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Dream of Condoms – 44 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of Condoms – 44 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 16, 2023 | Published on Jun 28, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream about Condoms – 44 Types & Their Interpretations

So, you had a dream about condoms, but you saw one in reality? Or, did you get pregnant despite using one?

You probably woke up confused and anxious. But, hey, don’t take your dreams literally. Sometimes the elements in your dreams refer to entirely different aspects of your life.

Further, you must never ignore recurring dreams. They indicate something far more serious than the usual dreams.

If you’re curious about it, this all-in-one think-piece will help you decode the prophecies and find your way to a stable and secure life

C’mon, let’s get to work right here…

Dream of Condom – 44 Types & Their Interpretations
Dream of Condom – 44 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream about Condom – General Interpretations

Condom dreams might ask you to change your behavior or postpone family planning. It might also symbolize a prosperous life, success, or sexual frustration.

Condoms are an important part of your sexual health. If you share your dreams with random people, they might say you need to get laid.

Though they might not be wrong, that’s not the only reason. So, let’s know the most probable cases here…

1. You must behave yourself

Condoms are like a jacket or covering to restrict or stop the semen from getting out. Such dreams may also suggest stopping you from behaving a certain way.

Otherwise, you may attract bad luck and sabotage your future.

2. You mustn’t get kids anytime soon

If you and your partner are planning to have kids anytime soon, this dream warns you against it. You’re not financially or emotionally ready for the responsibility.

Prepare yourselves well before family planning and focus on giving them a good life.

3. You’re sexually frustrated

If you’re single or just abstain from sexual activities, in reality, you might see condoms in your dreams. You want to fulfill your sexual desires but can’t find an outlet. The frustration doesn’t let you focus on important parts of your life.

4. It promises you success

Some condom dreams are symbolic of good choices in waking life. Your observation skills and great quality of creativity will help you succeed.

Continue pouring in your effort and you’ll reach the sky in no time. Moreover, don’t rush the process or stay humble.

5. It’s symbolic of a good life

You wear a condom to enjoy an active sexual life without the worries of diseases or pregnancy.

So, such dreams may reflect that you currently have a great life without any worries. Take this opportunity to relax right now and bond with your loved ones.

Dream of Condom – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of two condoms is symbolic of hasty decisions while dreams of a box of condoms are a harbinger of immense creativity.

Even the color and condition of the condom bring varied differences in your detailed dream interpretation. So, picture the subconscious condom, and let’s find your answers here…

1. Dream about condoms for men

If you’re a man, your dreams about condoms usually imply that you want to keep your desires and goals hidden from your loved ones. You don’t show your vulnerabilities even to your trusted people.

You’re an ambitious man, but the hurdles in your path delay your journey. Possibly, you feel unsure about reaching your goals.

You don’t want to disappoint others by sharing your plans and not achieving them at all.

2. Dream about condoms for women

If you’re a woman, your dream hints at a number of things. You might fear something in your waking hours or you deeply desire to have something. Whichever is your case, it makes you feel anxious.

Further, if you’re an office lady, this dream symbolizes something great in your professional life. Your seniors might soon acknowledge you and reward you with a bonus or a promotion.

3. Dream about searching for condom

Dreaming of searching for a condom, especially just before having sex in the dream, depicts a good symbol. You’ll succeed in your endeavors in waking life.

This is the perfect time for new undertakings in all fields of life. You may try to conceive, aim for a promotion, sign a business deal, invest in new assets, consider higher studies, and so on.

4. Dream about buying condom

Dear reader, your dream about buying a condom is rather good symbolism. It denotes you’ll soon find the person that will alter your life for the better. This person might be a life partner or a friend.

This indirectly suggests that the long-awaited change is not that far. Once you find them, you’ll slowly become wiser with their perspectives and lessons.

5. Dream about condom for teenagers

If you’re a teenager, a condom dream is a message about the upcoming adventures in your conscious hours. You’ll have a great time throughout the adventures because you’re thirsty for change in your life.

However, this will immensely impact your parents or guardian. They might try to stop you, but try to keep yourself calm. Explain how things are to them to convince them you’re responsible and to soothe their worries.

6. Dream about finding and wearing condom

Dreaming of finding a condom and putting it on signifies you’re a proud person. You believe you’re a star and everyone desires you. You have high self-esteem and feel you’re entitled to the best treatment everywhere.

The dream asks you to reassess yourself and your behavior. You throw a temper like a child and have such high expectations from everyone. Why do you think you deserve everything?

7. Dream about buying and wearing condom

The dream meaning of buying a condom and putting it on is a lucky indication. If you have a business plan in mind, you’ll soon receive financial backing or other forms of support to build your business.

