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Mother Dream Meaning – The Complete Guide

Mother Dream Meaning – The Complete Guide

Updated on Jan 20, 2023 | Published on Feb 03, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Mother Dreams - 72 Types of Dreams and Their Interpretation

A mother is the most beautiful and selfless being on earth. Your dream about mother reflects your feelings about her or your desire to be a parent.

According to Jungian theory, dreaming of a mother is related to material possessions and your background. 

To understand the meaning of your mother’s dream, you will need to examine the details. If you’re curious about your dream, keep reading and take notes as you read.

Mother Dream Meaning - 72 Types of Dreams and Their Interpretation
Mother Dream Meaning – 72 Types of Dreams and Their Interpretation

Mother Dream Meaning 

The dream of your mother is usually a good sign and reflects your feelings for her. Sometimes the dream serves as a guidance in making crucial decisions in waking life.

The dream of a mother can mean so many different things, such as love, nurturing, gentleness, kindness, and intimacy. Mother dreams often reflect your relationship with your mother or your desire to become a mother. 

To understand the dream you need to take a quick pause and think about what a mother means to you. This will help you to interpret your dream more closely.

The dream of a mother is often a sign of working on yourself and healing your soul. Your dream may attempt to imply this unconditional love associated with the trait of your mother.

In order to love others unconditionally, you must first love yourself and accept yourself fully. 

If you dream of your mother, it is a sign of feminine energy and creativity, nourishment, and how you may celebrate and enhance it.

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Your Mother?

It is wonderful to see your mother in a dream as it represents love, care, support, and affection. If you are starting something new and this dream appears, then it is a positive sign. 

Occasionally, however, a dream may indicate a stressful situation or troubled time in the near future. To have a general idea of what your dream could mean here are some common reasons. 

1. Symbol of sacrifice 

 She sacrifices so many aspects of her life to give love and care to her child. And she does everything that she can to protect her child.

Mother in your dream is a sign of loving, caring, and affectionately nurturing your own children so that they receive your attention and feel valued.

If you are out of sync with your life and unable to spend time with your child or family, then it’s time to prioritize and make time for them.

2. Sign of happiness regarding an event 

Perhaps you have recently taken up a new job or are studying hard and getting good grades, in which case the dream about your mother is a sign that you are heading in the right direction. 

This type of dream illustrates your determination to reach your goals, and it shows you are giving it your all in whatever you do. And you don’t leave any stone unturned until your goal is achieved.

If you truly want to live a happy, prosperous life, make sure that you are doing what brings you true happiness and aligns with your purpose. 

3. Missing someone you care about 

Conflicts are a part of life. Whether you are angry or in conflict with your mother, you still love her deeply.

The dream hints that you care about someone, but you haven’t heard from them in a long time, so maybe you should make a move. 

Locate a way to communicate with the person and talk with them. 

4. Sign of love and affection 

Your dream is a reflection of your current situation. This implies that you are receiving love from people around you and that your work is appreciated. 

Your love life is going well and if you haven’t found a partner yet then it indicates you will soon meet someone who loves and cares for you. 

This is a sign that everything will work out well for you and suggests that you reciprocate the love with those around you since everyone deserves love and everyone can flourish in love. 

5. Errors in judgment 

If you are doing something wrong or going off course, then dreaming about your mother is an indication that you need to turn your life around and make better decisions. 

Unless you withdraw yourself from such activities or situations that are not right for you, you may have to bear the consequences. 

Mother Dreams – 72 Types of Dreams and Their Interpretation

1. Dreaming of your mother in general 

Your dreams can give you clues to solve your problems. And sometimes dreams foreshadow your fears and doubts.

Seeing your mother in a dream means that something important is about to take place. You can see it as a sign of motherhood or a new beginning.

Moreover, It signifies your mother’s nurturing and caring nature. And It is a reminder to take care of your inner child.

2. Dream about mother and money 

Dreams about mother and money are intertwined. If you see your mother in a dream, it represents the value she holds in your life. 

