A dream of a gun will leave you troubled, anxious, and scared to step out of your house for days and weeks. 

‘Will I get shot?’ 

‘Will someone come for me?’ Such questions will hover in your mind for a long time, and you may compel yourself to recall if you have ever wronged anyone. 

So, let’s find out the real meaning behind your dream.

Dream of Gun - 100+ Scenarios And Their Meanings
Dream of Gun – 100+ Scenarios And Their Meanings

What Does A Gun In A Dream Mean?

Generally, guns in a dream stand for unpleasant events and emotions. However, depending on the scenario, such a dream could also symbolize the power you have to protect yourself or your loved ones.

More often than not, a gun in a dream scenario is associated with negativity. It may be a reflection of violence, repressed emotions such as anger and hate. In some cases, it may also be a harbinger of an unfortunate situation or potential harm. 

However, to get more clarity, let’s take a look at the general interpretations 

  • You Are Worried About Something – Often, a gun in a dream scenario denotes how worried you are about something in your waking life. Whatever you are worried about needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. 
  • Anxiety – These dreams can also appear if you are anxious over something in your waking life. Eventually, that might have caused you to feel vulnerable, thereby needing help and protection from others. 
  • Anger and Hatred –  It is a projection of your malice for someone in the waking world. Perhaps you have something against someone in reality and hope to get back at him or her. 
  • Conflict or Worst Case Violence – Conflict within your circle of friends and family is one of the most common reasons behind the dream. Besides, a gun dream, especially one where you see another person pointing or pulling the trigger on you denotes your aggressive and violent behavior to have what you want in your waking life. 
  • Control Over Others – The dream is likely to occur if you are toying with the idea of putting something to an end or sabotaging it by making a detrimental decision. It may also appear if you have the power to influence others’ lives negatively.
  • Potential Danger – Sometimes, this dream may portend an unpleasant or rather a dangerous event coming your way. 
  • Sexual Aggression – According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, this dream denotes sexual aggression. Further, the weapon may symbolize a fear of impotence in the dreamer. 
  • Resistance – The vision signifies that you deny your duties and responsibilities. However, the negativity of such a dream doesn’t end there. It may further indicate that you are not ready to give up your bad habits to transform for the better. 
  • Powerlessness – These dreams may happen if you feel helpless as you see no signs of resolving a certain issue. Note that this is not something you are presently undergoing but one you may likely face in the upcoming future. 
  • Defense – Many times people encounter these dreams when they are dead worried about something. There’s a strong possibility that the weapon indicates you seek protection from that particular problem. 

Spiritual Interpretation Of Gun Dreams

From the spiritual perspective, guns stand for positive changes that will come to you after a period of hardships. 

However, you need to be careful here too. If you dream about yourself loading a gun you need to be aware that someone is negatively influencing you. 

Various Dream Of Gun & Their Meanings

Dreaming of a gun

Just as guns are an object of threat in waking life, they carry similar symbolism in the dream world too.

When you dream of a gun, regardless of its type and size, your scenario may be warning you about a person, situation, or an event that poses a threat to you. 

Seeing a child holding a gun in a dream

It may mean you either feel disconnected from your inner child or your past. The scenario may also be related to a choice you need to make but are unable to. 

Hearing sounds of gunfire in a dream 

It is an ill omen. In the few days or weeks to come, you will receive a piece of unpleasant news – about the passing away of someone close. 

Someone pointing a gun at you

Generally, it stands for your anxiety and feelings of helplessness. However, you need to dig deeper into the details for an accurate meaning. 

Recall your overall emotion when the gunpoint was on you. If you were fearful that the other person would pull the trigger, the scenario highlights your fear and anxiety for what may happen in the future.

It may also mean someone or something refrains you from being yourself, saying what you want to say and what you want to do. 

On the flip side, if you were not, in the least, bothered despite the gun pointed at you, it denotes your ability to grow as you go through adversities. 

On an entirely different note, the dream may also occur if you are compelled to do something against your will or principles. 

Lastly, it may also happen if someone has placed you in a difficult spot. 

Someone shooting you with a gun

You may have such terrible dreams if you believe you are in a vulnerable situation in your waking life. 

Negatively, it could be an ill omen of you getting attacked literally by someone in the foreseeable future. 

It is also associated with emotional ups and downs you will experience soon. On the other hand, the scenario may also represent an unresolved issue in your waking life. 

Dying after someone shot you

The scenario indicates a renewal. On the other hand, it indicates failure – failure in jobs, relationships, etc.

