What do you think a dream of being chased by a snake means? A bad omen? Or, a brutal ending of your life?

Well, you are most likely to witness these dreams if you experience negative emotions. But there can be many different reasons behind your dreams.

However, dream books have more to say. So, let’s find out!

Dream of Being Chased by a Snake – General Interpretations

Dream of being chased by a snake says you feel overwhelmed, angry, in denial, or suppressed your feelings. Moreover, it says the wrong people surround you and so on.

Dreams of being chased by a snake are terrifying. You usually think about danger after having these dreams. However, do these dreams always mean something negative? Let’s find out here…

1. It represents a person you want to avoid

When you feel threatened by someone, you want to avoid them. They may bully you or hurt you physically. Thus, this dream says you want to avoid people who try to cause harm to you.

2. You are not ready to accept facts

At times, you want things to go your way. In such situations, although you know the truth is something different, you cannot accept it. Thus, these dreams ask you to accept reality instead of running away from it.

3. You are escaping your responsibility

Do you feel overburdened? You have a few responsibilities to fulfill, but you don’t want to do them. You only want to escape because you think the responsibility is hard to fulfill.

4. You are suppressing your feelings

These dreams say you do not express your feelings. Whether it’s love, hate, anger, or frustration, you keep every feeling suppressed. This dream asks you to express your feelings so you can come out of the emotional turbulence.

5. It depicts your anger

Are you angry with someone? If yes, this dream is the result of your anger. You feel vulnerable, and this affects you because you cannot express your anger toward this individual. 

Moreover, you do not accept your negative emotions toward them which makes you angrier.  The only way to get rid of this anger is to deal with the matter directly.

6. It represents your fears

These dreams suggest you have hidden fears and they always keep you worried. But realize that worrying is not a solution. If you want to eliminate your fears, you must face them.

7. It says manipulative individuals are around you

Such dreams ask you to change your company. They predict you are surrounded by manipulative individuals who do not wish the best for you. They only plan to harm you and will cross every limit to become a threat to you. 

8. A relationship will soon end

These dreams say a relationship or friendship is about to end soon. It will not end the way you expected it to. But remember that a relationship never works by force. No matter how hard you try to hold them if they want to leave, they will.

9. It says you don’t want to let people down

Dream of being chased by a snake says people have expectations from you, and you know about them. These expectations burden you and you feel you’ll fail soon.

You constantly worry about fulfilling their expectations because you don’t want to disappoint them.

10. You are the center of attraction

These dreams say people pay too much attention to you. However, you do not enjoy this attention, and it feels suffocating. But, learn to handle it or do things so it doesn’t catch too much attention.

Snake Chasing Dreams – 20 Types & Their Meanings

The dream of being chased by a red snake depicts your careless attitude. But the same dream with blue snakes shows you’re running away from your troubles.

Similarly, the interpretation always depends on different types of snakes and other dream details. So if you can paint a vivid picture of your dreams, grab yours here!

1. Dream of being chased by a rattlesnake, cobra, viper, or adder

Dream of being chased by a rattlesnake, cobra, viper, or adder signals the presence of something evil in your life. It will cause pain to you. Thus, certainly, it is a negative dream.

You may think that accidental things are suddenly happening in your life. But in reality, they are planned against you.

2. Dream of being chased by garden snakes

The dream of being chased by garden snakes says you are afraid of some useless things. The things that bother you can’t harm you.

3. Dream of being chased by a two-headed snake

The dream of being chased by a two-headed snake represents your hidden fears. The only way to eliminate these fears is to face them or acknowledge them. Conquering your fears is the only way to get rid of them.

4. Dream of being chased by a red snake

The dream of being chased by a red snake denotes you are careless about your life. Moreover, the dream says you get things easily and live pleasurable lives.

5. Dream of being chased by a snake as a child

If you are a child getting this dream, someone is bullying you.

6. Dream of being chased by a snake but you can’t escape

You get such dreams due to some suppressed emotional conflicts. You don’t want to resolve the issue yet. You’ll get this dream unless you face the matter by yourself.

This is a sign to stop stalling these matters. You can’t run away from your problems. So, why not just get it all done as soon as possible?

Otherwise, you’ll suffer due to poor quality of sleep and unnecessary tension. The issue might be tough to deal with. But a better world awaits you on the other side. So, resolve the impending issue and carry on with a happier life.