You might have to take financial responsibility in the future if you dream of your mother gifting you a house or helping you financially 

In addition, it indicates that you are a workaholic and sometimes forget to take breaks.

In the dream, you are given a clear indication that you should value your relationships and find a balance between work and personal life. 

3. Dream about being a mother 

This dream is associated with appreciation for your work or something that you have done in the past. It points towards the relationship with your mother and calls to work on it.  

Further, the dream represents your maternal desires. And the dream may be a positive sign for you if you are planning to have children. 

4. Dream about eating with your mother 

Dreaming about eating with your mother is a good sign. It indicates that you are not able to make important decisions and you are making irrational decisions that could put your life at risk. 

5. Dream about being in your mothers’ house 

According to your dream, you need to learn a lesson or two from those situations that you encounter in your waking hours. 

When you see yourself in your mother’s house, this indicates that you are making the wrong decisions and should rethink your actions and perhaps do the opposite of what you are doing.

6. Dream of your mother giving you advice

Your dream is a reflection of your gut instinct that something needs to be done in a certain way. 

Perhaps you are feeling this way because you are going to make an important decision and intuitively you know which one is right for you.

7. Dream about your mother being angry

Seeing your mother angry in a dream indicates bad luck and disappointment you may experience in the future.

Perhaps you feel that things are not going your way and you are facing setbacks and obstacles constantly. 

8. Dream of making your mother angry and frustrated

Dreaming that you are causing your mother frustration or anger is not a positive sign. This indicates making a bad decision and dealing with the consequences. 

9. Dream about controlling mother 

Your dream shows that you need to focus on your endeavors rather than asking for help. You don’t need to show others or seek validation. Walk your own path. 

Dreaming about your mother, who is either a narcist or who has Borden line personality disorder, indicates that you are finding a medium to build a relationship with her in real life. 

Seeing yourself being controlling in a dream indicates there is some issue you are dealing with in your real life. It may be a feeling of being trapped. 

10. Dream of your mother looking sinister

The dream is not a good omen because it indicates being led astray by intuition and making wrong decisions.

There may also be a feeling that your luck has run out, resulting in a fear of making wrong decisions. 

11. Dream of your mother being happy

When your mother is in a good mood, it is a sign of good fortune. You will achieve success in your endeavors and will enjoy yourself.

Your dream indicates your satisfaction after overcoming a challenging situation. 

12. Dreaming of killing your mother 

The dream implies missing out on some great opportunities and making bad decisions. It suggests you may regret your past choices.

But you must take responsibility and deal with the consequences. 

13. Dream about your mother being pregnant

Dreaming that your mother is pregnant indicates that you will be lucky in some situations. You will be accompanied by luck and experience new things and a new lifestyle in the near future. 

14. Dream about your mother driving you in your car 

When you see your mother driving a car, it indicates that you are being dominated throughout your waking hours. 

Your life is represented by the wheel of your car, and this shows the amount of control you have over your life decisions. You may have a deep desire to be dominant in certain areas. 

15. Dream about your mother visiting your home 

 Having your mother visit you is always a good sign. The dream tells you that you will achieve success in your actions and endeavors soon.

If you have been putting things off for a long time or waiting for the perfect time to start, take this as a sign to start.

16. Dream about your mother calling you 

Your mother calling you in a dream is a sign to be alert. In some cases, the dream could also signify ending a relationship or experiencing an uncomfortable situation.

You may also make some wrong decisions when it comes to a matter that isn’t close to your heart. 

17. Dream about talking to your mother 

It represents the beginning of good times. The dream represents the arrival of good news and a pleasant surprise. It could be a project or a planning announcement on a professional level. 

Your mother may appear in your dream as an advisor, advising you about some important life event.

18. Dream about having a fight with your mother 

Fights with the mother usually signal the beginning of an adverse period. It’s possible that you will become involved in something that adversely affects you and that you may be responsible solely for.

