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Dream Meaning Of Nightgown – 59 Types & Meanings

Dream Meaning Of Nightgown – 59 Types & Meanings

Updated on Jan 16, 2023 | Published on Sep 22, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream Meaning Of Nightgown 59 Types & Meanings

A nightgown is a pretty common thing to see in the waking world. But what could be the dream meaning of nightgown, the one you prefer the most, flying off from the clothesline? Or what if you see yourself attending an office meeting in a seductive nightgown? 

Every dream has its meaning and a purpose- whether you see your husband in a nightgown or you see yourself wearing a dirty nightdress. Let us take you through as we unravel each of the interpretations. 

Dream Meaning Of Nightgown – General Interpretation

The dream meaning of nightgown symbolizes comfort, profit, abundance, and prosperity. Nevertheless, depending on the context, it may also portend an unpleasant piece of news coming your way.

In a broad sense, the dream meaning of nightgown symbolizes overcoming obstacles, wish fulfillment, abundance, comfort, and happiness.

But let us remind you again not to determine the interpretation of a dream based on what the primary theme represents. 

That is to say, a nightgown can be interpreted in several different ways depending on who saw it, what are the other dream elements present in the scenario, what exactly you are going through in reality, etc. 

A nightgown is also associated with suspicion. On the other hand, such a dream may reflect your earnest longing to seek a new business partner, sexual partner, etc. 

Sometimes, it could be the subconscious telling you that you are trying too hard to win over the attention, love, and affection of the one you desire. 

Dream about Nightgown – 59 Scenarios Explained

Nightgowns come in different sizes, designs, colors, and patterns. Therefore, it’s unfair to expect all of them to carry the same meaning in the dream world. 

For instance, a beige silk nightdress gives a different feel compared to a gray gown made from cheap fabric. 

If you wish to delve deep into the various dream symbols, you can check out the following sections. 

1. To see a nightgown on a hanger in a dream

Dreaming about a nightgown on a hanger foretells you will misunderstand someone’s good intentions.

The exact meaning applies if you saw yourself putting a nightgown on a hanger in a dream. 

2. Dreaming of putting a nightgown on

The action of putting on a nightgown is often associated with conflicts with a close one.

Maybe you and your partner will get into an argument after he or she suspects you of cheating on him or her. Eventually, you will give in to your partner and cut ties with your friends if that’s what your partner wants. 

However, you will question yourself how much more you will have to take to keep your relationship intact. 

3. Dreaming about wearing a nightgown

More often than not, wearing a nightgown is associated with overcoming obstacles, achieving goals, and finding happiness. 

4. To dream of wearing someone else’s nightgown

According to the plot, you might receive a notice for a sudden business trip. 

The dream can also portend an unplanned journey to a friend’s or relative’s place. 

5. To dream of a woman wearing your nightgown

The image of another woman wearing your nightgown is a sign that you feel insecure about your relationship. Chances are you live in constant fear of your partner cheating on you with another woman. 

6. To dream about wearing an oversized nightgown

Generally, wearing a nightgown too big for you symbolizes insecurities. You tend to focus on your weakness while completely ignoring or overlooking your strengths, which is why you feel inferior to others. 

If you find the interpretation relatable, the subconscious wants you to look at yourself from another point of view.

If you look carefully within yourself, you will realize that you possess talents and abilities your competitors don’t. 

7. Dreaming about wearing a tight nightgown

You might be pushing boundaries to capture someone’s attention and affection if you wear a tight nightgown in a dream. 

8. To dream of seeing someone wearing a nightgown 

Seeing someone wearing a nightgown symbolizes a promising companionship between you and someone.

Also, he or she may provide you with great moral and financial support. 

9. To see your beloved in a nightgown in a dream

The dream meaning of your beloved in a nightgown reflects the tenderness and genuine feelings between you and your partner. 

10. A woman wearing a nightgown in a dream

Dreaming of seeing a woman in a nightgown signifies the resolution of a long-standing problem with the help of your elderly relatives.

11. To dream about seeing a family member in a nightgown

The scenario portends happy events, celebrations, and laughter. For some dreamers, it can even hint at a baby coming soon.  

12. To see your mother in a nightgown in a dream

If you dream of seeing your mother in a nightgown, the dream is telling you to give your mother a break by taking on some of her burdens and responsibilities. 

