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Dream About Music: 100 Plots & Their Meanings

Dream About Music: 100 Plots & Their Meanings

Updated on Mar 21, 2023 | Published on May 26, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream about Music - 100 Scenarios And Interpretations

Key Takeaways

  • Generally, a dream about music is a sign of positivity – good luck, happiness, and bonding.
  • Nevertheless, some dreams may also stand for pressure, responsibilities, and burden.
  • The genre of the music plays a crucial role in decoding your dream because as you know country music and heavy metal evoke completely different emotions.
  • Also, dreams featuring any type of music can be your subconscious nudging you to examine different aspects of your waking life.

A dream about music is quite common. At least, a lot more than dreams about a restaurant or a fun-filled party. We listen to music when we feel good. But we also listen to music when we are broken inside. 

So, a plot featuring music may take either a positive or a negative direction depending on the details of the dream. Such as the genre, the volume, the presence of musical instruments and other people besides you, etc. 

Dream about Music - 100 Scenarios And Interpretations
Dream about Music – 100 Scenarios And Interpretations

Music Dream Meaning

Most of the time, a dream about music is a sign of positivity. But even the sweetest melody can sound horrible if played at a deafening volume. So, there are also times when dreams related to music are associated with unpleasantness, though rare. 

Music was invented, in the first place, to soothe our minds, heart, and soul. All of us listen to music at some point in our lives.

We take refuge in music when we are happy. We also tune into our playlist to help us get over our sadness and rage. 

From that perspective, music in the dream world is symbolic of positivity – peace, happiness, love, etc. 

Nonetheless, we need to remember that ‘music’ is a broad term. Under it are pop, rock, jazz, rap, country music, and so on.

Since rock music gives us an entirely different experience compared to pop music, it’s vital to consider the specific type or genre of music while interpreting your dream. 

While certain scenarios may portend pleasant times ahead, others may be ill omen. 

Also, the location, the quality of music, and the presence or absence of musical instruments and musicians are also vital for an accurate meaning of your dream. 

Dream About Music: Various Dream Symbols

Music and its genres evoke different emotions in different people. A rock music fanatic will find peace in rock music but others will find such types of music unpleasant to the ear. 

Therefore, music dreams have various symbols depending on the dreamer, his or her music preferences, and real-life circumstances as well. Some of the most common symbols are – 

1. Feelings

Dreams that strongly feature music mean you have strong feelings that need to be expressed. 

On the flip side, the dream may even be your subconscious encouraging you to be more expressive. 

2. Peace, contentment, and happiness

The ancient Egyptians associated music with a happy heart and soul.

Most of the time, music is a reflection of the peace and bliss you are experiencing in the waking world. 

3. Opportunity

Music also symbolizes wonderful opportunities that would come to you at the most unexpected time. 

Note that the opportunity in question will most likely come to you disguised as a person or a matter. 

4. Bonding

These dreams may also reflect rapport and social bonding.

5. Getting carried away by your emotions

Sometimes, music is a sign that you are letting your emotions have the better of you.

This can be the meaning of your dream if you see or attend a musical. 

6. Taking control of your life

Music in the dream world can also reflect your willingness and preparedness to take charge of your life’s actions and decisions. 

7. Unpleasant situations, unhappiness, and lack of harmony

Music dreams can stand for your imbalance and out-of-tune life if you hear or listen to unpleasant and discordant music. 

8. Burden

Music is also synonymous with overwhelming burdens and responsibilities. 

This is the meaning if you listened to annoying, harsh-sounding music that gives off a bad vibe. 

Dream about Music: 100 Scenarios And Interpretations

Common scenarios of music dreams experienced by dreamers around the planet include-

1. Hearing music in dream meaning

Hearing music, especially harmonious melody, is an omen of pleasure, and prosperity. 

2. Dreaming of pleasant music

Pleasant music is a sign of fulfillment and prosperity. 

From the relationship point of view, the dream denotes reconciliation with friends you have lost touch with. 

3. A dream about hearing pleasant and familiar music

The plot relates to the coming of a wonderful opportunity – something that will make you and your near ones immensely happy. 

From another perspective, familiar music may also be symbolic of a comeback. Perhaps you have or are planning to go back to a familiar place or a person.

The dream further hints at your hesitation to do so. Probably because the memories you have for that place or person are rather vague. 

However, your subconscious advises you to reach out and go back to the place that feels like home to you because you will not regret your actions. 