 Furthermore, it implies that everyone involved could be a victim and no one person can be blamed as specific for the events that took place.

19. Dream about your mother crying 

Mother crying in a dream is a sign of misfortune and ill health. Your dream could be an alert to prepare you for the future and help you build some strength and patience.

This Dream is a warning sign and indicates major life issues.

You could be experiencing a problem related to your family, your relationships, or even your mental stability. 

20. Dream about crying to your mother 

When you dream of crying to your mother, you are showing your desire to be accepted or supported. 

There might be situations when you feel inadequate or invalid, and you need some encouragement to deal with them. With the help and support of loved ones, you can cope with the situation. 

Don’t let other people’s opinions of you define you. The most important thing is what you believe. 

21. Dream my mom died woke up crying

It is a bad sign if you dream about your mother dying. The dream represents your bad choices and losing your sense of intuition. Your subconscious is warning you to be more cautious.

Dreams reflect your feelings and vulnerability, along with your inability to solve problems and run from them.

You must confront them if you intend to get rid of them. The feeling that everything has gone out of your control may make you feel doomed to failure. 

The death of your mother might be a forewarning about health issues that you could face.

22. Dream about dead mother

Having a dream about a dead mother implies heading towards difficult times, such as laboring or working against your will.

This may prove to be a time-consuming project or assignment in the future. You may possibly experience some setbacks, obstacles, or failures in the near future. 

The dream could be a message sent from above from your spirit guides to support you in waking life and guide you. 

Seeing your mother dead in a dream may disturb you, and it indicates that you need to express your thoughts directly in your life.

In addition, if you get scared when you dream, it indicates that you have much love to give.

23. Dreaming about your mother in excellent health

Your dream indicates that you will receive the support and guidance you have been seeking. This is the sign that you have the ability to find support and assistance whenever you need it. 

24. Dream about kissing your mother 

The dream shows that you are capable of finishing the task on time. It represents perseverance and hard work, as well as making timely decisions. 

This dream is for reminding you that things are going pretty well for you, and you’re going to succeed in your endeavors. 

25. Dream about your mother kissing you 

Mother kissing you in a dream is an excellent sign and indicates success. Dreams suggest that you are respected and loved by your social circle, especially those close to you.

26. Dream about an upset mother

An upset mother in the dream is a sign of obstacles and complications. The dream states that you are not able to achieve some goals due to obstacles. 

27. Dream about living with your mother 

Dreaming of living with your deceased mother or living mother signifies happiness and satisfaction.

In addition, this implies success in some current activities in your waking life or in the ones you are planning. 

28. Young married woman dreaming about her mother

Miller explains that a young woman dreaming of her mother represents she will have a happy and romantic love life with her partner.

29. Dream about mother for a female 

Having a dream about your mother means you will come across something delightfully passing that will interest and excite you.

For unmarried women, the dream represents a harmonious marriage.

30. Dream of mother being ill at the hospital

A tough life situation is implied by the dream plot. If your mother falls ill at home, you can turn to your closest friends, relatives, and connections for help. 

31. Dream of seeing your mother drunk 

There are two interpretations of the dream. The dream is merely a reflection of your parent’s current situation, worries, and well-being if they drink frequently. 

Seeing a drunken mother who does not drink alcohol, in reality, shows your real-life characteristics such as being easy to manipulate or getting influenced by others. 

32. Dream about your mother looking beautiful

If your mother looks beautiful in your dream, it indicates that all is well with the family and you will fulfill your wishes.

In dreams, the young mother represents rebirth, redistribution of responsibility, and making changes in your lifestyle. 

Mark this time as important for all the new beginnings.

33.  Dream about man hugging his mother 

Dream of seeing a man hugging his mother means he wants to protect his family from any troubles. 

There are two interpretations of the dream. The first interpretation suggests a lack of contentment. Which may lead to projecting your shortcomings and going in the wrong direction. 

