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Dreaming Of Meat: An Informative Guide With 53 Examples and Meanings

Dreaming Of Meat: An Informative Guide With 53 Examples and Meanings

Updated on Feb 03, 2023 | Published on Dec 14, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of Meat - 53 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dreaming of meat, especially around the holiday season, is common. People who eat meat and also prepare it at home can have dreams about deliciously prepared meat, or meat that goes with a bountiful feast. These are positive examples.

It is also possible to have negative dreams about meat. Dreaming of eating rotten meat or meat burning down are examples of negative dreams about meat.

For nonmeat eaters, dreaming of meat represents something different. It is important for both, meat-eaters and those who don’t eat meat, to understand these dreams.

Dreaming of Meat - 53 Scenarios and Their Meanings
Dreaming of Meat – 53 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dream about Meat Meaning – General Interpretation

Generally, dreaming of meat represents our health, our behavior, difficult life situations, and the events we look forward to in our social life. 

Dreaming of meat is common as it is consumed by millions of people on a daily basis and is an essential part of our lives. It represents the nutrition we take in and how our bodies feel in response to what we feed in it. 

Other than nutrition, we also often turn to food in times of sadness and happiness. Our emotional life affects our eating habits and we associate certain foods with certain events.

For example- a roast is a family meal and chicken soup is comfort food when sick. 

Our dreams reflect such associations as well. Dreaming of meat also represents our behavior and financial responsibilities.

Dreams such as buying meat are associated with the act of investing at an early stage. 

Dreaming of meat thus represents the following.  

1. Symbol of health 

Dreaming of meat is often interpreted in the context of our health. It shows good health when we are eating fresh meat and ill health when eating raw meat or rotten meat in our dreams.

Some dreams even indicate our health-related behaviors and worries. 

2. Symbol of celebration 

Dreaming of delicious meat or freshly prepared meat or even meals such as roasts are a sign of celebrating.

This dream is associated with the food we eat when the mood is one of joy and celebrations. 

3. Symbol of victory 

Dreaming of meat such as boiled meat or the meat of wolves is a symbol of victory over our competitors.

Some dreams suggest that we will succeed in conquering our fears and will get the opportunity to enjoy the resulting victory

4. Symbol of social life 

Dreams of meat even represent our social situations and our position in the social circle.

We may be at the risk of manipulation by others; however, it is also a symbol that the dreamer enjoys the respect of others in the social group. 

5. Symbol of hardships 

Lastly, dreaming of meat even represents the hardships we go through in life.

It shows the difficult situations that lie ahead, the hard work we put in to achieve our dreams, and the difficult tasks we must endure surviving in a competitive world. 

Dreaming of Meat – 53 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dreaming of meat can be a visual pleasure or an off-putting image.

Following are the different scenarios based on the type of meat, what you are doing with it, and their respective meaning in your waking life. 

1. Dreaming of cooked meat

Dreaming of cooked meat is a good sign for the dreamer. It represents feeling strong and powerful. Feeling powerful also makes people feel like they have control over situations in their life. 

Dream of eating cooked meat however has a different meaning altogether. When you have such a dream, it means you could be expecting a dinner party invitation soon.

Perhaps you are even looking forward to catching up with some old friends. 

2. Dream of cooking meat

Meat can be cooked in multiple ways and cooking is an art that only a few achieve. However, in the dream world, you don’t need to necessarily know how to cook meat, you just see yourself cooking it regardless. 

Dreams about cooking meat are again a good sign. They signify wealth and luxury. This dream means that you can afford to relax and enjoy a delicious meal, one that you yourself cooking in your dream. 

Being able to enjoy some downtime, where you cook and savor your food is a moment of joy. This dream is thus a great sign that you can soon experience such a stress-free time. 

3. Dream of boiled meat 

Boiled meat in a dream represents victory. You may have conquered a situation that you are proud of. Victory can also come in the form of rewards.

For example, earning a large profit is a sign of victory, even if you weren’t competing against anyone. 

4. Dream about raw meat 

Dreams about raw meat are varied and have diverse interpretations as well. Pregnant women may dream of raw meat if they are scared they are not getting enough protein. 

One interpretation suggests that dreaming of raw meat represents strength and power as well. It is a sign that you need to assert your power in some situations so that you can regain control of it. 