However, the dream doesn’t envisage anything about how your business will flourish. Don’t become boastful because a humble person receives much more blessings to advance in life.

8. Dream about condom too big to wear

The sight of a condom that’s too big for you or your partner in dreams is a bad premonition. This dream signifies failure in your waking life. So, don’t hope too much from any endeavor you already started.

Don’t begin new projects, initiate business alliances, invest in property, get in relationships, or even attempt to conceive during this phase. You may be disappointed in anything you try now.

9. Dream about a torn condom

The dream vision of a torn condom isn’t the best sign for your business or service life. You might lose a lot in this life phase, so be more alert and tread lightly.

You may face many difficulties regarding a project. You’ll try your best to deal with the situation but your ideas will clash with your coworkers’.

This may begin a ruckus in the workplace, so consider everyone’s ideas equally and calmly.

10. Dream about can’t wear condom

In your dream, if you struggle to wear a condom, this is a bad premonition about your romantic or sexual life. Your partner might disappoint or betray you.

Don’t jump to conclusions and ruin a healthy relationship without evidence.

Or, you might feel fed up with the monotonous sex life. Communicate with your partner about your sexual expectations and try to reach a middle ground about it.

11. Dream about used condom

Dreams about a used condom can bring bad news. Possibly, someone uses you for their personal benefits. Someone possibly manipulates you and you’re unaware of their schemes.

You might assume they don’t mean you any harm or that you do everything because you want to. However, the reality is far from that. They control you with toxic backhanded means.

Try to recognize the patterns before you lose everything in your life.

12. Dream about condom filled with blood

If you’re a man dreaming of condom full of blood might portray your fears about contracting sexually transmitted infections and diseases. For women, the same reflect your anxieties about conception.

However, such visions also invade your dreams if you’re sexually frustrated and desire frequent sex or a different variety of sex.

Conversely, it might show you’re guilty of your past actions and want to change your wrongdoings.

13. Dreams with colored condom

To see many colored condoms in your dreams is a positive omen about a harmonious life with your intimate partner. You’ll be happy with your prosperity in your business or service life. You’ll attain multiple personal gains in the coming days.

It asks you to confront your repressed emotions and express them in a controlled manner. This will let others know you’re capable and appoint you to important projects which will help you grow.

14. Dreaming of large condoms

Seeing large condoms in your dreams convey a disappointing message. In the near future, you won’t succeed in most endeavors. Even if you do, it’ll cost you more effort than usual so stay alert.

This is a signal to stay away from any auspicious new beginnings like building a home, buying a car, beginning new projects, or even seeking life partners.

15. Dream about golden condoms

The dream meaning of golden condoms shows you practice conventional methods in your work life and don’t trust the modern ones. This is a message to step away from your comfort zone and try out new things.

Conventional habits may obstruct your personal and professional growth. So, to approach your goals, be open to learning new things and invite your desired success.

16. Dream about clean condoms

Dreams about clean condoms showcase you habitually obstruct others from expressing themselves. You must allow others to be more open and honest about their views and not belittle them for it.

It might also predict passionate sexual relationships in waking life if you’re single. If you’re in a sexually monogamous relationship, it declares you both desire adventures in the bedroom, so communicate clearly.

17. Dream about female condoms for women

Dreaming about female condoms, if you’re a woman, outlines your fear about a situation, person, or object in real life. You feel anxious about something in your life and it keeps you awake at night.

It’s astonishing that even in the little amount of shut-eye you got, your anxieties crept into your subconscious views. Don’t ignore the issue and deal with it head-on.

However, such dreams may also forecast receiving a bonus for your hard work.

18. Dream about female condoms for men

Being a man if you see a female condom in your dreams, it’s symbolic of bad news. A female family member might be the messenger for it. Or, it might be about her life.

It might be about her health, job security, investments, relationship, or something else precious to her. You must support her throughout this situation and not judge her. Otherwise, she might take the wrong step.

19. Dream about broken condoms

If the condom broke in your dream, it’s a sign of your emotional needs. You feel attached to a person, relationship, situation, or object. However, you lost it and blame yourself for it.

You indulge in self-hate due to it and the dream warns you against that. Take care of yourself and work hard to show you’re a worthy person. Focus on your liabilities in life and leave the past behind.

Alternatively, the dream may suggest guiding a loved one to the correct path.

20. Dream about many condoms

If you see many condoms in your dreams, it portrays your creative energy will overflow and you’ll finally make progress on an old project. You’ll gain clarity about your situation which will lead you to success.

