Nothing can be worse than falling into a deep pit in a secluded place where none can hear you. But before you associate the scenario with your dream about pit and imagine yourself yelling for help, read the following paragraph. 

We have come across numerous stories where people stumble upon priceless antiques while digging out the soil for a pit. Right? The best and the worst are possible!

Curious about which direction your dream will take? Let’s find out!

What Does It Mean To Dream About Pit?

A dream about pit symbolizes obstacles, ill luck, feelings of helplessness, and hopelessness. On the positive side, such a dream can be a harbinger of a fortune coming to you. 

Unfortunately, a dream about pit is an ill omen heralding unpleasant events and misfortunes in the near future. Some of these could be falling knee-deep into debt, instability, and insecurity ultimately causing anxiety, depression, and even the temptation to give up your life. 

On top of that, scenarios involving pits are a sign of rotten luck, obstacles, and progress getting hindered in whatever you do and try to do.

You could be feeling helpless and hopeless. Perhaps questioning yourself if there’s really a point in living when you have hit rock bottom. 

Pits are also closely associated with secrets. Chances are, a secret you have been guarding with your life is about to be revealed. 

In some of the worst cases, such scenarios can be a sign of impending illness or even death. 

However, Miller has a different thing to say about pit dreams. According to him, a pit can be a carrier of bad news but good ones as well. 

For instance, a pit can augur something as good as winning a lottery, stumbling upon a fortune, or receiving an inheritance. 

That is to say, a pit can have a positive or negative connotation depending on factors such as the dream details and your real-life experiences. 

Instead of forming preconceived notions, set no expectations and approach the dream with an open mind. And remind yourself to be 100% truthful to yourself. Else you might never get any close to the meaning. 

Dream About Pit : Different Scenarios And Their Interpretations

Some of the most commonly experienced pit dream scenarios are:

1. Dreams of falling into a pit

Most of the time, falling into a pit symbolizes numerous issues such as financial instability, lack of understanding in the family, and issues at the workplace. 

However, the dream says your problem doesn’t end there. All those concerns will push you into depression and you will feel like you are barely hanging on a thread for dear life. 

From another point of view, falling into a pit is interpreted as giving in to sinful temptations. 

2. To dream of falling into a pit and crying/ shouting for help

Intentionally or by accident, you have gotten yourself involved in serious trouble. 

And the scenario of crying or shouting for help shows you are determined to undo your wrongdoings. 

3. Recurrent dreams of falling into a pit

If you dream about falling into a pit every once in a while that is a sign that you need more love and support in your waking life. 

4. Seeing others fall into a pit in a dream

Likely, you sense something wrong with a close one, and the dream projects your concern. 

5. Dreaming about digging a pit

There’s a possibility that you will disregard the warnings and guidance of others and get yourself into debt if you dig a pit. 

Some dream books associate digging a pit with hard work, patience, and perseverance. 

6. A dream about digging a pit with bare hands

According to the scenario, you will have to overcome each of the problems you will soon encounter all alone – with no help from anyone. 

Recall how the soil was. If it was loose and easy enough to dig, that means a smooth and quick resolution of problems. 

7. A dream about digging a pit hole and trying to get out of it

Here, digging a pit is associated with doing something terribly wrong. 

But since you tried to get out of it at the end, the dream suggests you have now realized what you have done to yourself. 

8. A dream about seeing others dig a pit

Almost always, the scenario of another person or people digging a pit is the subconscious warning you to be careful about who you choose as business associates. 

As the saying goes, you are who you surround yourself with. Picking the right people will definitely take you places and needless to say, the wrong person will drag you down to a bottomless pit along with him or her. 

9. A dream about being buried in a pit

Being buried in a pit shows something from the past still makes you anxious and depressed. 

10. Dreaming about burying someone in a pit

Do you feel distant from your partner lately? Do you think he or she is trying to push you away? 

If your answer is yes, burying someone in a pit means you are trying to keep him or her beside you, whatever it takes. Perhaps you have been overreacting, even being hysterical at some point, threatening him or her emotionally. 

