Dreaming about smoking weed asks you to have a positive approach in life. Alternatively, it might symbolize fear of commitment, fear of others’ perception, and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Dream about Smoking Weed – General Interpretations

Smoking weed definitely has some therapeutic effects, but that’s only so long you’re in control. If you go overboard, you’re bound to hurt yourself. Similarly, smoking weed dreams usually have both positive and negative meanings.

However, much of it depends on what you see in the dream. But first, let’s know what it usually means!

  • You fear commitment
  • It asks you to be more positive
  • You care about how others perceive you
  • You feel overwhelmed
  • It asks you to think rationally

Smoking Weed Dreams – Various Types & Their Meanings

If you’re a quitter, dreams about smoking weed resemble your withdrawal symptoms and desire to give in to the craving.

On the other hand, dreams about a friend smoking weed are a symbol of your destiny. It also signifies your satisfaction with the people around you.

Similarly, all the other dream meanings vary based on the content of your dream.

Dream about smoking weed after quitting

Dreaming about smoking weed after quitting depicts you miss an old habit of yours. You want another taste of the sweet poison. Your mind says you want to quit, but your body doesn’t feel well. You can feel your health declining and getting weaker at the moment.

Alternatively, this dream predicts how something or someone around you drags you down. It is a warning about that person, situation, or thing.

Dream about going to work after smoking weed

Dreaming about going to work after smoking weed says you are going through stressful months. The dream reminds you to focus on your mental health.

Smoking weed with friends

It shows you want to have fun because you are going through a lot of mental stress.

Moreover, it says you are satisfied with your friends. If you ever need any support, your current friends are enough.

Someone else smoking weed

Dreaming about someone else smoking weed depicts your relationship

If you do not smoke weed but see others smoking it, this dream asks you to seek support from your family and friends.

Alternatively, this dream says you desire something you must not have. You can’t have everything in life, and it’s okay to have some unfulfilled wishes.

A friend smoking weed

This represents your destiny. It says you will socialize and be satisfied with the people around you.

Getting caught smoking weed

It says you need variety in your real life. You are tired of monotonous things. This dream also predicts that you want something beyond your reach.

Smoking weed while pregnant

Dreaming about smoking weed while pregnant says you doubt your femininity. You are still stuck in your past, and you need to realize that holding on to it will do no good to you.

Smoking weed and getting high

It denotes the possibility of being more active. You will easily gel up with others. However, you will not take any action based on your emotions.

Smoking weed for the first time

Dreaming about smoking weed for the first time signifies your walk to achieve your goals.

This also asks you to express your affection towards your loved ones.

Smoking weed as a young woman

Dreaming about smoking weed as a young woman with a lover warns her to stop taking quick decisions.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Just as smoking weed has both good and bad effects, its dreams also bring dual messages to you.

So, if you get a negative interpretation, don’t be scared. Remember, fear pushes you down into the dark abyss. So, be confident and try hard to get out of your troubles. If you can’t do it alone, seek others’ help.