A dream about piano can carry either positive or negative messages. 

However, this dream symbolizes peace, love, happiness, harmony, and all things great.

However, the condition of the instrument and the types of music played in the dream also play a vital role in the dream interpretation. 

Let’s dig in to discover the meanings of some of the most exciting dream scenarios. 

Dream about Piano - Various Plots & Meanings
Dream about Piano – Various Plots & Meanings

What Does A Dream about Piano Signify?

In the dream world, a piano is usually associated with peace, harmony, and happiness. The instrument is also closely related to your control and mastery over your feelings and emotions. 

According to Miller, a dream featuring the instrument implies exciting events are on the horizon. 

Having said that, you need to take into account all aspects of the vision.

Right from the condition of the instrument to the music played, to who was with you as these details will help you achieve an accurate meaning of your dream.

Spiritual Meaning Of Piano Dreams

From the spiritual perspective, the instrument is a symbol of peace and harmony. 

Your dream either means a well-balanced harmonious life or a lack of it depending on the context. 

Various Dream about Piano Scenarios & Their Meaning

We have listed some of the most commonly experienced dream scenarios featuring the instrument.  

Listening to the piano in a dream

In a broad sense, the dream means you will likely return to a person you had distanced yourself from. 

Having said that, you always need to recall the type of music you listened to. Unpleasant music denotes complications while melodic music is a sign of success and good health. 

Dream of playing piano

It augurs unpleasant messages that spoil your work-related plans.

If you have been counting on huge profits from your business, the dream shows the reality will turn out to be the exact opposite of what you had expected. 

On the other hand, playing the piano may also mean you seek harmony in your life. 

If this resonates, the place where you played the instrument will play a vital role in the interpretation.

Perhaps your dream is trying to draw your attention toward something that lacks balance. 

Learning piano

Learning an instrument takes much time and effort. It’s not something you can accomplish overnight. 

Therefore, learning piano denotes you would need to make a major investment to master something or solve a problem in the waking world. 

Practicing on the piano

The plot says you are preparing yourself to face any types of challenges that surface along the way.

Needless to say, you are optimistic and firmly believe that you can accomplish anything in the waking world. 

Playing piano with one hand or blindfolded

According to the dream, you are facing obstacles on your path towards success because of others’ interventions. 

Singing to the sound made by the piano 

The scenario says major life-changing events are on the horizon.

A piano recital

This type of dream usually happens if you feel stressed and under pressure after someone or some people expect you to perform well at a particular event, say a presentation or a meeting.

Throwing away a piano

According to the dream, you are letting your fear of failure stop you from exploring new opportunities. 

Buying a piano

Often, the scenario surfaces prior to making a huge investment. Negatively, buying a piano is symbolic of an argument with a close one.

Getting a piano as a gift

Chances are, you are getting more attention than you need or ever ask for.

You may be a person who prefers to do things on your own and having someone constantly catering to you bothers you.

Selling a piano

This is an ill omen. Expect a financial decline or even a collapse if you see the above in a dream. 

Seeing a piano at your home

Piano in your home premises symbolizes wealth and prosperity. 

Seeing a piano on the streets

Usually, pianos are not meant for the street. So, from that perspective, your dream could mean you are going against the convention. 

Despite the fact that you get sheer happiness from what you are presently engaged in, your family and friends aren’t very supportive of your decisions. 

Various Types of Piano

A broken piano

Generally, a piano symbolizes balance and harmony. 

So, a broken piano denotes a clash between you and someone else, probably your partner. The two of you may have different visions, personalities, etc. 

An antique piano

An antique piano is a harbinger of a series of troubles heading toward you.

Chances are, your recklessness as well as failure to learn from past mistakes will be the cause of the upcoming difficult times. 

Out-of-tune piano

An out-of-tune piano symbolizes discord and disharmony in your present life.

Some areas of your life seem rather off and quite out of sync with the rest. If you have an idea of what your dream is hinting at, consider maintaining a balance to fine-tune your overall life. 

According to Sigmund Freud, an out-of-tune piano symbolizes discontentment in your intimate life. 

A mute piano

Either you lack the confidence to voice your thoughts/ opinions or external factors stop you from putting life to your opinions.

White piano

It shows you always try your utmost to maintain an untainted reputation. At other times, a white piano also heralds a meet-up with a friend or an ex-lover. 

Various Parts of Piano Appearing in Dreams

  • A piano fallboard – It symbolizes routines you follow religiously despite being aware that they do not add much to your emotional/ mental fulfillment. 
  • Piano strings and hammer – It hints at innate skills and talents you are yet to discover in yourself.
  • Piano keys – They stand for the certain processes you would need to follow to achieve success. Also, piano keys signify going over from one intense emotion to another. 
  • Piano pedals – Generally, piano pedals symbolize your support system and the meaning of your vision depends largely on how it worked in the plot. If it worked well, it means you are well supported. On the contrary, if it was in a bad shape it means something holds you back from reaching your potential. 


Pianos are a good sign provided they are in good shape and produce melodic music. 

However, if the instrument that showed up in your dream and the music it produces has a negative connotation.

Remember that your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to something you have ignored. 

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