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Dream About Ironing Board : 50 Scenarios And Their Interpretations

Dream About Ironing Board : 50 Scenarios And Their Interpretations

Updated on Mar 02, 2023 | Published on Feb 07, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream About Ironing Board 50 Scenarios And Their Interpretations

If you ever thought of ignoring a dream about ironing board just because it is a household item you use regularly, you can’t be more wrong. 

Of course, the dream probably carries no significant message if you ironed a pile of clothes right before you go to bed or if you have been searching for a sturdy board online. 

But many times, this item can help you gain insight into events that will likely take place soon. 

What Does A Dream About Ironing Board Mean? 

A dream about ironing board shows you are doing your best to make your domestic space more comfortable and loving for your family. It can also symbolize your willingness to stand up against life’s challenges.  

Generally, a dream about an ironing board is the higher realms preparing you mentally for the transformations that are likely to take place in the foreseeable future. 

In reality, we don’t attend official meetings wearing creased clothes. Instead, we pressed them to make sure we look presentable. 

Considering that, the dream also portends a meeting with an influential person.

Such a dream can also happen if you are making arrangements to plan a meeting with someone important to you. Perhaps a potential business partner, investor, etc.  

Also, an ironing board shows you are qualified enough to take crucial decisions, which may or may not concern your life directly. 

Having said that, the interpretation of the dream also differs depending on whether you were present in the scenario or not. In case you were, the dream usually symbolizes success and honor. 

On the contrary, if you see an ironing board without your presence, that can be interpreted as another individual taking credit for your hard work, snatching the glory and fame that was originally yours. 

From an entirely different perspective, an ironing board signifies orderliness, support, and comfort, especially in your domestic life. 

Perhaps you are making the best use of the help and support extended by your beloved family members to progress in life. 

But if your reality speaks otherwise, if you believe your family does not give you emotional, moral, or even financial support, consider talking to them. 

Ironing Board In Dreams : Several Scenarios With Meanings

Check out the most commonly encountered ironing board dreams and use them as references for a better understanding of your dream. 

1. Ironing clothes on an ironing board in a dream

To begin with, seeing yourself pressing clothes on an ironing board shows how thorough and meticulous you are. You always make it a point to make everything around you perfect even if that means repeating the same task again and again. 

Though your thoughts and actions are right by you, you need to know that there could be people around you getting seriously annoyed by how detailed you are. 

From another perspective, the spectacle of pressing clothes on an ironing board shows you are trying your best to give comfort to your family. It might not happen overnight but your efforts will bear fruit very soon. 

2. To dream about steam ironing on an ironing board

Generally, steam-ironing clothes on an iron board is a good omen. 

From the love and romantic point of view, the dream indicates everything will work out the way you wished. 

It’s also likely that you’ll stumble upon a fortune. 

3. A dream about ironing new clothes on an ironing board

According to the dream, there’s a probability that you will soon go on a shopping spree. You’d spend a handsome amount on new purchases. 

Furthermore, the scenario adds the new items will give you genuine happiness, which will likely last quite a long time. 

4. Dreaming that you were unable to find your ironing board

In this case, the ironing board stands for success, aspirations, and goals. 

Since you were unable to locate the board that is a clear indication that it won’t be easy for you to accomplish your goals. 

Besides hard work, you will also need to arm yourself with determination, tenacity, and patience before you get to taste the sweetness of your efforts. 

5. Dreaming that your ironing board has been stolen

If your ironing board was stolen, there’s a good chance that you are still not prepared to accept and deal with some aspects of your personality. 

6. A dream about an ironing board falling down

The dream is a sign of plans going haywire due to unforeseen situations, bad weather, etc. 

From another point of view, the spectacle of a board falling also stands for a poor decision, made in haste. 

7. A dream about seeing an ironing board in a strange unfamiliar place

According to the scenario, you could be facing trouble trying to fit into a new environment, situation, place of residence, etc. 

8. Dreaming about breaking an ironing board

Breaking an ironing board portends unforeseen negative developments that will likely disrupt your plans. 

If you are serious about your goals, the dream suggests you be more patient. As the dream indicates, the present phase of life is inauspicious for you.

