The dream about weighing yourself gives a promise of welfare, prosperity, and good luck. It means that you are either going through good times or will soon have good times in your life.

You need to wait for the right moment and not lose hope in the quest to achieve your dreams.

Dream about Weighing Yourself – 41 Plots and Meanings
Dream about Weighing Yourself – 41 Plots and Meanings

Dream about Weighing Yourself – General Interpretations

Dream about weighing yourself suggests that there are occasions when you need others’ help for meeting your goals. You are allowing opportunities to pass through.

When you dream about weighing yourself, it denotes that you will have the chance to showcase your talents. Currently, you are anxious about your self-worth.

Your confidence level is on the lower side and this does not allow you to pursue whatever you want in life. Focused effort and persistence will help turn the tide in your favor.

Let us now discuss the symbolic meaning behind this dream about weighing yourself-

1. Prosperity

When you are moving toward a prosperous period in your life, you are bound to see this dream. You must have the determination for achieving success.

This determination combined with your focused approach will help you enjoy the fruits of your hard work. The results will make you attain respect and recognition from all quarters.

2. Welfare

You can dream about weighing yourself when things are moving in the direction of your life. Your personal and professional lives are going on as per your expectations.

It is a sign of things becoming better as time progresses. The physical and mental health will be in sound conditions. Hence, your life will have peace, happiness, and harmony in it.

3. Test Your Capability

Another symbolic reason behind seeing this dream about weighing yourself is that an authoritative figure is putting you to test and judging what you are capable of doing.

You must become careful of the impression you leave on others soon. People will not leave a chance to judge based on different aspects.

4. High Tolerance Level

When you dream of weighing yourself, it signifies that there are strict laws and rules in place. Hence, this dream suggests that you will have a high level of tolerance.

You will accept certain things in life, which would be tough for others to follow. Hence, you would deal with life’s complications in a better manner.

Weighing Dream Meaning – 41 Scenarios and Inferences

Dear reader, your dream of weight reflects your self-esteem as well as your worth.

Depending on how you adapt the perception of weight gain or loss in the dream, you could interpret them differently to match up to your situation in waking life.

It is now time for us to dig deep and check out the different interpretations of the following scenarios  –

1. Dream about Weighing Yourself

If you dream about weighing yourself, it means that you will showcase justice linked with an individual. There is a possibility that due to such an act, all his affairs will see a marked improvement.

It would help strengthen your relationships with others and manage to get the best out of them. This will help improve your and others’ lives better.

2. Dream about Weighing Yourself with Your Lover

As a woman, you can dream of weighing yourself with your lover. It is a sign that your lover will fulfill all your requirements, offering you unconditional love and respect.

You will enjoy your time with him and attain greater heights in the relationship. He will be by your side to bail you out of the tough times in your life.

3. Dream about Weighing Others

When you are weighing others in your dream, it denotes that you will not go by others’ choices or what they want. You will manage to make them follow your interests.

Hence, in a way, you would let them lead their ways according to how you want. You will cast your influence on them.

4. Dream about Weighing Something

The dream of weighing something is not a favorable one. You are exercising your right over some money in your real life. 

Unfortunately, you have not earned it in real life. Probably, you have either got the money as a gift from someone or you are enjoying someone else’s property.

5. Dream about Carefully Weighing Something on Scales

If you are carefully weighing something on scales in your dream, it denotes that someone has made a good decision in his life. 

Now, you are looking up to him and will soon take a similar decision to change things around in your life.

Making decisions alone will not serve your purpose. It is important to note that proper implementation is key if you want your decisions to make sense.

6. Dream about Not Bothering Too Much About Weight

This sequence states that you are in deep thought. There is some hesitation while deciding on something, which requires you to consider an important question.

It tells you that the time has come for you to make a quick decision. You must gather the requisite strength to determine exactly what you want to do.

Dream Meaning of Weight Gain or Loss

There are dream sequences in which you can see that you or your friend gain or lose weight. They have some implications for your waking life.

