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Dreams Of Drugs – An All-Inclusive Guide

Dreams Of Drugs – An All-Inclusive Guide

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on May 18, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dreams of Drugs - 76 Scenarios and Their Meaningful Interpretations

Dreams of drugs carry various connotations. More often than not, these dreams represent what meaning the drugs hold in real life. 

The perception of drugs is largely dependent on the culture and the country. Most Western countries have legalized certain drugs for recreational and medical purposes. 

Therefore, most of our perception of drugs is heavily and largely dependent on our conditioning towards these substances. 

Dreams of Drugs - 76 Scenarios and Their Meaningful Interpretations
Dreams of Drugs – 76 Scenarios and Their Meaningful Interpretations

Dreams of Drugs – General Meaning and Interpretations

Dreams of drugs are symbolic of escapism, and power. or letting loose a little. It can also mean you need to be more social. There might be too much pressure or it can be an indication of your commitment and engagement to your recovery. 

1. Escape

In some cases, drugs refer to addiction. Addiction is a disease where there are biological, behavioral, and cognitive factors maintaining the disease. 

The primary motivation for using drugs in some cases can be a coping mechanism to escape reality. 

This coping mechanism can be to escape their pain or sadness or the feeling of lacking excitement or joy. 

When you dream of drugs, it is a sign that you are looking to escape your current reality. It could be that your current situation is making you feel miserable. 

You could be looking for a way out of certain situations. 

You could be looking for a way out of a personal relationship, something related to work, or even a situation related to your family. 

2. Power

Dreams of drugs can be symbolic of power. Sometimes, people consume drugs to take control of their life. 

When you take drugs, you have a heightened sense of consciousness and there is power in this feeling. 

This interpretation could be a sign that you feel powerless in your waking life. A dream such as this could be an indication that you are seeking relief from it. 

Dreaming of drugs can be a sign that you want to possess such powers.  

3. Having Fun

Drugs in general can mean that one is letting loose a little. People take drugs for various reasons. One of them could be to enjoy the current moment more. 

When you dream of drugs, it could be an indication that you need to relax more and unwind a little bit. You need to let go of your regular stressors and try to live life in a more leisurely manner. 

It is a reminder to enjoy life. Your life should not revolve around work alone.

You need to spend a little time with your friends and family. You need to work on and take care of your relationships. 

4. Social Action you Need to Take

Consumption of drugs is also a symbol of social bonding. Drugs are mostly consumed as someone in our social circle influences us to do so. 

Additionally, it is also taken with other people to enjoy it to the maximum level. 

Therefore when you dream of drugs, it means you are making adjustments to make the most of your social life. It can be a sign that you need to join your friends more when they make plans. 

This dream can be a sign to let more people in from your social circle and not be too guarded. It could be a symbol of being with other people. 

This experience of being around other people itself can be enriching. 

5. Pressure 

In some cases, dreaming of drugs can be a sign that you are doing something that you are not comfortable with. There is pressure to be someone or something that you are not. 

Your family may force you to take up a certain profession or even get married to a person they choose. 

You might also have to deal with peer pressure where your friends are in consensus about something and you are not. 

This dream is also a sign that you need to reevaluate your decisions and make them based on what makes you happy instead of just giving in to the peer pressure of complying with others. 

6. Indication of the State of Mind and Level of Recovery

Based on the type of dream, whether you used drugs or not, and based on your reaction, drug dreams can be a sign that you are more committed and engaged in the treatment and recovery process. 

7. Some of these Dreams are Memories being Consolidated

Any kind of dreaming is a way for the brain to categorize and consolidate memories and experiences. 

For a recovering addict, there are many memories involving drug use as most of the time is spent being under the influence. 

Therefore, it is not strange or uncommon to be dreaming about drug-related actions such as getting or using drugs. 

8. For Purely Physical Reasons

While in recovery in general, the brain is still adjusting to new chemical makeup and the balance without the presence of the drugs. 

Therefore, it is quite common for recurrent users or addicts to dream about drugs and using drugs in general. 

9. It is your Brain’s ability to Dream Regenerating

Sleeping and being unconscious are not the same thing. Someone who is an addict or a recurrent user of drugs is unconscious through most addiction and does not sleep. 

In other words, the heavy use of drugs does not allow normal dreaming to take place. 

