How to dream about someone? Or, How to dream about what you want?

If you are a believer of dreams, this question must have been on your mind for a long time.

Dreaming occurs in your REM sleep (Rapid eye movements). You need to control this sleep if you want to dream about a particular person or thing. 

While this may sound impossible to you, dream dictionary says it is possible with the conditioning of your sleep cycle and bedtime thoughts.

How to Dream about Someone – Techniques, Process, Tips & More
How to Dream about Someone – Techniques, Process, Tips & More

Ways on How to Dream about Someone

The urge to see someone specific in your dream can be extremely high. But the good part is that you can satisfy it with the right techniques. 

But first ensure that you’re in your lucid state of mind and then practice these tips and tricks to manipulate your dreams. 

Spin with a scene

In a relaxed state of mind, spin around for a few seconds. In the first 5-10 seconds, imagine the place where you want to be and the person you want to be with. 

After this time, stop spinning and keep the scene in your mind. The person will automatically materialize in your dream. 

Imagine the person behind doors or around corners 

If you see a door in your dream, speak to yourself that the person you want to see is on the other side of the door. When you open the door, believe that you will see them. 

Another way is to knock on the door. Expect the same person to answer the door. If somebody else answers, inform them that you want to see the specific person and wait for them to show up.

You can also make it work in similar ways for different settings. If you’re walking towards a corner, expect the person to be already there.

Ask about that “person”

If you don’t want to bother much, just ask for that person. If you see other people in the dream, ask for the individual you are looking for. It is very likely that they will show you where the person is or will tell you the individual’s location. 

Another reliable way is to ask the other people to go and get the specific person you wish to meet. This way that ‘someone’ is certain to show up in your dreams.

Visit places the “person” is expected to visit

To see a specific person, you can also visit them. Go to their work, home, school, favorite place – any place that they frequently visit. 

But make sure this place is near you. If not, try to fly to that location because once the lucidity in the dream is lost, it becomes difficult again to find that person in your dream.

Create a dream scene in your head 

If you’ve not spent a lot of time lucid dreaming, this one is not for you. But you can always give it a try. All you have to do here is IMAGINE. 

Imagine a place or setting where the specific person can be found. This can take a lot of time and effort hence you may have to maintain your lucidity and not get distracted.

Use the “Take my Hand” technique

This is a very effective technique. When you want to see a specific person in your dream, outstretch your hand and say, “Take my hand,” followed by the individual’s name.

At times, you’ll find the person holding you after that.

Keep them in your mind (all the time!)

In this technique, you need to keep thinking about them. Dreams reflect what you feel and the people in your dreams are the people you spend the most time with. So, you have to think of them all day. 

Think of them when you wake up and think of them while sleeping. Make this thought a priority and keep your mind calm. 

Remove all sorts of anxieties and make this person your last thought before you fall asleep. 

Step-by-Step Process on How to Dream about Your Crush (or Anyone Else!) 

So far, you got to know the tips and tricks that may help you to see the desired person in your dream. Let’s take a quick step-by-step guide on how you can dream about your crush.

This 5-step easy process will enable you to dream about a person you’ve been longing to see.

Step 1: Think about them (and keep thinking!)

If you want a romantic dream, think about them before going to bed. Spend time in your waking life to imagine things with your crush

You can visualize a setting in which you want to be with that person like taking a romantic walk or seeing the sunset with them. You can dream whatever you like but keep them in your mind all the time. 

Step 2: Say their name aloud

Dream interpreters say that speaking their name aloud works even better. This trains your mind to bring that person into your dream. 

So, when you’re about to sleep, speak your crush’s name aloud and say “I will dream about….”. 

You can also be more precise with sentences like “I want to dream about a candlelight dinner with ….”. 

This tells your mind that you’re certain about your intentions and already possess a clear picture of what you want to dream about. 

Step 3: It’s time to behold his/her picture

By now you have thought a lot about them and also told your mind what you want to see in your dream. You can make this intention stronger by looking at your crush’s picture before going to sleep. 