4. Dreaming of pleasant music in the background

If you dream of any particular event taking place with pleasant music playing in the background, the dream may stand for success in establishing new relationships. 

5. Dreaming of happy music

Happy music is your higher self encouraging you to be cheerful and optimistic. This interpretation is especially true if you dream of happy music while undergoing extremely tough times in the waking world. 

Through the dream your inner self is sending you positive vibes, telling you that everything is going to be okay!

6. Melodic and enchanting music in a dream

Enchanting music in a dream often happens prior to a blissful period of life. A specific event or matter may or may not happen. 

Nonetheless, that will not stop you from feeling serene and at peace with yourself and with the world. 

7. To dream of hearing good music all of a sudden

If you hear charming music all of a sudden without knowing where it came from, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll be swept off your feet with an unexpected piece of pleasant news. 

8. To dream of hearing music you like

Hearing music you like portends success, happiness, and prosperity. 

9. Dreaming of discordant music

Discordant music foretells troubles with ill-behaved children, chaos, and unhappiness in the domestic sphere.

10. Dreaming of boring music

Boring music stands for people who would give you nothing but pain and discomfort in the waking world. 

Also, the dream says you have no tolerance for such types of people. 

11. A dream of sad music 

Sad music is a harbinger of sorrowful news making its way toward you. 

12. Loud music dream meaning

Loud music could be your subconscious warning you to pay heed to the goings-on in your surroundings. 

That said, you also need to delve deep and question yourself because there’s also a possibility that your subconscious is trying to convey a message via the dream. 

13. A dream about blasting music

Blasting music is a sign that some people in your surroundings find you annoying. Not because you did them wrong but because something about you gets on their nerves. 

As per the plot, you are pretty much aware of how they feel but turn a blind eye to it because you believe that you cannot and will not be able to please everyone. 

On the other hand, the dream is a sign that you will have trouble focussing on your priorities after experiencing this particular scenario.

So, your subconscious advises you to give yourself a break otherwise, you would be prone to making trivial mistakes here and there. 

14. Dreaming of hearing music that disturbs your senses

Music that disturbs you indicates instability and uncertainty. 

15. Dreaming of harsh-sounding music and getting annoyed

If you dream of getting annoyed due to harsh-sounding music, the plot stands for a burden you are carrying. 

Perhaps you are compelled to do something you absolutely detests. Despite how you feel about it the dream says you wouldn’t be able to escape from it.

And since you are bound to do it sooner or later, your subconscious self wants you to get done with it at the earliest. 

16. Unpleasant music in a dream

Contrary to enchanting music, unpleasant music foretells a series of disagreeable events. 

There’s a possibility that these will be brought to you by your family members’ disagreeable attitudes and behaviors. 

17. Hearing music being tuned in a dream

The dream relates to your social disposition. As per the plot, you are a social butterfly and love hanging out and being in the company of different types of people. 

Furthermore, the scenario shows you find it relatively easy to adjust to others’ preferences and dislikes.

18. A dream of hearing music from a distance

Most probably, you will soon bump into a person you absolutely detest. The plot may also stand for a surprise visit from a person you dislike. 

As the encounter may bring in unpleasant consequences, your subconscious advises you to be prepared mentally as well as emotionally. 

19. To dream of hearing both music and musical instruments

The scenario portends immense success in your professional life.

20. Listening to music in a dream

Listening to music usually reflects your feelings and emotions in the waking world.

Nevertheless, the type of music and the lyrics also play a crucial role. So, you must pay close attention to them for an accurate meaning. 

21. Dreaming about listening to pop music

The scenario shows your positive outlook toward life. You never let challenges and problems get the better of you – something many admire you for. 

22. Listening to folk music in a dream

If you dream of listening to folk music, there’s a possibility that you have fallen into a rut. Perhaps everything makes you sad and pathetic, of late. 

If so, the dream is a reminder to help yourself out of your sorrow. Try looking at events and situations from a newer perspective and they might not be as bad as you think they are. 

23. Hearing classical music in dreams

If you dream of listening to classical music, it means you are someone who tries to avoid fights, arguments, and conflicts at all costs. 

24. Listening to jazz music in a dream

The dream says you are not someone who judges a book by its cover.

Instead of categorizing someone or something as good or bad from the get-go, you prefer to be fair to everyone and let time and their behavior/ actions speak for them. 

25. Dreaming about listening to rock music

According to the plot, one of your loved ones will fall into a rut, most probably something emotionally aggravating. 

