A dream of mustard can be interpreted in several ways, which is expected considering the multiple by-products of the vegetable. 

But you are greatly mistaken if you relate the dream with food, eating habits, and diet. The meaning goes much deeper, and by the end of the post, you’ll no longer perceive a dream in the literal sense anymore. 

What Does A Dream Of Mustard Signify?

Generally, a dream of mustard is a negative omen symbolizing frustration, misfortune, and grief. But in some instances, it can also be a sign of wealth coming into your hands, depending on the context.  

Generally, a dream of mustard is a negative sign indicating mental strain, frustration, problems, negative emotions, sadness, and illness. 

In terms of finance too, a dream featuring the vegetable can denote wastage and losses. 

However, as unique as your life and experience are, your dream interpretation may take an entirely different direction.

Mustard Dream Meaning – Various Scenarios And Their Interpretations

In the following subheads, we have unraveled some of the most probable reasons why mustard showed up in your sleep in a particular manner. Check them out to understand your dream better. 

1. Dreaming of seeing wild mustard

If wild mustard appears in your sleep, it shows you are a soft-hearted person despite your rough and tough appearance. 

2. Buying mustard in a dream

Buying mustard is the subconscious trying to direct your attention to a family member.

Despite being in trouble and needing your help desperately, he or she is holding himself or herself back from approaching you. 

Alternatively, if you purchased mustard while going through a series of unforeseen troubles, in reality, the scenario is the subconscious telling you that you brought your problems upon yourself. 

3. Selling mustard in a dream

Selling mustard implies your loved ones will suffer much due to your carelessness. 

4. To dream of eating mustard

Eating mustard, especially fine ones, is a harbinger of wealth and fortune coming to you soon. 

On the other hand, you might see yourself eating mustard if you have let your success get to your head. 

5. Eating wild mustard in a dream

Eating wild mustard portends money and profits. However, you must understand that you can acquire them only if you work hard enough.

6. Eating a plate full of green mustard

Here, the subconscious warns you to be careful with your finances. Don’t spend money on unnecessary items if you don’t want to go bankrupt in the near future. 

7. To dream of eating bitter mustard

Eating mustard that tastes bitter warns you to be careful of your words and speech. 

8. To dream of eating bitter mustard while talking to someone

If possible, try to recall who that person in your dream was. Is it someone you know in the waking world? Or is it a stranger? 

Chances are that you have hurt him or her unintentionally with your words. 

But dreams can be really strange! The person in the plot can represent anyone regardless of age and gender. Therefore, try asking yourself who that person reminds you of. 

That might give a clue to who you hurt in real life. 

9. Dreaming of using mustard seasoning

Sprinkling mustard seasoning on something shows you need to spice up your life.

That said, it’s important to do things in moderation. Just because your dream suggests adding fun to your life, you must not think of flipping your monotonous life for something crazy from the next day onwards. 

Take one step at a time and learn to incorporate little moments of fun and adventure every once in a while to make your life more meaningful. 

Also, it’s important to recall where you sprinkled the seasoning on. Was it on a plate of salad or a hamburger? That might give you a clue on how to approach the necessary changes. 

10. Cooking and eating mustard in a dream

Cooking and eating mustard implies you can accomplish your goals and fulfill your wishes only if you put in the necessary effort. 

11. Dreaming about delicious mustard

Delicious mustard is the higher realms warning you of trouble and misfortune on the horizon. 

12. Seeing bad or indelible mustard in a dream

Mustard that has gone bad symbolizes short-term challenges that will freeze all of your work and activities.

13. Treating others to meat and mustard sauce in a dream

The scenario symbolizes financial loss. 

14. Seeing lots of mustard on a table

Lots of mustard on a table signifies gossip. 

15. A dream about growing mustard plants

Usually, growing mustard plants symbolizes abundance. 

16. Dreaming about farming a mustard plantation

The vision of farming a mustard plantation tends to show up if you are working hard to become financially independent. 

If the above meaning resonates with your reality, you will be rewarded sooner than you expected. 

Also, the scenario can be a harbinger of a prosperous time. If anyone assisted you in the dream, note that he or she will play a vital role in the upcoming period.

