Usually, a dream about invisible person shows you tend to always look at people and things from a brighter perspective, often ignoring their genuine evil intentions. 

In some cases, the dream is associated with feelings of being neglected by your close ones. However, the dream definitely carries a message worth deciphering. So, let’s explore.  

What Does A Dream About An Invisible Person Signify?

More often than not, a dream about an invisible person shows you are too naive for your own good. 

You believe the world consists only of good and happy people, which only leads you to overlook others’ genuine mal intentions. 

Besides, these types of dreams can also mean you feel invisible, unrecognized, and unacknowledged. 

An entirely different approach to the dream shows you have chosen to overlook or ignore something in the real world. 

Spiritual Meaning Of A Dream About An Invisible Person

On a spiritual level, the dream scenario shows you are in a transitional phase.

Furthermore, the dream emphasizes the need for you to take a closer look at your surroundings. 

A Psychological Meaning

From a psychological perspective, it implies you feel neglected and unacknowledged in real life. 

Top Dreams of Invisible Person & Their Meanings

To help you get closer to the meaning of your dream, we have listed some of the most common scenarios. 

Dreaming about your parents becoming invisible

There’s a good chance that you have taken your parents’ care and attention for granted.

Eventually, you realized the wrong you have done to them, and the scenario reflects your fear of breaking their trust in you. 

Dreaming about your partner becoming an invisible person

According to the scenario, you have become much withdrawn after getting betrayed by a few people in the past.

Such dreams also tend to happen if you question your partner’s loyalty toward you. 

To dream of your family members becoming invisible

If your family members become invisible, the scenario is an ill omen symbolizing misfortune in the foreseeable future. 

Being an invisible person

It shows you detest the limelight. You hate to draw attention almost to the point that you don’t mind others taking credit for your hard work.

However, from the love and romance point of view, it is a bad sign. Chances are, you are almost non-existent to the person who has your heart. 

But according to the plot, you feed yourself false hopes and convince yourself to believe everything he or she does is because he or she cares for you. 

Becoming an invisible person permanently

Chances are, a project/ venture you are currently working on will not go according to your plans. 

Regardless, the dream wants you to prepare yourself mentally as the results will be something much better than you had expected. 

It is also associated with feelings of being neglected by others. There’s also a good chance that you are denying yourself something in the waking world. 

You are about to turn into an invisible person

The plot is a harbinger of problems and misfortune befalling you in the foreseeable future. 

An invisible person kissing you

It hints at a secret admirer. Despite having fallen for you, he or she is unable to come forward and fess up his or her feelings for certain reasons. 

Arguing with an invisible person

According to the scenario, several dilemmas and internal conflicts weigh heavily on your mind. 

Talking with invisible people

It shows signs of your withdrawn nature and loneliness in the waking world. Also, the scenario represents your worries, anxieties, and emotional issues in waking life. 

An invisible person hurting you

The scenario hints at a sly person who’s hanging around you waiting for the perfect opportunity to put you down. 

Being attacked by an invisible person

Unquestionably, the scenario is the subconscious warning you to take proper care of your mind and body.

Another approach to the dream shows you are refusing to acknowledge something in the waking world.  

An invisible person haunting you

The scenario hints at your guilty conscience. You might have wronged someone, but necessarily not!

It can also signify missed opportunities and regretful feelings weighing heavy on your mind, compelling you to think about what might have happened had you grabbed the chance.

An invisible person whispering something in your ears

A piece of pleasant news is on its way if you experience the above scenario. 


A dream about an invisible person can be interpreted in various ways. For you, it can foretell pleasant happenings on the horizon while it can be associated with feelings of being neglected, and a lack of confidence, and self-esteem for another person.

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