However, the dream indicates that is not the right way to approach the matter. Instead, try talking and clearing the air between you and your partner. And if there’s still time, you can work together to bring back the spark. 

11. Someone pushing you down into a pit hole in a dream

Not everyone in your surroundings wants to see you rise and prosper. 

12. Dreaming about pushing someone down a pit

Pushing someone down a pit is a clear sign that you doubt a close one’s sincerity. 

A turn of events might lead you to believe he or she is deceiving you. However, before you accuse that person of cheating on you, make sure you have solid evidence that supports your claim. 

Chances are, it’s nothing but your imagination running wild. 

Also, the person you pushed can be a representation of your own personality trait. If that is the case, the dream shows you are trying to suppress something about yourself. 

13. Dreaming about being thrown into a pit

Being thrown into a pit shows you have trusted the wrong people with your secrets. And they are using that to harm you. 

14. Trying to get out of a pit in a dream

According to the plot, you are patient, courageous, and possess great mental strength. You never let obstacles discourage you from going after what you want.

Instead, you see them as challenges and stepping stones towards the destination you have always aspired for. Your tenacity inspires the people around you and they even count on you to give them strength whenever they go through troublesome times. 

15. A dream about seeing others trying to get out of a pit

In all likelihood, you will find yourself in a difficult situation after a close one comes to you for advice regarding a matter you know nothing or little about. 

16. To dream about getting out of a pit after falling into it

As indicated in the plot, you will be able to recover something and bring it back to its old state after a period of deterioration and stagnancy. 

17. To dream about being in a pit 

Being in a pit shows your progress is getting hindered by intervention from enemies.

18. Dreaming about being trapped in a pit

You could be feeling stagnant and unable to proceed further in life if you were trapped in a pit. 

19. Getting trapped in a deep pit in a dream

Through your dream, your subconscious warns you about an evil-minded person who eagerly anticipates your downfall. 

Chances are, he or she will do anything to see you fall. So, remind yourself to be on your toes at all times. 

20. Seeing a stranger trapped in a pit in a dream

If you come across someone in need of help one of these days, do not hesitate to help him or her. 

Because the dream is a message from the universe urging you to be of assistance if you come across anyone who desperately needs help. 

21. Dreaming about finding a pit

In this context, the pit symbolizes a solution to a problem. So, finding a pit can be interpreted as figuring out a solution to a long-standing problem. 

22. Trying to make a pit in a dream

The scenario reflects your selfish and malicious side. It shows how you are trying to stop others from expanding their knowledge of the world by discouraging them. 

23. Looking down into a pit in a dream

Looking down in a pit is interpreted as taking unnecessary risks. 

From the love and relationship point of view, the dream shows you aren’t loyal to your partner. 

24. To dream about going down into a pit

Going down a pit shows you are risking your health and even putting your life on the line for more success. 

25. Dreaming about going down a pit with the help of a rope

Perhaps you are engaged in a particular task that will neither bring you profit nor contentment. 

26. Seeing yourself climb out of a pit in a dream

Climbing out of a pit is associated with overcoming ‘the rock bottom state’ after getting rejected or abandoned by someone. 

27. Dreaming about helping someone get out of a pit

Helping someone out of a pit shows your guilty conscience for not helping someone when you easily could. 

28. To dream about helping a friend out of a pit

The dream can be interpreted as resolving a serious problem for a close friend. 

29. Dreaming about sleeping in a pit

If you or anyone around you dreams about sleeping in a pit, make sure you consult a trusted professional before it gets too late. 

Often, it symbolizes severe anxiety and depression that could even lead to suicide attempts. 

30. Dreaming about jumping over a pit

Encountering a pit and jumping over it shows your negligent nature. 

Instead of trying to figure out what causes a problem and how to resolve it, you pass by them as if they do not exist at all. 

31. Dreaming about closing a pit

You could be denying something and trying to cover it up – either for your own advantage or someone else’s if you close a pit.  

32. A dream about a bottomless pit

A bottomless pit symbolizes your hopelessness about a particular waking life situation. 