13. To see a man wearing a nightgown in a dream

In this case, the dream meaning of the nightgown denotes you will likely get rid of a huge burden with unexpected help from a stranger. 

14. Taking off a nightgown in a dream

If you dream about taking off a nightgown, it shows you take physical intimacy in a relationship seriously.

Additionally, the dream says you are a sensual person who loves to keep the passion between you and your partner alive through small acts of naughtiness. 

15. To dream about someone taking off your nightgown

The interpretation of the dream depends on the gender of the person who took off your nightgown.

The subconscious warns you not to get involved in shady business deals if it was a person of the opposite sex. Additionally, the dream says you must never fall for someone who promises you the moon and the stars. 

On the other hand, if it was a same-sex person, the scenario signifies a great support system. 

Chances are, they don’t make it obvious, which is why you believe you do not have a shoulder to lean on during tough times. 

16. Washing a nightgown in a dream

If you have offended or hurt someone intentionally or otherwise, the dream shows you must reflect on what you have done and ask for that person’s forgiveness.

Alternatively, washing a nightgown shows you will soon help someone resolve a major problem. 

17. To dream of another person washing a nightgown

Contrary to the above, the dream meaning of another person washing a nightgown implies someone will soon ask for your forgiveness.

18. To dream of measuring a nightgown

The dream represents your desire for a change – in habits, relationships, partners, etc. 

19. To dream of choosing a nightgown at a store but not finding the right one

The dream implies the possibility of getting into communication with disagreeable people who will greatly annoy you. 

20. A dream about buying a nightgown

Buying a nightgown in your dream implies you will acquire a valuable item such as a car or a house by taking out a loan or borrowing money from someone.

21. Selling nightgown in a dream

If you have been thinking of an idea or a vision for a long time, the spectacle of selling nightgowns is a sign that now is an ideal time to take action.

You might have put off that idea for fear of failure. But now that the universe is pushing you to it, you no longer have a reason to hold it back. Go for it!

22. Dream meaning of giving a nightgown as a gift to someone

According to the plot, you will soon reach out to a person who you believe needs help. This can be financial assistance, moral support, or a piece of advice to help that person get through the tough period. 

23. Dreaming of receiving a nightgown as a gift 

You might refuse to accept someone’s help if someone gifted you a nightgown in a dream.

24. Dreaming about stealing a nightgown from someone

Most likely, you will embarrass yourself in a social setting if you steal someone’s nightgown. 

25. Dream meaning of stealing a nightgown from a shop

Dreaming about stealing a nightgown from a store says you must rethink a decision. Avoid being impulsive, especially when it concerns serious life matters. 

Also, the dream says you must not hesitate to reach out for guidance if you think a second opinion will help you decide better. 

26. A dream about someone stealing your nightgown

If you experience the above scenario, avoid talking about your achievements, goals, and plans in public.

Chances are, someone is around you with evil intentions, and announcing your next step will make it much easier for that person to bring you down. 

27. To dream of finding a nightgown

The vision of finding a nightgown tends to appear usually if you are suspecting your partner.

28. To dream about losing a nightgown

Losing a nightgown in a dream is an ill omen. Probably, you have done something disgraceful, and to cover that up, you are weaving lies one on top of another.

Alternatively, this can be a sign of people losing trust in you and forsaking you after the truth comes to light that you are not the person you appear to be. 

29. To dream of a nightgown flowing off the clothesline in a dream

If you experience the above, you will, in all likelihood, acquire something good, accidentally. 

30. Dream meaning of throwing away a nightgown

If you dream about throwing away a nightgown, you will likely refuse to be helped by someone you believe is unethical. 

31. Dreaming about walking through the town in a nightgown

According to the plot, you give no importance to what others think about you and talk behind you.

You are focused on your goals and have no time on your hands to care about what people are saying about you. 

32. To dream of seeing a woman walking through the town in a nightgown

Likely, you love to talk behind others’ backs if you dream of the above vision. 

The next time you feel tempted to gossip about someone, you must try putting yourself in that person’s shoes and think of how you would feel if people similarly talk about you. 

33. To dream about seeing a satin nightgown

A satin nightgown symbolizes a promising business alliance. 

34. Dreaming of a lacy nightgown

A lacy nightgown in the dream world predicts romantic dates, love, and affection. 