On the contrary, if someone annoyed you or got in your way in the dream spectacle, it means such types of people will try to ruin your success and good days. 

17. To dream about harvesting mustard for selling

Harvesting mustard for selling reflects your desire to try your luck in business and entrepreneurship. 

18. An entrepreneur dreaming about harvesting mustard for commercial purposes

For an entrepreneur struggling to make sales, the dream shows the tables will turn, and things will soon work out in your favor. 

19. Dreaming of a mustard plant

According to Miller, a mustard plant symbolizes success, wealth, and prosperity.

20. Mustard blossom in a dream

If you see mustard blossom, it means you are about to step into an exciting phase of your life. 

21. Dreaming of a mustard field

A mustard field portends meetings, get-togethers, and pleasant conversations with people you are fond of. 

22. To dream of throwing away mustard

The act of throwing away mustard is closely related to love and relationships

It takes two committed people and time to form a healthy relationship. So, if you are toying with the idea of ending your relationship, the dream wants you to consider your decision and give yourself and your partner some more time. 

23. Smearing mustard on your food 

The scenario shows how cleverly you would escape a crisis. 

Also, you may dream of the same if you are thinking about changing your career or workplace.

24. To dream of meat and mustard

Meat and mustard are an awful combination, especially regarding career and profession.

Businesses will likely go under, and your financial situation will get unstable. Avoid investing or getting involved in any business transactions around this time. 

25. Mustard seed in a dream

Usually, mustard seeds are a sign of disease and illness. 

Negatively, the seed can stand for your egotistical and conceited personality. 

In certain instances, mustard seeds show your efforts will be rewarded soon. 

26. Feeling a burning sensation in your mouth after eating mustard seeds

According to the plot, you will repent some of your decisions and actions made in haste. 

Contrary to what you had anticipated, your actions are turning against your favor and starting to damage your life in general. 

In terms of love and relationship, the scenario symbolizes anxiety.

27. Dreaming of mustard oil

Generally, mustard oil symbolizes success, wealth, and prosperity. 

Depending on what you are going through in the waking world, the dream might also be advising you to learn from your past mistakes and experiences. 

Mustard oil may also appear in your sleep if you go above and beyond to accomplish your goals. 

28. To dream of getting your hands dirty with mustard sauce

As per the scenario, you will live a modest life. Luxurious goods and material assets would be of no interest to you, and you will seek and find happiness in the most trivial things.

29. Dreaming of cooking mustard

Cooking mustard is a bad omen symbolizing a messed-up financial situation. 

Additionally, the scenario shows your circumstances will not allow you to think rationally, for quite some time.

30. Dreaming about eating cooked green mustard

Eating cooked green mustard signifies wasting money unnecessarily. 

31. Mustard soup in a dream

The dream emphasizes the need to give up a few things you have been used to. 

In some worst cases, you might even be compelled to let go of a loved one. 

32. Dreaming of mustard yellow

If you see mustard yellow, the vision shows you are taking unfair advantage of someone.

This is indeed the correct interpretation of your dream if you rely heavily on someone in your waking life. 

33. A dream about yellow mustard

Yellow mustard shows you will gain clarity about something. 

It can also mean you are trying to carve your life path and have accepted the roles and responsibilities expected of you to reach your desired destination. 

34. Green mustard in a dream

Chances are that you are hurting yourself again and again, by thinking of a person who is no longer in your life.

If you find the meaning relatable, the dream encourages you to accept reality and move on. 

35. To dream of green mustard growing

To see green mustard growing is a symbol of wealth and happiness. 

36. Red mustard in a dream

Red mustard symbolizes jealousy, hatred, and revenge. 

37. Dreaming of orange mustard 

After getting chewed out for something, you will hear a piece of good news that will instantly make you forget what you had just gone through. 

38. Blue mustard in a dream

Here, the mustard represents a secret you wish to take to your grave. 

39. Dreaming about purple mustard

Oftentimes, purple mustard implies conflicts and poverty

40. White mustard in a dream

Chances are that you are hiding behind a mask in the waking world to avoid getting ridiculed. 