Another interpretation suggests that dreaming of raw meat is a bad sign as it reflects difficult life situations. It shows that you may be going through some health issues or even neglecting your health. 

A third interpretation also indicates that raw meat is a sign of being underprepared. It could be something like having money issues or not being equipped to handle challenges that life may throw at you. 

Lastly, dreams such as buying raw meat could actually be a good sign. They represent an interest in investing money or planning for your future. This is considered to be responsible behavior in most situations. 

5. Eating raw meat in a dream 

Dreams of eating raw meat are not a good sign for your waking life. The dreams represent your health and potential problems you may be having with it. 

It is also possible that you are going through some difficulties at work or due to your colleagues. You could be under fire for not being good at your job or finishing your work on time. 

These situations are not pleasant, but the best way to deal with any situation is through believing in yourself. Having the confidence that you are prepared to handle any challenge is also a good character trait to have. 

6. Dreaming of rotten meat 

Dreaming of rotten meat is a bad sign, especially for those worried about their health. This dream means that you may be dealing with a minor illness; such as a common cold or sore throat. 

A dream of rotten meat, whether you are eating the meat or just smelling it, is also a symbol of the obstacles you may encounter when reaching your goal. 

Essentially, dreams reflect real life. If you come across rotten meat, it means you can’t accomplish your goal of cooking it or eating it, which is why you bought the meat in the first place. 

Similarly, dreaming about raw meat means that you may have hindrances on your way to the finish line. You may just have to be more careful along the way. 

7. Eating deliciously prepared meat in your dream 

On the other hand, eating meat that has been deliciously prepared is a very good sign. This dream means that you may come across a celebratory or successful milestone in your life. 

We tend to reward ourselves with a fancy meal when we hear good news. Similarly, a dream of eating such food is a sign that we may expect success or other personal joys soon. 

8. Eating stale meat in a dream 

Eating meat that is old or has gone stale is not a positive sign in your dreams. It means that you are still being troubled by something that was in your past.

This isn’t a good sign because unresolved issues linger on and can affect our waking life as well. 

9. Dream of cutting meat

Dreams about cutting meat are a sign that you need to pay attention to your relationships, particularly how much you share. 

Details such as how you cut the meat, were they equal parts, or were you confident about the cuts will help you understand the interpretation and your own life context better.

It is possible that you are not sharing as much as you should in the relationship. 

Sometimes, it is also a sign to be careful, especially when sharing finances or splitting bills or money with someone. 

10. Dreaming of a butcher cutting meat

When you dream of a butcher, whose job is to cut meat, it is a dream that reflects your family’s health or social life. 

This dream shows someone else in charge of cutting meat. In the dream world, this translates into someone else taking control of the reins.

Hence, such a dream is also a warning sign to not be fooled by others, especially when signing legal documents. 

11. Buying meat in your dream 

A dream where you see yourself buying meat is considered to be a good dream; it means upcoming joy or good news. It is possible that you are expecting a special gift from someone.

Buying meat also shows your own responsible behavior. It is possible that you made some good decisions work-wise, and now they may be coming to fruition. 

12. Dream about carrying meat 

Seeing yourself merely carrying meat in your dream is a warning sign. It indicates that you need to check on your health, whether it is physiological or mental health.

It is not good to let one thing stay neglected in your mind or body. 

13. Piles of meat in your dream 

Dreaming about piles of meat is an unusual sight unless you work at the meat shop or butcher store.

However, it is considered to be a dream that reflects on your intimate life; positively for women and negatively for men. 

14. Fried meat in your dream 

While fried meat, such as fried chicken, is considered to be a favorite fast food, in the dream world it is a representation of manipulation.

It means that you may be negatively influenced by the people in your life and you should be more careful. 

15. Adding salt to the meat in your dream

Adding salt to meat represents the idea of needing external support. This means that you are not entirely independent and require the support of your family or friends to get through life or financial difficulties.

While it is fortunate to have a good support system, for things like finances and taking care of yourself and your household, being independent is a much better option.

This dream is a reminder to check with yourself and work on becoming more self-dependent. 

16. Seasoning meat in your dream 

Dreams, where you see yourself seasoning the meat on the table, indicates seeking external validation. You may be going out of your way to please others.

