Dream about condom might ask you to change your behavior or postpone family planning. It might also symbolize a prosperous life, success, or sexual frustration.

Dream of Condom – Various Types & Their Interpretations
Dream of Condom – Various Types & Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Condoms?

Condoms are an important part of your sexual health. If you share your dreams with random people, they might say you need to get laid.

Though they might not be wrong, that’s not the only reason. So, let’s know the most probable cases here…

You must behave yourself

Such dreams may also suggest stopping you from behaving a certain way. Otherwise, you may attract bad luck and sabotage your future.

You mustn’t plan kids anytime soon

If you and your partner are planning to have kids anytime soon, this dream warns you against it. You’re not financially or emotionally ready for the responsibility.

You’re sexually frustrated

If you’re single or just abstain from sexual activities, in reality, you might see condoms in your dreams. You want to fulfill your sexual desires but can’t find an outlet.

It promises you success

Some condom dreams are symbolic of good choices in waking life. Your observation skills and great quality of creativity will help you succeed.

It’s symbolic of a good life

It may reflect that you currently have a great life without any worries. Take this opportunity to relax right now and bond with your loved ones.

Dream of Condom – Various Scenarios and Meanings

Dreaming of two condoms is symbolic of hasty decisions while dreams of a box of condoms are a harbinger of immense creativity.

Even the color and condition of the condom bring varied differences in your detailed dream interpretation. So, picture the subconscious condom, and find your answers here…

Searching for condom 

Dreaming of searching for a condom, especially just before having sex in the dream, depicts a good symbol. You’ll succeed in your endeavors in waking life.

This is the perfect time for new undertakings in all fields of life. You may try to conceive, aim for a promotion, sign a business deal, invest in new assets, consider higher studies, and so on.

Buying condom

It is rather good symbolism. It denotes you’ll soon find the person that will change your life for the better. This person might be a life partner or a friend

Torn condom 

The subconscious vision of a condom tearing is indicative of your fear about anything regarding sex.

These fears might be due to lack of experience, poor sexual experience, or trauma from sexual abuse. 

Finding and wearing condom

Dreaming of finding a condom and putting it on signifies you’re a proud person. You believe you’re a star and everyone desires you.

You have high self-esteem and feel you’re entitled to the best treatment everywhere. 

Buying and wearing condom

The dream meaning of buying a condom and putting it on is a lucky indication.

If you have a business plan in mind, you’ll soon receive financial backing or other forms of support to build your business.

Condom too big to wear

The sight of a condom that’s too big for you or your partner in dreams is a bad premonition.

This dream signifies failure in your waking life. So, don’t hope too much from any endeavor you already started. 

Dream about can’t wear condom

This is a bad premonition about your romantic or sexual life. Your partner might disappoint or betray you. Don’t jump to conclusions and ruin a healthy relationship without evidence.

Used condom

This dream can bring bad news. Possibly, someone uses you for their personal benefits. Someone possibly manipulates you and you’re unaware of their schemes. 

Open but unused condom

Dreams of an open yet unused condom show you’re insecure in your relationship. You feel your partner doesn’t love you equally or they can do better without you.

Many condoms

It portrays your creative energy will overflow and you’ll finally make progress on an old project. You’ll gain clarity about your situation which will lead you to success.

Finding condoms

This dream reflects your emotional growth in waking hours. It also hints at a transition phase in your life. A chapter will end and a new one will begin.

Wearing condom

This warns you about the possible hazardous situation in your waking life. Stay alert during this phase as external forces will try to harm you.

Receiving a condom

This is an excellent symbol of your waking life. Someone will always protect you through every step of your life. They won’t allow anyone to harm you.

Giving a condom

Dreams of giving someone a condom stands for your search for a dependable person. This might mean you can’t handle your life situation on your own and need guidance and enlightenment for stability or success.

Dream of Different Kinds of Condoms & Their Meanings

Colored condom

To see many colored condoms in your dreams is a positive omen about a harmonious life with your intimate partner.

Large condoms

Seeing large condoms in your dreams convey a disappointing message. In the near future, you won’t succeed in most endeavors.

Female condoms 

If you’re a woman, this dream outlines your fear about a situation, person, or object in real life. You feel anxious about something in your life and it keeps you awake at night.

Transparent condoms

This dream reflects that you’re leading a double life. You always desire to hide a part of your personality from people around you. You won’t let any beloved know your true desires.

Dream Meaning Condoms – For Men

If you’re a man, your dreams about condoms usually imply that you want to keep your desires and goals hidden from your loved ones.

You don’t show your vulnerabilities even to your trusted people.

Dream about condoms – For Women

If you’re a woman, your dream hints at a number of things.

You might fear something in your waking hours or you deeply desire to have something. Whichever is your case, it makes you feel anxious.

Dream of condoms – For Teenagers

If you’re a teenager, a condom dream is a message about the upcoming adventures in your conscious hours.

You’ll have a great time throughout the adventures because you desperately need a change in your life.

Closing Thoughts!

Condoms may allow you to live a “stress free” sex life in reality but it definitely may have some concerning messages in dreams. 

So, keep your ears open and don’t dismiss anything that you see in your sleep. It is sure to make your future course of action better.