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Dreaming about Arguing with Someone – 70 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming about Arguing with Someone – 70 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 23, 2023 | Published on Jul 11, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Arguing with Someone – 70 Types & Their Interpretations

To dream of arguing with someone can really bitter your mood… irrespective of the situation of your relationship with them. However, most people ignore the visions as “bad dreams”.

But, these dreams might have hidden meanings important to your life situations. If ignored, you may attract major havoc. If you’re worried about it now, let me solve your worries with this think-piece.

So, let’s delve deeper for the greater good here…

Dreaming about Arguing with Someone – 70 Types & Their Interpretations
Dreaming about Arguing with Someone – 70 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of Arguing with Someone – General Interpretations

To argue in dreams might symbolize your suppressed emotions, your bad emotion-masking techniques, or lack of decision-making skills. It might also show you feel unrecognized or can’t deal with changes.

In reality, you may argue during a light-hearted debate or major life-changing issues. You might argue to enlighten the other person, protect yourself, or just because someone got on your nerves.

However, the reasons are much more twisted in the subconscious realm. So, if you’re curious, let’s explore them here…

1. It’s a signal of suppressed emotions

You may dream of arguing with someone if you hide your feelings from others. You feel unsure whether others will take you seriously or they’ll brush your worries away casually.

Further, you frequently have clashing opinions but hesitate to express yourself because the mass disagrees.

2. You can’t make important decisions

If you can’t decide for yourself regarding important matters, you might have such dreams. You feel overwhelmed by minute things and your mind becomes mushy which leads to confusion about your choices.

You spend a long time deciding your next move which delays you from beginning important life phases.

3. You’re bad with hiding your emotions

Do you frequently get angry in reality? Are you always on the verge of an overreaction? If yes, getting angry in dreams isn’t a big deal.

Your regular temperament gets reflected in your subconscious mind. You frequently get involved in conflicts because you can’t cover up your emotions well.

4. You feel unheard or ignored

If you feel neglected and unrecognized in reality, such dreams are normal. You think others don’t notice your hard work.

The lack of acknowledgment frustrates you and you feel jealous of others. It reminds you to keep trying to make it work.

5. You’re frustrated in reality

If your current life situation infuriates you because things don’t follow the plan, that’s another valid reason.

You aren’t ready to accept such changes in life and your poor adaptability skills harm your life further. This further hurts your relationships too.

Dreaming about Arguing with Someone – 70 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of arguing with your boss shows you’re burdened due to your work-life issues. Whereas dreams of arguing with your coworkers symbolize you’ll soon identify an ill-wisher and move on with your life for the better.  

If the smallest differences significantly change the detailed dream interpretations, guess how important the other details are?

So, let’s not be satisfied with the general interpretations alone and scour through the details here…

1. Dream about arguing with my father

Dreaming of arguing with your father signifies an improvement in your relationship with him.

If you’re on good terms, you’ll grow closer. If you’re on bad terms with him, it asks you to sort out the issues. If he’s dead, you miss him.

It also symbolizes a change in your domestic life in general. You can fix any conflict, so initiate a calm conversation.

2. Dream of arguing with my mother

Arguing with your mother in a dream represents your guilt about not following through with your promises and feeling burdened. Though late, fulfill your promise now and try to prevent repeating it.

Or, it might imply your desire to improve your relationship with your mother, so talk to her.

If your mother seems angry in the dream, you escape your responsibilities in waking life. If you’re angry, resolve an issue in reality.

3. Dream of arguing with my partner/spouse

Arguing with your partner/spouse in a dream is a warning about impending danger to your relationship/marriage. Pay attention to one another to identify any reason for this.

It might also be due to past unresolved conflicts that might resurface. However, if you both try to resolve things, you’ll reconcile and a beautiful phase full of understanding and compassion will begin.

4. Dreaming of arguing with a stranger

Your dream is an excellent sign of good happenings and hope in all areas of your life.

If you’re on a quest for love, you might soon find your Mr./Ms. Right. If you’re an ambitious person, you’ll soon get recognized, compensated, and/or promoted in your workplace.

