A dream gun or a dream of a gun will leave you troubled, anxious, and scared to step out of your house for days and weeks. 

‘Will I get shot?’ 

‘Will someone come for me?’ Such questions will hover in your mind for a long time, and you may compel yourself to recall if you have ever wronged anyone. 

In some cases, it may even lead you to develop a fear for strangers. However, the good news is, nothing as such will happen even if you dream about dying after someone shoots you. 

If you are a runaway, living each moment in fear, hiding from the cops and the law, that’s another story. But 99 times out of 100, your dream about guns signifies something completely different. 

So, let’s find out the real meaning behind your dream. 

Dream of Gun - 100+ Scenarios And Their Meanings
Dream of Gun – 100+ Scenarios And Their Meanings

What Does A Gun In A Dream Mean?

Generally, guns in a dream stand for unpleasant events and emotions. However, depending on the scenario, such a dream could also symbolize the power you have to protect yourself or your loved ones.

More often than not, a gun in a dream scenario is associated with negativity. It may be a reflection of violence, repressed emotions such as anger and hate. In some cases, it may also be a harbinger of an unfortunate situation or potential harm. 

On the other hand, dreaming of the weapon could be a projection of your pride or ability to defend yourself and your dear ones. 

Some gun dreams may also give you insights into your relationships. For instance, seeing yourself holding someone at gunpoint shows one or a few of your relationships is toxic. 

On the contrary, another individual using a gun on you denotes you do not trust someone in your circle. 

According to the theories of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, dreaming of the weapon, especially by a man, stands for the male sexual drive.

And depending on the dream details – the scenario could indicate impotence or a fear of getting impotent. 

Nevertheless, numerous other analysts relate gun dreams with purity and peace. 

Likewise, the weapon in your dream could have various meanings depending on the several theories laid out by different dream experts.

Therefore, you need to be very thorough about what you dream of and how you are faring in the waking world. 

Gun Dream Meaning: Various Dream Symbols

Some of the most common gun dream symbols are:

1. You Are Worried About Something

Often, a gun in a dream scenario denotes how worried you are about something in your waking life.

There are hundreds of other symbols associated with worry but what’s different about guns is the sense of urgency associated with it.

Whatever you are worried about needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. 

For example, let’s say your partner is in lock-up after getting involved in a crime.

If you or someone else does not do something about it immediately, there’s a possibility he or she will rot in prison for a few months or years. 

2. Anxiety

Dream scenarios associated with guns and shooting can also happen if you are anxious over something in your waking life.

Eventually, that might have caused you to feel vulnerable, thereby needing help and protection from others. 

3. Anger and Hatred 

Often, a gun in a dream vision is a projection of your malice for someone in the waking world. Perhaps you have something against someone in reality and hope to get back at him or her. 

For example, dreaming about shooting someone symbolizes the spiteful feelings you harbor for someone in particular. 

4. Conflict

Conflict within your circle of friends and family is one of the most common reasons behind a gun dream. 

5. Violence

A gun dream, especially one where you see another person pointing or pulling the trigger on you denotes your aggressive and violent behavior to have what you want in your waking life. 

6. Control Over Others

Dreaming about a gun is likely to occur if you are toying with the idea of putting something to an end or sabotaging it by making a detrimental decision. 

While the decision could be associated with your own life, it could also mean you are deliberately trying to stop others from being happy. 

Let’s say, you are against your grown-up daughter’s relationship. If you are thinking about cutting ties with her just because she refuses to give up her man, you are likely to have gun dreams. 

7. Hidden Instincts

You may see a gun in a dream if you have hidden instincts regarding a matter. 

For instance, let’s say you host a dinner party inviting all of your colleagues saying you want to know them well when the real motive is to get everything they know about the company, you are likely to dream of a gun.

8. Choice

A gun can appear in your sleep state if you have the power to influence others’ lives negatively.

For instance, if you are thinking about getting between your colleague and his partner because it annoys you seeing them together, you’ll likely see the weapon in your dream. 

Or if you are planning to break off a contract with a company because you want to see them suffer, a gun will undoubtedly make an appearance in your dream. 

9. Potential Danger

Sometimes, a gun dream may portend an unpleasant or rather a dangerous event coming your way. 

10. Sexual Aggression

According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, a dream of a gun denotes sexual aggression. Further, the weapon may symbolize a fear of impotence in the dreamer. 

11. You Need To Control Your Emotions

You are likely to dream of the weapon if you tend to lose your calm over trivial matters. Perhaps you often get angry and blow up for no reason. 

12. Resistance

The image of a gun in a dream vision signifies that you deny your duties and responsibilities.

However, the negativity of such a dream doesn’t end there. It may further indicate that you are not ready to give up your bad habits to transform for the better. 

13. Powerlessness

Dreams associated with guns may happen if you feel helpless as you see no signs of resolving a certain issue.

Note that this is not something you are presently undergoing but one you may likely face in the upcoming future. 

