.

In her waking life, Mrs. Anonymous discovers the power she holds in a particular situation. At the same time, she realized the intensity of the other party’s ( male) weakness. 

  1. A woman once dreamed of working as a waitress. There were two customers present in the vision- a man and his lady, and their dog (without forelegs). 

All of a sudden, the dog attacked the waitress. As the dog tried to bite her neck, she tried to shut the dog’s mouth. The drama went on for what seemed like forever when the man appeared. The dog calmed down, but the man pushed the waitress towards the back room. The waitress tried to calm things down when the man started ripping off their clothes and tried to rape her.

Screaming and crying for help, the woman grabbed a knife from a cupboard above and stabbed the man three times. She ran out into a street decorated with Christmas lights with the man and the two-legged dog at her heels.

Then, the woman saw a few children outside a house and ran up to them asking for their mother to help her, only to realize the next second that the man behind her is the father of the kids.

In waking life, the woman was on probation (for reasons not specified) and felt vulnerable and stressed. The dream hints that the attack the woman was subjected to, in reality, is not justified. 

The act of the dog trying to bite the woman’s neck possibly means the woman was threatened to not raise her voice. Also, the interpreter adds that it may have been done by a person who wants to exercise power on people, someone who misuses his power. 

The environment the woman is in is exploitative, and she is clearly in a vulnerable state.

She did all she could, even stabbed the man a couple of times only to end up at the man’s house (probably). Since that was how the dream wrapped up, the woman must face all the trouble that comes along until she moves away to another better place. 

Why Do You Have A Rape Dream?

Of all the existing dream themes, why did you dream of sexual abuses and assaults? If that question is running through your mind right now, these could be some of the reasons why-

  1. You have faced a similarly traumatic incident in the past. The dream does not carry much spiritual significance here. It is your subconscious trying to heal the trauma by rerunning the moments you have encountered earlier. 

According to Ernest Hartmann, a psychoanalyst, dreams act as therapy and help you heal from past traumatic incidents. Therefore, it could be a way of your subconscious mind healing traumas through distressing flashbacks.

  1. You were raped in reality, and you are still chained to the trauma.
  1. Your people and society force you to live a life you detests and make you do something unwillingly.
  1. You are an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) patient. Your intolerance for dirt, unhygienic places, people, and disorder could have compelled you to encounter such coercive dreams.
  1. You are in your teens and have a fear for such heinous crimes in reality. It may also happen if you are newlywed.
  1. Your conscious mind dwelt on negative thoughts during the day.
  1. You feel victimized in some way.

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself If You Dream About Sexual Assault

For your rape dream meaning to be specific, ask these few questions to yourself before you sit down from an interpretation. 

  1. What was your role in the dream? Were you the aggressor, a spectator, passers-by, or the victim?
  1. If you were the aggressor, did you enjoy the process?
  1. Are you heterosexual or homosexual?
  1. If the incident happened with a person you know in real life, how’s your relationship with him/her? 

Rape Dream meaning: Wrapping Up

Rape dreams could be scary and nerve-racking. If someone abused you sexually or physically in your dreamscape, remind yourself that dreams are symbolic. 

In some instances, they could be, but most of the time, they have nothing to you with real sexual harassment. Instead, they might have happened to help you out. To warn you of a few alarming circumstances in your life and create a better life for yourself. 

Here’s a piece of news to cheer you up – Dreams about rape are one of the most common dream themes. A lot of women and men experience it now and then. But did anything similar happen to them in reality? As per their reports, NO. The underlying cause is their ongoing problems and past experiences hitting back.

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