35. A white nightgown in a dream

A white nightgown in the dream world symbolizes peace and harmony. 

36. A dream about wearing a white nightgown

Generally, wearing a spotless white nightgown is a wish fulfillment dream. 

37. A man dreaming about seeing his beloved in a white nightgown

In this context, the dream meaning of the nightgown reflects the sincerity and commitment of his partner towards the man. 

38. Dreaming of a blue nightgown

A blue nightgown stands for a successful career because of which you will be looked up to by many people. 

Also, a blue nightgown symbolizes peace and harmony on the domestic front. 

From another perspective, a blue nightgown can signify the sudden appearance of a competitor. 

This can refer to a rival in the profession or a love rival depending on the context and the real-life circumstances. 

39. A dream about a green nightgown

Something worth celebrating is in the offing if a green nightgown showed up in your dream. 

40. Dreaming of a yellow nightgown

In the dream world, a yellow nightgown promises fun and adventure. 

41. A pink nightgown in a dream

The dream refers to a happy and harmonious family life. 

42. To see yourself in a pink nightgown in a crowded place

According to the plot, you will find yourself in an awkward situation. 

43. A gray nightgown in a dream

Expect no drastic changes in the upcoming future in any aspect of your life if you dream of a gray nightgown. 

44. Dreaming of a black nightgown

If you dream of a black nightgown, you will settle for what you already have instead of working hard and chasing your goals for a better life. 

45. A nightgown with polka dots in a dream

The dream meaning of a nightgown with polka dots stands for your spontaneity. 

46. To see a crumpled nightgown in a dream

In most cases, the dream suggests unhappy news. 

47. Seeing holes on a nightgown in a dream

More often than not, this type of dream says you have committed a mistake. 

48. Dreaming of a torn nightgown

A torn nightgown usually is a harbinger of a surprising piece of news.

49. Dreaming about wearing a torn nightgown

Wearing a torn nightgown in a dream shows you don’t judge people by their appearance. To you, moral values and principles matter more than outer appearance.

50. To dream about a dirty nightgown

Most likely, you are in a slump if you see a dirty nightgown in a dream. 

At this point, nothing in the world motivates you to get up and work for a better life. 

51. To dream of seeing a stain on a nightgown

A stained nightgown announces a possible conversation with distant relatives. 

52. Wearing a dirty nightgown in a dream

The plot portends trouble, which might turn your life upside down. But eventually, you will realize that it’s a good thing you went through those trials because of the valuable life lessons you will learn along the way. 

Additionally, the hard times will reveal the ill wishes that have been pretending to be your friends. 

53. A woman dreaming about another woman taking off her nightgown 

Most probably, you lack and yearn for attention and affection in your waking life.

If a married woman or one in a relationship dream of the above, the scenario underlines the need to transform her life. 

54. A woman seeing a man in her nightgown

If you are a woman and see a man wearing your nightgown, you will soon receive an unpleasant surprise. 

55. A man dreaming of buying a nightgown for himself at a store

For a man, the scenario symbolizes a profitable project. 

56. A man trying on a woman’s nightgown in a dream

According to the theory of Sigmund Freud, the dream shows signs of a new sexual partner for the man. 

57. A man dreaming about taking off a woman’s nightgown

For a man, taking off a woman’s nightgown symbolizes problems in communicating with women. 

58. A single person dreaming of a nightgown

Most likely, the dream is an indication that the dreamer will get married soon. 

59. A single person dreaming of a new nightgown

You might get married unexpectedly if you are presently single and saw a new nightgown in a dream. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Nightgown In A Dream 

From the spiritual point of view, a nightgown symbolizes love, harmony, and a deeper level of understanding between you and your partner. 

Psychological Meaning Of Nightgown In Dreams

Psychologically, a nightgown can signify a series of lies you will tell about something to someone or a group of people to cover up a secret. 

On a positive note, it can also signify the love and commitment of your partner towards you. 


To wrap up, the dream meaning of nightgown can be either bad or good depending on several factors. 

If the scenario is a good sign, lucky you! On the contrary, if it has a negative connotation, think of what the dream is trying to tell you. 

Instead of letting fear and anxiety control your emotions, study the dream in detail from several perspectives and make use of the message the subconscious is conveying to you. 

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