Dreams that were previously suppressed can be considered unfinished business, especially the traumatic ones that have not been processed while using. 

Many drugs possess the ability to suppress dreaming. It is a common understanding within the medical community that the brain needs to make up for the lost dreams. 

10. A Sign that you are Craving

If you dream about using drugs and feeling good about it, it can be an indication that the addictive part of your brain is craving drugs. This does not mean one is set up to relapse completely. 

It means that you are experiencing a difficult time in your recovery where your body and/or mind are craving the substances you were previously using. What you do about it is what counts. 

You can choose to give in to the cravings or you can choose to step up your recovery game to walk through it without using. 

Either way, there is a choice and it is yours to make. Relapse is not something that happens out of the blue. 

Dreams about drugs – Other Meaning and Interpretation

1. Dream of Taking or Doing Drugs Yourself

The symbolism of doing drugs yourself in your dream is that you are trying to escape something. You are trying to get away from something in your waking life. 

Here, you can take another look at your routine and see what you are trying to get away from. You can get to the root cause of your misery. However, once you figure it out, you can work on it more constructively. 

2. Dream about Being Drugged

Dreaming about being drugged is symbolic of longevity, determination, persistence, and renewal. 

Such a dream is also a sign that you have done something you’re not proud of. This is festering you on the inside. An emotional issue has been eating away at you. 

Additionally, it might also indicate a conflict with your family members. 

3. Dream of Someone Close to You Doing Drugs

This dream is a warning for the dreamer. This dream is an indication that there will be a period of failure at work, more like stagnation. 

It is a sign that it is time to be careful. You must avoid conflict specifically with those who can seriously harm you.

4. Dream of Someone Close to you Becoming a Drug Addict

Dreaming of your friend, brother, son, a relative, or an acquaintance, becoming a drug addict is a sign that someone close to you will stop you, the dreamer, from reaching an important goal. 

Moreover, this person will be using any means for this

5. Dream about Seeing Drugs

This dream is a sign that you are sad. You are pessimistic and you give up as soon as you’re faced with a problem. 

You do not listen to the pieces of advice you use to encourage others. Instead, you prefer to stay in bed or sleep till the situation gets better on its own. 

You do not like these traits of yours. However, you have learned to identify them with time and learned to deal with them in your way. 

6. Dream of Giving Drugs to Other People

Such a dream where you give drugs to someone else is symbolic of prosperity. You find joy in helping people that cannot fend for themselves or take care of themselves. 

You probably volunteer a lot, go shopping or run errands for the people around you. This makes you everyone’s favorite. However, you feel best when you are doing something useful that you are proud of. 

When you dream about giving drugs to others, it is a sign that you will receive news of an ill family member. 

7. Dream About not Being Able to Swallow the Drug

You are currently in an unfavorable position. Additionally, this dream means the people or support you usually count on will not come. 

The kind of support you need can be the needing money or a job that someone promised to help you with. 

However, things will get more complicated and you will have to get out of trouble all by yourself. 

You cannot count on anyone and neither will they come to your aid. 

8. Dreaming of Someone Poisoning you with Drugs

This dream of someone poisoning you with drugs is not a good sign. It is a sign that multiple problems are going to overlap including family, business, or financial issues. 

You will be under a lot of stress as many aspects of your life will get intertwined. 

In order to deal with all this mayhem, you have to be pragmatic and solve one issue at a time. Make sure that you control the stress by taking care of your mental and physical health. 

9. Dreaming of Poisoning Someone else with Drugs

If you are dreaming of poisoning someone else with drugs, it is a sign that you want to achieve success overnight but you need to know that that is not how it works. 

You like money, fame, and power without effort and hard work. You might even get some of these but they will be short-lived. 

Due to this, it would be better to dedicate more of your time to planning, organizing, and working instead of fantasizing about getting it all at once. 

10. Dream about Selling Drugs

This dream has two interpretations. The first one is that you will face slander and gossip that could threaten your job or relationships with some people. 

Another interpretation is that you will start a business that will be hugely profitable in the future. You might turn one of your hobbies into a business. 

Additionally, another interpretation of this dream is that you do not like and accept the changes that are headed toward you. 

This will result in suffering and a lot of stress or sadness because you aren’t aware of the role you want to take up. 