And you might need to wait for the streak of ill luck to pass by before even thinking about picking up where you left off. 

9. Repairing an ironing board in a dream

To begin with, there’s a good chance that you are overexerting yourself in some areas of your life. 

You could be pulling off multiple all-nighters trying to meet the deadline of a project. Or you might be trying too hard doing things you have never done trying to please your partner’s parents. 

If that is exactly how your reality has been, the past few days or weeks, it’s high time you take a break. 

10. Buying an ironing board in a dream

Buying an ironing board portends transformations in the near future. Likely, you could be considering a change of workplace or your residential area. 

On the other hand, seeing yourself buying an ironing board also denotes your desire for someone to dote on you. 

Also, purchasing an ironing board can be interpreted as helping someone out of their miserable state of affairs. 

11. A dream about someone giving you an ironing board

According to the scenario, you are empathetic and benevolent by nature. You don’t hesitate to show your concern for others through love, care, and even financial assistance. 

12. Receiving an ironing board as a gift in a dream

In case you experience the above dream, expect to face inconvenience and trouble brought in by other people. 

13. To dream of giving an ironing board to someone

In a broad sense, giving away an ironing board to another person symbolizes a significant improvement in your financial condition. 

If you run your own venture, expect it to grow tenfold. 

14. To dream of pressing home wear on an ironing board

According to the dream, you will patch up with a loved one after a bitter quarrel. 

15. To dream about ironing undergarments on an ironing board

The scenario stands for unpleasant situations or even a pathetic phase of life. 

16. To dream of ironing a dress on an ironing board

If you dream of pressing a dress on a board, be prepared for changes and transitions taking place in your life. 

Also, if possible, take note of how the dress looks. 

If it was beautiful, you can be assured that whatever transformations that are coming your way will be for the greater good. 

On the contrary, pressing an old, torn, or shabby-looking dress stands for negative changes. 

17. Ironing formal clothes on an ironing board in a dream

The scenario emphasizes the need to make some changes – your behavior, how you present yourself to others, appearance, etc. 

18. Pressing a sheet or a duvet cover on an ironing board in a dream

You are definitely in for a wonderful surprise if you experience the above in a dream. 

19. Dreaming about seeing another person pressing clothes on an ironing board

Chances are, your love rival will defeat you. 

20. Seeing numerous ironing boards in a dream

Often, several ironing boards symbolize earnings, profit, growth, and development. 

21. A funny and strange-looking ironing board in a dream

This type of ironing board tends to show up if you have been stuck in the same place for a long time, especially concerning your career. 

22. A dirty ironing board in a dream

A dirty ironing board reveals the type of person you are. 

Most likely, you tend to discriminate against those around you. Perhaps you treat people based on their family background and social/ financial status. 

23. To dream of a new ironing board

A new ironing board symbolizes the accomplishment of goals. 

24. A dream about seeing an old ironing board

An old ironing board is the higher self reassuring you to keep going on the path you currently tread on. 

25. Dreaming of a broken ironing board

A broken ironing board foretells an event that will go wrong. 

Alternatively, a broken ironing board shows you need to sort out which to prioritize as you have too much on your plate. 

26. A big ironing board in a dream

Usually, a big ironing board stands for a perplexing situation in your waking life. 

Likely, the confusion and lack of clarity will hold you back from moving forward in life. 

27. A dream about a small ironing board

Likely, you are a soft-spoken person if you see a tiny ironing board in your sleep state. 

28. Seeing an ordinary-looking ironing board in a dream

There’s a possibility that someone will confront and even rebuke you if you see an ordinary-looking ironing board. 

You will agree that you deserve to be criticized and chided in that manner. But despite that, you will agree that that particular person was too harsh with his or her words. 

In some cases, the dream portends troubles in the household. 

29. A dream of seeing an expensive-looking ironing board

An expensive-looking ironing board implies you have the ability to take control over your emotions – positive or negative. 

30. Dreaming of a white ironing board

One of your recent ideas or ventures will come to fruition, according to the scenario. 

31. A black ironing board in a dream

If a black ironing board shows up, that can be a sign that you are quite flexible. 

You know how to dance according to the tune to make sure you fit well into the environment you find yourself in. 

