Dreams about rape are common themes and anyone can dream of it at any point in his or her life.

But what could they mean, and how are they related to your life? Do they foretell similarly unpleasant encounters that would soon happen? 

To help you interpret your dreams accurately, we’re going to dig into many of dream scenes related to molesting and raping. 

Dreams about Rape - Scenarios & Their Meanings
Dreams about Rape – Scenarios & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean to Encounter Dreams about Rape?

Often, rape and assault dreams are associated with power and control. Either you want to exercise your influence over a person or thing, or someone controls you, and you wish to break free. They may even stand for repressed emotions, potential threats, disgrace, or sexual problems.

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud said rape dreams reflect the repressed sexual desires of the dreamer in the waking world.

Through dream images, the dreamer fulfills his secret and forbidden longings harmlessly. So, your rape dreams could stand for the desires that nag your subconscious from time to time.

However, at times, they are a warning to stay from immoral or suspicious people. 

  • Success – Interestingly, rape dreams sometimes foretell success. Chances are, your life goals that seem too bleak once are working out exactly how you want them to.  
  • Lack of Empathy – When you dream of such heinous scenes, it implies either you or others in your life have no sense of empathy and regard for the other party.
  • Repressed Emotions and Feelings – It symbolizes resentment and vengeful feelings towards someone. However hard you ignore your resentment, your subconscious couldn’t deny the fact that someone dragged you into trouble. And such repressed anger and frustration are likely to take form in your dream.
  • Desires To Be Conquered – It may also mean you secretly wish to be overpowered. Perhaps you find controlling partners attractive!
  • Violation and Powerlessness – Is someone too friendly with you? Perhaps he or she is using you. And though you are aware of the whole thing but you are unable to speak out. Sometimes these dreams could reflect exasperation as those supposed to support you violate and rob you of your freedom in real life.
  • Force – To have his or her way with the victim, a rapist uses force. If you dream of such scenarios, it means either you or someone around is going against the socially and legally accepted norms to get something. You may also see this dream theme, if you feel tempted to commit anything socially shunned.
  • Crossing Boundaries – Someone around you disregards your boundaries and is crossing lines. On the flip side, it could be you doing the same to someone.
  • Sexual Problems – Such dreams are possible if you presently face problems related to intimacy in your daily life. Perhaps lack of bedroom activities and gratification is stressing you out. These dream themes are also possible if you have a fear of STDs.
  • Pregnancy – The dream stands for pregnancy. Perhaps you are in the middle of unwanted pregnancy and have no desire to raise a child.
  • OCD – Some people reported dreaming of disgusting scenes including rape and assault. A careful analysis of their dreams revealed that they have chronic OCD. In their case, the absolute detest for filth, and anything dirty invokes the ugly scenes.

Rape Dream Meaning From A Spiritual Perspective

It symbolizes control and influence. Also, it indicates that someone has snatched away your power, leaving you vulnerable. 

Besides warning you of the negatives happening around, the spectacle surfaced to encourage you to stand up for yourself and take back what is rightfully yours.

Various Scenarios & Meanings of Rape Dreams

Dreams about being raped/ dreams about getting raped

You cater to the needs of anyone and everyone around. Not because they seek your help, but because you want gratification and return of favors. So, according to the dream, you help others not out of genuine affection but for your benefit.

It may also be an indication that misunderstandings will brew up between you and someone. But, it’s nothing to worry about because the problem won’t persist for long.

Witnessing a rape scene in a dream

The two people involved here represent your two opposing personality traits. The spectacle of raping or forced sex means one of your traits forcing itself on the other to adapt to real-life circumstances. 

Furthermore, if you are on bad terms with someone you love due to a misunderstanding, that’s one possible reason behind the spectacle. If you recognize the victim then, there’s a high chance you want control over that person. 

For young adults, the scenario could have a different interpretation. Given your age, you certainly are curious and doubtful of everything and anything. You might even wonder why you were born in the first place. Such states of mind may also cause rape dreams. 

Your friend getting raped

It symbolizes competition. Your rivals, determined to defeat you, would charge, armed with everything they possibly could find. 

On some occasions, it means a person close to you will soon be victimized. The dream may also be warning you of your friend’s imminent danger. If that friend is similar to you in gender, age, and various other aspects, chances are, he/she symbolizes you. That means you are in danger. 

According to the dream context, the scenario could also reflect your failing relationship with a friend. 

Kidnapped and raped

Getting kidnapped in a dream may mean you are overwhelmed by responsibilities you think are too much for you to handle. You desire to be free from such obligations. 