11. Dream of Dealing Drugs

This dream of dealing with drugs or selling them illegally is a sign that you should not get involved in risky business moves. You do not work well in such situations. 

Additionally, you do not know how to deal with guilty consciousness so it would be better to reject a profitable offer that you will get soon. 

12. Dream of Getting Accused of Dealing Drugs

When you dream of someone accusing you of selling drugs illegally, it is a sign that you are naive. You let people persuade you into everything. In addition, you do not even stop to think critically about any of it. 

You have your own set of opinions, but you don’t voice them out often. Due to this other people can manipulate you easily.

13. Dreaming of Getting Arrested for Dealing Drugs

If you dream of getting arrested for selling drugs illegally, it is a sign that you are engaging in avoidance. You are avoiding the negative consequences of bad decisions you made in the past. 

Additionally, you do not want to admit to yourself and other people that you have made a mistake. You don’t give yourself a chance to learn from some of the decisions you made in the past. 

Now, because of that, you are making new ones all the time like you are caught up in a hamster wheel. 

14. Dreaming of Throwing Drugs Away

This dream of throwing the drugs away is a sign that it is time to get rid of the negativity from your life. You can start from the things that are impacting and probably destroying the quality of your life. 

You can also then make a way to eradicate the people who poison you with their way of thinking. 

This is the only thing standing in the way to make progress and have a beautiful and peaceful future. 

15. Dream of Other People Throwing Drugs Away

Dreaming about someone else throwing the drugs away is a sign that the person you care about will stop hanging out with you. Perhaps you have already noticed the distance between you and them. 

You have reduced spending time together and don’t communicate with one another like before. 

The conclusion will be that they do not want you in their life anymore which will inevitably be very painful for you. 

16. Dream of Illegal Drugs

If you dream of illegal drugs it is a sign that you see your own life in a pessimistic manner. Your assumptions are blinding you from your problems. You assume that everything will finish quickly. 

You possess the capacity to analyze how everything comes to you easily. However, even then you don’t do it the right way. 

17. Dream of Using Illegal Drugs

When you dream of using illegal drugs, it means that something is missing from your life.

Additionally, dreaming of illegal drugs is a sign that your unhealthy emotional needs have to be fulfilled. These unhealthy emotional needs refer to being emotionally addicted to certain feelings or bad habits. 

The drugs here are symbolic of bad habits such as masturbation, pornography, power over others, gambling, making money, and preoccupation with being physically attractive. 

18. Dream of Crystal Meth

If you dream of crystal meth often, it is an indication that you feel isolated and lonely in terms of your social environment. Additionally, you do not lean on your family even though they support you. 

19. Dreaming of Drugs and Police

While it can be tedious to decipher such dreams, a dream of drugs and police is a sign that you are currently facing a problem and are feeling stuck or imprisoned. 

You feel this way primarily because there is no way to solve this problem. 

Recurrent dreams of this are a sign of depression and disappointment. Additionally, such a dream of police and drugs is an indication of health problems. 

You need to address these health issues immediately before it turns out to be a chronic illness. 

20. Dream of Drugs and Money

When you dream of money and drugs, it means that you exhibit a lack of concentration when it comes to your business. Additionally, you cannot confirm your knowledge. 

This dream is a sign that you should stop thinking about making a quick buck. Instead, it is time to shift your focus on doing things well. 

21. Dream of using Drugs with Friends

It is a common fact that those around you, your friend’s circle says a lot about you. 

Therefore, when you dream of drugs and friends it provides an insight that you lack self-confidence. It will be fruitful for you to take a moment to reflect. 

One is often presented with limited options and opportunities to improve the quality of life. Therefore, you should make the most of them. 

22. Dream of Drug Addicts

Such a dream is related to your perception about things to get out of trouble quickly. When you see a drug addict, it is a sign that you are unable to get rid of the problem, more like unable to forget. 

There will be a conflict and bad times will follow this conflict. People who you used to rely and trust on will become unreliable. 

23. Dream of Becoming a Drug Addict

Such a dream is an indication that you are too dependent on the other’s opinions. They matter too much to you. 

You have a significant impact on people. This dream is an indication that you should try limiting it. 

Such a dream is a sign that your financial situation is deteriorating. 

24. Dream of a Drug Addict Taking a Dose

You should be ready for serious illnesses. You will be the reason or the culprit for this illness. 