Your overall reaction to your dream may give you an insight into how you will tackle challenges when you face them in real life.

If you look at such scenarios from a positive approach, they would give you a clue about where you need to work on for improvement. 

14. Defense

Many times, people dream of guns when they are dead worried about something. There’s a strong possibility that the weapon indicates you seek protection from that particular problem. 

15. Desire To Achieve Something Difficult

A gun dream may also be a projection of your wishes to acquire an object or a goal that seems too complicated, though not impossible to achieve. 

16. Your Preparedness For Obstacles

Many gun dreams tell you how prepared you are to face any types of challenges life throws at you. 

17. Confidence

Contrary to general perception, a gun in a dream can also symbolize your confidence.

In such instances, your subconscious highlights how confident you are in yourself and your abilities to squeeze yourself through life’s challenges.

Dream Of Gun: 100+ Scenarios And Their Meanings

1. Dreaming of a gun

Just as guns are an object of threat in waking life, they carry similar symbolism in the dream world too. 

When you dream of a gun, regardless of its type and size, your scenario may be warning you about a person, situation, or an event that poses a threat to you. 

Keep in mind that this is just a general meaning. A gun dream can have several different interpretations based on the type of gun, the details involved, and your situations in the real world. 

2. Dreaming of seeing a gun near a child 

Dreaming about seeing a gun lying around a child is a sign that your future would be challenging.

And your ability to hang on, to stick through thick and thin, and to stay determined will be put to test. 

3. Seeing a child holding a gun in a dream

At a mere glance, you can tell that the pictures do not go well together. Children are supposed to play with toys, not guns.

Therefore, to dream about a child holding a gun may mean you either feel disconnected from your inner child or your past.

The scenario may also be related to a choice you need to make but are unable to. 

4. Seeing bad people with guns in a dream

The bad people symbolize your negative traits that play a huge role in your decision making such as fear or dishonesty.

However, depending on your real-life circumstances, the evil people may also represent the negative influence people have over you. 

Another interpretation is that the plot denotes an unpleasant situation you fear could get out of control. 

5. Dreaming about seeing good people with guns in a dream

Contrary to the above meaning, seeing good people with guns in their hands stands for your positive sides that influence your decisions, such as confidence and courage. 

6. Dreaming about a person carrying a gun

In your dream, if you see another person, regardless of gender, carrying a gun, it is a good sign.

It probably means you will encounter a person of goodwill who has the potential to put you on the right life path. 

7. A stranger firing a gun in a dream

To dream about a stranger firing a gun denotes you are no longer aware of what you want in life. 

For example, let’s say you attend university every day when you completely know that a degree is not what you are looking for.

Yet you keep on repeating it day after day because you are unsure about what you want. 

Dreaming about a stranger firing a gun may also occur if you have been rejecting parts of yourself. 

Positively, a stranger shooting a gun in a dream may be a sign of hard work on your end.

However, you also need to be aware that someone around you may deceive you into something. Take this as a warning not to trust everything others say. 

8. Dreaming about a person you know shooting a gun

A person you know in real life shooting a gun shows that you are ready to stand up for yourself and confront others, when needed, in your waking world. 

9. Dreaming about someone chasing you with a gun

If you dream about someone chasing you with a gun in his or her hand, it could be an indication that you are neglecting or escaping authoritative figures in the waking world. 

10. A dream wherein several people with guns cornered you

The scenario is a harbinger of an unpleasant event you will probably get involved with. 

Other people surrounding you with guns in their hands are also likely to happen if you fear someone taking something precious away from you. 

For example, if you are a single mother, there’s a possibility that you live in constant fear of your ex-husband demanding custody of your child. 

On the other hand, several people surrounding you with guns in their hands means you fear getting robbed.

11. A dream about someone threatening you with a gun

According to ancient dream books, dreaming of the scenario indicates you are likely to receive words of wisdom from a female shortly. 

However, not all interpreters agree with the same. According to them, someone will either come to you for help or create problems for you. 

12. A dream about someone pointing a gun at you

Generally, someone pointing a gun at you in a dream stands for your anxiety and feelings of helplessness. 

However, you need to dig deeper into the details for an accurate meaning. 

Recall your overall emotion when the gunpoint was on you. Did you have a backup plan or a hidden weapon to save yourself? Or was your destiny completely at the mercy of that person? 

If you were fearful that the other person would pull the trigger, the scenario highlights your fear and anxiety for what may happen in the future.

It may also mean someone or something refrains you from being yourself, saying what you want to say and what you want to do. 

On the flip side, if you were not, in the least, bothered despite the gun pointed at you, it denotes your ability to grow as you go through adversities. 

On an entirely different note, the dream may also occur if you are compelled to do something against your will or principles. 

A dream about someone pointing a gun at you may also happen if someone has placed you in a difficult spot. Say one of your relatives has asked you for a favor.

Something you cannot turn down even though doing that is the last thing you want in the world. 

Where on your body was the gun pointed also matters. Check the following heads for details.