On the other hand, ‘rape’ in dreams may symbolize a misfortune. So, connecting the dots, the dreamscape could be warning you to take care of your tasks in time to avoid getting into deep trouble. 

Dreams about being molested 

The dream is generally associated with obstacles. However blocked you feel in your life and career pursuits, the dream scene advises you not to give up on your goals.

Your family member sexually assaulted you

You seek help and protection from others in real life. It is imperative to analyze the relationship you share with the person in your dream for an accurate interpretation.

Your family member raping you 

As per the plot, it seems like your family controls every aspect of your life. 

On the other hand,it may also mean you need and therefore must ask for their protection.

Besides, family rape reflects such real-life horrendous events. It doesn’t necessarily mean actual incest going on in the family. But it may symbolize violence and abuses happening within your domestic sphere. 

Sometimes, interpretations of family rape have nothing to do with your family. In such cases, it means you want someone’s help to get you out of a difficult situation. And perhaps you think your family can do it for you.

Your husband raping you

Just because it happened in a dream doesn’t mean it will take place in reality. Instead, the interpretation is worth a celebration because it symbolizes harmony, trust, and understanding between you two. 

A demon raping you

A demon raping you in a dream stands for someone misbehaving with you or others. And you are looking for ways to convince that person to stay in his or her lane. 

You may even dream of the same if you harbor fearful feelings about someone snatching away authority from you.

Dreaming that you want to be raped

You are battling with an issue presently. According to the image, you can no longer handle it and wish someone would take the load off you.

You got raped at a party

Someone in your waking life is resisting your advice and guidance. Now, that could prove troublesome if the person not heeding your words is your teenage daughter or son. In that case, the dream indicates you do something to crush their defiance.

Being a rape victim

The messages could be either unpleasant or too good to be true.

The dream may be warning you of haters disguised as friends. 

On a positive note, all the efforts, time, and energy you have invested in are likely to pay off soon. In short, your long-cherished dreams would come true. 

Rescuing a rape victim in a dream

It is a good omen. Expect positive happenings going forward.

It may also represent your protective nature. Despite the risk you might get into, you don’t hesitate to help others.

Raping someone

You may dream of the spectacle if you have sexual fantasies about someone in your real life. 

However, don’t settle for the interpretation without a thorough analysis. Sometimes, it may mean you are harming someone in the real world. If that is the case, the dream is a warning. Chances are, you are still not aware of the harm you are incurring on that person. 

In some cases, it means you have repressed anger towards someone, possibly a close person. The dream may also be reflecting your unforgiving personality. Additionally, the dream could also be a reflection of your aggressive nature. 

Most importantly, rape dreams are primarily associated with power. So, if you were the rapist, it points to the power and influence you exercise over others. 

Being sexually assaulted

It reflects your anxiety and apprehension. Perhaps you found out that you are in an unplanned pregnancy. Also, you may encounter this dream plot if you fear getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease in real life.

Lastly, it may also mean you find your sex life a bit too boring and structured. 

Different Types of Rape Dreams

Heterosexual rape

Such dreams focus on power and influence. You have the potential to take charge of the people and events around you.

Homosexual rape

The dream indicates you are not in control of your sexuality. If you are a man and dreamt of raping another man, you have lost control of your masculinity. The interpretation unfolds in the same manner if a woman dreams of raping another female.

Such dreams could also happen if you are having trouble accepting your sexuality. 

Gang rape

Do you think someone in your life is way too bossy or high-handed? The dream may be a representation of that person. 

However, there can be a twist too. The spectacle could be highlighting your fragile character, will, and determination. Perhaps you wish to be more unyielding than you are currently. 

Experiencing marital rape

According to the plot, a situation in your waking world has gone wrong and is out of control.

Rape associated with animals in a dream

The dream indicates the need for you to take charge and be accountable for your destiny.

Why Do You Have Recurring Dreams of Rape?

You are likely to be haunted by these dreams if you feel violated in some areas of your life. It could be associated with incidents related to your domestic or professional lives. 

Such scenarios are also likely to haunt you again and again if you are constantly under pressure. 

Besides, such dreams are also possible if you feel helpless and trapped in a situation in real life where someone has snatched all of your power and authority. 

Additionally, if a man dreams repetitively of rape, it could also mean he has a fetish for aggressive sexual acts. And it symbolizes a loss of power and control for women dreamers.

Biblical Meaning 

Rape in the Holy Bible indicates the importance of helping another person. 

Wrapping Up

Rape dreams could be scary and nerve-racking. However, in some instances, they have nothing to do with real sexual harassment. Instead, they might have happened to help you out. To warn you of a few alarming circumstances in your life and create a better life for yourself. 

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