It is also possible that doing so actually impacts your schedule and health, but you still do it for others. 

Saying ‘no’ is okay. Prioritizing yourself is okay! 

17. Mincing meat in your dream

If you dream about mincing meat, it means that you are investing all your time and energy right now so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor later.

It is difficult and stressful, you may be working very long hours, but motivate yourself so you can have a better future. 

18. Other people mincing meat in your dream 

On the other hand, if other people are mincing meat in your dream, it means that you are seeing your loved one work tirelessly. You may try to tell them to take a break and enjoy life. However, they believe their work ethic is what is good for them. 

19. Feeding meat to someone in your dream 

Feeding people meat in your dreams, especially if you are using your hands to do the job, is not a good sign.

This dream represents your behavior towards people. More specifically, this is a sign of disrespect towards the people you are feeding. 

If you are working with a team, this is a reminder to check your behavior with people. It is also a sign to give credit where credit is due and to not offend people that you care about. 

20. Dreaming about fresh meat 

Dreaming of fresh meat is a very positive sign, especially for your health. If you have had a period of dealing with health issues, this is a sign of recovery and feeling better.

It is also a symbol of positive health and lifestyle changes in the long term.

21. Dream of grilling meat 

Usually, dreams of grilling meat are a sign of settling down. It is a sign of marriage and family, or even building a home with people.

It is possible that the dreamer has been traveling or feeling lost for a while, and is now ready to put down roots. 

22. Bloody meat in your dream

Dreaming of bloody meat is also a dream that represents marriage and family.

If the person offering you bloody meat in your dream is a romantic partner, this dream could be a sign of your relationship becoming more serious. 

23. Dreaming about meat on the bone 

Dreaming about meat on the bone represents feeling vulnerable or exposed in front of others. It is a symbol that you may be sensitive to others’ opinions and are scared of people laughing at your secrets if they ever come out. 

24. Dream about cutting meat and eating it 

Dreams where you properly cut meat with your knife and fork and put it in your mouth are a positive sign. This dream signifies success or the calm that comes after a particularly stressful period. 

If you have been having a rocky period in your relationships, this means that you may be about to resolve conflict and spend some quality time.

In your work life, this means that stressful times are over and you can sit back and relax for a bit. 

However, if you cut the meat and feed someone else, it means that you will be showing your generosity towards this person in your life. 

25. Dogs fighting over meat in your dream 

Dreaming of dogs fighting over a piece of meat in your dream is a negative sign. When dogs fight over something, it shows how badly they both want it.

In your dream, this means you will be engaged in such a fight with someone else who is being very greedy. 

26. Dreams about roasting meat 

Roasting meat represents expenses. We all spend a particular amount from our paychecks every month; however, roasting meat in your dream means that you may have some unexpected expenses coming up. 

This can be a reminder to save money to prepare for days like this. 

27. Selling meat in your dream 

Dreams about selling meat represent risks or a risky decision that you may be making. Often, when we take a risky decision, it is our well-wishers who warn us against it.

This dream shows that in spite of that, you are committed to making this decision. 

28. Dreaming about being gifted meat 

Meat in the olden days was gifted to nobles and people who had a high social status. This dream also signifies that people who give you meat may believe you have social power and respect you for it. 

It is also possible that because of your high social status, some people may give you things to get on your good side. This dream is a reminder to be aware of who your real friends are in life. 

29. Dream about gifting meat to others 

We also often come across people who are in a position to help us. However, we don’t know whether they trust our intentions or not.

This dream means that you are working on building trust in a new relationship that will prove helpful to you later on. 

30. Stealing meat in a dream 

Dreams about stealing meat are a representation of your impulsive behavior. It is possible that you tend to do things without thinking them through.

This dream suggests that you should consider all consequences before doing something spontaneously. 

31. Dream about people stealing meat from you 

Dreams about other people stealing meat that belongs to you is a symbol of the disappointment you feel with others.

Perhaps they acted in ways that hurt you. You may be offended by them, but it is also possible that there is a reason behind their actions.  

32. Dream about throwing away meat 

Throwing away meat in your dream symbolizes some small damage you may see in your life. It may be to some kind of household appliance or your car.

The damage won’t be substantial, but it will cost you a small amount.  

