Human mind can get incredibly complex and creative when it comes to weird dreaming. One such ‘flight of fantasy’ is the flying dream.  For many of us, these lucid dreams are euphoric, easy-going, and fun. But there are few who think these dreams are fearful, scary, and confusing.

In this article, you would be knowing about the type of dreams about flying and their symbolic meaning in real life situations.

40 Types of Flying Dreams & Its Interpretations
Various Types of Flying Dreams & Its Interpretations

General Dream Meaning of Flying

Whenever you see a dream of flying, it means you have freed yourself from daily hassles and obstacles. The dream symbolizes personal freedom, willpower, hope, and lightness of being.

In common dream symbolism, flying dream is an enjoyable experience, thus symbolizing a happy expression of personal fulfillment and elation. The dream symbolizes a sign of hope and opportunities. You have taken a greater leap to accomplish everything that you have silently wished for. 

Negatively flying dreams are all about lack of control over situations, emotional highs, anxiety and fear, and some unavoidable practical difficulties of your waking life.

Perhaps the most logical psychological explanation of flying dreams is the dreamer’s ability to rise above crisis and meet life goals efficiently.

In general flying dreams mean the following:

  • New opportunities
  • Hope and fresh outlook towards life
  • A positive change as you are soaring high with confidence
  • Creative endeavors
  • Self-realization and a profound sense of control over ugly issues in waking life
  • New perspectives that enables you to see things from varied angles
  • Independent mindset
  • Invincible and bold attitude, as if you are not born to suffer a defeat.
  • These lucid dreaming means escape and avoidance from stressful life situations
  • You are brimming with incredible potentials
  • Reaching your highest life goal
  • Confronting and overcoming fears
  • Spiritual awakening and connecting to your higher self.

Flying dreams are symbolic of liberating yourself from the shackles of everyday hurdles. For you, the sky’s the limit. It means you have the ability to face adversities and crises, no matter what happens. You believe in striking the right chord of opportunity at the right time.

Spiritual Meaning of flying dreams

Spiritually, flying dream symbols mean inner strength and win over enemies. It means freedom from life troubles and an expansion of your spiritual elevation. 

You have flown high, much above Earthly desires. The dream symbolizes spiritual awakening and connecting with your higher self.

Thus, spiritually these dreams represent salvation, independence, and renunciation. 

Biblical Interpretation

Flying dreams symbolize empowerment, reaching elevated heights of success and accomplishment. It symbolizes your free spirit, freedom, and willpower to fight all adverse situations easily.

Biblically the dream reminds you to be liberated from the shackles of daily life issues. To free yourself and pursue interests of your choice. Negatively, flying dreams are considered as an act of cowardice where you try to escape from real life situations. 

Psychological Interpretation

A fly signifies liberation from worldly problems. Psychologically, it means avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. The obstructions that have held you down are broken and you could see yourself free to fly in the air. 

This dream represents your craving for independence. According to Sigmund Freud, flying dreams are about repressed sexual energies that crave for manifestation. 

Different Types of Flying Dreams

Flying dreams carry the metaphoric meaning of new possibilities and hope. There is nothing in life that you cannot do or achieve. Usually these dreams are happy experiences for the dreamer but in certain cases, these dreams are symbolic of fear and uncertainty. 

In this section we are going to discuss the common types of dreams about flying and their symbolic meaning.

Dream of Flying in a plane

It symbolizes your ability to overcome obstacles and rise above adversities. It denotes control over the real life situation. You are clear about your destination and can easily reach there with courage and confidence. 

Airplanes denote life’s journey with freedom and independence. You are sure of your decisions and pretty confident of your plans and ideas and how to accomplish them in waking life.

Dreams of floating

The dreams of flying and floating represent similar meanings. Both these activities denote freedom of expression. You are free and independent to move ahead in life.

The dream represents a positive sign of self-growth. A typical floating dream where you see yourself happy and blissful, it means serenity and stability in waking life. 

Dreaming of Flying in the sky 

It represents your inherent desire to free yourself from all bondage and experience ecstasy and jubilation. It represents success and to be on the top.

It symbolizes peace and joy. On the flip side, if you dream of flying in cloudy skies, it represents storms in your everyday life. 

Dream of flying over water

This symbolizes that you have risen above your setbacks and obstacles. The emotions attached with real life issues were handled skillfully. Water denotes the flow of emotions. Thus flying over water is a dream symbol of overcoming worries and moving with the flow of life. 

This dream reminds you to stay mindful, develop clarity, and gain insight into your daily lives. In doing so you can easily understand the changes happening around. 

