Dream of pooping in pants means you are ashamed of yourself and too afraid to share it. Or, you want to try new things but need to know whether it will bring you success or a lot of loss. Alternatively, it can mean you are anxious about your future.

There are a few more meanings attached to such dreams. Let’s check them too.

What is the Meaning Dream of Pooping in Pants?

Dream of pooping in pants says you are trying too hard to take things under control in your life but failing miserably. You have an attention-seeking personality.

Or, that you have done something religiously wrong that has invited trouble. However, there are other meanings to it like these!

Meeting someone

You are about to meet someone who will change your life forever.

This person can be a romantic partner with whom you will live forever and have been waiting for a long time.

Get something unexpected

This signifies that you are about to receive something good in your life. It does not have to be material gain only and can refer to more emotional gains.

It might be a promotion at an office or something you had lost long ago.

Financial troubles

You will have many financial problems, which will be unexpected. It might be due to a disease or loss in business and can be extremely big.

It will take you some time to deal with such big financial losses.


Someone from your close family will pass away unexpectedly. You will drown in sorrow, and moving ahead will be extremely difficult.

Freedom from burden

You have been carrying a lot of burdens in life, and this has caused you emotional troubles. It is time to free yourself from this burden and take charge of your life again.

More expenses

There will be a lot of unexpected costs for setting up your own house. You might have to spend more than expected, which can be for last-minute changes.


Someone close to you is conspiring behind your back. Be careful about your secrets as you cannot find out who is the one behind this. 

Health problems

You will face many health problems, which will take a toll on you. It can also lead to hospitalization.

It will be much more serious than you imagine if you do not take good care of yourself.

Common Dreams about Pooping in Pants & Interpretations

Dream about pooping in pants can tell you even more, depending on what else you noticed in your vision. Each little element adds a new dimension to the final message. So, let’s explore those here!

Dream of pooping in pants with blood

It is a bad sign and means something in your life will go wrong.

This is usually a sign that you are starting something new, but that will not have an auspicious beginning.

Dreams about pooping in pants in the woods

You want to be away from the mundane life and feel something is not going right. You wish to be far away and want to experiment with new things in life.

Pooping in pants in your house

Someone in your house does not trust you, and you feel extremely difficult to deal with them.

They make you feel like you are not good enough and find it difficult to deal with.

Pooping worms in your pants

It means you will soon be free from any worries and burdens. You have been trying for a long time to get free but cannot make ends meet.

Finally, there is luck that is awaiting you.

Pooping in your pants in a shopping mall

You are in a new place and find it difficult to get along with people. The new people around you do not invite you and make it difficult for you to settle down.

A word from ThePleasantDream

In dreams, pooping in pants is a sign of extreme importance. Yes, you can’t share the dream content with others and that makes it all the more difficult to understand it.

However, if you try to recollect scenarios, understand the interpretations, and connect it with your life, you will get your answers. Once you do, don’t forget to work on your life to stop having this dream again!

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