13. Dreaming about someone pointing a gun on your head

If you dream about someone pointing a gun at your head, it may mean someone has come to you for help regarding an urgent matter. Chances are, you have no wish to comply with his or her request but have to. 

14. A gun pointed at your mouth in a dream

Dreaming about a gun pointed at your mouth is likely to happen if you refrain from speaking up, from expressing your feelings, and voicing your opinions. 

Either it could be your limiting beliefs or fear of someone that is stopping you from speaking up. 

15. Dreaming about someone you know pulling a gun at you

To dream of a person you know pulling a gun at you may symbolize an argument you had with this particular person. 

In the plot, it is not you but that person pointing the gun at you, which shows that he or she is likely the one who created the problem.

Despite that, he or she would have the upper hand regarding the matter.

16. Dreaming that someone tried to shoot you but missed

The plot warns you against people looking for ways to control your actions and decisions. 

17. Dreaming about someone shooting at you with a gun out of the blue

To dream about another person shooting at you unexpectedly, denotes there are people in your real-life planning against you. 

18. Dreaming about someone shooting you with a gun

You may have such terrible dreams if you believe you are in a vulnerable situation in your waking life. 

Negatively, it could be an ill omen of you getting attacked literally by someone in the foreseeable future. 

Getting shot in a dream is also associated with emotional ups and downs you will experience soon. On the other hand, the scenario may also represent an unresolved issue in your waking life. 

19. A dream about a stranger firing a gun at you

To dream about a stranger shooting at you with a gun may stand for deception. Perhaps someone in your close-knit circle is deceiving you concerning something. 

It may or may not be true as dreams are subjective. 

However, if you have a hunch of someone doing the same to you, this can be a cue to be alert and not trust anything that person says, at least for the time being. 

On the other hand, such scenarios, in many instances, are also associated with a lack of self-confidence. 

That being said, if you died after a stranger shot you with a gun, the scenario in all probability denotes a transformation you are or would soon go through, all for the better.

Despite all this, getting shot by a gun in a dream may also mean someone has made you feel vulnerable in the real world. 

20. Dreaming about getting shot by a gun

If you dream about getting shot, it probably means you are repenting and punishing yourself for committing an action you are ashamed of. 

On that note, let us ask you a question here. 

Have you done something wrong to someone? How do you feel about it? If you regret doing it, the plot indicates you have been forgiven although the concerned person hasn’t mentioned anything. 

Many people get anxious after seeing such scenarios wondering if they would experience something similar in the real world. However, that cannot be farther from the truth. 

21. Dreaming of being shot in the head with a gun

Dreaming about getting shot in the head reflects your fear of death in the real world. 

22. A dream about getting shot on the arm

If your arms get injured after someone shoots you with a gun in a dream, there’s a possibility that someone has snatched away your ability to work in real life. 

23. Your legs get injured after someone shoots you with a gun in a dream

In that case, something has happened in your waking life that has disturbed your life balance. 

24. Dreaming about running away after getting shot

The scenario reflects your disapproval of some of your habits or behaviors. Perhaps you hate that you are not as capable as your friends. Maybe you do not like how you look. 

Here, your higher self wants you to be a little kinder to yourself. Focus on what you can do, what you are good at, not on what you lack.

25. Dreaming that you felt no pain despite being shot by a gun

According to the scenario, a lot of your relatives and close ones are envious of your wealth. 

26. A dream of someone trying to kill me with a gun (dreamer)

Someone trying to kill you by shooting with a gun reflects your refusal to acknowledge a conflict in reality. 

27. A dream about dying after someone shot you

On the surface, this is one of the worst dreams anybody can experience in his or her lifetime. However, from the dream point of view, this may stand for something fabulous – the scenario indicates a renewal.

If it turned out to be positive, you would be thankful you had this dream. 

There’s no saying all rebirths and renewals are good. There is also a possibility of you transforming into a pathetic individual after getting yourself involved with a group of lowly-minded people. 

On the other hand, dying from a gunshot indicates failure – failure in jobs, relationships, etc. People usually encounter such dreams after getting fired from their jobs or after breaking up with someone.

28. A dream wherein you came back as a completely different person after getting shot with a gun

According to the plot, you are ashamed or want to get rid of the old you for some reason. The scenario is a reflection of how desperately you want to start life on a clean slate. 

29. Watching someone get shot with a gun in your dream

To dream about witnessing a scene wherein a person shot another denotes how good you are in keeping your emotions and feelings under control.

However, if you get seen by the perpetrator (just as it happens in movies), it means someone will probably get into trouble because of you. 

From a relationship point of view, this is a bad sign. In all probability, there is no sense of loyalty and transparency between the two of you.

And these might irreversibly damage your relationship leaving no room for revival. 

30. A dream about seeing someone throw away a gun

According to the scenario, someone will rush to you for help. 

31. Battle of guns and gunshots in a dream

Without a doubt, the plot is the projection of your real-life problems, anxiety as well as fears you are not quite aware of.