The dream also reminds you to stay dedicated to your goals even if you don’t succeed at one go.

5. Dreams about arguing with girlfriend/boyfriend

Such a dream shows how you feel paranoid about your boyfriend/girlfriend leaving you or falling out of love. You fear if you’re close enough with one another or doubt if they enjoy their time together.

If you’re single, this dream is a great sign of new love in your real life. Get ready to accept them with open arms.

6. Arguing with siblings in dream meaning

This dream is proof of your family-oriented nature. You always jump in to resolve issues in the family. You love peace and are ready to go to great lengths to maintain it.

However, remember that you can’t be a mediator forever and your family members must learn to solve their issues independently.

Moreover, sometimes you can’t help them and that’ll disappoint them. Prevent any unhealthy dependence on you.

7. Dream about arguing with a friend

This kind of dream is a reflection of your frequent financial crunches in the waking world. You always lose track of your budget, so it’s time to exercise more strict rules on yourself.

Every time you spend money, think about whether it’s a necessity or a luxury. Seek cheaper alternatives and if it’s not essential, delay the expenditure for a week to understand if you need it.

8. Dream of arguing with someone and winning

This dreamscape depicts that you’re infuriated about others’ actions or behavior towards you. You have an intense grudge against someone and can’t let go of it.

It’s a message from the subconscious to be more understanding. Everyone doesn’t think the same way, so learn to forgive them and be a greater person.

This might also be a sign to pay attention to upcoming discussions and decide well.

9. Dream of arguing with someone and losing

Your dream portrays you lacking knowledge about your aspirations, hopes, strengths, and weaknesses. So, when you make important decisions, it’s based more on others’ views instead of your own. It’s time to familiarize yourself with your desires.

It might also signify you don’t have control over yourself. Things in your life created confusion and lack of self-control, so try to fix the issue.

10. Dreaming of partaking in arguments

This dream denotes your emotions are all over the place and you doubt your capabilities. You’re in a dilemma between the choices of your heart and mind. Reflect on important decisions if you feel confused.

In the current phase, you’ll be troubled and face a scarcity of solutions. Think deeply and calmly to find out the rarest solutions.

11. Dream of seeing an argument

To witness an argument in dreams symbolizes you must pick your pace about your decisions before the problems start impacting your life. If you delay it, you’ll get in deep trouble and won’t just stay on the sidelines.

Try to remember what the arguing parties said as their words might be the key to the perfect choice. It might also be a sign to avoid conflicts and root for peace.

12. Dream of arguing with my parents

Arguing with your parents, i.e., both your father and mother together in dreams illustrates your need for support in waking hours. You feel people don’t understand you and feel left behind.

It might also be due to your guilt about a past mistake. You can’t forgive yourself for the wrongdoings, so you can’t move on from them.

13. Dreams of a couple arguing

As per dream dictionaries, if you know the couple in your subconscious vision, they need your help in resolving their relationship issues. If they’re unfamiliar, it might be another couple in reality. 

The dream reminds you to be the mediator but makes sure you don’t break any boundaries. Otherwise, your relationship with this couple will turn sour. Help them but only from afar.

14. Dreaming of arguing with a child

Your dream plot shows that you lack conscience in awake life. You hurt someone but aren’t aware of it. It’s time to reassess your behavior and the impact.

Try to figure out a way to make up for your mistakes if it’s a recent issue or is anyhow changeable.  Make sure you fix your attitude so such situations don’t repeat.

15. Dreams of arguing with a woman

If you argue with a woman in your dreams, it’s a bad omen about the current phase.

However, if someone else fights with a woman in dreams, you’re excessively concerned about others’ lives and have zero knowledge about what’s wrong in your or your loved ones’ lives.

You also blame others for being harsh on you instead of focusing on changing your habits.

16. Dream about fighting your pet

This ominous dream reflects your bad relationship with your family or office. Don’t sit still and actively resolve it. If it’s at your workplace, be quick. Otherwise, it’ll hamper your productivity.

