Unless your profession has something to do with antique items, you will rarely find yourself dreaming of antiques

So, when such a rare dream shows up, you need to figure out the essence of the dream.

Since antiques are collectibles that date back centuries, your dream could have something to do with your past. Or perhaps your past life!

Dreaming Of Antiques – A General Meaning

Dreaming of antiques symbolizes nostalgia, holding on to something, and a desire to love and be loved. Also, the dream can be the higher realm questioning if what you are pursuing is worth more than what you are leaving behind. 

It represents habits, beliefs, values, and other personal characteristics from your past that are worth holding on to.

An antique item can also signify something that will not give you results anytime soon. Yet, you did not let that stop you because you know the return on investment would be worth the wait. 

On the other hand, your dream may reflect your desire to love, care and pamper someone or to be loved and devoted by someone. Because back in the day, each item was handcrafted carefully with utmost devotion, unlike the present days where machines do everything in a jiffy. 

It can also be symbolic of outdated ideals and beliefs. On the contrary, if you are using something, say an idea, that dates back years ago to resolve a present problem, antiques may show up in your dream. 

In some instances, antiques can also be a sign that you tend to see good in people or objects that others consider bad. 

Antiques can also mean you are abandoning your old ways of thinking for something new. If you find this meaning relatable, you need to be very careful. Because contrary to your perception, you could be ditching something priceless to make room for something unworthy. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Antique Dreams

Spiritually, antiques in dreams signify your time-honored values, morals, beliefs, convention, and wisdom. 

Antiques Dream Meaning – Common Scenarios and Their Meanings

Sit back and get comfortable as we take you through some of the most common dreams featuring antiques. 

Dreaming about an antique shop/store

You may unexpectedly hear news of a relative passing down his or her property to you if you dream of an antique shop. 

Alternatively, an antique shop may also stand for gaining something solely through your efforts, say a promotion at work or profits in your business. 

For some, the antique store can also signify reminiscing and cherishing past memories. 

Yet another interpretation of an antique shop is that you are unable to free yourself from your past experiences. 

To dream of antique dishes

Antique dishes show you are such an organized person. Yet you failed to notice that about yourself as you are a perfectionist. 

This can also signify the need to let go of the past. Maybe it’s time you wrap up lingering feelings from the bygone days. Or perhaps you need to put an end to old habits that somehow found a way in your present life. 

To dream of antique glassware

Antique glassware is related to relationships, business partnerships, and even feelings where honesty and clarity play a crucial role. 

The interpretation also depends on the particular antique you dream of. 

For example, if you were not able to see what’s inside the glassware, it means your perception of reality is clouded by your past experiences and beliefs. 

Antique glassware also symbolizes your vulnerability over past issues. Maybe reminiscing about the heartbreak and the trauma you went through in the past makes you go weak in the knees. 

Antique clothes

Antique pieces of clothing can mean you are going through an emotional rollercoaster ride considering a past issue.

Maybe you did something terrible to someone years ago. That incident might have left you hating yourself. But as time passes, you may have decided to repent and forgive yourself. So, your dream may be related to such types of feelings.

Dreaming about an antique car

An antique car implies you are making decisions and taking actions based on the past. 

For example, you may have suddenly decided not to speak to your best friend because he or she ditched you for a new friend, though temporarily. 

In the dream world, a car, or any vehicle, for that matter symbolizes movement. So, an antique car may represent a contradiction between your beliefs and actions. 

Touring a museum with hundreds of antiques in a dream

Here, the museum represents your psyche where each element of your past is preserved to remind you of the journey you have traveled. 

So, touring the museum where hundreds of antique pieces are stored stands for your desire for something to be as it was once. 

Also, it’s important to recall the condition of the antiques. While minted antiques indicate romanticizing an experience from the past, those that look shabby and are in need of repair show you are feeling like you used to in the past. 

To dream of looking at antiques in a museum

Looking at antiques means you are reflecting upon a past incident to proceed forward.

For example, you could be feeling stuck in a present situation. If your mind travels back to the time when you experienced something similar to recall how you tackled the issue, you can see yourself looking at antiques. 

Choosing and buying antiques for your house

The scenario is the higher realm telling you not to give up. You may be investing your time and money in a venture. And the dream says your friends, family, and others do not expect much from your business. 

Nevertheless, don’t let their opinions coerce you into thinking your idea is not good enough. Keep pushing and you will be rewarded gradually!

Antique vases

Antique vases show you are in luck. Shortly, you might run into someone who is powerful enough to help you out with your problems. 

Dreaming about breaking an antique glassware

According to the scenario, you are not letting your past mistakes and issues define who you are.

You have taken a very positive approach towards life and are not letting anything from the bygone days hinder your steps. 

Antique furniture

Antique furniture usually symbolizes monotony and your subconscious craving for a little fun and excitement. 

To dream of antique jewelry

To dream of an antique piece of jewelry shows that you believe somebody has greatly wronged you. 

Antique watch

According to the scenario, you will soon venture into parts of your personality that have been forgotten or neglected.

A dream about antique dolls

Here, dolls are symbolic of the past or your childhood. So, antique dolls indicate you are a very traditional person and because of your old-school ideas and beliefs, you are having issues trying to fit into the present times. 

On the other hand, it can also mean someone’s childish ways are getting on your nerve. 

Dreaming about an antique house

An antique house is symbolic of transformation and renewal. 

Alternatively, it may represent negative thoughts, opinions, ideas, and feelings. 

To dream of looking at antiques

If you dream of looking at antique items that are probably the higher realms warning you of impending hardships you will soon encounter in multiple aspects of your life. 

Picking antiques

Chances are, you believe you have just got something precious – too precious that you believe it has become a part of you. It could be love, affection, loyalty, a wonderful partner, or even an object. 

Observing an antique by holding it with your hands

The scenario is a warning not to get involved in anything risky or shady. 

Buying antiques

If you dream of buying an antique or antiques one of your close ones will entrust you with a valuable item. 

To dream of working in an antique shop

Working in an antique shop shows you are looking for ways to make certain improvements in your life. 

First, you may be trying to pursue further studies or knowledge to widen your horizon. Or it can also imply looking for ways to generate more income. 

Selling antiques

Generally, selling antiques symbolizes a pursuit of knowledge. 

However, it can also portend financial setbacks depending on your present circumstances. 

To see yourself breaking antiques in a dream

According to your dream, you are engaging in toxic habits despite being aware of the harm they cause you. 

Old habits die hard and that may be your case too. However, if you genuinely want to put an end to those habits, despite your body saying otherwise, the scenario suggests you seek help. 

Receiving an antique from someone

Antiques are priceless and much sought-after. Therefore, if someone gives you an antique, you will probably receive something valuable in the waking world. 

This can be an object you held highly or a piece of information that is extremely important to you. 


So, we hope you now have clarity on what dreaming of antiques signifies. Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious as Sigmund Freud says.

Therefore, take your dream as an opportunity to guide you toward the right path in life. 

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