Such a dream may happen if you believe someone has left you victimized or vulnerable to something. 

The interpretation would get much more accurate if you can recall exactly how the fight started in the dream. Did it happen all of a sudden without any notice or warning? 

Were you taken by surprise? If your answer is YES, there is a possibility that someone you do not expect will stab you in the back. 

If backstabbing is too strong a word, that particular person will harm you in a lot of ways – directly or indirectly. 

In the same dream, if you shoot back, it means you are defensive of yourself, someone, or something you held priceless – your career, job, relationship. 

32. Hearing sounds of gunfire in a dream 

It is an ill omen to dream about hearing gunshots. In the few days or weeks to come, you will receive a piece of unpleasant news – about the passing away of someone close. 

33. Dreaming of running away from gunshots

Chances are, you are undergoing emotional and mental turmoil if you dream about running away from gunshots. 

Around this time, if something turns out opposite to how you had anticipated, you would blame yourself and your lack of skills. That, in turn, will cause you anxiety. 

34. A dream about obtaining a gun

Usually, obtaining a gun in a dream means you will be treated with much honor and respect by others. 

35. Dreaming about taking a gun from someone 

Based on the plot, you have values and principles that people look up to. You would be a role model for them, and they will often turn to you for guidance. 

36. Dreaming about storing guns in a safe

If you dream about having a safe in your house to store guns, it shows that you seek protection in reality.

On another note, the collection of weapons can symbolize your power and pride.

37. Dreaming of having a gun inside the house 

The scenario reflects how you want to support and protect your family – be it emotionally, physically, or financially. 

38. Dreaming about having a gun but not using it

Sometimes in dream scenarios, you may see guns but not use them. Or you may even dream about keeping it locked in a safe place. 

Though that might be the right thing to do in reality. The same cannot be said so in the dream world. Based on the plot, you are probably wasting away your potential. 

Here, the firearm symbolizes your abilities to make great changes – for yourself and others. But as shown in the plot, you are doing neither. Instead, you are letting your capabilities rot in the safe. 

The same interpretation can be said if you dream of a disassembled gun. In that case, the spectacle may mean your abilities have degraded due to a lack of function. 

39. Dreaming about hiding a gun

Hiding a gun in a dream denotes you are repressing your emotions and feelings in waking life. 

As guns usually have a negative connotation, there’s a strong likelihood that you are keeping your anger and hate towards someone under control. The interpretation is especially true if the concealed gun is fully loaded. 

If you believe you are repressing hate or malice for someone for any reason whatsoever, seek a way to let it out. No, we are not encouraging you to go out and shower curses or even hurt the person in question. 

Instead, try to approach the matter from another perspective. Can you talk about what’s disturbing you?

Do you think you can find a way to let that person know how you feel without creating a rift between the two of you? Sure, there has got to be one!

40. A dream about carrying a gun

As indicated above, such a scenario reflects your confidence in yourself to overcome any challenges you come across in life. 

On a different note, the dream scenario is trying to tell you that your significant other would be a morally upright person. 

Carrying a gun also means you are all prepared to face challenges whenever they surface. 

41. A dream about carrying a gun outdoors

If you dream about carrying a gun outdoors, it shows your pride in your power and confidence. 

42. Holding a gun in a dream

To dream about holding a gun denotes how you are ignoring your responsibilities. At other times, it can be a projection of how you use all your means and potential to defend yourself from trouble. 

43. Dreaming about cleaning a gun

When you dream of cleaning a gun, it indicates that you will leave your difficulties behind. 

This can mean either positive or negative depending on your circumstances and present state of mind. 

For instance, if you have abandoned the challenges that should be overcome to reach your goal, it means you are going off track.

Probably you are not focusing on the areas that need your attention.

On the other hand, if you are letting go of the past troubles that serve you no more, the dream means well. You are off for a fresh new start. 

44. Loading a gun in a dream

There are several interpretations of this dream. To begin with, it may denote your ability to defend yourself against any odds. 

Negatively, dreaming of loading a gun could also be a reflection of your tendency to get enraged over trivial issues. 

If you think this resonates, the scenario might be advising you to learn and practice anger management. At least, try to differentiate between matters worth getting angry about and those that are not. 

45. Using a gun to attack someone in a dream

Dreaming that you used a gun to attack another person is probably your subconscious mind warning you of the influence you have on other people.

It could be either good or bad, and you know that better. So, depending on where you stand, you need to take cautious steps. 

For example, let’s assume that you are a bully in your school or college. Probably you have two or three accomplices who always have your back when you target a nerd or a comparatively weaker student in your class. 

In that case, your subconscious wants you to think deeply about how you are portraying yourself to other people. If your behavior goes on unattended, it will probably get you in trouble sooner or later. 

Using guns to attack others in a dream also projects your rage and negative feelings towards other people. Chances are, you get angry at others for trivial matters that are not even worth anything.

46. Dreaming about robbing someone using a gun

To dream of the above scenario denotes one of your decisions will backfire and will give you trouble. 