If it’s at your home, give time to your loved ones to resolve the issue from its roots. Don’t hurry or it’ll only be a superficial solution and haunt you back later.

17. Dream of animals arguing

Animals arguing or fighting among themselves in dreams are symbolic of your two close friends fighting. You can’t decide your next step about it. The dream asks you to first pull your friends apart without taking sides.

Speak to them separately to find the cause of the issues. Help them to make a truce and accept one another as they are. Tell them that their fights make you unhappy.

18. Dream of arguing and killing others

This horrendous dream vision surprisingly is a glimmer of hope for your waking life. You’re close to defeating the odds and troubles if you fought them head-on. You’ll be victorious and happy soon.

However, if you see any blood in this dream, it advises you to be picky about your trusted ones. Someone might try to take advantage of your trusting nature.

19. Dream of arguing and getting killed

Don’t be too scared if you dreamed of this. This actually refers to your denial about reality in conscious hours.

The subconscious realm wants you to accept the truth and work on the needs instead of wasting time like this. If you don’t, your situation may harm you.

Deal with your problems instead of escaping from them and you’ll definitely win in the end.

20. Dream of arguing with a banker

Dreaming about arguments with bankers predicts you’ll hold an important discussion with an influential person like your boss or any superior.

The exchange can either bless you with a happy future or leave you penniless. Try to put enough effort into your work, so they can’t point out your shortcomings.

21. Dream of arguing with my deceased parents

Such a dream envisages a period of loss, ill-luck, and misfortune. Possibly, your business ventures or your assigned project won’t give you the expected results. However, this is a short phase, so prepare to begin afresh.

This might also indicate your grudge against your deceased parents regarding wrong decisions in your life. It’s time to leave the past and focus on the future.

22. Dream of arguing due to nonsense

Such dreams signify that your health may decline soon. You’re careless about your own wellbeing, so it’s time to be more alert about yourself and prevent any mishap.

23. Dream of arguing and betting

Your dreamscape signals you don’t wish or try to explore your talents. You kill any possibility of your growth with your bare hands. This dream warns you against it.

24. Dream of arguing with my teacher

This dream shows that you’ll soon find out about your new hobbies in waking life. Think about putting them to wise use.

25. Dream of arguing with my distant relatives

Your dream might forecast issues in your close family members, so try to prevent or resolve any issues.

26. Dream of arguing with my boss

Such dreams are indicative of the burdens and stresses of your professional life. Your co-workers and supervisors’ actions put you in an uncomfortable spot.

Further, your family also doesn’t understand your situation.

You’re constantly agitated and worried about different aspects of your life. It’s time to prioritize your peace and relaxation over others. Only then can you focus on your responsibilities properly.

27. Dream of arguing with a man about work

The dream depicts that you distrust this person. You feel he’s dishonest and isn’t actually how he pretends. He probably plans to hurt you later.

28. Dream of my co-worker arguing with a man about work

This plot asks you to stop being so suspicious. The man doesn’t have any ill intentions toward you.

29. Dream of scientific arguments with a man

Your dream depicts your fear that others won’t accept or understand you, so you keep your talents hidden from the world.

30. Dream of arguing with a woman about reaching goals

Your subconscious sight is suggestive of your stubborn side and your denial about being so.

31. Dream of arguing with a man about reaching goals

This subconscious vision is a symbol of you receiving knowledge and learning lessons.

32. Dream of arguing with a woman about money

Your dreams warn you against wasting your money on unnecessary things. You’re too arrogant to follow financial advice.

33. Dream of winning an argument with a woman

Such a dream promises that with your stubborn nature you’ll prosper in reality.

34. Dream of arguing with my sister’s man

It implies you have a strained relationship with your siblings. Initiate peace to change the current dynamics.

35. Dream of arguing with your mother-in-law

Such a dream is a disappointing message about your mom not accepting your chosen partner.

36. Dream of arguing with the dead

The dream symbolizes that you’re wasting your time in the wrong places. You must change your directions to increase your productivity and reach your endeavors.

Make sure the people around you listen and consider your ideas. If not, this isn’t your place.