Additionally, it could be a warning that you should pay more attention to your health. You need to take care of yourself in order to avoid diseases. 

25. Dream of Seeing Drug Addicts

This dream promises trouble. It could be an indication that a loved one will be seriously ill. Dreaming of seeing drug addicts could also be a sign that the dreamer will be a victim of theft. 

26. Dream of Sedatives

Sedatives are symbolic of purity. You think it is important to face new challenges. 

This will produce a lot of conflicts when you are busy with work. This conflict is primarily also due to the lack of commitment and responsibility. 

27. Dream of Prescription Drugs

Dreaming of prescription drugs refers to certain types of thoughts, feelings, or habits that one needs to maintain to emotionally recover or heal from a negative situation. 

You are either taking some time off or controlling yourself to force some sort of change. You are intentionally avoiding some of the dangerous habits. 

28. Dreaming of Forgetting to Take Your Prescribed Medication

When you dream that you forgot to take your prescribed drugs, it is a reflection of all the troubles and problems you are currently facing. 

This dream is an indication that you need to think more in a positive manner and be mindful of your thoughts, deeds, and your lifestyle. 

29. Dream of Marijuana 

If you dream of marijuana, it represents that you are taking a break from whatever you are thinking. 

This means that you stopped working on a project or stopped working towards a goal. Instead, you decided to relax and take part in care-free activities. 

However, if you have a negative perception of marijuana, it is a sign that some aspect of something in your life is making you lose control, compromising you, or encouraging a loss of identity. 

Dreaming about this drug is a sign that some challenges are headed your way. These challenges can be positive. 

It can refer to a new post at work, a new family that you are forming, or it might be you getting into a relationship.

While you may be challenged, this can also be quite fulfilling if it is played out in the right way. 

30. Dream of Heroin

This dream of heroin is a sign that you feel addicted to a person. You are in a relationship with this person in your waking life. 

This person can be someone who you are in a romantic relationship with or it could be a friend. 

It is advised that you check yourself on why you are addicted or feel dependent on this specific social situation. 

Additionally, it is also good to see what you could do to temper this feeling of addiction to gain more control of your life. 

31. Dream of Crack

When you dream of a crack, it represents a flaw or an imperfection in some area of your life. Relationships or beliefs that were once stable are beginning to reveal problems. 

Such a dream also reflects a situation in which you, perceived to be safe or balanced, are no longer able to maintain that composure or “keep it together.” 

In other words, it is a sign of you or someone else cracking under the pressure. 

32. Dream of Taking Coke 

Such a dream is a sign that your focus needs to be on removing harmful habits. Dreaming of cocaine is linked to what you find addictive in your current life. 

You may be embarking on a new beginning or a phase. 

33. Dream of Snorting Cocaine

This dream of snorting cocaine is an indication of your need for happiness. It is a sign that sometimes you can become addicted to things that are bad for you.

34. Dream of Crackhead

Dreaming of seeing a crackhead is a prediction that the future will contain some unpleasant life changes. 

Therefore, this dream is a sign that you need to be ready to resist these unpleasant changes and find a solution to help yourself out of such a situation. 

35. Dream of Drugs and Alcohol

This dream of drugs and alcohol is symbolic of a lack of awareness and a deep sense of responsibility. 

Additionally, you feel that you are not equipped to deal with the big problem you are currently facing. Instead, you will choose to find a way to forget it. 

36. Dream of Drug Overdose

A dream where you are using drugs and dying because of that is a sign that there is a severe problem. 

This dream is a reminder of the dark world and evil people who have a taste for destroying the lives of other people. These people have no feelings and primarily are happy when others suffer. 

Dreaming of overdosing on drugs can be a sign that you have an attitude or a habit that is presently causing you harm. There may be something you are currently practicing in excess and that is not drugs. 

You may be addicted to something that is momentarily relieving you of the pain but causing you more damage. 

It is imperative that you get a hold of this and let go of the bad behavior or habit. Instead, you can focus your energy on holistic healing and the betterment of yourself. 

37. Dream of Smuggling Drugs

This dream of smuggling drugs is a sign that you need to isolate yourself to not feel pressured by your social environment. 

Such a dream is an indication that you need to deal with the difficulty you face in a mature manner. 