In the second case, the dream suggests you will reach out to people in need. You should also avoid getting too involved otherwise your feelings may be hurt.

Also, beware of your shortcomings so that you are not held responsible for the expectations people have placed on you. 

34. Dream about mothers wedding 

To interpret your dream correctly, you need to note some minor details. If an unmarried girl sees her mother, then it means she will be proposed to. 

35. Dream about someone’s mother being sick

You may feel scared and worried about your mother when you dream of her, but the dream is not a bad omen. It’s a warning that something bad is about to happen.

Generally, it indicates that someone is hurt. The person could be someone close to you. Make sure you check up on people near you and also your own actions and words. 

36. Dream about mother as in real life

Dreaming of your mother as in real life means you are in complete control of all your household matters. The relationship you have with your family is also important. 

A dream further suggests a relaxing period without any troubles or worries interrupting your peace. 

37. Dream of mother singing a lullaby

When your mother sings a lullaby for you, it’s the most soothing and relaxing moment in life. 

The dream portrays you as being too busy to enjoy the beauty and spend time with your family.

Your dream is a wake-up call to spend some quality time with your family and pay attention to their needs. 

38. Dream about losing your mother 

The dream of losing your mother may be a forewarning of the ill health of your mother or some health issues that she might face in the near future. You need to take extra care of your mother.

39. Dream about deceased mother 

Seeing your mother in a dream is a positive sign. It predicts happiness, good fortune, and prosperity in the future. As you progress through, you will experience some new changes. 

40. Dream about mother for a male

If you are a male, the dream about your mother suggests your feminine side. Additionally, it indicates that you are looking to settle in life and are having fun with your partner and children.

As well, the dream suggests that you are not ready for a commitment and that you are content with being single.

Pay attention to what your mother was doing in the dream. In your dream, if she is communicating with you, then it marks a successful period ahead.  

Having this dream means you need to connect with your feminine side and consider a few aspects of your life.

In the case of married men dreaming of their mothers, it represents that they should visit their closest relatives. 

41. Dream about healthy mother

Seeing your mother in good health and positive shape in your dream represents that there will be others around you who will lend you a helping hand.

You will be able to receive help and support when needed. 

42. Dream about mother in distress

The dream suggests that you may face some difficulties in reaching your goals if you see your mother concerned or distressed about something.

Stress like this may make you nervous about the situation. However, you have to understand there is always a less tricky or less complicated way to handle a situation. 

Although you may be delayed in reaching your goals, it does not mean that you will not achieve them. 

43. Dream about mother crying

Dream symbolizes the beginning of a bleak period. It is possible that you will suffer misfortune, misery, or health issues during this time. You should be cautious about your well-being during this time. 

You may have disagreements or issues that could affect your family relationship. This is a wake-up call to balance your life and face the issues so that it is better for yourself and your loved ones. 

44. Dream about mother in law

The dream about your mother-in-law represents your wrong decision in a given situation. Your inner feelings towards her can also be reflected in the dream.

Perhaps it is a message to guide others in the right direction. The dream may also indicate how you relate to your mother-in-law in the waking world. 

If you saw your mother-in-law die in a dream, your happiness in waking life will be challenged. If you dislike your mother in waking life, it means your relationship with your partner needs to be worked on. 

Further, if you see yourself killing your mother-in-law in a dream then you need to respond quickly in real life.

45. Dream about narcissist mother 

Dreaming of a narcissistic mother is an ominous dream that indicates impending death. The dream is telling you to make amends as she will pass away soon either by natural cause or tragically. 

According to your dream, you need to put your grudges aside and form a healthier relationship with your mother. 

46. Dream about dead mother being alive 

Seeing your deceased mother in your dreams means that you need to solve your present problems and take her advice or follow in her footsteps. 

According to the dream, following her footsteps will give you clarity and guidance regarding the next step. It is a testament to your mother’s enduring legacy to see her in your dreamscape. 