41. Black mustard in a dream

According to the dream, you are repressing your emotions, especially negative ones. 

You might have done it to save your relationship with others. But your dream says otherwise. 

If you keep on stacking up your hatred, jealousy, etc. for someone, they are bound to break barriers and gush out one day. 

So, before that happens, you can let whoever is concerned know how he or she is hurting you without offending him or her. 

42. Gray mustard in a dream

According to the scenario, you will soon put an end to all your problems that have been bugging you for a while with the help of friends and family. 

43. A dream of silver mustard

Silver mustard represents courage and freedom. 

Negatively, it can hint at insensible sexuality. 

44. Gold mustard in a dream

You will feel genuinely happy for your close ones’ accomplishments. 

45. Dreaming of multicolored mustard 

Generally, multi-colored mustard represents events that would be fulfilling for your mind, body, and soul. 

This can also imply incidences that are crucial for your growth and advancement. 

46. To dream of fresh mustard

Most likely, you are running away from a situation that is causing you great emotional distress. 

47. Dreaming of sweet mustard

Mustard is usually not sweet. So, if the mustard tastes sweeter than sugar, get ready for something unexpected to happen.

Most likely, a business or a project you believed is doomed will unexpectedly turn around yielding great profit. 

48. A young woman dreaming about eating newly grown mustard

For a young woman, eating newly grown mustard foretells she will let go of all her wealth to satisfy a whim. 

49. A young woman eating fresh mustard leaves

For a young woman, eating fresh mustard leaves symbolizes a life devoid of luxuries and expensive goods.

However, she would be able to enjoy vegetables, fruits, and other items found in nature in abundance. 

50. A woman dreaming of mustard

For a woman, the vegetable is usually associated with an outburst of emotions, which can be either intentional or unintentional. 

51. Mustard in the dreams of a man

For a man, the vegetable denotes good health, success, luck, and prosperity. 

52. Mustard in the dreams of a child

For a child, mustard is a sign that he or she has the ability and the drive necessary to pursue wild goals. 

53. Mustard in the dreams of a girl

According to the plot, she is too accommodating. Perhaps she needs to be more determined and stick to her words. 

54. Mustard for a businessperson

If a businessperson sees mustard, he or she will likely come up with a good idea. 

Additionally, the scenario shows he or she will take strategic steps to ensure the idea is well implemented. 

55. Mustard in the dreams of a worker

For a worker, the vegetable portends progress, both in personal as well as professional lives.  

56. A farmer dreaming of mustard growing well

For farmers, the spectacle indicates a good harvest and prosperity.

57. A sailor dreaming of mustard growing well

If a sailor sees mustard growing well, the scenario is a harbinger of wealth. 

58. A student dreaming of mustard

In this context, the vegetable represents bottled-up aggression.

Recurring Dreams Of Mustard

If you often see mustard in your sleep, that possibly means you are working too hard in the waking world. 

Most likely, the culinary item reminds you to take breaks every once in a while. It’s important to work hard for a better tomorrow. But it’s equally important to live in the present. 

On the other hand, if you have frequent dreams of eating mustard and feeling a burning sensation in your mouth, make an appointment with your doctor at the earliest, as the scenarios may hint at a disease.

Spiritual Meaning Of Mustard Dreams

On a spiritual level, mustard or mustard seeds show everything starts small. Just as a tiny mustard seed grows into big and beautiful green leaves, you need to give time and effort for something to flourish. 

Also, mustard is associated with overcoming obstacles, power, and protection against negativities. 

A Dream Of Mustard – A Biblical Perspective

In the Bible, the mustard seed symbolizes faith. If you believe in your potential and trust the process, there’s nothing you wouldn’t be able to accomplish. 


To wrap up, never interpret a dream of mustard or any other dream, for that matter, based on the literal meaning. So, buying mustard seeds does not necessarily mean you will soon go grocery shopping and get a bag of mustard seeds. 

For an accurate, in-depth interpretation, you must look at the scenario from different perspectives keeping in mind the context and your real-life goings on. 

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