47. Dreaming about aiming a gun at something

To dream about aiming to hit an exact spot with a gun denotes you are trying to achieve a particular goal in the real world. 

On the other hand, the plot may stand for your defensive nature. 

48. Dreaming that you were unable to shoot a gun

Such a scenario usually indicates a transformation in your confidence. Whether it is for the positive or the negative entirely depends upon the dream details. 

If you panic or are frustrated because of your inability to shoot, the interpretation may mean you are no longer confident about a few things as you were earlier. 

On the flip side, if you were not troubled, it may symbolize positive changes regarding your confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

49. Dreaming about a jammed gun not functioning well

A jammed gun in a dream scenario may be a projection of your powerlessness in a particular situation. This interpretation holds if you were trying to shoot at something and found it jammed. 

In case you see a connection between your dream and waking life, it may be a cue to change your approach regarding a particular situation. 

In terms of sex and relationships, the scenario may represent your fear of impotence. 

50. Dreaming about shooting a gun randomly

In all likelihood, the scenario warns you against acting recklessly. Be it words or actions, you must make it a point to analyze the pros and cons before actually saying or doing it. 

Because there’s no saying who you’ll end up hurting due to your carelessness. 

51. Dreaming about firing a gun

Such a scenario may surface in your sleep state if someone is constantly provoking or pulling stupid pranks on you.

Whatever they do, you must keep calm and simply ignore them. They might be waiting for you to reciprocate. 

So, you need to act wise, ignore the unworthy and focus on your goals instead. 

52. A dream about misfiring a gun

If you dream about misfiring a gun, it could be a projection of the frustration and helplessness you are experiencing in your waking life.

Chances are, something has not worked out the way you had imagined or planned. 

And the potential failure is causing you to feel immensely stressed out. 

Nonetheless, you can positively take this dream event. Reevaluate how you have been working out something, analyze it from all perspectives and if you genuinely think it’s not working out for you, try another. 

Misfiring a gun in a dream also denotes how you will feel demotivated, low-spirited, and weak in the coming days or weeks. 

53. Dreaming about accidentally firing a gun

When you dream about accidentally firing a gun, it may represent a slip of tongue in waking life. 

Have you lately embarrassed yourself by saying something you shouldn’t to a large crowd of people? If you haven’t yet, there’s a possibility of it happening soon. 

So, make sure you think twice or thrice before uttering a single word unless you want to humiliate yourself before a congregation. 

54. Dreaming about shooting but missing your target

It is an ill omen to dream about shooting someone or something with a gun only to miss it. It probably foretells a foiled plan. 

55. Dreaming about missing the target despite trying to be accurate

According to the dream, you are well-loved and appreciated by your near and dear ones. 

56. A dream about you shooting a gun

Generally, dreaming about yourself shooting a gun shows that you are clear about who you are, what your potentials are, and what you would like to achieve in your life. 

57. A dream of shooting someone with a gun

This scenario symbolizes repressed anger, revenge, and other destructive feelings you harbor against that particular person.

The plot is an outlet for those negative feelings that are unable to come to life in the real world. 

58. Dreaming about shooting a good person

Based on the plot, you are preventing yourself from doing good things. 

Negatively, the scenario might mean you have turned into a wicked or immoral person. 

59. Shooting a bad person in a dream

Contrary to the above scenario, shooting a bad person with a gun means you are trying to overcome your negative sides and turn over a new leaf. 

60. A dream of killing someone with a gun

To dream of the above event indicates there’s a part of your life, a personality trait, or habits you want to get rid of. 

61. To dream of accidentally shooting yourself with a gun 

Dreaming about accidentally shooting yourself with a gun shows you are likely to embarrass yourself because of your carelessness or impulsiveness. 

62. A dream of intentionally shooting yourself with a gun 

According to the dream, you have chosen to go ahead with something despite being aware of the harm it will cause you.

63. Dreaming about shooting yourself with a gun and committing suicide

According to the scenario, you are a hardcore pessimist. Because of that, your future looks bleak and unpromising to you. 

However, your subconscious wants you to reconsider your perception of your future. Does it look dark? Or is it your pessimistic mindset that’s shrouding over your life, making everything seem worthless?

64. Dreaming about a gun running out of bullets

In the first place, dreaming of the spectacle shows that you are currently going through tough times.

Perhaps things are not working out according to your plan – last-minute obstacles and challenges might have cropped up, preventing you from achieving what you want. 

If the situation resonates, your subconscious warns you to take a step back and reevaluate your approach. 

65. A dream about a gang shooting

Though the scenario sounds dreadful, the nature of the interpretation is rather the opposite.

Most likely, the gang in your dream symbolizes the potential people around you possess to help you out from any trouble. 

Indirectly, the scenario might be advising you to seek help if you are in any complicated situation. 

66. Gun shootings and killings in a dream scenario

There is a possibility that your subconscious mind is trying to bring your attention to something. 

A scene of people shooting each other creating chaos and violence signifies negativity in the dream world as much as in reality.