Think about how to change your path without hurting yourself. Don’t depend on others as they don’t have viable ideas.

37. Dream of arguing with yourself

This subconscious view shows that you’re aware of being wrong, yet you’re too proud to admit it.

38. Dream of someone arguing with themselves

Your dream shows that you’re bored in life and hope for excitement in life. Only you can bring the needed change.

39. Dream of arguing with my son

Such dreams may imply you’ll receive news soon but it’s unknown whether it’s good or bad.

Conversely, it may imply someone influential will talk to you about your son. They have the power to build your or your son’s future, so the conclusion of this chat is important to you.

If someone like that approaches you in reality, try to behave your best to gain their favor.

40. Dream about hearing others arguing

Your subconscious visions are reflective of the issues you didn’t acknowledge yet because of your doubt regarding others.

You feel others will mock you or ignore your plea for help. You don’t want to be humiliated for being unable to deal with your issues yourself.

If you feel unheard in your surroundings, change your social circle. If you can’t express yourself comfortably, are they even your close ones?

41. Dream of arguing with a sister

If it was anyone’s sister in dreams, i.e., not necessarily yours, it implies you’ll soon encounter multiple obstacles on your way to reaching your goals.

Conversely, it may indicate you dislike taking risks or accepting changes in reality. Possibly, you fear failing in new journeys and facing challenges.

However, if it was your sister, you’re probably worried about some family member.

42. Dream of arguing with a judge

Such a dream depicts that you’ll soon face a stubborn problem. You’ll try to solve it but give up and avoid it later. However, the dream warns you against such actions.

Even if the issue doesn’t get resolved after a few attempts, don’t stop. In fact, if you persist and stay patient, you’ll overcome it in no time.

43. Dream of arguing on the streets

Being on the street while arguing in your dreams implies the recent troublesome situations you faced. The person you argued with is related to these troubles.

Work on the roots and you might overcome the problems sooner and smoothly.

That person is either responsible for your hardships or has the solution for them. So, think carefully before you approach them.

44. Dream of arguing over minor issues

Minor issues might be about who’ll do which chores, leaving the toilet seat up, or leaving dental hygiene items scattered at the sink.

If the topic or argument in dreams seems silly, you’re experiencing some difficulties in reality. The issues changed your thoughts about someone around you.

Probably, you respect someone much more after experiencing their pain. Or, they lost your respect after what they made you experience.

45. Dream of breaking up an argument

Your dreams are the reflection of your desire to help and support others in reality. You believe you can propose the perfect way to deal with any possible issue. So, without hesitation, you jump in to lend them a hand.

However, don’t force your opinions on others as it seems insulting. Contrarily, if others feel delighted with your support, share your magic.

46. Dream of arguing with your children

In your dream, if you argue with all of your children, it’s symbolic of your repressed emotions, frustration, and anger in reality. Seek a specialist to confront your emotions or try to distract yourself with light activities.

Such destructive feelings may harm your mental and physical health so either deal with them or ignore them completely.

47. Dream of arguing with an acquaintance

Your dreams indicate you have unresolved conflict with them in reality or will soon experience them. Notice the dream details to find the solution.

48. Dream of arguing over the phone

It denotes you’re frustrated for not getting the recognition and attention you deserve. You also struggle to speak up and attract others’ attention.  

49. Dream of stopping an argument

This dream shows you have great diplomatic skills. Nourish them and you can use them in your workplace and reach the pinnacle.

50. Dream of arguing with an ex

Having this dream means something triggered your trust issues which reminded you of your bad relationship and negative feelings. It’s time to deal with them ASAP.

51. Dream of continuing real-life argument

It portrays your desire to win and convince others that you’re right. Consider joining a debate course to improve your skills.

52. Dream of arguing if you’re in love

In reality, if you’re in a relationship, arguing dreams show you both disagree about something and don’t want to compromise. This might even cause a breakup.

53. Dream of arguing with an influential person

This means you’re dealing with a difficult task in reality. Though you’re dedicated and passionate about it, you’ll accept mediocre results.  

