When you dream of being insulted, it usually means that you are having a tough time in real life. Your mind and actions have compelled you to believe that you are not doing a great job. 

But there are more reasons that explain why you are getting such kinds of dreams. Let’s find out why you are getting insulted in your dream. Here we go –

Dream of Being Insulted – General Interpretations

The dream of being insulted is a sign that you need to work on your self esteem issues. Often it is an accumulation of all the feelings and consequences that follow this core emotion.

A lot of dream interpreters put great thought to the idea of why people are dreaming of getting insulted. And to come up to the most definitive conclusion, they used the following general interpretations to stick to. 

The general interpretation of any dream of being insulted can help you in a lot of ways. 

1. When someone you know insults you, it usually means that you think that you have done something which may cause them to treat you harshly.

2. When a girl insults you, it means that you are doubtful of your position in her life.

3. When you face an insulting action, it means that you are being uncomfortable to someone and you will find it really hard to get away from them.

4. A stranger insulting you means that you will be dealing with some really complicated situations in life.

5. When your colleague offends or insults you in a dream, it simply implies that you will get into disagreements and disputes with your associates.

6. When you don’t care for it, it means that they will have a great time with different people.

7. When your ex-spouse insults you in a dream, it means that you will probably get into a better, happier and more peaceful relationship in the near future.

Now that you know the meaning of some of these dreams, it stands to reason that you must be curious about the specific signs that your dreams are telling you.

And the following scenarios will help you know the different kinds of dreams that people have to go through.

Dreaming of Being Insulted – Common Dream Scenarios and Interpretations

In order to make things easier for you, let’s dig in the specific plots along with their most probable interpretation –

Dream of Being Insulted

This dream implies that you are insecure about people not respecting you enough. You care about their opinion all the time so much so that you are losing your individuality in a bid to keep them satisfied.

Often it shows that you are someone who worries a lot about your reputation and social status.

Maybe you have done something recently or things might have turned out to be in a way that now your reputation is in danger.

In any case, they take it as a sign to work on yourself and rise above your insecurities. So you can turn a wrong situation into a learning opportunity.

Dream of Being Insulted in a Public Setting

This dream tells you that you are actually scared of expressing yourself in front of a crowd.

You fear that they might not understand you, and will humiliate you for voicing your opinions. The best course of action to deal with this situation is to talk more in public settings.

Sometimes it shows your insecurities are making it difficult for you to embrace yourself fully. Especially in a relationship. So you always tend to make decisions that harm you instead of doing good.

Being Insulted by Someone You Know

This dream implies that you believe that the person in your dream is going to be disrespectful towards you because of something wrong you did. It usually happens when you have actually done something wrong in your waking life.

Dream of Being Insulted by Someone You Don’t Know

When such a dream occurs to you, it simply means that you are at a vulnerable stage in life. You think a lot and work too little.

Often it shows some kind of conflict situation in your life. Maybe you are simply feeling very tired and chaotic in your waking life.

Being Insulted by Your Ex-girlfriend

This dream means that you had a terrible relationship with your ex-girlfriend. Even though it was not as toxic as you thought, your mind has already created an image of its own.

It also means that you were in an unhappy relationship which caused you a lot of mental stress.

Dream of Being Insulted by Your Ex-boyfriend

This dream means that you think that you did not choose the right person for yourself. It could also mean that your boyfriend did not treat you the right way. 

Sometimes it is a sign that you are in a toxic relationship and are feeling manipulated. However, it can be a sign of your ego deciding things. 

Being Insulted by Your Crush

This dream means that you are scared of getting rejected by someone you love. You think that you are unworthy of their love. And that they will outrightly reject you just to satisfy their egos.

Often it shows that you don’t believe in your abilities. Besides, you might get easily nervous when it comes to sharing your feelings and being candid about it. Though you need to work on it for a healthier tomorrow. 

Dream of Being Insulted by Your Wife

This dream implies that your faith in your wife is not as solid as it used to be because of lack of empathy from her end. Her uncompassionate attitude is to be blamed for this dream to come to you.

Besides, it shows that you are someone who can’t open up even in the most intimate moments. You tend to keep things to yourself and easily get hurt. So you need to work on your communication skills clearly. 

Dream of Being Insulted by Your Husband

This dream often comes to those women who believe that their husbands do not respect them. This happens mostly because they think that their husbands find them to be incompatible.

Dream of Being Insulted by Your Parents

This dream is a symbol that you believe that you have not done anything yet that would make your parents proud.

You will also have this dream when you have knowingly done something that will hurt their sentiments.

Being Insulted by Your Boss

When you have not been performing up to your complete potential, then you are bound to have a dream like this.

You should become more efficient at work if you want your boss to praise you. Otherwise it will end up in you having dreams like this.

Being Insulted by Your Siblings

This dream means that your siblings are not loved or respected by you. This dream is an image of how you would have treated them had they ever come your way while you are trying to accomplish something.

Being Insulted by Your Best Friend 

This dream means that you need to contact your best friend and know how they are doing in life.

Dream of Being Insulted in Bed

Mostly it shows your insecurity and lack if self esteem about your physicality and sexual life. So, maybe you are taking a lot of pressure about impressing someone and putting the load of a seeming performance pressure on you. 

Dream of Being Insulted in Front of Your Children

It shows that you are going through a very low point in your life. Yet you need to understand that your loved ones love you no matter what. So learn to seek help. And it’s okay to fail sometimes. 

Spiritual Meaning of Being Insulated in a Dream

Spiritually, often the dream symbolizes your journey towards the omnipotent. It shows that you need to rise above your fears, insecurities, and ego to reach the spiritual state you want to be at. 

Psychological Interpretation of Dream of Being Insulted

Psychologically, this dream is a sign that you have a fear of people judging you. You think of yourself as some lowlife creature that anyone can exploit. It is not necessarily true.

A dream often shows a lack of self esteem, feeling depressed, someone insulting you in real life, nervousness, insecurity, toxic work culture, financial struggles, guilt, growth opportunity, understanding one’s weaknesses, and so on.

Closing Thoughts

This dream seemingly implies a lot of negative things. However, these are a call for you to grow as a person. It is a sign for everyone who is having such dreams that they should not take the criticisms and societal expectations too seriously.

Instead, they should take them as advice to grow as a person. You must not forget that remembering your past could be fun, but building a future is even more fun.