A dream of being attacked by arrows indicates that you are about to make a hard choice. Sometimes it means that you are an extremely ambitious person.

At other times it portends to the fact that you have given up searching for love. In order to find out what else it means, let’s dig in.

What is the Meaning of Dream of Being Attacked by Arrows?

When you dream about being attacked by arrows, it tells you about your poor creative skills. It may also let you know about your focus. Keep reading to understand better!


This depicts that you are a highly focused and organized person. You have a clear picture of your goals, and you know what steps you have to take in order to achieve them.


You lack originality and follow the crowd. You also let others make your decisions for you and ignore your own intuition. This is probably because you are obsessed with making others like you. 


It indicates that you are in the process of making a difficult decision about your career or love life. List out all the pros and cons and always listen to what your heart says. 

Common Dream of Being Attacked by Arrows & Interpretations 

When you dream of being attacked by arrows, it indicates a variety of things depending on the number of arrows, arrow color, and the person attacked. So, read on to decode them all!

Dream of you being attacked by a single arrow

It shows that you often find excuses for your mistakes. You try to attribute all your wrongdoings to others. 

People find it difficult to trust you because of this habit of yours and you end up losing a lot of people. Bear in mind that no matter what you have done, you need to take accountability for your actions. 

You being attacked by many arrows

You are about to be the target of someone else’s frustration. Try to find the root cause of their bitterness and talk it out with them. Remember to not take what they say personally.

Dream of your partner being attacked by arrows

It predicts an argument with someone you love. It might be something petty turning into a massive conflict. 

Remember that the only way to end arguments is to have open and honest communication. So, speak from your heart and listen intently. 

Your mother being attacked by arrows

This portends that you are an extremely ambitious person. You always put the hard work in order to achieve your goals. Your prioritize your work and always seek new ways to improve.

Sometimes your relationships take a hit because of your ambitious nature. Remember that no man is an island, so be grateful for the people you have in your life.

Being attacked by red arrows

It indicates that you feel bad for a friend who can’t find their soulmate. They have tried but failed to form a genuine connection repeatedly. 

All of your attempts of trying to set them up have been unsuccessful. Ask your friend to not be disheartened and tell them things will fall into place on their own.

Being attacked by white arrows

This signifies that you have given up searching for love because of a prior bad experience or you like someone that is unavailable. 

Remember that someday we will all find that one person we want to share our life with. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of being attacked by arrows often highlights the truths of your life. It asks you to focus on certain issues or advises you to make better choices. So, take your time deciphering them without overthinking. 

However, if this becomes a recurring dream, seek an expert ASAP!

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