Such a spectacle usually stands for the ability people possess to do good or evil things in life. 

Since you dream of it, chances are, there is a transformation going on in your life.

However, based on the scenario that includes violence and killings, most probably you have turned more wicked than how you have previously been. 

67. Shooting a gun while passing by

In your dream, if you see yourself or any other person shooting a gun while passing through, it means you can help others. 

68. A dream about a normal gunshot

In your dream, if you or someone else shoots normally as it should be, it means you will feel elevated or more confident in your waking life because of something not specified in the vision.

69. Dreaming about an accurate gunshot

If you dream about an accurate gunshot, the scenario symbolizes confidence and power. 

On the flip side, if you encounter any type of problem shooting the gun, it portends a lack of self-confidence. 

70. Dreaming that a gun did not shoot as it should

To dream that a gun did not shoot or fire as it is supposed to indicate you or a closed one will overcome all odds and move away from negativity.

This comes from the belief that guns usually stand for anger and destructive negative emotions in the real world. 

Also, the scenario may be a sign that you will encounter an issue in the penultimate moment. On that note, it is vital to recall the exact reason why the firearm didn’t shoot. 

In case it was because you forgot to load it before pulling the trigger, the dream foretells an unpleasant encounter that will happen due to your carelessness. 

71. Dreaming about a gun not firing

A dream scenario about a gun not firing signifies a transformation. Chances are, you would be the reason behind the change. Maybe you will prevent someone from doing something heinous. 

72. Dreaming about gunpowder

You are on the verge of exploding and losing your cool over some issue. It could also be warning you to approach a critical matter with caution. 

73. Buying a gun in your dream

To dream of buying a gun shows you are still stuck in the past. Perhaps you still harbor hatred and spiteful feelings against a person who intentionally or by mistake hurt you. 

In that case, the dream may be advising you to let go of such negative feelings. Because unless you get rid of the ugly old chapter, how will you be able to start something beautiful?

From another perspective buying a gun in a dream, scenario indicates you are preparing yourself to achieve your goals, even if it means hurting yourself or others in the process. 

74. Dreaming about selling a gun

You do have the ability to achieve big things in your life. And unquestionably, they will help you soar heights. You will accomplish what many are incapable of. However, there’s a twist to the plot. 

Your accomplishments will have a huge impact on your attitude and mindset. To such an extent that, your success will, at one point, hit you back leading you to your downfall. 

75. Receiving a gun as a gift in a dream

Dreaming about receiving a gun as a gift denotes you will never be able to achieve success through unfair or immoral ways. Even if you do, you will never be at peace. 

Gun Dream: Types Of Guns

76. Seeing a toy gun in a dream

A toy gun is still a gun literally. And there are lots of toy guns in the market that look exactly like the real ones. 

From that point of view, dreaming of a toy gun signifies you will encounter an issue. At a glance, you will take it to be exceedingly complex and intricate. 

However, as you work on resolving it, you will realize that it is much easier than you had initially perceived it to be. Ultimately, you would be able to resolve it in no time. 

In the dream world, toy guns may also stand for the personal and professional goals you would like to achieve in the waking world. 

77. Dreaming about a real gun firing like a toy gun

The above scenario may occur if you have judged a person by how he or she looked. 

Have you taken someone to be dirt poor, based on his or her clothing, only to find out much later that he or she is a millionaire? Have you mistreated that person because of how he or she looked?

In short, the scenario wants you not to judge a book by its cover. 

78. A dream about a plastic pistol

To begin with, dreaming of a plastic pistol means there are a few missions you would like to accomplish. However, you might have kept it off for weeks, months, and even years, perhaps due to a fear of failure. 

The scenario encourages you to start working on your goals immediately. Without a doubt, you will encounter challenges but those are what will help you get through to the other side.

Give yourself a chance to make mistakes and learn from them. 

79. Dreaming about seeing a pistol

Through the scenario, your higher self wants you to note that even those things and people you cast off as unimportant have the potential to sabotage your life. 

80. Dreaming about seeing a pistol but not touching it

Someone in your circle intends to betray you for whatever reason. If there is anyone you are suspicious of, the scenario advises you to be extra cautious around that person. 

Additionally, you may draw a backup plan to defend yourself, in case he or she does something to you. 

81. Dreaming about a revolver

A revolver in the dream world symbolizes extremely limited choices regarding a matter. Therefore, to dream about it means you are perfectly aware of where you stand in your waking life.

Suppose you are having trouble striking a balance between your shopaholic genes and your low-paying job.

In that case, the choices you have are either to cut down your expenses or seek a job with a good package. 

82. Machine gun dream meaning

If you see a machine gun in a dream, it may mean you or a close one tends to get rid of everything that stands in the way, if that means achieving the goal you are after.

Though such an attitude will benefit you in some cases, your subconscious wants you to know that they might at times work against you. 

According to the plot, you care only about your wants and goals, often turning a deaf ear to the advice and opinions of others. Eventually, such an attitude will drag you to doom.