Alternatively, this dream also shows that you’ll be emotionally attracted to someone. However, you won’t be able to balance your heart’s desire, rationality, and conscience.

21. Dream about finding condoms

Dreaming of finding condoms reflects your emotional growth in waking hours. This also hints at a transition phase in your life. A chapter will end and a new one will begin.

Due to your emotional maturity, you’ll feel optimistic about the new challenges in this phase. You might also feel your emotions more vividly due to the emotional transformation.

22. Dream about two condoms

If you see two condoms in your dreams, it advises you to restrain yourself in real life. Your perspective about something is quite poor because you made a bad decision.

Your hasty and impulsive choices brought you to this situation. So, change the way you deal with life. Don’t let your mind choose random things and sabotage your life.

23. Dream about condom in wrapper

Dreaming of a packaged condom is symbolic of your unwilling nature to accept others’ ideas. You believe you’re always right and don’t need anyone else to succeed in life.

You suppress others’ desires and thoughts and demotivate them from ever expressing their opinions. Your subordinates don’t have a close bond with you due to your one-sided thoughts.

24. Dream about unrolled condom

Dreams about an unrolled condom define you’re at the peak of sexual frustration. It might be due to your low frequency of sexual activities. Or, you might desire more variety in your bedroom.

If you’re a woman, you’re frustrated probably because you fear pregnancy and abstain. If you’re a man, you abstain due to fear of STIs and STDs and feel frustrated.

25. Dream about wearing condom

Dreams about wearing a condom warn you about the possible hazardous situation in your waking life. Stay alert during this phase as external forces will try to harm you.

Another way to interpret is that you wish to control your emotions better. You don’t want others’ cruel words to push you off the edge and lose your cool.

26. Dream about someone else wearing condom

If you see someone else wearing a condom in your dream, it shows how you feel in waking life. You feel protected emotionally and that nobody can hurt you.

Possibly, this feeling is because someone supports you through thick and thin. You can express yourself honestly to them and feel unconditionally accepted which calms you down.

27. Dream about receiving a condom

Dreaming of receiving a condom is an excellent symbol of your waking life. Someone will always protect you through every step of your life. They won’t allow anyone to harm you.

This might be a person or blessings from the spiritual realm. This might be a good time to undertake risky endeavors. You’ll be protected from any losses throughout and will get help to make wise choices.

28. Dream about giving a condom

Dreams of giving someone a condom stands for your search for a dependable person. This might mean you can’t handle your life situation on your own and need guidance and enlightenment for stability or success.

This may also show you have secrets and want to share your burdens or confide in someone. You hope that they won’t spread rumors or judge you for it.

29. Dream about condom dropping from hands

In the dream, if the condom drops from your hands, it predicts a change in your waking life. This change may or may not be fortunate.

So, make sure you stay alert and don’t take any risks for a while.

Unwanted risks may invite financial instability and jeopardize your relationship with your family and lover. Take calculated steps to avoid any unfavorable change.

30. Dream about being forced to wear condom

The dream vision of being forced to put on a condom carries negative symbolism. The people you deal with every day like your coworkers, business partners, friends, neighbors, or even your lover might possess ill intentions towards you.

It’s hard to pinpoint this person’s identity unless you notice the other person clearly in your dream. Try to not give away any sensitive secrets to anyone.

31. Dream about condom in dustbin

Dreams about seeing a condom in the dustbin are a spiritual message. You have too many foxes around you in waking life. They’re waiting to take advantage of you and this is a sign to get away from them.

Think deeply about those who stir up your suspicions and slowly pull out the weeds. You mustn’t tell them to stay away verbally but distance yourself from them.

32. Dreams about box of condoms

Dreaming of a box of condoms declares you’ll receive new creative ideas. This will help to build the foundation of your new undertakings.

Soon all confusion will fade away and you’ll have a clear sight of your goals and the best route.

This might also resemble your troubles in loving and being loved. Possibly, your past experiences stop you from opening your heart. This is a message to let go of your inhibitions and believe in love once again.

33. Dream about seeing condom

If your dream was only about seeing a condom, it may indicate a new beginning in your waking life.

You’ll find a lover if you’re single and you may get married if you have a partner. If you’re married, you might achieve a new relationship milestone.

Alternatively, it might also symbolize your low self-esteem. It suggests being more confident and proud of yourself.

34. Dream about condom without men

Dreaming of a condom but there’s no man around you implies you’re sexually frustrated. You possibly abstained for too long because of your fear of STDs, pregnancy, or because your religion forbids it.