Following are the sequences and their interpretations-

7. Dream of Weight Gain

Experiencing a healthy weight gain in your dream tends to indicate that you will gain added power and influence of persuasion. 

This sequence of gained weight will have greater opportunities of influencing others through your attitudes and opinions.

It would enable you to connect with others easily. Hence, you will develop a healthy bond and result in the growth of relationships.

8. Dream of Weight Loss

When you manage to experience a dream of normal weight loss, it represents that emotional burden or responsibility no longer manages to weigh you down.

You will release some of the pressure off your shoulders. Finally, you can have a free mind and lead a relaxed life.

9. Dream of Rapid Gain or Loss of Weight

A dream sequence that manages to focus on the drastic weight change, either through a gain or loss, predicts the emergence of bad and volatile times.

You might get into a turbulent business dealing, which would result in excess joy or stress. Carefully move along the path of life, so that you can avoid making wrong decisions under pressure.

10. Dream about Someone Gaining Weight

If someone is gaining weight in your dream, it symbolizes your flow of emotions. You are free to receive new things and ensure the betterment of life.

This scenario comes as a portent for your anxiousness regarding some competition you find yourself in real life. Life’s challenges have completely overwhelmed you.

11. Dream of Friend Losing Weight

If you see one of your friends losing weight in a dream, it indicates that he or she is under a lot of stress and burden. You must consider reaching out to help them and make things easier.

A helping hand is the best thing that you can be for someone, during their time of crisis. It will help them become confident and deal with life’s problems in a confident manner.

12. Dream of Yo Yoing Weight

When you are yo yoing weight after losing or gaining weight in a dream, it predicts that you will suffer from disappointments in your life. Try to keep an open mind with a low level of expectations.

You might gain freedom from all the sadness out of possible failures. It would make you accept things better and help you get through the tough times easier.

Dream Meaning of Underweight or Overweight

You can dream plots dealing with being underweight or overweight. They carry some specific meanings for your real life.

We will check them out by looking at their interpretations below:

13. Dream of Being Obese or Overweight

If you dream about gaining weight or becoming overweight, it denotes that you are extremely confident with how you carry out your life’s responsibilities.

You may throw all your weight around without worrying about the welfare of others.

It might relate to your willingness toward being greedy or a lack of discipline regarding your own decisions. There are occasions when you cannot help yourself but behave in this manner.

14. Dream of Being Underweight

Did you dream about being underweight or having an eating disorder known as anorexia? It signifies that you are having a tough time uplifting your motivations to attain things in life.

You are having a tough time changing an adverse situation. Thus, you have decided to let things be as they are, even if the outlooks turn out to be negative.

Dream Meaning of Weight Loss Diet

As part of the process of losing weight, you can resort to a specific diet that helps you out greatly. You can come across dream sequences linked with it, carrying some meaning for your real life.

Following are the dream sequences and their interpretations-

15. Dream about Going on a Weight Loss Diet

When you dream of going on a diet that aids in weight loss, it foretells that you are on your way to leading your life in a disciplined manner.

It would enable you to take up a new job, even though things will not be easy.

The good thing is that if you keep putting hard work toward it, you will soon reap the right kind of results from your labor.

16. Dream about Counting Calories for Weight

If you come across a scenario in which you are counting calories for weight, it denotes that you must take small steps toward meeting your goal.

Take stock of all your small victories and you will eventually find the desired level of success in life. Hence, you should not think of not recognizing your smallest of achievements.

Dream Meaning of Weight Scale

Let us check out what the dream scenarios have in store for us-

17. Dream about an Increased Weight after Measuring on a Weight Scale

Getting on a weight scale in a dream for finding out your weight has increased; is a good omen. The scenario suggests that your colleagues will give you honor and respect.

Your work and overall conduct will attract praise from the end of your colleagues. It will result in creating better rapport with one another.

18. Dream about a Decreased Weight after Measuring on a Weight Scale

You can even see that your weight has decreased, after measuring it on a weight scale. It comes to caution you about your health.

The dream interpretation talks of your need to pay close attention to your health to avoid the emergence of complications.