In some instances, menacing types of guns such as a machine may be forewarning you of a close one’s potential behavior change. 

For instance, let’s say you financially support one of your relatives. Owing to your assistance, he or she might be acting all sweet to you.

However, there’s a probability that he or she will change into a demonic person once you decide it’s time you let him or her fend for his or her own. 

Additionally, that person will probably make your life a living hell. So, your scenario might be warning you on how to go about it. 

83. A dream about a handgun

Generally, handguns in a dream symbolize choices and decisions that are self-defensive. Perhaps you recently decided to keep your interest over others in mind.

Such a scenario may also happen if you do not desire to change something you have for another. 

84. Dreaming about a rifle

Rifle in the dream world stands for precision. You are more than likely to encounter such dreams if you are being extremely precise about what you want, what you expect from others, or how you want them to behave in a particular matter. 

On the other hand, the dream may also mean you are trying to resolve a problem by hitting right where the trouble lies. 

85. Dreaming of a shotgun

As implied by the name and the type of gun, the scenario symbolizes your ability to make one single powerful decision that will have a lasting impact. 

Seeing yourself or someone else using a shotgun in a dream is most likely to happen when you are trying to overcome and grow through obstacles – both personal and professional. 

86. Dreaming about a sawed-off shotgun

To dream about a sawed-off shotgun represents your ability to make quick yet powerful, reliable decisions.

87. Dreaming about double-barreled guns

A double-barreled gun in a dream symbolizes a death wish. Perhaps you want to take your own life for some reason.

From another perspective, it means you wish for the death of the person who made life pathetic for you. 

88. A laser gun in a dream

It warns you against people, probably closed ones trying to take unfair advantage of your kindness towards them. 

89. Seeing an antique gun in a dream

In this scenario, the gun symbolized a huge sum of money or a prized possession you loaned long back. And the dream indicates it will come back to you in the foreseeable future. 

90. A dream about an old gun

An old gun in a dream is a good sign. There’s a perfect balance between your emotions and reasoning, between what you want and what you think is good for you.

Progressing your life in this manner will certainly be rewarding. 

Negatively, it shows your hatred for someone who made you ill. 

91. Dreaming about a collection of ancient guns

People with exceptional leadership qualities often dream of a collection of ancient guns. 

It symbolizes your ability to lead, organize and manage people and events effectively.

Moreover, the scenario also highlights your positive outlook towards life in general and your ability to motivate and uplift others. 

92. Dreaming about a golden gun

Do you often spend your time fantasizing about a life that is perfect and devoid of worries? Though it is okay to dream of color, you need to understand that nothing good comes for free in this world. 

Well, there are a few exceptions. And unless you have the world’s best luck or are born with a silver spoon, the universe wants you to stop daydreaming. 

Instead, work for it, put in some effort, be sincere in your approach. Because as per the dream, you do have the potential to live a pretty good life, but only if you work for it. 

93. Seeing a black gun in a dream

Despite the association of the color black with darkness and negativity, it is believed to be a good omen if you see a black gun in a dream. 

According to the scenario, the struggles and challenges you have or are presently going through will soon bear fruits. 

94. Dreaming about silver or golden gun

Silver or yellow guns in a dream indicate wealth and fortune. 

95. A bloodstained gun in a dream

The dream is a message from the universe. Whether positive or negative things happen in your life depends on your actions, behavior, and karma. 

96. Dreaming about an evil person holding a handgun

If you dream about an evil person holding a handgun in your dream, it denotes that you are not willing to give up your bad habits and personality traits.

Despite others insisting you do the same, there’s a possibility that you believe making a shift from the bad to goodwill brings no difference. 

97. Seeing an evil person holding a shotgun in your dream

Here, the evil person symbolizes your negative personality traits. You can decode the scenario in this manner – those negative personality traits may compel you to make one final choice that will damage your life and social relationships. 

On the other hand, dreaming about bad people holding a shotgun may mean you are trying to seek revenge on others that will leave a lasting and strong impression on them.

98. An evil person holding a sawed-off shotgun in a dream

The scenario represents your ability to make extremely powerful decisions. However, you need to be aware that their impact and significance will wear off very soon. 

99. Someone attacking you with a machine gun in a dream

Dreaming of someone attacking you with a machine gun is likely to surface if you are under the mercy of someone else’s decisions. 

For instance, let’s say the company you are presently working at is on the brink of bankruptcy. Furthermore, let’s assume that there’s news of downsizing to save the company. 

In such a scenario, you will most probably live in fear of what you will hear the next minute.

Especially if you and your entire family depend on your paycheck, you will, without a doubt, see someone attacking or even shooting you with a machine gun. 

Dream Gun: Different Dreamers

100. A man dreaming about firing a gun

If a man dreams about firing a gun, it stands for sexual power. 

101. A woman dreaming about a gun

As a woman, dreaming of a gun shows you are ready to explore your sexuality. 

