With days and weeks-old corpses stored in the lifeless rooms, the morgue dream meaning will undoubtedly give you the chills upon waking. 

For sure, a morgue is not a pleasant sight and gives off bad vibes but if you wish to follow the subconscious lead and stay away from trouble, read on!

Morgue Dream Meaning - Various Types With Meanings
Morgue Dream Meaning – Various Types With Meanings

Morgue Dream Meaning : A General Dream Interpretation

A morgue dream meaning usually denotes you are trying to find out the reasons for a failure. It can also mean you are restricting personal development by denying your strengths and abilities. At other times, it is a sign that you need to let go of something. 

On the surface, the morgue dream meaning is probably one of the worst anyone can encounter in a dream.

And almost always, scenarios that are directly or indirectly related to the storage of the dead hint at unpleasant news, trouble, and misfortune. 

Which isn’t surprising, considering the purpose of the place. 

  • On a lighter note, the dream might imply how you are trying to dig deep into the reasons why you or another person had failed at something. And what you can do to steer clear of similar mistakes and failures in the future.
  • But let us also remind you not to associate every dream featuring the place with negativity. Depending on the turn of events within the plot, it can also mean you have barely managed to stay away from a disastrous situation. 
  • A mortuary is also associated with the trauma of death, loss, letting go, etc.

Morgue Dreams: A Spiritual Interpretation

Spiritually, a morgue dream stands for a transition. You might be transitioning from a way of life that no longer works for you.

Morgue Dreams Explained With Proper Interpretations

The scenario usually symbolizes negativity. But the interpretation can flip over for the good based on your reality, past experiences, dream details, and your emotional response to the plot. 

A hospital morgue dream meaning

A hospital morgue represents your attempt to complete a task that is beyond your capabilities.

The scenario also encourages you to reflect on your life and happenings. Perhaps you are leading a too complicated life and need to adopt a more laid-back approach.

Invited to the mortuary to identify a dead body

One of these days, you will hear news about a close one passing away. 

Being at a mortuary in a dream

Most likely, being at a mortuary suggests you have unfinished business from your past. 

If you look at it from the love and relationship point of view, the dream stands for unresolved problems between you and your partner.

Sometimes, it also shows you feel unwelcome or disconnected from society. 

Lying down inside a morgue

Chances are, you are awaiting the results of a health report or going through a tedious diagnosis. 

In other words, the dream shows you are waiting for some sort of result regarding your or a near one’s health issue. 

Seeing several dead bodies at a morgue

It is an ill omen. In this context, the dead bodies represent your problems.

Wandering around a morgue in search of someone

Likely, you will be surprised to learn sad news about a loved one if you dream of pacing aimlessly around the mortuary’s tables looking for someone.

Looking at a dead body inside a morgue

It reflects something about you that is no longer existent – something that has been transformed or wiped away without a trace. 

Identifying one of the corpses as your close friend’s inside a mortuary

Expect to hear the most terrible news about close ones if you experience the above dream.

On a lighter note, the dream foretells complications at the workplace and financial setbacks. 

Mortuary’s corpse storage

Chances are, you will soon be betrayed by your partner if corpse storage at a morgue shows up in your dream.

You got lost in the corpse storage inside a mortuary

According to the plot, you are living with illusions that will be shattered shortly. On the other hand, the dream shows an unexpected betrayal by a person who means a lot to you. 

Seeing a dead man come back to life inside a morgue

The dream indicates you will have the worst luck for the next few days following the dream. This is especially true if the man was aggressive towards you. 

A resurrected dead inside a morgue

Surprisingly, it is a good sign. One of these days, you will accidentally run into a person with whom you will develop a lifelong friendship.

Own corpse inside a morgue

It indicates you are in a state of inertia and have been holding yourself back from indulging in anything fun and adventurous.

A corpse attacking you in a morgue

Unpleasant news awaits you. Whatever it will be, don’t let it affect you much. Because just like all the others, that too shall pass. 

Working at a mortuary

According to the plot, your goals and life journey are heavily impacted by someone else’s. In other words, you are no longer the main character in your life story. 

Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation Of Morgue Dreams

According to the theory of Sigmund Freud, a dream of a morgue signifies your disappointment and psychological and physical exhaustion. 

Taking his theory into consideration, if you experience these types of dreams frequently, it becomes necessary to speak with a professional. 

A Psychological Meaning of Morgue

Psychologically, a dream featuring a morgue reflects anxiety about your failures or problems being looked into either by yourself or another person.


Wrapping up, the morgue dream meaning usually has a negative connotation foretelling misfortune, and sometimes even death. 

However, based on the dream details and your reality, such a dream can also mean you are going through a transitioning period.

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