47. Dream about alive mother dead 

If you dream of your mother, dead or dying, it could mean you will have to deal with a difficult situation in the future. In the future, you may be given a tricky task or a project that will take long hours or intensive work. 

It also points to losses and disappointments in the future. During this time, you need to be extra careful, as it can affect your mood directly and make you distant from your loved ones. 

Learn how to regulate your emotions, how to stay calm, and how not to get affected by trivial or professional matters. 

48. Dream about dead mother calling you 

According to miller, your dead mother calling you is a positive sign. The dream suggests that something good is about to happen.

Your mother in a dream is letting you know that things will turn out to be in your favor even when things seem difficult or opposing. You can trust the process and the card will soon turn positive. 

If you can hear your mother’s words in a dream, then it could be a blessing for you or a surprise for you. This could assist you in making improvements in a specific area of your life. 

49. Dream about dead mother talking 

In dreams, a dead mother talking can mean solace, happiness, surprise, or success. You are being reassured that everything will be alright even if it doesn’t seem so. 

Try to grasp the message your mother is trying to convey to you, it will greatly benefit you in improving a few aspects of your life. 

50. Dream about mother dying again 

Losing your mother is a painful and traumatic experience. In some cases, the dream may try to tell you that you should pay attention to the way you react or respond in your real life.

It might be the people around you or how you are treating yourself. 

51. Dream about dead mother sick 

The dream suggests that you should reconsider your actions and words. Your behavior may unintentionally hurt others.

Review your behavior and responses and make the time to correct them or be more mindful of them from now on. 

52. Dreaming your mother hates you 

Mothers in a dream is a metaphor for life. And having a feeling that your mother hates you in a dream is an ill omen. The dream indicates disagreement and conflicts ahead. 

An unexpected situation may present itself that tests your friendship and exposes some hidden faces. Alternatively, it might be a reflection of not receiving the support you want at work. 

53. Dream about having to carry a sick mother 

You may be facing an unresolved issue or a stressful situation. You may be stressing and overthinking about something that has been passed to you by other people around you. 

54. Dream about mother sitting in bed and condescending

Your dream is about your feelings and how you feel about work, goals, and success. It also reminds you to take care of your family and relationships and spend some time with your friends and family. 

55. Dream of mother disappearing after a car accident 

It is a sign that your mother is about to reach her limits, possibly leading to a breakdown, if you see her driving off a cliff or dropping from height in dreams. 

She may have been showing signs of stress due to responsibilities and work at home. As a result, she may end up expressing her frustration towards a family member or could be the reason for a disagreement. 

Furthermore, if you want to live in a peaceful environment, then you have to face it and make an effort to improve the situation.

56. Dream about someone pretending to be a mother 

The Dream has a negative connotation. It suggests a stressful time in your waking life.

Also, the dream is trying to warn you about some people or friends who pretend to be your well-wishers but are actually trying to take advantage of you. 

Keep your distance from malicious individuals and don’t get swept up in others’ words. 

57. Dream of a dead mother returning to the house 

The dream is a reminder to resolve an issue that is pending in your real life. 

58. Dream about dead mother in a shop window

Dreams depict aimlessness or rudderlessness. Your mother’s death may be causing you to feel uninspired. 

This is also a time of transformation. The sight of your mother in a shop window shows how much you want to emulate her. 

59. Dream about deceased mother rejecting 

Dreams represent lessons that need to be learned. In this situation, you feel remorseful or guilty because you think you do not deserve to be loved, or some actions of yours make you feel that you have behaved in a wrong manner. 

Whatever the situation may be, the dream shows you are trying to run away from the problem instead of tackling it.

60. Dream about a deceased mother calling for help

In the dream, you might be facing a problem within your household. It calls your attention to the issues that are disrupting the peace and causing trouble in your personal relationships. 

61. Dream of a sick mother being assaulted

The dream of a mother is in general a positive omen, but in this dream scenario, it indicates a period of gloom and unhappiness. 

