If you ever thought of ignoring a dream about ironing board just because it is a household item you use regularly, you can’t be more wrong. 

Of course, the dream probably carries no significant message if you ironed a pile of clothes right before you go to bed. 

But many times, this item can help you gain insight into events that will likely take place soon. 

What Does A Dream About Ironing Board Mean? 

The dream shows you are doing your best to make your domestic space more comfortable and loving for your family. It can also symbolize your willingness to stand up against life’s challenges.  

The dream may carry several meanings, like – 

  • The higher realms are preparing you mentally for the transformations that are likely to take place in the foreseeable future. 
  • In reality, we don’t attend official meetings wearing creased clothes. Instead, we pressed them to make sure we look presentable. Considering that, the dream portends a meeting with an influential person.
  • Also, the dream shows you are qualified enough to take crucial decisions, which may or may not concern your life directly. 
  • Also, it symbolizes success and honor.
  • On the contrary, if you see an ironing board without your presence, that can be interpreted as another individual taking credit for your hard work, snatching the glory and fame that was originally yours. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Ironing Board Dreams

On a spiritual level, the dream symbolizes your willingness to fight against the odds. 

The creases of your life.  The obstacles and challenges life throws at you. 

Ironing Board In Dreams : Several Scenarios With Meanings

Check out the most commonly encountered ironing board dreams and use them as references for a better understanding of your dream. 

Ironing clothes on an ironing board 

To begin with, seeing yourself pressing clothes on an ironing board shows how thorough and meticulous you are. 

You always make it a point to make everything around you perfect even if that means repeating the same task again and again. 

From another perspective, it shows you are trying your best to give comfort to your family. It might not happen overnight but your efforts will bear fruit very soon. 

Steam ironing on an ironing board

Generally, the dream is a good omen. 

From the love and romantic point of view, the dream indicates everything will work out the way you wished. It’s also likely that you’ll stumble upon a fortune. 

Ironing new clothes on an ironing board

According to the scenario, there’s a probability that you will soon go on a shopping spree. You’d spend a handsome amount on new purchases. 

Furthermore, the scenario adds the new items will give you genuine happiness, which will likely last quite a long time. 

An ironing board falling down

It is a sign of plans going haywire due to unforeseen situations, bad weather, etc. 

From another point of view, it also stands for a poor decision, made in haste. 

Seeing an ironing board in a strange unfamiliar place

According to the scenario, you could be facing trouble trying to fit into a new environment, situation, place of residence, etc. 

Buying an ironing board 

This portends transformations in the near future. Likely, you could be considering a change of workplace or your residential area. 

On the other hand, the scenario can also denote your desire for someone to dote on you. 

Also, purchasing an ironing board can be interpreted as helping someone out of their miserable state of affairs.

Seeing another person pressing clothes on an ironing board

Chances are, your love rival will defeat you. 

A new ironing board

It symbolizes the accomplishment of goals. 

A broken ironing board

This foretells an event that will go wrong. 

Alternatively, the dream scenario shows you need to sort out which to prioritize as you have too much on your plate. 

Funny and strange-looking ironing board

This type of ironing board tends to show up if you have been stuck in the same place for a long time, especially concerning your career. 

A dirty ironing board

Most likely, you tend to discriminate against those around you. Perhaps you treat people based on their family background and social/ financial status. 

Psychological Meaning Of A Dream About Iron Board

From a psychological viewpoint, the dream shows you will be subjected to harsh criticism one of these days. 

Undoubtedly, it will hurt your ego and you will feel humiliated. But you won’t do or say anything against the charges because you know you deserve it. 


Therefore, a dream about ironing board has several interpretations based on which stage of life you are in and what has been happening in your real life. 

We have provided tens of possible reasons behind your dream. But understand that it’s ultimately your past and present that determine the message behind your scenario.

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