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Dream of Lotus – 30 Types and Their Interpretations

Dream of Lotus – 30 Types and Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 17, 2023 | Published on Jul 14, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Lotus Dream - 30 Types and Their Interpretations

Usually, people assume a dream of a lotus or rather any flower is a positive symbol. However, fate might not always have great plans for everyone.

So, I believe it’s important to know your dreams inside out and prepared this think-piece just for you.

C‘mon, let’s analyze and understand your subconscious visions here!

Dream of Lotus – General Interpretations

A lotus in your dreams can signify purity, beauty, and inner growth. Just like lotuses grow in muddy waters, someone who is experiencing dark times can also grow from within.

In reality, lotus flowers have varied meanings in different religions and cultures. And they’re mostly auspicious and positive signs.

However, in the dream realm, it might not be so simple and might even bring worrisome news. Wondering what that might be? Let’s get started!

1. You feel enlightened

A lotus dream denotes enlightenment and wisdom. Your spiritual messenger sends you positive signs and you might be blessed with newfound knowledge. You will understand the purpose of your existence soon.

2. You give in to people easily

A red lotus is a symbol of danger as it symbolizes that you trust people without knowing their true intentions.

This is why your social circle is filled with people who pretend to love you but have malicious plans inside. Try to know someone before befriending them.

3. You are creative

Many times, lotuses represent creativity and potential. If you’re experiencing a rough time and you feel all hope is lost, your subconscious tells you to not give up by showing you lotuses.

Keep harnessing your potential and try out creative ways of solving a problem.

4. There is emotional trauma in your life

Another negative representation of a lotus might be that you are going through emotional turmoil right now.

Maybe something from your past haunts you or you’re facing hardships in your current relationships. Whatever the reason may be, try to understand the root cause first.

5. You are elegant and pure-hearted

People who are elegant, knowledgeable, and pure at heart are truly rare. If you dream of lotus plants growing in muddy swamps, it indicates that you are truly one of a kind.

No matter what hurdles life throws at you, you can emerge victorious because your heart is set in the right place.

Lotus Dream – 30 Types and Their Interpretations

A red lotus flower in dreams signifies danger but a white one symbolizes your purity. Some lotus dreams also represent great virtues such as resilience, toughness, honesty, and grace. But are those the only interpretations?

If your mind is craving more answers, keep reading to find out!

1. Dream about lotus blooming

A dream about a growing or blooming lotus indicates that something very important will happen to you. It hints at abundance and greatness.

Your life will be filled with good news and joy soon, so be prepared.

2. Dream about consuming lotus leaves

A dream of plucking the lotus leaves for consumption is a good sign. It means that you want to live a healthy life. Health is one of the greatest treasures in our lives, and you know its importance.

3. Dream about a lotus in sight

When you dream of simply looking at a lotus, this dream symbolizes your ability to live a clean and unblemished life.

You have a great personality and a wonderful nature, which is why so many people love being around you.

4. Dream about withered lotus

A withered lotus is a bad omen. It signifies unfortunate things coming your way.

Therefore, be mentally prepared for the worst and try to handle the situation the best you can. Only then can you withstand harsh circumstances.

5. Drawing lotus on fabric

Many Hindu sculptures show Lord Ganesha holding a lotus flower. If you dream of drawing a lotus on fabric, it means that Lord Ganesha will bless you with good luck in your business endeavors.

6. Drawing lotus on your body

Dreaming of drawing a lotus flower on your body signifies profit. This might be related to earning a profit at work or winning a lottery. Good times are about to come.

7. Dream about red lotus

Red is the color of danger, so dreaming of a red lotus means that you might be in danger because you trust chatty people a lot. Avoid this, because it will later land you in trouble.

8. Dream about yellow lotus

A yellow lotus represents friendship. Maybe your long-lost friend will reenter your life and strike up a great relationship with you. Or you will befriend someone soon, who will help you out during tough times.

9. Dream about white lotus

This represents the purity of thoughts. You are a pure-hearted person who worries about others’ welfare. You wish to help out people in need, not for your own gain, but to see them happy.

10. Dream about broken lotus

A broken lotus stem or flower represents sad news. You will experience a separation or break up with a loved person soon. This will cause you both pain but it will probably be for the greater good.

11. Dream about pink lotus

When a young girl holds a pink lotus in dreams, it signifies the advent of platonic love. If a young bride holds it, it signifies a good amount of authority.

Generally, pink represents achieving goals. Further, a pale pink lotus stands for illusions, and a medium pink stands for sublime feelings.

12. Dream about closed lotus bud

This signifies that you are experiencing a slight deviation in your well-being. If you’re cutting off a closed lotus bud, it shows that your mind is plagued with negative thoughts.

13. Dream about lotus without a single inflorescence

This dream symbolizes that you will be easily fooled by someone close. They can be your friend, coworker, or even your family member. It’s important to stay alert in the coming few days.

