A dream of mustard can be interpreted in several ways, which is expected considering the multiple by-products of the vegetable. 

Generally, the dream is a negative omen symbolizing frustration, misfortune, and grief.

But in some instances, it can also be a sign of wealth coming into your hands, depending on the context.  

What Does A Dream Of Mustard Signify?

Generally, a dream of mustard is a negative sign indicating mental strain, frustration, problems, negative emotions, sadness, and illness. 

In terms of finance too, a dream featuring the vegetable can denote wastage and losses. 

However, as unique as your life and experience are, your dream interpretation may take an entirely different direction.

Spiritual Meaning Of Mustard Dreams

On a spiritual level, mustard or mustard seeds show everything starts small.

Just as a tiny mustard seed grows into big and beautiful green leaves, you need to give time and effort for something to flourish. 

Also, mustard is associated with overcoming obstacles, power, and protection against negativities. 

Mustard Dream Meaning – Various Scenarios 

In the following subheads, we have unraveled some of the most probable scenarios one may show up in a particular manner. Check them out to understand your dream better. 

Buying mustard in a dream

The subconscious is trying to direct your attention to a family member.

Despite being in trouble and needing your help desperately, he or she is holding himself or herself back from approaching you. 

Alternatively, if you purchased mustard while going through a series of unforeseen troubles, in reality, the scenario is the subconscious telling you that you brought your problems upon yourself. 

Selling mustard in a dream

It implies your loved ones will suffer much due to your carelessness. 

To dream of eating mustard

It is a harbinger of wealth and fortune coming to you soon. 

On the other hand, you might see yourself eating mustard if you have let your success get to your head. 

Using mustard seasoning

It shows you need to spice up your life. That said, it’s important to do things in moderation.

Cooking and eating mustard

It implies you can accomplish your goals and fulfill your wishes only if you put in the necessary effort. 

Seeing lots of mustard on a table

Lots of mustard on a table signifies gossip

Growing mustard plants

Usually, it symbolizes abundance. 

Harvesting mustard for selling

Harvesting mustard for selling reflects your desire to try your luck in business and entrepreneurship. 

A mustard plant

It symbolizes success, wealth, and prosperity.

Mustard field

It portends meetings, get-togethers, and pleasant conversations with people you are fond of. 

Throwing away mustard

It is closely related to love and relationships

Meat and mustard

Meat and mustard are an awful combination, especially regarding career and profession.

Businesses will likely go under, and your financial situation will get unstable. Avoid investing or getting involved in any business transactions around this time. 

Mustard seed

Usually, they are a sign of disease and illness.

Negatively, the seed can stand for your egotistical and conceited personality. In certain instances, they show your efforts will be rewarded soon. 

Feeling a burning sensation in your mouth after eating mustard seeds

According to the plot, you will repent some of your decisions and actions made in haste. 

Contrary to what you had anticipated, your actions are turning against your favor and starting to damage your life in general.

In terms of love and relationship, the scenario symbolizes anxiety.

Mustard oil

Generally, it symbolizes success, wealth, and prosperity.

Depending on what you are going through in the waking world, the dream might also be advising you to learn from your past mistakes and experiences. 

It may also appear if you go above and beyond to accomplish your goals. 

Getting your hands dirty with mustard sauce

As per the scenario, you will live a modest life. Luxurious goods and material assets would be of no interest to you, and you will seek and find happiness in the most trivial things.

Cooking mustard

Cooking mustard is a bad omen symbolizing a messed-up financial situation. 

Additionally, the scenario shows your circumstances will not allow you to think rationally, for quite some time.

Yellow mustard

It shows you will gain clarity about something.

It can also mean you are trying to carve your life path and have accepted the roles and responsibilities expected of you to reach your desired destination. 

Fresh mustard

Most likely, you are running away from a situation that is causing you great emotional distress. 

Sweet mustard

Mustard is usually not sweet. So, if the mustard tastes sweeter than sugar, get ready for something unexpected to happen.


Never interpret a dream of mustard or any other dream, for that matter, based on the literal meaning. 

For an accurate, in-depth interpretation, you must look at the scenario from different perspectives keeping in mind the context and your real-life goings on.

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