Ever had a dream of being investigated by police? The police are responsible for ensuring the safety of citizens.

However, being approached or questioned by them – be it in reality or dreams is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

So, to decode this peril of the dream world, we have listed its meaning, scenarios and much more. 

Dream Of Being Investigated By Police - Are You Going To Get Into Trouble
Dream Of Being Investigated By Police – Are You Going To Get Into Trouble

Dream Of Being Investigated By Police – What Does It Signify?

Generally, a dream of being investigated by police stands for your longing to get to the bottom of a doubtful situation. At other times, these types of scenarios can indicate a possible reconciliation with someone you have lost touch with. 

 Generally, repressed negative emotions and feelings such as guilt, fear, and rage over injustice can be the driving forces behind such a dream.

Also, it wouldn’t be wrong to associate such scenarios with the issues you are trying to conceal or run away from. 

Whatever it may be, a situation or event which instills you with negativity can affect your mind and heart.

And these feelings show up in the form of dreams indicating the need to release these emotional weights.

On a lighter note, the reason behind such dreams can sometimes be as trivial as seeing,  thinking, or encountering the police lately in your waking life.

Spiritual Dream Meaning Of Being Investigated By The Police

Spiritually, being investigated by the police is usually related to how you perceive the authoritative figures and even the law and order of your place or even the world at large. 

Also, such dreams symbolize hazardous qualities you embody such as gluttony, opulence, and overindulgence.

Additionally, it can also mean you lack objectivity when making decisions, which ultimately leads to major problems.

Being Investigated By The Police In A Dream: Various Scenarios Explained

Here are some of the most commonly experienced scenarios you can refer to if you ever stumble upon such a dream. 

A dream of the police stopping you for investigation

If you were stopped by the police to carry out an investigation, the scenario foretells minor setbacks you might soon experience in your waking life. 

When they surface, remind yourself to nip them in the bud else they will lead to more serious ill consequences and greater misery.  

Being pulled over by the police for an investigation in a dream

According to the plot, you are greatly disturbed by a frustrating situation to such an extent that you believe you are no longer in control of your thought processes, decisions, and actions.

Alternatively, it could be an indication that you must be accountable for your actions – good or bad.

Dream of being investigated by a police officer

As per the plot, you are trying to get to the bottom of a situation or a problem that has been troubling you for quite a while.

Being investigated, arrested, and taken to a police station

Through the dream, the spirit guides remind you to be responsible for your actions. 

Alternatively, if you are investigated and then taken to the station forcibly, it signifies you are hard-headed and unwilling to accept your wrongdoings. 

On the flip side, if you went to the police station on your own accord, it symbolizes growth and maturity.

On the other hand, if you are in the station for no crime-related reason, it means you need and seek guidance and protection in the waking world. 

Police looking for you for an investigation

The dream indicates your tendency to avoid encounters with authoritative figures.

Being caught and investigated by the police

It is a sign that you are trying to hide your concerns and negative emotions from others.

Being investigated and charged by the police

The plot represents your annoyance over the situations and problems you are currently experiencing – those you believe are not fair. 

Being investigated and hit by a policeman

It shows you are consumed with guilt for doing something terribly wrong. 

Being investigated and handcuffed by the police

It symbolizes your fear of being held back and restricted from living life according to your own terms.

Also, the plot signifies your hesitation to open up and be vulnerable to criticism and hurt. 

You were investigated and arrested by the police

As per the plot, you harbor feelings of guilt regarding your repressed emotions or sexuality. From another perspective, the scenario could mean you will soon receive a wonderful offer.

In some instances, the scenario could also mean someone or something will compel you to submit to a transformation, perhaps against your will. 

Being investigated and arrested by police for using drugs

Being investigated and arrested for abusing drugs shows your lack of control over your own life. 

Clearly, you are experiencing a lot of issues simultaneously, a lot more than you can cope with, thereby giving you extreme stress and anxiety.

Being investigated and arrested by the police despite your innocence

Though the scenario looks awful on the surface, it is actually a positive dream. According to the plot, you will soon emerge victorious in anything competitive presently going on in your life.

Psychological Meaning 

Psychologically, the scenario is your repressed negative emotions and feelings such as guilt, injustice, and rage manifesting themselves as the police. Furthermore, the plot also indicates a lack of balance and alignment in your life. 


To wrap up, a dream of being investigated by police displays the negativity and guilty feelings weighing heavy on your conscience. 

As dreams are an impression of what you see, perceive, think, and feel in reality, the scenario of being investigated by authority figures such as a police officer reflects your mindset.  

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