Dream of a lotus can signify purity, beauty, and inner growth. Just like lotuses grow in muddy waters, someone who is experiencing dark times can also grow from within.

Dream of Lotus – General Interpretations

In reality, lotus flowers have varied meanings in different religions and cultures. And they’re mostly auspicious and positive signs.

However, in the dream realm, it might not be so simple and might even bring worrisome news. Wondering what that might be? Let’s get started!

  • You feel enlightened
  • You give in to people easily
  • You are creative
  • There is emotional trauma in your life
  • You are elegant and pure-hearted

Lotus Dream – Various Types and Their Interpretations

A red lotus flower in dreams signifies danger but a white one symbolizes your purity. Some lotus dreams also represent great virtues such as resilience, toughness, honesty, and grace. But are those the only interpretations?

If your mind is craving more answers, keep reading to find out!

Dream about lotus blooming

A dream about a growing or blooming lotus indicates that something very important will happen to you. It hints at abundance and greatness.

Your life will be filled with good news and joy soon, so be prepared.

Dream about consuming lotus leaves

A dream of plucking the lotus leaves for consumption is a good sign. It means that you want to live a healthy life. Health is one of the greatest treasures in our lives, and you know its importance.

Dream about a lotus in sight

It symbolizes your ability to live a clean and unblemished life. You have a great personality and a wonderful nature, which is why so many people love being around you.

Withered lotus

A withered lotus is a bad omen. It signifies unfortunate things coming your way.

Therefore, be mentally prepared for the worst and try to handle the situation the best you can. Only then can you withstand harsh circumstances.

Drawing lotus on fabric

Many Hindu sculptures show Lord Ganesha holding a lotus flower. If you dream of drawing a lotus on fabric, it means that Lord Ganesha will bless you with good luck in your business endeavors.

Drawing lotus on your body

Dreaming of drawing a lotus flower on your body signifies profit. This might be related to earning a profit at work or winning a lottery. Good times are about to come.

Broken lotus

It represents sad news. You will experience a separation or break up with a loved person soon. This will cause you both pain but it will probably be for the greater good.

Lotus in water pond

Seeing a lotus in a water pond in your dreams asks you to stop and listen. This will improve your experience in life and help you seek out the answers to all your problems.

Lotus in bloom in bathtub

If you dream of lotus flowers blooming in your own bathtub or jacuzzi tub, it’s not a good sign. You don’t listen to your intuition and this affects your life.

Flying lotus in the sky

Dream about flying lotus in the sky marks your extraordinary destiny. You will perform an unusually wise miracle and your hidden magical abilities will soon present themselves. Therefore, be ready for any opportunity that arrives.

Lotus flower in mud

It shows your spiritual awakening. However, it can also show that you will hit financial hardships and will face bribes and lies. But you’ll still perform a very ethical act that will shock people.

Lotus seed

The Lotus seed in your dreams represents your knowledge and wisdom. You can channel forward all your potential towards the personal circumstances that will happen in your future.

Lotus leaf

The lotus leaf represents profit and your safe haven. But you also wish to go on a journey to achieve personal growth.

Eating lotus flower

When you have a dream of eating a lotus flower, it symbolizes that you must rely on your past experiences and feelings to move forward in life and have a brighter future.

Sitting on lotus leaf

Envisioning yourself sitting on a lotus leaf means that you must think deeper and know yourself better.

Lotus tattoo

If you dream of a lotus tattoo on your own body or someone else’s, it indicates your ability to survive even the harshest of circumstances.

Dreaming of Lotus Based on Different Colors

Red lotus – Red is the color of danger, so dreaming of a red lotus means that you might be in danger because you trust chatty people a lot. 

Yellow lotus – A yellow lotus represents friendship. Maybe your long-lost friend will reenter your life and strike up a great relationship with you. 

White lotus – This represents the purity of thoughts. You are a pure-hearted person who worries about others’ welfare. 

Pink lotus – It signifies the advent of platonic love. If a young bride holds it, it signifies a good amount of authority.

Purple lotus – It indicates that your mind will open up to the spiritual world. You are learning many new things that will benefit you spiritually.

Blue lotus – It shows that you must follow your intuition and instincts and they will lead you to all the right places.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Lotuses symbolize love, hope, and dreaming as high as possible. However, it also carries some negative news. Try to act as your situation demands. Remember to be careful and wise!

Never let your emotions take the better of you and assess every decision with a calm mind.

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