So, the dream says you would need to encourage and strengthen that person to fight through the crises. 

26. Dreaming about listening to pleasant music

Listening to pleasant music that soothes your soul can be interpreted from several different perspectives. 

Chances are, you will soon hear from a person you have lost touch with. And the conversation will uplift your soul and cheer you up. 

If you are lucky, that person will come to you with a piece of extremely good news. 

27. A dream of listening to music that was smooth and easy to catch on

The scenario is a reflection of your smooth and happy life. 

28. Listening to soft music in a dream

Listening to soft music indicates peace, comfort, and happiness. 

29. A dream of listening to music to sleep

The dream is a harbinger of pleasant surprises and happy times. 

30. A dream about listening to upbeat music

The dream reflects your excitement and enthusiasm about something that is happening or is about to happen soon. 

31. Listening to fast music in a dream

If you listen to fast music, the scenario shows that situations and events are getting way ahead of you. And you are in a haste to catch up with them. 

32. Dreaming of listening to dance music

Listening to dance music indicates that you are a loved person.

33. Listening to romantic music in a dream

Listening to romantic music is a harbinger of love, peace, contentment, and happiness. 

34. Listening to unpleasant music in a dream

Most likely, you will find yourself in a threatening situation if you listen to unpleasant music.

However, you need to maintain your composure and not let it affect you much as it wouldn’t turn out to be as bad as you had initially imagined. 

35. Dreaming about listening to sad music

In all likelihood, you are going through a depressing life phase. If not, the chances of you going through one are absolutely high. 

If you dream of the above scenario while riding through a rough path with regard to your relationships, the plot may stand for potential separation. 

On the other hand, listening to sad music is a sign that you should be prepared for upsetting news.

36. Dreaming about listening to music that was out of tune

As per the plot, you feel a sense of disconnection in the waking world due to some issues. 

37. To dream of listening to extremely bad music

Listening to extremely bad music shows you will put yourself in a challenging situation if you continue to put up with the nonsense of people around you. 

38. To dream of listening to excessively loud music

Listening to excessively loud music, to the point of getting uncomfortable, symbolizes unpleasant news. 

In the most extreme case, it could be related to the death of a close one.

39. Dreaming of listening to music on headphones/ earphones

In case you listen to music with your headphones or earphones, it is a sign that you are trying your best to protect your personal matters. 

Needless to say, you are not an open book and prefer to keep your private life behind closed doors. 

From another approach, listening to music with headphones or earphones shows you will gain superiority over your competitors. 

40. To dream of listening to excessively loud music through headphones

If you happen to listen to music that is excessively loud through the headset, it signifies trouble due to your children or relatives.

41. Dreaming of walking down the street listening to music on headphones

According to the dream book of Lunar, the above plot reflects your indecisiveness. Further, the dream shows you are hesitant to manifest your desires. 

42. To dream of listening to a music genre, you hate

Listening to a genre you detest reflects your refusal to abide by someone’s advice and guidance. 

On the contrary, listening to a music genre you love in the real world, then you need to know that the dream is a piece of advice you absolutely need to listen to. 

What it is and which part of your life it fits into are things you need to figure out as the dreamer. 

43. Dreaming about enjoying music and playing it for a long time

If you dream of enjoying soothing music and playing it for long hours, the scenario symbolizes relaxing times. 

If you have been longing for an escapade or a trip to a faraway land, your wishes might come true. 

44. Lowering the sound of music in a dream

According to the plot, it’s likely that you would overreact to a situation. Someone might comment or joke about something related to you. And chances are, his or her words would rub you the wrong way.

The dream might be telling you not to take others’ words too seriously and to receive them with a smile however insulting you think his or her words are. 

45. Dreaming of turning music off

Turning the music off hints at a spoilsport. Your happiness and cheerful mood are likely to be ruined by an event or a person as per the dream. 

46. Playing pop music in a dream

Playing pop music hints at a change in the upcoming weeks or months. 

Say a change of workplace or residence. According to the plot, you are skeptical of how people will receive you and whether you will fit into the new place. 

However, the dream tells you are worrying over nothing! Just be your own self and people will accept and respect you for who you are. 

47. Dreaming about playing folk music

According to the plot, there’s a possibility that a little deed from your end will make someone immensely happy.

This can be something as trivial as treating a homeless person to a hot meal or dropping in to check on your loved ones’ wellbeing. 

48. Playing classical music in a dream

The dream represents your fake feelings for a particular individual in your waking life. 