Gun Dreams: Dream Examples

1. A man dreamed about getting shot on the left side of his chest with a machine gun.

In waking life, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. The scenario may mean he metaphorically killed himself by smoking incessantly for years, despite others advising him not to. 

2. A man dreamt about picking up a double-barrelled shotgun.

In waking life, he was threatening to sue someone for causing him injuries. At the same time, he also demanded the other party pay a settlement fee to resolve the conflict more quickly. 

3. A woman dreamt of someone firing a machine gun into a room full of people. 

In waking life, she feared that she had ruined several areas of her life with a single decision she made in the past.

4. An immigrant had recurring dreams of a rifle attack.

Turned out, his entire family was shot and wiped off by gunmen in his country. The rifle symbolizes his memories about how precise the killings of each of his family members were. 

5. A young girl dreamed of her father shooting her with a shotgun. 

In her waking life, she had to decide on which parent to choose to live with. She believed her mother would stop loving her if she chose her father and vice versa. 

In this scenario, the shotgun shows how dangerous and impactful her decision would be. 

Spiritual Interpretation Of Gun Dreams

From the spiritual perspective, guns stand for positive changes that will come to you after a period of hardships. 

However, you need to be careful here too. If you dream about yourself loading a gun you need to be aware that someone is negatively influencing you. 

Psychological Interpretation Of A Gun Dream

Psychologically, a gun dream means you are troubled in your waking world. Either you have been shoved into a spot you are not comfortable in, or someone has made you feel vulnerable or even victimized. 

It may also mean you need to transform some of your traits and behaviors. 

For example, how you look at problems and people. Do you tend to exaggerate and turn a small matter into a huge issue?

Chances are, you do. And your higher self says it’s high time you bade goodbye to such an attitude. 

What Does Sigmund Freud Say About Gun Dreams?

As usual, Freud relates gun dreams to sexuality. For male dreamers, a gun may symbolize his genitals and his fear of impotence. 

On the other hand, a female dreaming of a gun shows she is prepared to explore her sexuality. 

Possible Reasons Why You Dream Of Guns

Some of the possible reasons why you dream about guns are-

  1. You watched an action movie or drama recently or just before going to bed. In that case, you can leave the dream as it is and not bother much about it. In all likelihood, it is just a rerun of what you watch in the waking world.
  2. Such scenarios are also possible if you recently played darts or went to the shooting range for recreation. Here too, the scenario carries little to no meaning. 
  3. You have spiteful feelings for someone and want to seek revenge on him or her.
  4. A gun dream may also mean you are trying to do everything in your power to achieve your goals.
  5. You hate numerous things about yourself and probably want to bury them. 
  6. It may mean you take pride in your confidence and ability to protect yourself and your near ones from trouble.
  7. You will get back something you considered lost.
  8. It may also be a sign of fortune, making way towards you. 
  9. Someone has placed you in an extremely difficult or uncomfortable spot. 
  10. Gun dreams, in some cases, denote that it’s high time you change the way you approach your life and goals. 
  11. You need to be more in control of your temper and emotions. 
  12. You often tend to care for nothing else when faced with a problem. In such situations, you only think of ways to resolve it and do not care a bit about the harm the process will cause to others.
  13. A gun dream may occur if there are signs of potential danger in the foreseeable future. 

Questions To Ask Yourself If You Dream Of Guns

For more accuracy, make sure you have the answers to these questions before you decode your gun dream.

  1. What do you associate guns with, in the waking world? Do you consider it as an object of honor, a weapon for self-defense, or a destructive tool causing violence and chaos? 
  2. What was your role in the dream? Were you the one shooting, the victim shot, or merely a spectator?
  3. If you see yourself buying, taking, or snatching a gun from someone else, recall why you did it in the first place. Were you trying to protect yourself with the weapon, or were you attempting to use it for hurting someone else?
  4. Which type of gun did you see? Recall the size and the color too, if possible. 
  5. If you were the victim, did you get shot? Where on your body were you injured? Did you die, or did you survive despite the injury? 
  6. Are you able to recall the identity of the person you were in an encounter with? If yes, who is it, and what does that person mean to you? 
  7. Do you feel powerless in the waking world, owing to an issue or a conflict?
  8. How did you feel in the dream? Note down each of the emotions you felt within the scenario. 


That wraps up our article on dream guns/ dream of guns. As mentioned in the very beginning, shooting someone or getting shot by a gun in a dream in no way foretells a similar incident in waking life. 

Instead, the weapon possibly surfaced in your dreams to warn you of potential threats. At other times, it may just be a reflection of how confident you are in your power to protect yourself and your loved ones from trouble. 

Nonetheless, do keep in mind that dreams are subjective. Don’t take your gun dream too lightly if a similar dream ends up meaning nothing much for your friend. 

Likewise, don’t stress about it if one of your family had a terrible encounter after experiencing a gun dream. 

Their meanings will undoubtedly differ from yours. After all, each dream scenario and interpretation is all about you and your life. So comparing and relating it to someone else’s would be futile. 

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