The spiritual meaning of crying in a dream might symbolize you’re lonely, predict great luck, or alert you of negative possibilities. Depending on your life situation and the dream details, they bring varied messages for you. So, let’s find them all here.

Is it a Spiritually Good Symbol to Cry in Dreams?

The spiritual meaning of crying in a dream depicts you are healing after a traumatic past. Moreover, you will achieve everything you desire and celebrate the upcoming good times.

But there’s more to it. Keep reading to find out.

1. You are healing

Dreams of crying represent spiritual healing. You had been traumatized in the past, and things hurt you really badly, but now you are trying to purify your thoughts and emotions.

You are trying to let go of things you have been holding for a very long time. This dream asks you to go with the flow and trust the divine power. There’s no need to keep holding the pain.

2. Your deepest desires are fulfilled

Crying happy tears in dreams say you have attained everything you desired. You found your dream job, soulmate, and every achievement you ever wanted.

It’s now time to show gratitude and stay humble toward others. Help others to rise just like you did.

3. It represents loneliness

If you’re an introvert, this dream suggests you are feeling lonely. You feel your heart is empty, and you want to shut yourself off from everyone.

But this dream says you must step out of your comfort zone and meet different people. You don’t know who can be a reliable shoulder and a helping hand to bring you out of tough times.

4. You have grudges against someone

This dream says that someone from your surroundings hurt you in the past, and now you want to give them a good taste of their own medicine.

Though you hate them, this dream asks you to let go of the things as these feelings aren’t letting you move forward. Try to reconcile and move on.

5. It symbolizes luck

If you were crying at someone’s funeral, the spiritual meaning says it’s a sign of good luck for the near future.

It can be your promotion, meeting your love, or overcoming existing problems. Now is the time to feel happy and secure. So, getting this dream says blessings are on your way.

6. You feel exposed

The spiritual meaning of crying dreams says you are trying to hide something from others but failing to do so. It seems like all your secrets are being revealed.

Moreover, you feel others will judge you for your actions, making you uncomfortable in real life.

7. Something bad will happen

Well, take this dream as a warning that something bad can happen to you. Either your friendship with your friend will be ruined or your health will deteriorate.

It might also be a sign that any of your relatives is in danger. In such cases, you must do something to prevent bad situations.

8. You are scared and anxious

It represents you being scared of losing someone. It could be because of death or separation, but you don’t want to live your life without them.

This dream can also be a sign of anxiety you face in real life. You are encountering many obstacles in your life that add to your stress. But this dream asks you to relax and reflect on your life and find a solution.

9. Your emotions are not under your control

This says you feel overwhelmed in your present life. There’s so much going on currently that you don’t know which aspect of your life to focus on. All of it has led to emotional instability.

Although you don’t show it to others, your subconscious mind knows your emotions aren’t balanced.

You will make hasty decisions because of this instability and regret in the future. Thus, the dream asks you to control your emotions before making any move.

10. Be selective while trusting others

Not everyone you meet has pure intentions for you. So, the dream asks you to be cautious about the people you trust.

If you are comforting anyone crying in your dream, they might try to trick you. So, the dream asks you to be careful and not fall for their traps. Look out for your close ones’ intentions, or else they may lead you to dangerous situations.

11. You have failed

The dream might be because you have failed somewhere in your present life. You have not been putting in sufficient effort to reach your goals. Probably you set your goals too high.

But if you see someone else crying in your dream, it’s because you have failed to keep them happy or stay loyal to them.

12. You feel helpless

Repetitive dreams of crying suggest you feel helpless in your present life. It’s because nothing is working according to your plan, and so you feel disappointed.

But this dream asks you to eliminate such negative feelings as it might lead you to depression.

13. You are being manipulative

If your tears in the dream were fake, the spiritual meaning of the dream says you are being manipulative. You want others to sympathize with you so you can get your job done.

But, this dream asks you to stop doing it as you may hurt someone by manipulating them. Even if you have done this before with someone, it’s better to apologize before they find out.

A word from ThePleasantDream

The spiritual meaning of your dreams of crying depends on what you see in the dream and what you experience in your present life.

So, try to connect the dots and know which message is for you. Once you find your message(s), make sure to walk on the best path possible and improve your life!

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