14. Dream of wild water lily

This dream denotes that your spiritual self is in complete harmony with your material interests. You will achieve everything that your heart desires since this is a favorable sign.

15. Dream of crossing a pond in a boat and plucking lotus

This is a negative dream which indicates that you are doing something completely useless and probably harmful.

Simply admiring the flowers is much better because it represents that your life is complete and saturated.

16. Dream about lotus position

The lotus position in your dreams signifies the fruitfulness of meditation. You can improve yourself, even in your dreams. It can also indicate peace of mind.

17. Dream about lotus in water pond

Seeing a lotus in a water pond in your dreams asks you to stop and listen. This will improve your experience in life and help you seek out the answers to all your problems.

You may not receive your answers straight away, but keep listening.

18. Dream about lotus in bloom in bathtub

If you dream of lotus flowers blooming in your own bathtub or jacuzzi tub, it’s not a good sign. You don’t listen to your intuition and this affects your life.

Search for answers in unexpected places, such as examples from your everyday life.

19. Dream about flying lotus in the sky

Dream about flying lotus in the sky marks your extraordinary destiny. You will perform an unusually wise miracle and your hidden magical abilities will soon present themselves. Therefore, be ready for any opportunity that arrives.

20. Dream about lotus flower in mud

Having a dream of a lotus flower in mud shows your spiritual awakening. However, it can also show that you will hit financial hardships and will face bribes and lies. But you’ll still perform a very ethical act that will shock people.

21. Dream about lotus seed

The Lotus seed in your dreams represents your knowledge and wisdom. You can channel forward all your potential towards the personal circumstances that will happen in your future.

22. Dream about lotus leaf

The lotus leaf represents profit and your safe haven. But you also wish to go on a journey to achieve personal growth. You’re willing to work against all odds to get what you want in life.

23. Dream about eating lotus flower

When you have a dream of eating a lotus flower, it symbolizes that you must rely on your past experiences and feelings to move forward in life and have a brighter future.

24. Dream about sitting on lotus leaf

Envisioning yourself sitting on a lotus leaf means that you must think deeper and know yourself better.

Meditate often and think carefully about your next moves. Make sure you always have a safety net before jumping into any risky business deals.

25. Dream about purple lotus

A purple lotus in your dreams indicates that your mind will open up to the spiritual world. You are learning many new things that will benefit you spiritually.

Or it can also indicate opening your divine spirituality to the world.

26. Dream about blue lotus

A blue lotus in the dream realm shows that you must follow your intuition and instincts and they will lead you to all the right places.

27. Dream about lotus tattoo

If you dream of a lotus tattoo on your own body or someone else’s, it indicates your ability to survive even the harshest of circumstances.

Maybe you’re hanging out with negative people or experiencing a rough time. But no matter what life throws at you, you’ll remain true to yourself.

28. Dream of making bundles of lotus

If you dream of yourself gathering a bunch of lotuses and making bundles out of them, hard times will come to an end. Your inner spirit tells you that success is very close, so don’t give up just yet.

29. Dream of plucking a lotus and giving it to your loved one

Even though the dream might sound very beautiful, it has a negative interpretation.

When you pluck a lotus and gift it to someone you love, it means that you will soon separate or part ways. You won’t be happy about the separation and this will create turmoil in your mind.

30. Dream of receiving a lotus

This is a good dream because it signifies that someone gave you something valuable and you must cherish it at all costs. This gift might also lead you towards your awakening.

Spiritual Meaning of dream of lotus

In most eastern religions, the lotus signifies rebirth. Other times, it may imply your need for nourishment or preparedness to receive spiritual messages.

Though the lotus isn’t very connected to the western culture, it has a whole lot of significance in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and other eastern religions as it represents rebirth.

Depending on the dreamer, seeing the lotus can mean something different to each person.

It can either mean that you are spiritually ready to receive the messages of the universe or it can also mean that your mind needs more nourishment.

Biblical Meaning of lotus dreams

In the Bible, it’s said that Behemoth, a monstrous creature hides under the shadow of lotus or water lily, so the flower might have some religious significance with the Savior of Christianity because Jesus, the Lily of the Valley, conceals our sins in the shadow of His cross and love.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret lotus dreams correctly

In any dream, it’s important to recollect as much as you can to interpret it accurately. Here are some questions to ask yourself to gather all necessary intel and reach your dream interpretation…

1. What color was the lotus?

2. Where was the flower growing?

3. Did you pluck the flower or simply stare at it?

4. How do you feel after having these dreams?

5. How frequently do you dream of lotuses?

6. How many lotuses do you see at once?

7. What was the size of the flower?

8. Do you dream of anything related to the flower, such as leaves, stems, or roots?

9. Do you see anyone else in the dream?

10. Did you see any kind of lotus drawing or a tattoo?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Lotuses symbolize love, hope, and dreaming as high as possible. However, it also carries some negative news. Try to act as your situation demands. Remember to be careful and wise!

Never let your emotions take the better of you and assess every decision with a calm mind.

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