35. Dream about pregnancy after using condom for women

Being an unmarried woman, if you dream of pregnancy even after using condoms, your real-life partner will betray you. You may find they’re a playboy and obviously, it’ll be a miserable end.

Don’t try to bring them back into your life. Focus on your professional life and try to lead a balanced life to forget that undeserving man.

36. Dream about pregnancy after using condom for men

Being a man, dreaming of pregnancy despite using a condom brings positive news. You’ll get married to your lover soon. If you’re already married, this might literally mean you’ll soon have a baby or you’ll buy a new house or car.

If you don’t have a partner, this might predict a serious romantic relationship.

37. Dream about partner wearing condom

Dreaming of your partner putting on a condom shows you feel emotionally protected in your relationship. You can express yourself well to your partner without any inhibitions.

This is proof of your strong relationship. Your partner accepts all shades and forms of you without any judgment. They created a safe space for you to pour your heart out and you feel grateful.

38. Dream about open but unused condom

Dreams of an open yet unused condom show you’re insecure in your relationship. You feel your partner doesn’t love you equally or they can do better without you.

If your partner makes you feel this way or indicates that you’re inadequate for them, you deserve much better.

However, if you assume this on your own, try to be more confident about yourself. Your partner will feel it’s because they failed to express their love.

39. Dream about blue condom

Dreaming about blue condoms is a message for your romantic life. You must follow your heart whenever you feel doubtful about anything in your romantic relationship.

Don’t waste too much time thinking about all the possibilities lest you’ll miss grand opportunities in love.

40. Dream about green condom

The subconscious view of green condoms is good news if you want to get pregnant. If you had multiple miscarriages or weren’t able to conceive, you will soon get pregnant and have a safe delivery.

For others, it’s a sign of happiness and prosperity in your love or family life. You’ll feel secure and comfortable in the coming days.

41. Dream about transparent condoms

If you see transparent condoms in your dreams, you’re leading a double life. You always desire to hide a part of your personality from people around you. You won’t let any beloved know your true desires.

Your loved ones understand that you’re hiding something and don’t completely trust you. You might feel that it doesn’t affect you.

However, when you’ll face serious troubles in life, nobody will support you and you’ll regret your choices. Change your mind while you have time.

42. Dream about a large condom broke

If a large condom breaks in your dreams, it’s a sign to carefully choose your romantic partners. If you’re too hasty about it, you may get heartbroken. They might leave you after using your finances and resources.

However, if you already have a partner, communicate openly and honestly to avoid relationship issues. Don’t blame your partner for anything but keep an eye out for dubious actions.

43. Dream about your partner searching for a condom

If your partner started searching for a condom in your dream, it is a sign to stay alert. Jealous people are around you with a friendly façade. You better not share excessive details about your life plans with others.

They might even try to tarnish your reputation or hurt your loved ones with lies. Build a strong relationship with your family so nobody can disrupt your personal life.

44. Dream about buying condom

According to dream lore, the vision of buying condoms depicts that you have a secret.

However, you can’t hide it any longer and feel guilty as you constantly spew lies to protect this secret. The dream asks you to reflect on your actions and behavior and make things right with everyone.

Such dreams are also a harbinger of a family member’s sudden demise. Spend more time with your loved ones.

Islamic Meaning of Condom Dreams

In Islam, condom dreams are symbolic of financial losses, a divorce from your spouse, or stopping your children’s financial gains from inheritance.

In Islam, using condoms in your dreams is a sign of wastage of finances on futile things. You may deprive your offspring of their legal inheritance.

Your partner may leave you in your waking life. You might even lose your job, miss a promotion, or switch to a business and incur many losses.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret condom dreams correctly

Multiple condom dreams have dual interpretations. So, you might get confused about which to consider.

However, if you remember all the details of the plot, you can zoom into the exact message better. So, answer these and try to check for a common pattern…

1. Who found the condom?

2. Who wore it?

3. Was it in a packet or outside one?

4. How many condoms were there?

5. What was the condom color?

6. Was it used or unused?

7. Was the size perfect?

8. Did anything go wrong with the condom?

9. Did anyone get pregnant?

10. What’s your age and gender?

A word from ThePleasantDream

The spiritual realm always sends messages to help you prosper in life. In waking life, if you’re very mindful of your surroundings you might notice them. However, the human race drowned itself in endless distractions like gadgets and appliances.

Your dreams are the best channel for the spiritual message to stand out, so never ignore them. Whether you get a positive or negative message, always run after progress.  However, if your dream asks you to slow down, listen to it.

If you ever feel lost, seek help from your loved ones and be open to helping others… and your virtues will repay you multiple folds.