A dream about an elevator falling portends danger and deceit. Sometimes it can indicate a lack of control in your life. At other times, it can mean that you are scared of being left behind. 

In order to know what else it means, let’s dig in. 

What Does a Dream of an Elevator Falling Mean?

A dream about an elevator falling is a sign of skepticism as well as powerlessness. Let’s dig in to find out more!


This portends that something or someone is putting you in physical or emotional harm’s way. You are in imminent danger, and you need protection. 

It might be from someone’s backstabbing, betrayal, gaslighting, or blackmailing you. Whatever the danger is, try to reach out to trustworthy people and seek immediate protection.


It signifies that you feel powerless because you have lost your job, you’re dealing with a financial crisis, or witnessed the death of a loved one. 

Remember that you always have the power to get your life on track. A bad period can’t last that long.

Soon you are going to get over what is making you feel powerless.


It tells that you’re skeptical and seldom take things at their face value. You know that there is a subplot inside every plot. You try your best to find the truth behind everything. 

Further, you always check your facts before making an opinion about something. You maintain a healthy amount of your own thought processes as well.


This warns you that someone or the other is deceiving you. This person is concealing their true emotions from you.

They are not being completely honest about their intentions. Remember to have your guard up and don’t overshare things with anyone. 

Common Dream of Elevator Falling & Interpretations

A dream of an elevator falling can show you many different scenarios – like it’s falling rapidly or it has other people in it. And each of those has different meanings. So, let’s get down to explore!

Dream of elevator falling rapidly

This indicates that you feel you lack control in life. Both your personal and professional life is going haywire. They are spilling into each other, making it hard for you to separate.

You feel like you have no control over which direction your life is taking you. 

Remember that whatever your circumstances are, how you react to those is always your choice. 

Dream of an elevator falling slowly

If you are having a conflict with someone in your life, such visions are normal. A quarrel about a small issue with your spouse or friend has led to a full-on fight. 

Whatever the reason for the fight may be, remember to hear the person out. Don’t make rash judgments just out of sheer anger. 

Elevator falling with you inside

It shows you lack motivation, energy, and enthusiasm, and you find it difficult to start a project. You procrastinate a lot on what is important, and you skip deadlines. 

A lot of things can lead to a lack of motivation, including boredom, burnout, stress, and feelings of overwhelm.

In order to get out of this slump, you need to set small and achievable goals. This will result in you getting back the drive you once lost. 

Being in a falling elevator with other people

This portends that you have a fear of abandonment. You feel anxious when you face the idea that you are about to lose a loved one.

You self-sabotage your relationships by pushing people away so that it hurts less when they leave. 

One of your biggest fears is the possibility of you ending up alone. This fear stems from a lack of self-love, neglect, and stress. So, make some time for yourself and get in touch with your emotions.

Elevator falling and crashing

A lack of emotional support in your life is the cause behind this sleep vision. You are rarely vulnerable with people and find it difficult to express your emotions openly.

Whenever someone tries to get close to you, you shut them out and have nobody to confide in. 

Remember that you are surrounded by loving people. In order to feel less overwhelmed and lonely, you need to open up to them first. 

Elevator falling and you screaming

This is a sign of insecurity in your conscious hours if you feel scared in the vision. But, if you enjoy the freefeeling, it reminds you to take risks but only after careful consideration. 

Elevator falling because it’s broken

If you’re trapped in some area of your life, this reminds you to work on it ASAP. You must not delay it any longer. 

Alternatively, it asks you to deal with an old and suppressed emotional trauma and face your darkest fears. 

Elevator falling because someone cut the ropes

It indicates that something major is about to happen, like a new job or a first date, and you’re nervous about it.

Sometimes, it’s a harbinger of deceptive people around you. 

Watching a falling elevator

The scenario highlights your anxieties about failing and losing control in waking hours. You’re worried about facing life challenges. It asks you to take planned steps. 

Elevator falling and taking you to the basement

The vision symbolizes that you must get in touch with your unconscious mind and explore hidden facts about yourself.

Alternatively, it asks you to focus on an issue that you’ve been ignoring. 

Elevator falling but stopping midway

It denotes that you feel stuck in your waking life. However, it also tells that you will soon make progress and you must stay optimistic.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming about the elevator falling highlights your fears and the worrisome circumstances surrounding you. So, never ignore such visions, whether you get them or a loved one does. 

However, don’t feel agitated; meditate before you start unfolding the secrets. Write down every last detail to decode it, and follow the right path to a blissful life ahead!

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