Perhaps you just figured out that there is no means for you to make up for a past mistake you committed – something that has been troubling your mental peace for a long while. 

33. Dreaming about seeing a pit in the middle of the road

You have numerous obstacles coming your way that will slow down your progress. 

Alternatively, a pit in the middle of the road can also mean you are surrounded on all sides by unworthy people who are capable of nothing but creating trouble for others. 

34. Dreaming about filling a pit with soil

One of your specific actions will change others’ perception of you – for better or worse if you fill a pit with soil. 

35. Dreaming about a pit full of flowers

A pit full of flowers heralds a happy and fruitful phase of life filled with pleasant happenings, laughter, and enjoyment. 

36. To dream about seeing a pit full of water

A pit full of water denotes your problems will get resolved on their own. 

From another point of view, seeing a pit full of water can also mean getting yourself involved in numerous affairs. 

37. A pit full of sand in a dream

Through the dream, the higher self could be giving you a heads-up about how insecure and unstable your life is. 

Pay heed to the dream and take necessary actions before it gets too late. 

38. A pit full of shit in a dream

A pit full of shit is the higher self warning you of the traps your enemies have laid out for you. 

39. To dream about falling into a toilet pit

Significant life changes are on the horizon if you fall into a toilet pit. 

40. Dreaming about jumping into a sewage pit

Jumping into a sewage pit portends a minor dispute with an official. 

The same interpretation applies if you cross over such a pit on a bridge. 

41. Seeing yourself in a pit full of shit in a dream

Seeing yourself in a pit full of shit is an ill omen. Expect yourself to get into the most miserable of states. 

Also, the dream shows it will be extremely hard to get yourself out of the mess. 

42. A dream about falling into a pit full of dangerous animals

Likely, you will soon get into serious trouble due to your recklessness and stupidity. 

43. To dream about seeing many snakes in a pit

Many snakes in a pit are a sign of rotten luck in your love as well as business dealings. 

A pit full of snakes can also mean you have prioritized work over your love and relationships. 

On a positive note, such a dream may mean one of your close friends has a crush on you. 

44. Seeing a pit full of snakes and scorpions in a dream

The above scenario is closely associated with bankruptcy. 

45. Seeing lions and tigers inside a pit in a dream

You will come face to face with cunning, selfish individuals if you dream of the above.

46. Dreaming about a house falling into a pit

The scenario foreshadows the death of a close one. 

47. To dream about seeing a pit in the garden

A pit in the garden signifies failure in your professional life. 

48. Dreaming about a funeral pit in the yard

A funeral pit probably foretells the death of a close one. If not a close one, it will likely be an individual you look up to.

49. A dream about a deep pit

A deep pit is an ill omen. You will soon find yourself falling deeper and deeper in love with someone who isn’t a good match for you. 

Blinded by love, you will stand up against everything that tries to separate you from that individual but in vain. 

50. Dreaming about a shallow pit

A shallow pit foreshadows financial or material losses. In all likelihood, a family feud will arise between you/ your family and some relatives over an inheritance. 

At the end of it all, what makes you devasted will not be the fact that they snatched away possessions that originally belonged to you. Instead, their hostility towards you over material riches, despite all the things you did together, will probably leave you scarred. 

51. A woman dreaming about a large pit hole

For a woman, a large pit hole symbolizes loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

52. A large pit in the dreams of a man

For a man, a large pit is a good omen symbolizing opportunities and offers that could help him get forward in his professional life. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Pit Dreams

Spiritually, a pit symbolizes obstacles and misfortunes that will compel you to believe that life is no longer worth fighting for. 

A Dream About Pit: A Biblical Meaning

According to the Bible, the pit stands for something no one can avoid -death. 

Psychological Meaning Of Pit Dreams

From a psychological perspective, a pit is a sign of disappointment, despair, stagnancy, and sickness. 


Wrapping up, a dream about pit can mean you have hit life’s rock bottom. However, the interpretation can flip over and signify immense wealth based on the dream details and your life experiences. 

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