If you see yourself helpless running around in a dream for help. This indicates that you would do your best but ultimately you would fail. You may feel demotivated or discouraged. 

However, you should not lose sight of the positives in your life and should look for solutions rather than dwelling on the negatives. As a result, you will be more powerful and take action under the right mindset. 

62. Dream of a deceased mother needing to go hospital

Having a dream about a deceased mother may reveal the solution to your problems or give you hints.

The dream is a warning of future health problems or injuries. Some parts of the dream may be related to the present situation. 

It suggests that you become more proactive than reactive, deal with your health and handle the situation in a more responsible and responsible way.

You should also eat right and avoid habits that might negatively affect your health. 

63. Dream about mother attacked by football players

This dream indicates that you have a misunderstanding with your mother that needs to be resolved.

It states that you both may feel strongly about something and this has resulted in discrediting each other. 

Although you started this as a friendly discussion, it quickly turned into an argument and you lost your temper. It’s a warning from your subconscious not to give in to trivial matters like these and let go.  

64. Dream about incest with a mother

Having sex with your mother in your dreams can be very disturbing. It’s an archetypal dream. 

Your dream suggests you should examine your own qualities and it also suggests that your maternal and paternal instincts are complex. Which is resulting in such a complex dream state.

A man often has this Dream when he is having difficulty in his love life. 

65. Dream about deceased mother staring back 

The dream of your deceased mother staring back implies your thirst for truth. Such dreams may be triggered by shock or hidden reasons. 

There may be vague or even suspicious details surrounding the cause of your mother’s death, keeping you awake at night and disturbing your sleep. 

It is also a message to open your eyes, face the truth, and live a meaningful life instead of living in denial. 

66. Dream about being harassed by mothers ex-husband 

Being chased by an outsider implies the arrival of a new member into the social circle. Your dream stranger may have taken the form of an ex.

If you are running to an empty house, it implies that things haven’t worked out as you hoped. 

67. Dream about mother sitting in the street

According to Freud, talking to your mother in dreams indicates a pleasant announcement or arrival of good news.

68. Dream about feeding deceased mother 

Having a meal with your deceased mother in a dream indicates health problems can overshadow a happy time.

69. Dream about a busy mother and a baby

The dream of seeing your mother busy represents complications and failures. In dreams, the newborn baby represents new beginnings and opportunities.

Combining the meanings means trying to create something new from the ashes of something old.

70. Dream about missing your mother 

The dream represents excessive stress and responsibilities. This tension may be caused by excessive workload or working too hard to achieve your goals. 

It’s important to take care of your health and not overburden yourself with work or thoughts. 

71. Dream about a mother holding your hand

It means guidance towards the path you are traveling. You should trust your instincts and take action accordingly without overthinking.

Your understanding of yourself is clear and doesn’t need much clarification. 

72. Dream about arguing with mother 

This dream indicates that your emotions are out of control. Even though no one likes to fight with their mother, certain situations and disagreements can make the situation more stressful. 

It is important to control your emotions at your workplace and in general to avoid damaging your relationships. You might lose an opportunity or get into trouble if you continue behaving in this manner. 

Questions to Ask Yourself 

The first step to solving a problem is to ask a question, and then your mind will start searching for possible solutions and answers. Ask yourself these questions to better interpret your dreams. 

  1. How did your mother act in your dream? 
  2. How did you react in your dream? 
  3. What emotions did you experience in your dream?
  4. Are you planning to start a family? 
  5. What kind of relationship do you have with your mother?

Closing Thoughts 

Dreams about your mother can sometimes make you emotional or worried, depending on the context.

The smallest details in a dream can prove crucial to helping you connect the dots correctly and understand its meaning. 

Additionally, if you haven’t seen your mother in a while, the dream might be a way to remind you to spend time with her.

The meaning of the dream can differ depending on your real-life circumstances. Therefore, let your emotions guide you with things that resonate with you.