This will keep their picture intact in your mind before sleep and tell your mind where it should lay more focus upon. 

You can also look at pictures of you two together and dream of being in a similar setting. This activity makes sure that your crush shows up in your dreams.

Step 4: Now, go to sleep

After all these three steps, it is now time to sleep. Don’t let any other thoughts enter your mind. Your crush’s picture and name should be the last thought so that your subconscious mind lays all the focus on your crush.

When you’re in the initial stage of controlling your dreams, ensure your crush is the focus of all the thoughts you get before hitting the bed.

If there are any problems or issues in your real life, deal with them first. Your mind has to be focused on your crush, by all means, to make them appear in your dream.

Step 5: Practice is the key to success

When you read the steps, it might sound easy. But it will take a while to achieve control over your dreams. This will not happen at your first or second shot. 

You need to keep practicing before you’re actually able to control your dreams. Follow these steps in your daily life to achieve control.

In case you’re facing difficulty, make a journal of your dreams. When you write down what you’re dreaming about, this gives space to your subconscious mind and allows room for your desired dream.

Tips to Succeed in Dreaming of Person of Your Choice

Now that you know the techniques and are also aware of the step-by-step guide, here are some tips that will guide you through the process!

Stay calm

Dream interpreters say that your desired person may disappear from the dream if you don’t remain calm. So, train your mind to stay calm. Don’t send signals of stress on seeing the person. 

Avoid thoughts that say that the person wants to stay away from you. If you run towards them or sneak on them, it signals that you were desperate to see them. Hence, all such actions also have to be avoided. You need to be totally in a composed state.

Don’t give up

This is a difficult task but you cannot give up. If it didn’t work for you for the first couple of times, it doesn’t mean it will never work. You need to keep practicing all the techniques.

Analyze your dreams, note them in your journal and find out where things are going wrong. Don’t miss out on any pre-bed visualization techniques as they’re the most effective. They tell your mind what to think about and help you to gain every opportunity.

Try all the methods and soon you’ll be able to figure out which one works the best for you.

Prepare your mind

Before going to bed, imagine yourself with them in your dream setting. Become lucid and speak to yourself “I am going to see___ now” and remain calm.

You can imagine the person appearing towards you and greeting you happily. You can smile, hug or greet them in any natural manner. But it is very important to keep them in mind all the time.

Maintain a dream journal

In lucid dreams, you are aware of the things you’re dreaming about. This is not an easy practice. One of the few ways to do this is by maintaining a dream journal. You might have to do this for a few weeks.

Every single day, before getting up from the bed, note down everything that you dreamt about. If need be, keep your journal by your bedside so this is the first thing in the morning that you do.

Become aware of the conscious world

To become aware of your dreams, you first need to be aware of your real life. Throughout the day, keep a check if you’re daydreaming or are aware of your surroundings. 

Note how your senses are reacting to things nearby. Look for elements from your real life that can provide you more details about your dream or something that you often see in your dream.

Pay attention to the details. Since this will become blurry in your dream, you’ll be easily able to differentiate between reality and dreams.

Sleep in a comfortable environment

Before going to bed, ensure it’s an environment with no disturbances. Relax your body and lay down on the bed. Avoid all smells and sounds. Try to concentrate on your sleep. When you control your senses in this manner, you’ll be able to achieve control over your mind while dreaming.

However, it may take time for the lucid dream stage to occur. Look for the dream symbols. Recognize them and become lucid when you find them. 

This way you’ll be able to control your dreams. If you get distracted, look at your hands or try the spinning method to bring back your senses in control.

Happy Dreaming, Pals!

If you want a particular person in your dream every night, it is only possible with immense dedication and practice. It is not very simple but can be made possible by conditioning your mind.

If you follow the various techniques mentioned and the step-by-step guide, you can achieve the lucid dreaming stage with practice. When you attain this stage, it is possible to dream about anyone and anything you wish.