The dream of old boss indicates some tensions in your current work life. You want to get your old job back. But don’t worry; there are many positive interpretations, too – like gaining finances in the near future!

So, if you want to know what messages your subconscious mind sends you, let’s get started!

What Does It Mean to Dream of Old Boss?

When you’re dreaming of your old boss, you might feel nervous, happy, or even angry. Now, let’s look at the general interpretations to understand better!

Unhappiness at work

Perhaps the most common dream interpretation is that an old boss is somehow related to unhappiness and discontentment in your current job.

You wish to return to your previous job and enjoy a better life.

Feeling stressed

Another common meaning can also be that you feel stressed out with the burden of responsibilities on your shoulder.

Even though your superiors think you can complete the task, your mind says otherwise.

Earning a lot of money

One positive meaning can be that you will soon earn a lot of money. You might feel that you’re being underpaid at work, but all that will soon change.

This hints at prosperity and material wealth.

Exciting events in the future

Many people believe that seeing your previous boss in your dreams is a sign of exciting events in the future.

For example, you might soon attend a special event organized by your company and get in touch with powerful people there.

Not giving your best 

On the negative aspect, this dream can be a message from your subconscious mind to start working harder.

You have lately been disoriented from work, and this has started to affect your job performance. You must pick up your pace.

Spiritual Interpretation of Dreaming of Old Boss

According to spiritual dream books, seeing your old boss is said to be a positive omen. It can mean that you are finally becoming wiser and more knowledgeable. You have the maturity to handle work well.

Common Dreams of Old Boss – Types & Their Interpretations

Usually, dreaming of old boss implies various things and it all depends on the exact scenario in this vision. To understand whether they have negative or positive effects on your life, it’s important to remember every detail. 

So come on, let’s now look at some of the most common ones!

Dreaming of your old boss casually talking to you

This indicates that you will receive sound advice from a trusted friend. Your life has recently been out of control, and you feel stressed.

Your friend has noticed your disturbed mind and will now tell you exactly what you need to hear.

Dream of talking to your old boss about returning to their company

On the other hand, this dream is not a good sign. It indicates that you are making a wrong choice. You need to focus on your current job and thrive there.

Dream of seeing your old boss in your current workplace

This is a common dream that many people have but don’t get upset, as it foretells good things.

You will soon receive a great opportunity from your current boss and work hard to prove yourself to them.

Dream of getting along with your old boss

This is a positive sign that you’ll soon get a promotion or raise. Your current boss has seen your potential and wants to reward you for being a loyal employee.

You will be surprised to hear this news.

Not getting along with your old boss

On the other hand, having some kind of disagreement or cold war with your old boss does not foretell a good future.

This dream means you will soon encounter problems with your current boss in your waking life.

Getting advice from your old boss in a dream 

This interpretation will depend on the kind of advice you receive from your boss. For example, if the advice was a good one and you felt relieved, then it means that you will soon complete your projects.

But a piece of poor advice in your dreams indicates upcoming problems.

Having an affair with your old boss

Most workplaces often look down on office romances between bosses and their employees, and this gets manifested in the dream realm.

Therefore, this is a warning sign that something is going wrong in your current love life.

Killing your old boss

Despite the horrible vision, the interpretation isn’t anything violent. It simply means that your mind is going through some kind of turmoil, especially at work, and you must resolve it.

Being insulted by your old boss

This unpleasant vision can really make you feel irritated. But according to interpreters, this is a message from your spiritual guide to never back away from taking risks.

Even if someone insults you, you must get up and do your job.

Your old boss sending you away to a new job

It means that you are walking toward the path of spiritual enlightenment. You will soon understand your life’s true purpose, and your guide will be there to show you the correct path.

A word from ThePleasantDream

The meaning behind old boss dreams particularly revolves around your professional life. But based on what exactly happens with you and your boss has a lot more to tell. So, now it’s your turn to mediate, recollect all details, and decode the true messages hidden in your dream!