A dream about going deaf indicates the fact that someone is going to betray you. Sometimes it is symbolic of the fact that you had a difficult childhood. At other times it means that you are being dishonest with someone. 

To find out what else it means, let’s dig in. 

General Interpretations of Dream About Going Deaf

A dream about going deaf indicates the fact that you are stubborn or that there is a lack of communication in your relationships. So, let’s know it in detail here!


This vision portends that you are a headstrong person and stubborn person. You tend to stick to your opinions, even when the facts prove otherwise. You shut a conversation down when you are in the wrong. You reject any viewpoint that does not match with yours. 

You might even get angry and get flared up at the slightest hint of disagreement. It’s time to change yourself for the better.


This means that someone you know – a friend, spouse, coworker, or acquaintance – is about to betray you. 

It means that you have confided in this person, and they are ready to misuse that information against you. So, remember to have your guard up.


This indicates a lack of communication in your relationship with your partner. For this, you both feel frustrated and alone in the relationship. 

Listen to what they say intently, and try to determine where they are coming from. Don’t let your anger cloud your judgment about them. Make a safe space where the two of you can share your needs and wants.


This vision indicates you are probably being manipulated by someone familiar. They’re using your flaws, fears, past mistakes, and insecurities against you. They gaslight you, resulting in you questioning your judgment and sanity. 

Cut off connections with such toxic people and reach out for help. 

Spiritual Meaning of Dream about Going Deaf

When you dream about a loved one being deaf, it indicates that. Again, a vision of you being deaf is symbolic of the fact.

Common Scenarios of Dream about Going Deaf

The subject of your dream of going deaf may show different people – like you, a child, or a loved one. Each of these has different messages. So, let’s decode them all here.

Going deaf in one ear

This indicates that you only hear what you want to hear. You don’t pay attention to others’ gossip. Criticism does not pull you down since you don’t take it seriously. 

Sometimes, this might lead to an inflated sense of self. So, remember to stay humble even if you don’t want to cloud your day by ruminating over negative comments.

Dream about a child going deaf 

This is a symbol of your difficult childhood. Maybe you lost your parents, they were never emotionally present even if they were alive, or they abused you. 

Overall, you have not got many happy memories that you can return to. Remember that the past is in the past. You cannot change what has happened, but you can always choose not to live in its shadow.

You going deaf

It portends to your inability to understand what is happening around and inside you. You feel like you haven’t yet figured out what life is about. You feel lost and think everyone around you has figured out their life. 

We all go through this phase once. So, trust your gut because you will figure things out slowly.

Talking to a person and them going deaf

This indicates that you are arguing with someone from a different generation in your waking life. Communication is hard due to your age gap. Moreover, you have different opinions, attitudes, and views toward life.

You are trying to speak in their language and meet them halfway, but that isn’t doing you any good. Anything you say is only deepening the chasm between you two.

A loved one going deaf 

This vision is symbolic of you not being completely honest with this person. You’re hiding some important aspects of yourself from them. You fear they’ll judge you harshly and throw you away. 

Remember that when someone loves you, they will accept you for who you are, however, you are. So, to have a healthy connection, you need to start being honest with them.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Often people get so worried from dreams about going deaf that they forget the necessary details to decipher them.

So, calm yourself down and write every detail in a journal while you still remember. Decode the messages, and you will find help to deal with waking-life issues.