A dream of being hijacked is associated with a loss of control and helplessness in your waking life. However, many scenarios associated with the theme can also be a harbinger of your grand victory.

What Does A Dream Of Being Hijacked Mean?

A dream of being hijacked usually symbolizes a loss of control over a particular situation, your words, decisions, actions, or overall life. This does not necessarily mean someone is manipulating you.

Sometimes, such dreams can also reflect your dissatisfaction with life and the universe after your plans fail. You might be angered or frustrated because you have literally no control over your destiny. 

On a positive note, scenarios about getting hijacked are symbolic of overcoming obstacles, victory over your rivals, peace, and harmony.

Dreaming Of Being Hijacked – Various Scenarios & Their Meanings

In the following sections, you’ll find a couple of scenarios about being hijacked. Note that the interpretations will differ depending on your personal life, who was getting hijacked in the scenario as well as other details. 

A dream about being hijacked at gunpoint

Being hijacked at gunpoint shows you feel pressured to come clean about something in the waking world. 

Depending on your reality, the plot may also symbolize your ability to endure challenges. 

Negatively, it might also be the subconscious alerting you about someone who’s taking advantage of you. 

A bike getting hijacked in a dream vision

A bike getting hijacked is an ill omen foreshadowing a lack of harmony, sorrow, and numerous problems in your personal as well as professional lives. 

Dreaming of a car being hijacked

The scenario is associated with how you are handling your incompetence and failure or proficiency and success, depending on your real-life circumstances. 

On the other hand, the dream suggests the need to be more open-minded and receptive to others’ thoughts, opinions, and ideas.  

Also, there’s a possibility that you lack clarity about where you stand in terms of your professional life, relationship, etc., if you see a car getting hijacked. 

A bus getting hijacked

To see a bus getting hijacked implies the need to confront an issue as it has almost reached its boiling point. 

Also, you may dream of the above if somebody snatched away something that originally belonged to you. For example, an awesome project your team leader handed to you. 

Being on a hijacked train

If you see yourself inside a hijacked train, the scenario indicates disharmony in your relationships. 

Before you decide to take a break or cut the ties for good, the subconscious encourages you to reflect on your actions as well. Maybe, it’s not others’ fault. You might have a huge part in your relationship crumbling. 

An airplane being hijacked

Possibly the scenario reflects your dissatisfaction with how life is unfair to you.

Alternatively, this can also be a sign of emotional instability. Also, this can symbolize opportunities and options before you.

Being hijacked during transit

Being hijacked during transit shows someone has taken over something from you without your consent. 

A girl dreaming about an aircraft getting hijacked

Here, the scenario portends promising relationships, gatherings, merry-making, and laughter. 

A boy dreaming about an aircraft being hijacked

Chances are, the boy is repressing his emotions if he sees an aircraft getting hijacked. 

A woman dreaming about an aircraft being hijacked

The scenario signifies the dreamer’s struggles in expressing who she really is. 

A pregnant woman dreaming about an airplane getting hijacked

For a pregnant woman, the dream denotes her longing for fun and adventure.

A widow dreaming about an airplane getting hijacked

The dream hints at the need for the widow to release someone or something from her life. 

For instance, she might be holding on to the memories of her late husband even after years of his passing. While doing so, she could be subconsciously denying herself happiness, contentment, and the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

A man dreaming about an aircraft getting hijacked

For a man, the plot foreshadows unpleasant news and misfortunes. 

A young person seeing an aircraft getting hijacked

It signifies a lack of alignment between his or her lifestyle, beliefs, goals, and aspirations. 

A student dreaming about an aircraft getting hijacked

According to the scenario, the dreamer might be having a hard time in the real world due to past and current issues. 

A businessperson dreaming about an aircraft getting hijacked

According to the plot, the dreamer will soon get overwhelmed with responsibilities and burdens.  

Spiritual Meaning Of Being Hijacked in Dream

From a spiritual viewpoint, being hijacked reflects your fear and anxiety that your plans may not work out the way you had expected and envisioned. 


Not every person who dreams of getting hijacked concludes his or her interpretation with a negative message. For some people, this could be what they have been looking forward to for a long time. 

As we always say, it is your reality and the context that gives an accurate meaning to your dream.