In other words, you are pretending to like someone when in truth, his or her behavior/ attitude annoys you. This can be a friend, relative, in-law, or colleague. 

Despite your efforts, the dream says you’ll not be able to keep your genuine feelings hidden for long. 

49. Dreaming about playing jazz music

The scenario stands for your strength and willpower. Your tenacity will help you tackle many of your challenging problems with ease. 

The plot says you are not someone who accepts failure easily. Instead, you make sure you approach a problem from all possible perspectives before calling it quits. 

50. Playing rock music in a dream

The dream portends a good time. That said, if someone invites you to a party or a celebratory event, you must make sure to attend it. 

Furthermore, the dream hints at sadness, disappointment, and regret in case you miss out on any of those opportunities. 

51. To dream of many people playing music and singing

The plot is an ill omen implying death in your surroundings. 

52. Dreaming of playing a musical instrument

This particular scenario has two different meanings depending on your reality. 

If you play any musical instrument in the waking world, it is simply your subconscious reenacting your skill in the dream world. 

On the other hand, if you have nothing to do with music and musical instruments in the waking world, the plot hints at a surprising turn of events. 

53. Dreaming of playing music on an instrument

If you dream of playing music on a musical instrument, there’s a possibility that your present job or lifestyle does not please you. 

But the positive thing about your discontentment is that you are using your lack of satisfaction as a driving force to achieve the job or the life you have always aspired for. 

54. To dream of playing pleasant music on an instrument

The scenario implies creativity and dexterity in the professional realm. 

Another approach to the dream emphasizes the need to give yourself a break from the hectic schedules of your life.

55. To dream of playing music for others

In case you dream of playing music for others, it means you are trying to bring about changes in terms of mood or atmosphere in the waking world. 

That said, how the people react to the music you play might also indicate how your people think about the changes you are trying to bring. 

For instance, if people react well to the music it means they are supportive of the changes you suggest. 

On the contrary, if they did not receive the music well, it means your ideas of changes do not please them. 

From another perspective, music is a symbol of your relationship or bonding with people. So, you need to consider who you were playing the music for. 

Also, playing music implies you will make a shy or withdrawn person feel at home. 

56. Dreaming about making music

When you dream of making music it shows you have finally mustered up the courage to take charge of your life.

57. Making pop music in a dream

To begin with, the dream indicates you wish to find success and be super-rich. 

Of course, every single person on the face of the Earth longs for success. But that’s not what we mean here.

You have a burning desire to be a success. You fantasize about it and according to the plot, you dream of an abundant, worry-free life most times of the day. 

And the dream says you have the potential to turn all your dreams and fantasies into reality if you work hard enough. 

However, based on the plot, your hard work alone won’t be enough as luck plays a crucial role here. But luck is when preparation meets opportunities, isn’t it? 

58. Making folk music in a dream

The dream says people in your near environment will most likely judge you for your actions, decisions, and behaviors. 

There’s a possibility that you’ll try your best to make them understand why you do what you do but in vain. 

Eventually, the failure to look from the same perspectives will compel you to leave them to think about you as they please. 

59. Dreaming about making classical music

Making classical music shows you have deceived your loved ones with a lie. 

According to the dream, you have the best of intentions, which is not to hurt them with the brutal truth. 

But the dream says you must come clean and let them know what’s really going on. As the saying goes it’s better to get hurt with the truth than being comforted with a lie. 

60. To dream of making jazz music

Making jazz music shows you are not someone who makes long-term plans. Instead, you go with the flow, making changes and solving problems on the go, wherever necessary. 

61. Making rock music in a dream

Making rock music foretells a trip to a distant land. This can either be a business trip or a personal escape. 

Either way, the plot indicates a change in the environment would do you good. 

62. Dreaming of heavy metal music

Heavy metal music is associated with disturbances in your waking life. 

63. Recurrent dreams of heavy metal music

If you dream of heavy metal music repeatedly, you must not ignore the signs your subconscious is trying to send you. 

For someone to have recurrent dreams of the above is your subconscious warning you that something is seriously off in your real life. 

64. To dream of disliking someone’s music

Chances are, you would soon get into a conflict with a person you dislike. And if you do, it’s likely to have a huge impact on your mental and emotional state. 

Therefore, your subconscious advises you to avoid any sort of negative exchanges with anyone you don’t see eye to eye with around this time. 

65. Dreaming about singing and dancing to music

Singing and dancing to music is a reflection of the security, comfort, and happiness you are experiencing in your waking life. 