32. To dream of seeing a brown ironing board

As per the plot, you stand the risk of running into some unexpected complications if you see a brown ironing board. 

33. Seeing a gray ironing board in a dream

Likely, you are going through a tough time in your waking life. Worries, stress, and anxiety could be keeping you from thinking straight. 

Therefore, the dream indicates you need to get back to your senses and focus on what needs your immediate attention. 

34. A red ironing board in a dream

A red ironing board is closely related to your thoughts, ideas, and opinions, probably concerning a particular matter. 

Recall how you felt during the dream. Also, take note of your emotional response to the plot. That might tell you something about whether the ideas you are considering are worth a try or not. 

35. A pink ironing board in a dream

The dream signifies your subconscious desire to connect with the feminine aspect of your life. 

36. An orange ironing board in a dream

Chances are, two different aspects of your personality are in conflict if an orange ironing board shows up. 

37. Dreaming of a yellow ironing board 

Generally, a yellow ironing board stands for an exceptionally beautiful and intelligent female in and around your circle. 

It will be worth digging into who that person in your dream reminds you of. 

38. To dream of a green ironing board

Generally, a green ironing board hints at your bottled-up emotions, feelings, and thoughts. 

39. Dreaming of a blue ironing board

A blue ironing board stands for spiritual awakening, awareness, and understanding. 

40. A purple ironing board in a dream

According to the dream, you are a giver. You always put others first before yourself and you don’t mind giving up your own happiness to see another person happy. 

41. Seeing a silver ironing board in a dream

Often, a silver ironing board implies repressed emotions and feelings. 

In some instances, the scenario can even hint at a dark secret buried deep within. 

42. Dreaming about a golden ironing board

A golden ironing board symbolizes the conflict between two different aspects of your psyche. 

43. A dream about a multicolored ironing board

If a multicolored ironing board appears in your dream, that is a message from the higher realms giving you a heads-up about the possibility of a new and exciting romantic relationship. 

44. A woman dreams of an ironing board

For a woman, an ironing board symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. 

45. An ironing board in the dreams of a young lady

If an ironing board appears in the dream of a young lady, the scenario is likely a message from the universe encouraging the dreamer to seek more details, facts, and knowledge about a particular thing before making a final decision.

46. A young man dreams of an ironing board

The dream is the subconscious nudging you to take care of the mess you have created and to cleanse your life of the misdeeds you have committed. 

47. A child dreams of an ironing board

For a child, an ironing board symbolizes emotional and spiritual growth. 

48. A businessperson dreaming of an ironing board

For a businessperson, the appearance of an ironing board reminds you to share the knowledge and wisdom you have picked up along the way regarding your line of work with those who are eager to expand their knowledge. 

49. An ironing board in the dreams of a student

For a student, an ironing board represents his or her goals and aspirations. 

That said you need to ask yourself if you believe you are walking on the right life path. If you are confident that you are on track, the dream encourages you to stay focused and true to your goals. 

On the contrary, if you believe you have strayed away from the right track, do all it takes to bring yourself back to the correct life path. 

50. A worker dreams of an ironing board

If a worker sees such a board in his or her dream, it is the subconscious encouraging him or her to be self-reliant and stand on his or her two feet. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Ironing Board Dreams

On a spiritual level, an ironing board symbolizes your willingness to fight against the odds. 

The creases of your life.

The obstacles and challenges life throws at you. 

Biblical Meaning Of Ironing Board In Dreams

According to the Bible, ironing signifies smoothening or even eliminating flaws from your life. 

Therefore, an ironing board stands for a platform, mindset, or belief to help you correct your wrongdoings. 

Psychological Meaning Of A Dream About Iron Board

From a psychological viewpoint, a dream about an ironing board shows you will be subjected to harsh criticism one of these days. 

Undoubtedly, it will hurt your ego and you will feel humiliated. But you won’t do or say anything against the charges because you know you deserve it. 


Therefore, a dream about ironing board has several interpretations based on which stage of life you are in and what has been happening in your real life. 

We have provided tens of possible reasons behind your dream. But understand that it’s ultimately your past and present that determine the message behind your scenario. 

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