Dream of being able to fly

A dream symbolism of this type denotes hope and new possibilities coming your way. The dream reminds you to stay focused and believe in your abilities. You are powerful to soar high up in the sky. 

Being able to fly also means that your qualities will help you in achieving the desired goal. Such dreams give you motivation to stay strong and enjoy your freedom. It reflects your strong willpower and determination to move through adversities.

Flying away from danger

It represents uncertainty and fear. Some real life situations in your life are creating havoc and you are trying to run away or avoid the situation. This dream symbolizes obstacles and adversities that you are consciously trying to avoid.

Birds flying inside the house

It symbolizes severe loss in terms of relationships with either family members or friends. You may suffer a breakup or part away from your friends. This dream symbol is a bad sign and indicates failure in relationships

Moreover, if you see a bird flying in from a window and hovering inside the house it represents some pleasant and unexpected news from somewhere is coming soon. In certain dream contexts, birds flying in the house means good luck, abundance, and prosperity. 

Flying like a bird

It symbolizes freedom and free-spirit. The dream symbolizes new opportunities coming your way and making you happy and ecstatic. 

A dream symbol of this type holds a good sign of optimism and new beginnings. It means your inner strength and empowerment. You have removed all negativities in life and have become limitless.

Dream of falling down while flying

This symbolizes bad luck and failure in waking life. To dream about falling down while flying represents the decline of your status and personal growth. 

The dream suggests lack of control over situations. Your inability to stay focused resulting in decline, failure, and loss of opportunities.

Being scared while flying alone

Flying dreams where you see yourself scared and afraid of the act symbolizes fear of uncertain times. You are fearful of what will happen next. 

You are afraid of failure and as such can see coming down to the ground while flying. Being scared to fly symbolizes the dreamer’s real life fears and anxieties that just gets manifested in the subconscious mind. Too much negative thinking is stopping you from accomplishing life goals. 

Flying low in dreams 

It means you are holding back your inner strength. Maybe the ongoing issues of your waking life is not allowing you to take a chance and live a life of your choice. 

To hover near the ground means you are tied down, trapped in waking life problems and it’s stopping you from succeeding in life. As if you are stopped and prevented from flying too high. 

Flying into things like ropes or wires

The dream means a feeling of being trapped and entangled in waking life problems from which escape seems to be difficult. 

The subconscious mind is reminding you to fly high with caution and care. It reminds you to be careful with your actions and review your path more judiciously.

Dream of flying high 

This denotes your euphoria, exuberance, and happiness in life when you have achieved something successfully. The sense ‘flying high’ denotes success and freedom from obstacles. 

In waking life, this dream symbolizes victory in significant areas of life such as work, relationships, finance, and career etc. A flying dream of this type represents new hopes and aspirations. You are in a high spirit, lofty domain where failure cannot touch you.

Trying to fly

Seeing yourself trying to fly but being unable to fly well, means that there are obstructions in your waking life that are stopping you from flying high. It also indicates your inability to rise the social ladder; because you are unpopular and asocial. 

Dream of a long flight

If you see yourself flying for a long time, it means you are in a comfortable position in your waking life and are not looking for much change. You are doubtful of what’s coming next so do not wish to make any changes. 

Flying over a landscape covered with snow

This represents a positive sign. Something good and exciting may happen in your waking life. Things will work out easily in life. Maybe, it’s indicating a quick success in career, job, or relationships

Flying with troubles staying in air

If you see a flying dream where you are struggling to stay afloat in the air, it symbolizes your inability to remain calm and focused in waking life. 

Maybe, the real life issues and problems are making you emotionally overwhelmed. The dream suggests that something is holding you back from moving ahead. You lack confidence and feel stuck in life. 

Outer space flying

When you see flying in outer space, this dream suggests some life changing events taking place in your waking life. 

The dream means unusual happenings for which you were not prepared. The events are usually negative and it can induce a lot of fear and uncertainty. 

Someone else is flying with the dreamer

If you have dreamt of flying with someone else by holding hands with each other then it symbolizes romantic relationships of waking life. 

The dream suggests happiness and jubilation to hold each other’s hand and sail through life’s journey. To fly with someone else also means to share a mental space of comfort and peace.

Dream of flying with angels

It symbolizes respect, honor, and recognition in waking life. The dream symbolizes your high esteem in front of others. 

Summing Up From ‘ThePleasantDream’

The dream of flying is an experience of listening to your inner call. The lucid flying dreams give hope amidst despair and anguish. Soaring high up in the sky is a sign of newly found freedom and independence. 

Usually these dreams are positive in nature and indicate that you are ready to take the next step forward. These dreams are also analogous to your ambitions in life.