54. Dreaming of arguing with family

This dream reminds you to pay attention to the finest details to reach your desired level of perfectionism, wisdom, and insight. Keep your struggles in mind and consistently put in effort.

55. Dream of arguing in Church

It illustrates you hide something because you feel threatened. The reality might not be what you believe. Be more outgoing to find the complete truth.

56. Dream of arguing with everyone

It portrays you have an irritable and sensitive nature due to your suppressed emotions. Address your issues to succeed in your romantic relationship.

57. Dream of arguing with grandmother

It’s a message to stop pleasing opportunities and prioritize yourself. You have a great support system, so seek them to know how to bring this change.

58. Dream of arguing with the manager

This predicts you’ll unexpectedly gain something from others. However, stay alert to notice this gain and use it for your benefit. This will help you enjoy your life.

59. Dream of arguing with cousins

It symbolizes you’re on the correct path in life and you’ll soon use your creativity in your professional platform. This will help you prosper and progress.

60. Dream of arguing with police

Arguing with police in dream The vision denotes you’re ready to accept new ideas and reject the old ones. However, this impacts your emotional stability and happiness.

61. Dream of arguing over money

Arguing over money in dream shows that others depend on you excessively and you use money, authority, and all available resources to protect yourself from them.

62. Dream of arguing with uncle

This foresees you’ll soon learn something new about your inner desires or the path you desire to pursue but you need enough energy to absorb all the knowledge.

63. Dream of arguing with aunt

Such dreams show you feel unappreciated but you’re used to dealing with such emotions. It’s a sign to be more spontaneous to boost self-confidence.

64. Dream of arguing with my crush

It portends that you always stay alert to avoid a person or situation. Understand what you really want from life and be more decisive.

65. Dream of arguing with an enemy

This positive omen predicts you’ll grab all opportunities and overcome a bad situation with your adventurous side. However, you’re insecure for some reason.

66. Dream of arguing with someone you love

It shows you want to explore life’s gifts, but challenges overwhelm you and spoil your mood. Only love can help you through this journey.

67. Dream of arguing with brother-in-law

It reassures you’re on the correct path. You’ll succeed soon if you grab the opportunities and accept your family’s help.

68. Dream of arguing with sister-in-law

This depicts you can’t progress in life and feel unheard, so recharge yourself to revive your magnetic personality. Energy and confidence will help you.

69. Dream of arguing with neighbors

It implies you’ll overcome hurdles and recognize special qualities in yourself. You’ll feel at ease after knowing your capabilities.

70. Dream of arguing with coworkers

arguing with coworkers in dream predicts you’ll soon unveil an evil person and finally begin your journey to heal emotionally and physically and become lively.

Spiritual meaning of arguing in dreams

Spiritually, you dream of arguing if you struggle to decide for yourself and can’t cope with your burdens and responsibilities. It’s a message to address your issues quickly.

From the spiritual standpoint, if you can’t reach a decision for a long time or argue in reality with yourself or someone else to reach a conclusion, you might dream of arguing.

You feel pressured and overwhelmed by people or situations, so you can’t balance your emotions. You easily get defensive or offensive without a good reason.

It’s time to resolve your issues with a clear mind immediately.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret arguing dreams correctly

Arguments can get heated and people tend to overlook little deets in the spur of the moment… because who doesn’t want to win arguments? Further, if it was an argument in your dreams, you have more reasons to be forgetful.

So, to make sure you consider all the important details for the right interpretation, answer these…

1. Who argued in the dream?

2. Who was being argued to?

3. Where did this take place?

4. What was the topic?

5. Did you win or lose the argument? Did you get hurt during it?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dear reader, remember that your dreams are only a part of a message from the higher powers. They won’t ever tell you the complete solution to any problem.

In the end, you must depend on yourself to get yourself out of trouble. The higher powers can only show you small hints to make your journey easier.

So, believe in your capabilities and follow if you get any suggestions. Otherwise, if your dream highlights a problem, try to figure out the solution with your well-wishers’ help.

Leave no stone unturned to enhance your life.