33. Dream about others throwing away meat

In real life, we often notice our missed opportunities when we see others’ wasting away theirs.

Similarly, this dream is a reminder of all the good things we let slip away from us because we were worried about stereotypes or other people’s opinions. 

Dreams Based On Different Kinds Of Meat 

There are different kinds of meat that people all over the world consume. In our dreams as well, there are different kinds of meat such as frozen meat, chicken meat, wolf meat, snake meat, etc. 

34. Dream about wolf meat 

Dreams about eating wolf meat are a good sign especially for people who love a good challenge. The wolf is a mighty animal; fighting it and then conquering it represents your own strength. 

Eating wolf meat means that you have succeeded in fighting your toughest competitors and you are now enjoying the reward of your victory. 

35. Horse meat in dream 

Dreams about horse meat represent internal confusion. Horses are beautiful animals and there is a lot of debate about people who eat horse meat and whether or not it is right to do so. 

Similarly, being offered horse meat in your dreams represents whether or not you should accept a gift that is being offered to you. It shows your internal confusion with what that gift represents. 

36. Dream of eating chicken meat 

Dreams about eating chicken meat represent health. We tend to drink chicken soup when we feel sick or eat chicken protein when involved in fitness.

Similarly, dreams about chicken meat also represent the health journey that we are on. 

However, another interpretation of chicken meat in dreams is that you may find yourself in an embarrassing situation soon.

If you want, you can avoid this by staying away from people who explicitly dislike you and looking for ways to embarrass you. 

37. Dreaming of beef 

Beef is the meat of a cow. In the dream world, dreaming of beef represents relationship conflicts such as cheating or infidelity.

Even if it has not actually occurred, this dream means that you and your partner are struggling with proper communication.  

38. Dream about pork meat 

Pork meat in a dream symbolizes good luck and the end of your problems. If you fight your fears, you will be able to conquer them. This may feel like a personal victory and will have fewer reasons to worry. 

39. Eating human meat in your dream

Firstly, this dream does not mean that you are a cannibal or enjoy hurting other people. The dream has an entirely different interpretation and is not a reflection of any morbid reality. 

Dreamers who see themselves eating human flesh in their dreams tend to have a problem with people dominating or controlling them.

They like to be at the top of their game. This is true for relationships as well, where they like to have more control.

40. Dream about eating the meat of a wild animal

Wild animals’ meat in dreams is a sign of emotional difficulties in your waking life. It also signifies financial troubles or going through hardships. 

People in real life do eat red and white meat, which is meat from animals like chicken, goat, lamb, etc. Wild animals cannot be killed or shot down, hence eating their meat is not really a possibility in real life. 

In dreams, eating the meat of wild animals thus represents the last resort that you have to reach so that you can survive.

It is a sign of the difficulties that may lie ahead for you. You could even be scared of emotional distress that you haven’t experienced before. 

Dreams of Meat Based On Eating

Preparing meat is an art and can be done in multiple ways. Meat is also part of a whole meal, which has seasoning, ways of cooking, and temperature.

Read on to understand detailed explanations of each kind. 

41. Dreams about eating red meat 

Red meat in real life is more difficult to digest and has resulted in health issues in people who consume too much of it.

In the dream world, it signifies health troubles or stress-related issues. It is a sign to listen to your body when it needs a break. 

42. Others eating red meat in your dream 

Other people eating red meat in your dream is a sign to watch out for. The world has all kinds of people. It is possible that someone in your life is trying to undermine your work or steal your credit.

43. Dream of eating roasted meat 

Roasted meat is a delicacy often enjoyed by families or a group of people at a gathering, party, or even a Sunday roast. It is associated with a large group of people who enjoy delicious food and fun company.

Seeing roasted meat in your dream is a sign of such gatherings. It is possible that you may soon be invited to one or that you are really looking forward to such an event. 

44. Dream of others eating roasted meat 

Other people enjoying roasted meat in your dream is a sign of losing control. We often lose control of our lives and decisions without being fully aware of what happened.

This dream is a sign to assess our life and decisions so that we don’t lose our voice. 

45. Dream of eating unseasoned meat 

Unseasoned meat represents being disappointed by others. When we sit down to eat a meal, we want it to taste good.