This will ensure that it becomes easier for you to treat your health issues and the recovery becomes faster.

19. Dream about an Inaccurate Weight Scale

When you dream about an inaccurate weight scale denotes that you possess conflicting views of yourself. It is possible that others are not judging you in the best possible manner.

Moreover, people around you do not understand your importance. This is where you need to stamp your authority and make them realize what you are capable of doing.

20. Dream about Weight Scale

Dreaming of a weight scale suggests that you are preoccupied with how others judge and grade you. You look at your life from other people’s viewpoints.

There could be a feeling within you to suggest that you are not living up to the standards you have set for yourself in this life.

21. Dream about Standing on a Weight Scale

If you see yourself standing on a weight scale for weighing in your dream, it means that you are facing some doubts in life. They are not allowing you to decide the exact direction of your life path.

Under these circumstances, you should reach out to someone close and seek their advice. He or she can offer the much-needed guidance and put you on the right path.

22. Dream about Getting Up on the Floor Scales

It is an unfavorable scenario to see in your dream. You have the risk of suffering the collapse of your business or you could even lose your job and get into a precarious situation in life.

Competitors would be on the lookout to take away all the initiatives and put you in trouble. It will be especially applicable to your business. Hence, you should be extremely careful in making your moves.

23. Dream about the Presentation of a Weight Scale

You can even have a dream in which you might notice how the weight scale was presented, for the purpose of weighing yourself. It forecasts that you will enjoy favorable circumstances in your life.

Luck would favor you and you would get rich dividends out of your hard work. Whether you are a student or a working professional, all your plans will fall in place and you will execute them in the best possible manner.

24. Dream about the Weight Scale being Stolen

When you see that the weight scale has been stolen in a dream, it predicts that you might come across disappointments and failures in your life. Life will not go as per your expectations.

You would struggle to get the best results even after putting in hard work. Your investments might not give the kind of returns you expect. 

You simply need to persist with your work and the process you have been following, for reaping rewards in the long run.

25. Dream about Holding the Scales in Your Hands

This scenario states that you will finally receive important news, which you have been waiting for a long time. The news can be related to either your or someone else’s career or marriage.

It might come across as a chance for growth in your life. You could think of taking your life to the next level and gaining comfort and recognition.

26. Dream about Weighting You Something at the Market

It denotes that you should pay more attention to your plans, progress, and details. This is because, in business, competitors can easily deceive you and get an upper hand.

Another interpretation of this dream predicts that a person will soon have an important acquaintance in his life.

The individual might help you in your business expansion or could even assist you to resolve an issue.

27. Dream about Broken Weight Scales

Seeing the dream of broken weight scales denotes that a judge would make an unfair decision. You will rue your luck and wish that the tides had turned in your favor.

The scenario might be telling you to stay optimistic and accept things as they come into your life. It also specifies the need to keep doing the right things at the right time.

28. Dream about Properly Balanced Weight Scales

This dream sequence denotes that you will be happy to accept the fair decision made by the court. It will give you relief after a long time and help lead a relaxed life.

You can make plans and work toward achieving them in the best possible manner. There will not be any need to suffer from stress or worries, but should only back your potential and instincts.

29. Dream about a Disbalanced Weight Scale

If you are unable to balance a weight scale properly, it means that your choice or decision will not turn out to be right.

You will have a plan and try to act accordingly, but unfortunately, it will not give you the desired result.

Perhaps, it requires a better analysis of your plan’s pros and cons. This will make sure that you keep in mind the possible advantages and work your way toward executing the plan accordingly.

Dream Meaning of Different Actions on Weighing Yourself

You can see various actions related to this dream of weighing yourself. Following are their interpretations-

30. Dream about Lifting Weight

This plot states that you have a good amount of power and strength. You also require people to realize that you are in complete charge of proceedings.

It would help send across a message to those individuals that they cannot afford to take things lightly. You will command the respect you deserve.

31. Dream about Weighing Something on Scales

When you dream of weighing something on scales, it suggests that you must check on all those things you have your doubts about. The scenario tells that you will soon balance things out and manage to relax in life.