Dreaming of smuggling drugs is a sign that you will soon be able to do a worthy deed that will greatly enhance your reputation in society. 

38. Dream of Drugs and Weapons

This dream is a warning that you will face some difficulties soon and that you must be careful with the people around you. They may deceive you and make you look bad by destroying your reputation. 

This dream is also a sign that you are experiencing fear. In other words, you need to feel safe and protected. 

39. Dream of Being High on Drugs

Dreaming of being high on drugs is a sign of excessive dangerous behavior. You are aware that you are going overboard and enjoying it too. 

In addition, you are enjoying the short-term feelings of excitement. This may also be a reflection of your addiction to pleasure or power. 

Alternatively, such a dream may be a sign that you are embracing bad habits thinking that there are no repercussions or consequences for such actions. 

Dream of being high on drugs is a sign that you are doing something in your waking life that is excessive or wasteful. This dream would be a good sign to check your habits. 

You need to evaluate what is making you feel good about yourself and what is pushing your goals further away. Some may even act as obstacles, holding you back. 

Another way to be more effective towards your goals and dreams is to cut down on unhelpful habits. 

40. Dream of Other People High on Drugs

This dream of other people high on drugs reflects how you feel about other people who choose to behave in an excessively dangerous manner. 

You feel that someone is irresponsibly enjoying themselves while not lending an ear to common sense or even responsible advice. 

These people are not responsible for their activities in their waking life.

They are engaging in destructive behavior in excess and this is allowing them to destress and have fun. Their behavior is causing you anxiety and worry. 

By behaving in this manner they are making bad or dangerous choices. This dream could also reflect feelings about yourself or someone else being a loser who ruins their lives. 

41. Dream of Finding Drugs at Your Place

This dream is symbolic of fraud. 

42. Dream of Giving up Drugs

A dream of giving up drugs is a sign that you will have to make the right balanced decision. Your decision-making ability will be tested during an important situation. 

43. Dream of a Loved one Taking Drugs

A dream where your loved one or your husband is taking drugs is a sign of failure in the business field. Some projects and plans that seem successful may fail. 

This dream is a sign that you need to reconsider the implementation. It is possible that you missed out on some key details. 

Such a dream also promises conflict with some friends. 

44. Man Dreaming that His Beloved Woman is Taking Drugs

If a man has such a dream where his beloved woman is taking drugs from disappointment in everything, it is a warning about upcoming future failures. 

Additionally, such a dream is a symbol of the loss of a friend.

45. Dream of a Tweaker Inviting you to Get High

When a tweaker obsessively invites you to get high, it is a sign that you might soon receive an invitation to be a part of a scam soon. 

Here, you are advised to refuse the invitation no matter how attractive it is. This adventure is most likely to be unsuccessful. 

46. Dream of Discouraging Others From taking Substances

If you discourage others from taking these prohibited substances, you bring joy and goodness to the life of those around you. 

The interpretation of this dream is a sign that if you continue following down this path, then luck and prosperity will accompany you. 

47. Dream of a Sick Junkie

This dream is symbolic of a fight.

48. Dream of a Drug Abuser in Blood

Dreaming of a drug abuser in the blood is a sign of emotional burnout. 

49. Dream of Pothead with a Knife

Such a dream predicts litigation. 

50. Dream of a Dying Addict

A dream of a dying addict is a sign that it is the end of troubles and problems. 

51. Dream about a Drug User with a Syringe

This dream is a sign of large losses. 

52. Dream about a Drug Addict Giving an Injection

Dreaming of a drug addict giving an injection means a waste of time. 

53. Dream of Finding a Friend in Drug Stash

Such a dream indicates that you are disappointed in a friend. 

54. Dreaming of Saving a Person From the Drug Addiction

This dream of saving a person from drug addiction means respect and recognition from your colleagues. 

55. Dream of Running Away From a Drug Addict

When you dream of running away from a drug addict, it is a sign of a temporary truce with a detractor. This is a sign that your health will drastically worsen. 

56. Dreaming of Killing a Drug Addict

This dream of killing is symbolic of imprisonment. 

57. Dreaming of a Junkie Running

When you dream of a junkie running, it predicts a long-way trip. 

58. Dreaming of a Drug Abuser Chasing Someone 

This dream is symbolic of hard work. 

