Nothing can be worse than dream about pit especially when you are in a secluded place where none can hear you. 

But before you associate the scenario and imagine yourself yelling for help, continue reading to find out if your dream goes in a positive or negative direction. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Pit?

The dream symbolizes obstacles, ill luck, feelings of helplessness, and hopelessness. On the positive side, such a dream can be a harbinger of a fortune coming to you. 

Unfortunately, a dream about pit is an ill omen heralding unpleasant events and misfortunes in the near future. But there’s more – 

  • Some of these could be falling knee-deep into debt, instability, and insecurity ultimately causing anxiety, depression, and even the temptation to give up your life. 
  • You could be feeling helpless and hopeless. Perhaps questioning yourself if there’s really a point in living when you have hit rock bottom. 
  • Pits are also closely associated with secrets. Chances are, a secret you have been guarding with your life is about to be revealed. 
  • In some of the worst cases, such scenarios can be a sign of impending illness or even death. 
  • However, Miller has a different thing to say about pit dreams. According to him, a pit can be a carrier of bad news but good ones as well. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Pit Dreams

Spiritually, a pit symbolizes obstacles and misfortunes that will compel you to believe that life is no longer worth fighting for. 

Some of the most commonly experienced pit dream scenarios are:

Dreams of falling into a pit

Most of the time, the dream symbolizes numerous issues such as financial instability, lack of understanding in the family, and issues at the workplace. 

However, the dream says your problem doesn’t end there. All those concerns will push you into depression and you will feel like you are barely hanging on a thread for dear life. 

From another point of view, the scenario is interpreted as giving in to sinful temptations. 

To dream of falling into a pit and crying/ shouting for help

Intentionally or by accident, you have gotten yourself involved in serious trouble. 

And the scenario of crying or shouting for help shows you are determined to undo your wrongdoings. 

Burying someone in a pit

The dream means you are trying to keep him or her beside you by whatever it takes.

Perhaps you have been overreacting, even being hysterical at some point, threatening him or her emotionally. 

However, the dream indicates that is not the right way to approach the matter. Instead, try talking and clearing the air between you and your partner. 

Pushing someone down a pit

This is a clear sign that you doubt a close one’s sincerity. A turn of events might lead you to believe he or she is deceiving you. 

Also, the person you pushed can be a representation of your own personality trait. If that is the case, the dream shows you are trying to suppress something about yourself. 

Recurrent dreams of falling into a pit

This is a sign that you need more love and support in your waking life. 

Seeing others fall into a pit 

Likely, you sense something wrong with a close one, and the dream projects your concern. 

Digging a pit

There’s a possibility that you will disregard the warnings and guidance of others and get yourself into debt. The plot is also associated with hard work, patience, and perseverance. 

Seeing others dig a pit

Almost always, the scenario is the subconscious warning you to be careful about who you choose as business associates. 

Being buried in a pit

The dream shows something from the past still makes you anxious and depressed. 

Someone pushing you down into a pit hole 

Not everyone in your surroundings wants to see you rise and prosper. 

Being thrown into a pit

This shows you have trusted the wrong people with your secrets. And they are using that to harm you. 

Trying to get out of a pit 

According to the plot, you are patient, courageous, and possess great mental strength. You never let obstacles discourage you from going after what you want.

Instead, you see them as challenges and stepping stones towards the destination you have always aspired for. 

Seeing others trying to get out of a pit

In all likelihood, you will find yourself in a difficult situation after a close one comes to you for advice regarding a matter you know nothing or little about. 

Being trapped in a pit

You could be feeling stagnant and unable to proceed further in life if you saw this dream.

Seeing a stranger trapped in a pit 

It is a message from the universe urging you to be of assistance if you come across anyone who desperately needs help. 

Seeing yourself climb out of a pit

It is associated with overcoming ‘the rock bottom state’ after getting rejected or abandoned by someone. 

Seeing a pit in the middle of the road

You have numerous obstacles coming your way that will slow down your progress. 

Alternatively, it means you are surrounded on all sides by unworthy people who are capable of nothing but creating trouble for others. 

Seeing a pit in the garden

A pit in the garden signifies failure in your professional life. 

A deep pit

This is an ill omen. You will soon find yourself falling deeper and deeper in love with someone who isn’t a good match for you. 

Blinded by love, you will stand up against everything that tries to separate you from that individual but in vain. 

Finding a pit

In this context, the pit symbolizes a solution to a problem. So, finding a pit can be interpreted as figuring out a solution to a long-standing problem. 

Psychological Meaning Of Pit Dreams

From a psychological perspective, a pit is a sign of disappointment, despair, stagnancy, and sickness. 


Wrapping up, a dream about pit can mean you have hit life’s rock bottom. However, the interpretation can flip over and signify immense wealth based on the dream details and your life experiences.

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