If you have been having a tough time recently, the dream is a sign that all those will soon become a thing of the past. 

66. A dream about dancing to music

The scenario is associated with personal development. 

Most often, it would be achieved through a new hobby or by being in a relationship with someone much more mature than you. 

67. Dreaming of people dancing to music

People dancing to music denotes happy times ahead. 

68. Dream meaning musical instruments

Musical instruments foretell happiness and pleasant days ahead. According to the dream, you are living life to the fullest. 

At other times, musical instruments stand for your ability to communicate and connect with other people. 

Since some dream experts relate musical instruments with sexual organs, the plot may also stand for your sexuality.

69. Broken musical instruments in a dream

Broken musical instruments show your happiness would likely be ruined by negative-minded individuals in your circle. 

70. Out of tune musical instruments in a dream

Music from out-of-tune musical instruments foretells trouble and potential damage. 

71. Seeing musical instruments without musicians in a dream

A lot of musical instruments without anybody playing them is an ill omen foretelling unpleasant news, negative experiences, and sick days ahead. 

72. Dreaming about musical instruments and hearing music but unable to locate the musicians

If you dream of instruments and music being played but not sighting the musicians translates to the sudden disappearance of a near one. 

He or she might leave for a distant land or even pass away. 

In this scenario, the music stands for the pleasant memories he or she left behind. 

73. To dream of a musical band

A musical band stands for harmony. The dream could be emphasizing the need to bring together different aspects of your personality to create a harmonious self. 

On the other hand, the dream may reflect your wishes to be in a harmonious relationship with your family, friends, and acquaintances. 

74. To dream of musicians rehearsing music

Musicians rehearsing denote arguments and conflicts. 

Since it can affect any aspect of your life – family, romance, and work, your higher self advises you to be cautious and to watch your words. 

75. Seeing a music sheet in a dream

A music sheet emphasizes the importance of harmony in your waking life relationships. 

76. Dreaming of watching a musical

Watching a musical is most probably your subconscious warning you not to let yourselves get carried away by your emotions. 

77. Dreaming of a musician

For a nonmusician to dream of being a musician is a sign that you need to be more expressive of your feelings and emotions. 

78. To dream of a dead musician

Sometimes, you may have dreams of a musician who has passed away in the waking world. 

Contrary to your expectation, the scenario has nothing to do with that particular person. Instead, the plot speaks of yourself. 

According to the plot, you are not as open and expressive of your emotions and feelings as you used to be in the past. 

79. To dream of attending your favorite musician’s concert

The overall interpretation of the dream depends on the emotions you experienced. 

If you enjoyed the concert, the plot means you will be able to accomplish your goals with ease.

On the flip side, if you did not have fun at the concert due to some reason, the dream is, most probably, your higher self warning you not to get involved with fraudulent activities. 

80. A dream of becoming a famous musician

Dreaming of becoming a famous musician symbolizes contentment in your personal as well as professional lives. 

81. Dreaming about a music teacher

A teacher of any type in the dream world often stands for your inner knowledge or a guiding voice. 

Needless to say, these types of dreams are extremely powerful and should not be ignored. 

Considering what the teacher stands for, it’s safe to say that the dream occurred in the first place to awaken your senses or warn you of something you have overlooked in the waking world.

So, you must evaluate each and every aspect of your life and figure out if anything is off. Because chances are, the dream wouldn’t have happened if you are on the right path in life. 

82. Dreaming of watching a music video

According to the dream, you need to inject more fun and excitement into your life. 

Nonetheless, the interpretation may also vary depending on the type of video you watched in the dream. 

83. To dream of starring in a music video

Starring in a music video is your higher self encouraging you to be more expressive of your emotions and feelings. 

84. To dream of playing musical chairs

Playing musical chairs symbolizes instability and uncertainty in some areas of your life. 

85. Music box dream meaning

A music box symbolizes nostalgia or feelings of security you experienced in your childhood or younger days. 

From the romantic point of view, a music box may also indicate a yearning for someone. 

86. To dream of opening a music box

Opening a music box symbolizes people, things, and events you treasure in the waking world. 

87. To dream of a broken music box

A broken music box symbolizes headache and pain. 

88. Dreaming about hearing the melody of a music box

The dream is a reflection of your past memories. 

89. Dreaming of a music box similar to the one you had in reality

If you dream of a music box that resembles the one you had during your childhood days, the scenario shows you reminiscing about your childhood.