59. Dreaming of Many Drug Users

Having such a dream is symbolic of a lot of unfinished issues and problems. 

60. Dream of Seeing a Drug Addict Dying of Overdose

Such a wild dream has a positive connotation. It is a promise of a small profit. 

61. Dream of Seeing Addicts in Jail

This dream is a symbol of good news. 

62. Dream of a Brother as a Drug User

When you dream that your brother uses drugs, it is a sign that you will reconcile with an old friend. 

63. Dreaming about an Ex-Boyfriend as a Drug User

Dreaming that an ex-boyfriend is a user is a sign that you desire to renew your relationship with him. 

64. Dream of your Girlfriend Using Drugs

This dream is symbolic of treason, betrayal, and deception. 

65. Dream of your Friend Using Drugs

Having such a dream is a sign that you are getting help finding a job. 

66. Dreaming of Daughter Using Drugs

This dream is an indication that you take pride in her achievements. 

67. Dreaming of a Familiar Person Using Drugs

Such a dream is a sign that you are resuming old business relationships.

68. Dreaming of Your Husband as a Drug User

This dream is a sign that you are parting ways with your husband. 

69. Dreaming of a Mother Using Drugs

Such a dream means that you will have pleasant conversations with your parents. 

70. Dream of Father Using Drugs 

If you dream of your father using drugs, it is a sign that you are longing for your loved ones. 

71. Dreaming that Your Female Friend is Using Drugs

When you dream that your female friend is using drugs, it is an indication that you will have a conflict with her. 

72. Dreaming of a Deceased Person Using Drugs

This dream means that you will witness or experience the death of a close friend or a relative. 

73. Dream of A Neighbor Using Drugs

When you dream that a neighbor is using drugs, it means that you will have a conflict or a quarrel with them. 

74. Dreaming of a Son Using Drugs

If you dream about your son using drugs, it means that you are concerned about his safety. 

75. Dream about Being Surrounded by People Taking Drugs

Having such a dream means that you are worried about a social event. Additionally, such a dream can mean that you are embarrassed about something that you have done recently. 

76. Dreaming of Seeing Yourself In a Group of Drug Addicts

Such a dream of seeing yourself in midst of drug addicts is a sign that you have certain social problems. You also have trouble communicating with other people. 

Psychological Interpretation of Dreaming of Drugs

When an individual has recovered or is recovering from any kind of substance – alcohol, heroin, cocaine, cannabis – it has been characterized by dreams that follow a common pattern. 

According to this pattern, in the dream, the person consumes the substance or the drug. 

The said individual will experience disbelief and will be overcome with fear, guilt, and remorse until they wake up and are relieved to find out that it was only a dream. 

Additionally, it was found that from a nationally representative group of more than 2,000 people who had a significant alcohol or drug use problem, around one-third reported having relapse dreams after entering recovery. 

Therefore, psychologically speaking, these drug dreams are quite common among those who are recovering. 

In addition, such dreams also decrease in frequency as the angst related to relapse diminishes and as the body and mind gradually adapt to abstinence and the new lifestyle.

REM sleep and Deep Wave Sleep undergoes changes even long after people enter recovery. Therefore, these relapse dreams may be an indication of the healing process and the brain-mind stabilization that occurs with time in recovery. 

These dreams of drugs have been advertised as a positive part of recovery.

Such dreams may just be an indication that more work needs to be done. It can be an indication from your subconscious that you still crave drugs. 

While you are motivated to abstain, your subconscious does not reason the same way your conscious mind does. 

It has no capacity for reasoning. Your subconscious presents the capacity to say that not all entities within you feel the same motivation towards getting sober. 

These dreams are an indication that your subconscious will take a while to catch up with your conscious decisions. 

Concluding thoughts 

Dreaming of drugs has multiple connotations and severe psychological implications.  

The interpretation of drug dreams can range from the desire to escape reality to the desire to feel powerful and wanting to have fun. 

It can also be a reminder to be more social and get out more often. Additionally, such a dream can mean that there is pressure to be someone or something you are not. 

It is a reflection of your commitment to your recovery or the treatment process in general. 

Again, to reiterate, dreams of drugs are quite common and have many scenarios. Therefore, it is also important to make note of the details of your dreams. 

Here, a dream journal will come to your aid in remembering the details.

If you get dreams about abuse then check its meaning here.