You will not have anything in excess or of scarcity in your life. Life will give you just the right amount of everything you require for leading your life.

32. Dream about Weighing a Young Woman

If you are weighing a young woman in your dream, it denotes that you enjoy mutual loyalty in the relationship. Neither of you hides anything from one another and maintains complete transparency.

It is important to note that love and respect remain intact, irrespective of the circumstances you come across from time to time in your life.

Happiness and an overall good life are what you can always expect while coming across this dream sequence.

33. Dream about Putting Food on Scales

Putting food on scales in a dream signifies that you will prosper in your life. No matter whether you are into a job or carry out any business, your work life will flourish and give you enough reasons to celebrate.

You would make full use of whatever opportunity that comes your way. The prosperous phase will ensure that you grow and keep scaling new heights.

34. Dream about Bending Scales Pan

The dream is a harbinger that you will gain significant knowledge and insights. They will help you make the best decisions on an important matter.

These decisions will change your life forever. They would come as a breakthrough to make you advance toward growth and prosperity.

35. Dream about Standing on Top of Scales and Getting Weighed

Did you dream of standing on top of scales and getting weighed? It means that you have recently made a mistake. The scales remind you to treat everyone equally.

You should not judge anyone based on status. Everyone deserves to receive love and respect, irrespective of whether you are rich or poor.

36. Dream about Placing Something on Scales

This sequence states that there will be the growth of abundance and prosperity in your life. There is a sense of determination that will help you overcome all kinds of challenges.

You would get anything you want in your life and not have any scope for repentance. The sense of fulfillment will make you happy and peaceful.

37. Dream about Feeling Lightweight

When you are feeling as if your weight is quite light, it denotes that everything is going smoothly in this life. There is no sign of facing troubles.

Even if problems arise, you have the skill and temperament to get rid of them. It will ensure that your life gets back on track and becomes free from all kinds of hassles.

38. Dream about Feeling Heavy

If you happen to feel heavy in your dream, it denotes that people will value you. Moreover, your status will also improve to a great extent.

You would get the urge to do even better than what you have been doing all this while. The encouragement will help serve a lot of purposes and make you fulfill most of your wishes.

39. Dream about Lifting a Heavyweight

Dreaming about lifting a heavyweight in your dream can make you realize that you are a powerful person. You can do anything you want.

To make things happen, you must make full use of your power and not let any opportunity get away from your grasp.

Miscellaneous Dream Meaning of Scales

There are various other dream instances of scales, which can crop up in your subconscious mind. What kind of message do they try to send over to you?

Let’s find out –

40. Dream about an Electronic Scale

When you dream of an electronic scale in which the numbers are easily visible, it means that you will accept your responsibilities. 

Before going ahead with the tasks in hand, you would carry out a thorough assessment of the impending risk involved with them.

It would help you become better prepared to tackle the challenges, overcome them and properly fulfill your duties.

41. Dream about Someone Handing You the Scale

A sequence can appear in which you see someone handing the scale over to you. It means that in real life, an individual will become powerful.

He will be able to use his power and influence situations and people around him. You can get in touch with him and make your life beneficial in several ways.

Dream about Weighing Yourself – Psychological Meaning

The psychological meaning of this dream denotes that you are fully aware of all your responsibilities. You know what to do, when to do and how to do them.

It also states that you should properly judge the seriousness of your actions and also see how much value you can add to them.

Dream about Weighing Yourself – Spiritual Meaning

When we take a look at this dream about weighing yourself from the spiritual point of view, it refers to seriousness and prestige.

You are extremely particular about maintaining your honor in front of others. As far as the seriousness is concerned, you know how to put your weight behind those you love and adore in life.

Please go through the following video to develop a better understanding of various scenarios of dream about weighing yourself and their interpretations.

Closing Comments

We have seen that this dream about weighing yourself is the mix of hesitations you face while making decisions and the growth and prosperity that awaits you in your life.

While, on one hand, it displays the chance to showcase your talent and capability. On the other hand, this dream represents your anxiety over your self-worth.