If we eat something bland, we are disappointed by it. Similarly, dreaming of bland meat means people are not living up to our expectations. 

46. Dream about eating extra salty meat 

Salt is an important ingredient in our food. However, when put more than necessary, it ends up being bad for our taste and our health.

Dreaming about eating salty meat indicates that we may have been going overboard in terms of expenses. 

47. Dream about eating meat that is spicy 

Spicy meat represents the effects of dealing with stubborn people.

This dream is a sign that if the person we are having a conversation with is being difficult and stubborn, we should stop engaging. Conflict is not good for our own mental health as well. 

48. Dream about eating meat that is sour 

Sour meat represents miscommunication. We often have self-judgments that are critical of our own appearance or behavior.

This dream suggests that we may be so self-critical that even if others praise us, we think they are being sarcastic. 

49. Dream about eating meat that is sweet 

A dream of eating meat that tastes sweet is not very common. It represents going through a change that is twisted.

For example, being promoted but not getting a raise. Or moving in with your partner but actually spending less time together. 

50. Dream of eating meat that is juicy and tasty 

A dream of eating meat that is juicy and tastes really good is a positive sign. This dream symbolizes rewards for a job well done. It means that all your hard work will pay off and you will be treated well. 

51. Dream about eating dry meat 

Dried meat that feels extra chewy when eating in a dream represents neglecting your problems.

We often deny that we have problems or we postpone dealing with them till we are ready. This dream is a sign that we have postponed it for too long now. 

52. Eating hot meat in your dream

Dreams about eating hot meat signify boredom. We tend to get bored with the same routine, especially when we are not being properly motivated.

This dream shows that we may be feeling bored and neglecting to do something about it that will help. 

53. Eating barbeque meat in your dream 

We saw earlier the interpretation of grilling meat in your dream. However, if you see yourself enjoying barbequed meat in your dreams, it means that you may be looking forward to going on a trip with your friends. 

It is also possible that you are going camping or to a place surrounded by nature. You and your friends may have barbecued meals on that trip. 

Dreams About Raw Meat 

After understanding all these dreams about meat, the different kinds and ways of eating; there is also a category of dreaming about raw meat. Raw meat is generally an unpleasant dream interpretation, as we saw above. 

Raw meat can also be of various types. Along with that, the way we consume raw meat also influences the interpretation of the dream. In reality, raw meat is consumed by people in the form of world cuisines. 

In the dream world, raw meat is a bad sign, generally as well as biblically. 

Here are a few interpretations to note about dreams of raw meat. 

  • Raw Chicken Meat – Signifies hard work 
  • Raw Beef – Negative Influence of a man 
  • Raw Red Meat – Reckless Behavior 
  • Raw Red Meat With Blood – Health Issues 
  • Eating Raw Meat – Emotional issues lie ahead
  • Buying Raw Meat – Gifting
  • Eating Tongue – Work promotions 

Biblical Meaning of Raw Meat In A Dream

Biblically, a dream of raw meat is a sign to stay away from temptation and not to engage in activities that are unholy. They are not considered to be a positive sign. 

Biblically, eating meat with blood still in it or raw meat is considered to be a negative sign in your dreams. It is associated with widely negative emotions and actions. 

Eating raw meat signifies giving in to your animalistic desires. These include sinful acts, cranial acts, or unholy acts. Indulging in these will lead you to trouble in the future. 

Engaging in mindless sexual activities can lead you to harmful consequences. Animalistic desires and greed can lead you to ethically wrong acts and trouble with the law.

Hence, biblically, these dreams can be considered a warning sign to assess your behavior. 

Even from a health perspective, raw meat can lead to health-related issues. Pregnant women are advised against eating raw meat.

Hence, dreams about raw meat in pregnant women can be a sign of worrying about their diet and whether it is appropriate. 

Raw meat thus symbolizes the following

  • Health issues 
  • Unrealised potential 
  • Animalistic Instincts 
  • Loss of control 
  • Trouble in the future 


Dreaming of meat is thus neither a fully negative nor positive sign. Based on your life context, it represents your health and mental health struggles; the financial decisions you make, and the behaviors you need to pay more attention to. 

Dreaming of meat is thus a very good way to reflect on your mind and your lifestyle. Hence, even the negative interpretations can prove to be helpful in your life! 

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