7. Dream of being chased by a snake but you stop running from them

This is a common dream if you experienced a favorable change in your waking hours. You probably decided to deal with the ignored and long-due troubles.

You’re at peace with yourself. There’s nothing to worry about regarding this dream. In fact, if the dream keeps you up for nights, it’s time to go back to sleep!

8. Dream of being chased by a snake and they got you

This dream highlights your suppressed anxieties and concerns. You don’t pay attention to them and only assume that things will get better eventually.

If you don’t resolve this issue, this dream vision will haunt you almost every night. To get deep and peaceful sleep, pay attention to the problems in your life.

Don’t delay your duties this way or it’ll truly hurt your life and quality of sleep. Step up to make amends with yourself and others.

9. Dream of being chased by white snakes

White snakes are the symbol of faith and purity. So, your dream shows that you strayed off the correct path in life. Currently, you’re involved in negative things. This will harm you and your loved ones eventually.

You still have time, so return on the right track while you can. Otherwise, there will be no end to regrets.

10. Dream of being chased by black snakes

The dream shows that someone wants to reconnect with you in a romantic or platonic relationship. But you don’t want them in your life and avoid them as much as possible.

You probably have a good reason to not let them enter your life again. However, you must confront them and end this chase for good. Don’t delay this for too long.

11. Dream of being chased by yellow snakes

Yellow snakes symbolize betrayal, so your dream sight shows you avoid a toxic person in real life.

Yellow is also the color of strength and hope. This might be another sign that you made the right decision. You probably feel anxious about your decision to avoid them. This is a reassurance message to continue your actions.

12. Dream of being chased by blue snakes

The dream shows that you intentionally avoid a situation or person in your waking life. But this might eventually make you depressed. Try to understand why you want to avoid that thing or person. Deal with that fear ASAP.

13. Dream of being chased by one snake

The dream is a bad omen about creditors chasing you to collect debts.

14. Dream of being chased by two snakes

This dream implies many creditors will chase you to collect debts.

15. Dream of being chased by a snake around the building

You might get such dreams if you have some real-estate-related debts.

16. Dream of being chased by a boa constrictor

Generally, this dream implies good luck will follow you. But the message varies on the dreamer’s identity:

·       For prisoners: Your good behavior and performance in prison will help you get released earlier.

·       For ladies: You’ll soon get an opportunity to have fun outdoors. Your near future is filled with joy.

·       For adults: Your physical health is poor and you suffer from gastrointestinal issues. Avoid hard-to-digest food.

17. Dream of being chased by a snake for pregnant women

The dream shows that you’ll soon have a healthy son.

18. Dream of others being chased by a snake for pregnant women

The person or family that gets chased in your dream will have children.

19. Dream of being chased by black snakes for pregnant women

This is another great symbol of having a healthy and energetic son.

20. Dream of being chased by multiple snakes for different people

Based on your identity, the dream of being chased by multiple snakes has different messages like these:

  • For single people: This is a message to value your own and others’ feelings. You’re often immersed in a fantasy world. Take care of the people around you.
  • For job candidates: Your subconscious vision reminds you that life is complex, so don’t forget to fight it with a peaceful attitude. Have a healthy bond with others and don’t get blinded by competition.
  • For job seekers: The dream asks you not to lose hope. You probably won’t get selected because of internal issues and selections in a company. There won’t be any fair competition.
  • For the divorced and widowed: Don’t indulge excessively in sorrows. Instead, travel and enjoy life. Don’t worry, as you’ll be safe even without your spouse. Eventually, you will feel better.
  • For the middle-aged and elderly: It’s a sign to pay attention to your joints and injuries, if any. Keep your skin clean and avoid depressive thoughts.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret being chased by snake dreams correctly

If you don’t remember your dream properly, it isn’t easy to identify the right interpretation. So, answer these questions to avoid interpreting the wrong message!

1. What is the type of snake in the dream?

2. Did you think of the snake before sleeping?

3. What was the color of the snake?

4. Who was the snake chasing in the dream?

5. How did you feel in the dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams always carry important messages about life. Although people consider them only as random visions, they reflect something about your real life.

I can’t force you to believe this but don’t ignore these messages. It won’t harm you if you are extra cautious about your life.

And I hope only good luck follows you!

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