People usually encounter such dreams after getting fired from their jobs or after breaking up with someone.

Watching someone get shot with a gun

It denotes how good you are in keeping your emotions and feelings under control. However, if you get seen by the perpetrator (just as it happens in movies), it means someone will probably get into trouble because of you. 

From a relationship point of view, this is a bad sign. In all probability, there is no sense of loyalty and transparency between the two of you.

Gang shooting

Though the scenario sounds dreadful, the nature of the interpretation is rather the opposite.

The dream symbolizes the potential people around you possess to help you out from any trouble. Indirectly, the scenario might be advising you to seek help if you are in any complicated situation. 

Carrying a gun

Such a scenario reflects your confidence in yourself to overcome any challenges you come across in life. 

On a different note, the dream scenario is trying to tell you that your significant other would be a morally upright person. 

It also means you are all prepared to face challenges whenever they surface. 

Holding a gun

It denotes how you are ignoring your responsibilities. At other times, it can be a projection of how you use all your means and potential to defend yourself from trouble. 

Loading a gun

There are several interpretations of this dream. To begin with, it may denote your ability to defend yourself against any odds.

Negatively, it could also be a reflection of your tendency to get enraged over trivial issues. 

Firing a gun

Such a scenario may surface in your sleep state if someone is constantly provoking or pulling stupid pranks on you.

Killing someone with a gun

To dream of the above event indicates there’s a part of your life, a personality trait, or habits you want to get rid of. 

Dreaming about a gun running out of bullets

In the first place, dreaming of the spectacle shows that you are currently going through tough times.

Perhaps things are not working out according to your plan – last-minute obstacles and challenges might have cropped up, preventing you from achieving what you want. 

Buying a gun

It shows you are still stuck in the past. Perhaps you still harbor hatred and spiteful feelings against a person who intentionally or by mistake hurt you. 

In that case, the dream may be advising you to let go of such negative feelings. 

From another perspective this scenario indicates you are preparing yourself to achieve your goals, even if it means hurting yourself or others in the process. 

Gun Dream : Types Of Guns

Seeing a toy gun

It signifies you will encounter an issue. At a glance, you will take it to be exceedingly complex and intricate. 

Besides, in the dream world, toy guns may also stand for the personal and professional goals you would like to achieve in the waking world. 

Seeing a pistol

Through the scenario, your higher self wants you to note that even those things and people you cast off as unimportant have the potential to sabotage your life. 

Machine gun

It may mean you or a close one tends to get rid of everything that stands in the way, if that means achieving the goal you are after.

Besides, according to the plot, you care only about your wants and goals, often turning a deaf ear to the advice and opinions of others. Eventually, such an attitude will drag you to doom.

In some instances, menacing types of guns such as a machine may be forewarning you of a close one’s potential behavior change. 

A handgun

Generally, this dream symbolizes choices and decisions that are self-defensive. Perhaps you recently decided to keep your interest over others in mind.

Such a scenario may also happen if you do not desire to change something you have for another. 

A shotgun

As implied by the name and the type of gun, the scenario symbolizes your ability to make one single powerful decision that will have a lasting impact. 

Seeing yourself or someone else using a shotgun is most likely to happen when you are trying to overcome and grow through obstacles – both personal and professional. 

An old gun

There’s a perfect balance between your emotions and reasoning, between what you want and what you think is good for you. 

Negatively, it shows your hatred for someone who made you ill. 

A golden gun

Though it is okay to dream of color, you need to understand that nothing good comes for free in this world.

Because as per the dream, you do have the potential to live a pretty good life, but only if you work for it. 

Seeing a black gun

Despite the association of the color black with darkness and negativity, it is believed to be a good omen if you see this dream. 

According to the scenario, the struggles and challenges you have or are presently going through will soon bear fruits. 

Psychological Interpretation

Psychologically, the dream means you are troubled in your waking world.

Either you have been shoved into a spot you are not comfortable in, or someone has made you feel vulnerable or even victimized. 

It may also mean you need to transform some of your traits and behaviors. 

What Does Sigmund Freud Say About Gun Dreams?

As usual, Freud relates gun dreams to sexuality. For male dreamers, a gun may symbolize his genitals and his fear of impotence. 

On the other hand, a female dreaming of a gun shows she is prepared to explore her sexuality. 


The weapon possibly surfaced in your dreams to warn you of potential threats. At other times, it may just be a reflection of how confident you are in your power to protect yourself and your loved ones from trouble. 

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