Another approach to the dream indicates the need to revisit the goals and missions you once cherished. Perhaps your dream goals faded and got lost among the struggles of life. 

The dream may also be your subconscious nudging your conscious to go back and fulfilled the goals you have abandoned. 

90. Dreaming about giving away a music box to a friend

Giving away a music box to a friend reflects your feelings towards that person.

Music boxes are something we give to people we deeply care for. We don’t give it to just anybody we cross paths with. 

Therefore, the dream says you have a deep love for the person you gave away the box to.

91. To dream of giving a music box to a child

Giving a music box to a child denotes sharing your happy childhood memories with someone through stories, memories, etc. 

92. Dreaming of breaking or losing a music box

The dream is a sign that you feel disconnected from the spirit of your inner child.

These types of dreams may also happen if you fear losing or getting abandoned by your loved ones. 

93. To dream of music played on a guitar

Music played on guitar is closely associated with your romantic life.

If you have developed passionate feelings for a certain individual around the time you dream of the above scenario, the plot denotes the intensity of your passions would grow tenfold. 

94. Dreaming of depressing music played on a piano or a violin

To dream of depressing music played on a piano or a violin symbolizes the sorrow you are presently going through. 

Undoubtedly, you have tried your utmost to stay positive but every time you try to stay optimistic, something always happens to dampen your spirit. 

95. To dream of church music performed pathetically

As per the dream, your spiritual life has gone ashtray and has gotten out of tune. 

96. A female dreaming of listening to music

For a person of the feminine gender, listening to music in a dream is an ominous sign indicating disgrace and shame. 

Perhaps there are people circulating lies about you and ridiculing you at your back. 

97. A single person dreaming of romantic music

If you are single and dream of hearing or listening to romantic music, the plot is a sign of love heading toward you.

In the same dream scenario, if someone else other than you was present in the dream, there’s a possibility that your significant other is already in your life.

Perhaps you or the two of you haven’t yet realized what you’ll mean to each other in the future. 

98. Unpleasant music in the dreams of lovers and married people

For married people or those in love, harsh sounding, unpleasant music stands for discomfort and loss. 

99. Listening to music in a dream for a patient

If a patient dreams of the above scenario, it means he or she will recover from his or her ailment very soon. 

100. Dreaming of deaf people listening to music

The plot translates to unpleasant times, anxiety, and suffering. 

Dream of Music: Example

A man dreamed of turning off loud music.

In real life, the man had just put an end to a chaotic week. Here, the loud music represents the chaos and pressure he was struggling under for the past week.

The Interpretation of Music Dreams According To Hinduism

According to the beliefs of Hinduism, Shiva created the world by playing the flute and dancing to the melody. Therefore, music is synonymous with creativity and dexterity.

However, the type of music and whether it was pleasant or not also plays a vital role. 

While enchanting and harmonious music symbolizes placidity, loud and harsh sounding music reflects chaos, uncertainty, and instability. 

Why Did You Dream Of Music?

If you are wondering why you dream of hearing, listening, or making music, let us tell you that there are numerous possible reasons why the dream showed up in the first place. 

And the reason will, undoubtedly, differ from person to person and from dreamer to dreamer because, at the end of the day, no two people can be the same, however, close they are. 

Some of the most common reasons why music dreams happen are –

  1. You are a musician or have something to do with music in the waking world. In that case, the dream probably does not carry any significant meaning as it is nothing but a reflection of your reality.
  2. Depending on the scenario, your dream may mean you are about to take charge of your actions and decisions. 
  3. You are a person who gives equal chances to everybody. You do not judge a book by its cover.
  4. Negatively, music symbolizes you are carrying a heavy burden in the waking world. 
  5. Music can also be a sign that you are about to have a rewarding love life. 
  6. Dreaming of music shows you should make your life more fun and thrilling. 
  7. Music can be a reflection of peace, contentment, and happiness in the real world. 
  8. A dream featuring music may also emphasize the need for harmony. 
  9. Broken musical instruments represent spoilsports and negative-minded people in your circle. 
  10. Music also denotes disputes and conflicts in the waking world. 
  11. Music is also a symbol of relaxation.  


To wrap up, a dream about music denotes positivity most of the time. But there are a few exceptional music dream scenarios that are ill omen. 

Regardless of which direction your dream interpretation takes, you must remind yourself that every dream happens for a reason – both the good as well as the bad.

And it is your responsibility as the dreamer to pick the hints your dream points out and right the wrongs. 

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